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The only way to overcome the power of money is regain our courage and solidarity. Here's how to do that.

Many Americans know that the United States is not a democracy but a "corporatocracy," in which we are ruled by a partnership of giant corporations, the extremely wealthy elite and corporate-collaborator government officials. However, the truth of such tyranny is not enough to set most of us free to take action. Too many of us have become pacified by corporatocracy-created institutions and culture.

Some activists insist that this political passivity problem is caused by Americans' ignorance due to corporate media propaganda, and others claim that political passivity is caused by the inability to organize due to a lack of money. However, polls show that on the important issues of our day - from senseless wars, to Wall Street bailouts, to corporate tax-dodging, to health insurance rip-offs - the majority of Americans are not ignorant to the reality that they are being screwed. And American history is replete with organizational examples - from the Underground Railroad, to the Great Populist Revolt, to the Flint sit-down strike, to large wildcat strikes a generation ago - of successful rebels who had little money but lots of guts and solidarity.

The elite spend their lives stockpiling money and have the financial clout to bribe, divide and conquer the rest of us. The only way to overcome the power of money is with the power of courage and solidarity. When we regain our guts and solidarity, we can then more wisely select from - and implement - time-honored strategies and tactics that oppressed peoples have long used to defeat the elite. So, how do we regain our guts and solidarity?

1. Create the Cultural and Psychological "Building Blocks" for Democratic Movements

Historian Lawrence Goodwyn has studied democratic movements such as Solidarity in Poland, and he has written extensively about the populist movement in the United States that occurred during the end of the 19th century (what he calls "the largest democratic mass movement in American history"). Goodwyn concludes that democratic movements are initiated by people who are neither resigned to the status quo nor intimidated by established powers.

For Goodwyn, the cultural and psychological building blocks of democratic movements are individual self-respect and collective self-confidence. Without individual self-respect, we do not believe that we are worthy of power or capable of utilizing power wisely, and we accept as our role being a subject of power. Without collective self-confidence, we do not believe that we can succeed in wresting away power from our rulers.

Thus, it is the job of all of us - from parents, to students, to teachers, to journalists, to clergy, to psychologists, to artists and EVERYBODY who gives a damn about genuine democracy - to create individual self-respect and collective self-confidence.

2. Confront and Transform ALL Institutions that Have Destroyed Individual Self-Respect and Collective Self-Confidence

In "Get Up, Stand Up, " I detail 12 major institutional and cultural areas that have broken people's sprit of resistance, and all are "battlefields for democracy" in which we can fight to regain our individual self-respect and collective self confidence:

• Television
• Isolation and bureaucratization
• "Fundamentalist consumerism" and advertising/propaganda
• Student loan debt and indentured servitude
• Surveillance
• The decline of unions/solidarity among working people
• Greed and a "money-centric" culture
• Fear-based schools that teach obedience
• Psychopathologizing noncompliance
• Elitism via professional training
• The corporate media
• The US electoral system

As Ralph Waldo Emerson observed, "All our things are right and wrong together. The wave of evil washes all our institutions alike."

3. Side Each Day in Every Way With Anti-Authoritarians

We can recover our self-respect and strength by regaining our integrity. This process requires a personal transformation to overcome our sense of powerlessness and fight for what we believe in. Integrity includes acts of courage resisting all illegitimate authorities. We must recognize that in virtually every aspect of our life in every day, we can either be on the side of authoritarianism and the corporatocracy or on the side of anti-authoritarianism and democracy.

Specifically, we can question the legitimacy of government, media, religious, educational and other authorities in our lives, and if we establish that an authority is not legitimate, we can resist it. And we can support others who are resisting illegitimate authorities. A huge part of solidarity comes from supporting others who are resisting the illegitimate authorities in their lives. Walt Whitman had it right: "Resist much, obey little. Once unquestioning obedience, once fully enslaved."

4. Regain Morale by Thinking More Critically About Our Critical Thinking

While we need critical thinking to effectively question and challenge illegitimate authority - and to wisely select the best strategies and tactics to defeat the elite - critical thinking can reveal some ugly truths about reality, which can result in defeatism. Thus, critical thinkers must also think critically about their defeatism, and realize that it can cripple the will and destroy motivation, thus perpetuating the status quo.

William James (1842–1910), the psychologist, philosopher, and occasional political activist (member of the Anti-Imperialist League who, during the Spanish-American War, said, "God damn the US for its vile conduct in the Philippine Isles!") had a history of pessimism and severe depression, which helped fuel some of his greatest wisdom on how to overcome immobilization. James, a critical thinker, had little stomach for what we now call "positive thinking," but he also came to understand how losing belief in a possible outcome can guarantee its defeat. Antonio Gramsci (1891–1937), an Italian political theorist and Marxist activist who was imprisoned by Mussolini, came to the same conclusions. Gramsci's phrase "pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will" has inspired many critical thinkers, including Noam Chomsky, to maintain their efforts in the face of difficult challenges.

5. Restore Courage in Young People

The corporatocracy has not only decimated America's labor union movement, it has almost totally broken the spirit of resistance among young Americans - an even more frightening achievement. Historically, young people without family responsibilities have felt most freed up to challenge illegitimate authority. But America's education system creates fear, shame and debt - all killers of the spirit of resistance. No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top and standardized testing tyranny results in the kind of fear that crushes curiosity, critical thinking and the capacity to constructively resist illegitimate authority.

Rebel teachers, parents, and students - in a variety of overt and covert ways - have already stopped complying with corporatocracy schooling. We must also stop shaming intelligent young people who reject college, and we must instead recreate an economy that respects all kinds of intelligence and education. While the corporatocracy exploits student loan debt to both rake in easy money and break young people's spirit of resistance, the rest of us need to rebel against student loan debt and indentured servitude. And parents and mental health professionals need to stop behavior-modifying and medicating young people who are resisting illegitimate authority.

6. Focus on Democracy Battlefields Where the Corporate Elite Don't Have Such a Large Financial Advantage

The emphasis of many activists is on electoral politics, but the elite have a huge advantage in this battlefield, where money controls the US electoral process.

By focusing exclusively on electoral politics at the expense of everything else, we: (1) give away power when we focus only on getting leaders elected and become dependent on them; (2) buy into the elite notion that democracy is all about elections; (3) lose sight of the fact that democracy means having influence over all aspects of our lives; and (4) forget that if we have no power in our workplace, in our education and in all our institutions, then there will never be democracy worthy of the name.

Thus, we should focus our fight more on the daily institutions we experience. As Wendell Berry said, "If you can control a people's economy, you don't need to worry about its politics; its politics have become irrelevant."

7. Heal from "Corporatocracy Abuse" and "Battered People's Syndrome" to Gain Strength

Activists routinely become frustrated when truths about lies, victimization and oppression don't set people free to take action. But when we human beings eat crap for too long, we gradually lose our self-respect to the point that we become psychologically too weak to take action. Many Americans are embarrassed to accept that, after years of corporatocracy subjugation, we have developed "battered people's syndrome" and what Bob Marley called "mental slavery." To emancipate ourselves and others, we must:

• Move out of denial and accept that we are a subjugated people.
• Admit that we have bought into many lies. There is a dignity, humility, and strength in facing the fact that, while we may have once bought into some lies, we no longer do so.
• Forgive ourselves and others for accepting the abuser's lies. Remember the liars we face are often quite good at lying.
• Maintain a sense of humor. Victims of horrific abuse, including those in concentration camps and slave plantations, have discovered that pain can either immobilize us or be transformed by humor into energy.
• Stop beating ourselves up for having been in an abusive relationship. The energy we have is better spent on healing and then working to change the abusive system; this provides more energy, and when we use this energy to provide respect and confidence for others, everybody gets energized.

8. Unite Populists by Rejecting Corporate Media's Political Divisions

The corporate media routinely divides Americans as "liberals,"
"conservatives" and "moderates," a useful division for the corporatocracy, because no matter which of these groups is the current electoral winner, the corporatocracy retains power. In order to defeat the corporatocracy, it's more useful to divide people in terms of authoritarians versus anti-authoritarians, elitists versus populists and corporatists versus anticorporatists.

Both left anti-authoritarians and libertarian anti-authoritarians passionately oppose current US wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Wall Street bailout, the PATRIOT Act, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the so-called "war on drugs" and several other corporatocracy policies. There are differences between anti-authoritarians but, as Ralph Nader and Ron Paul have together recently publicly discussed, we can form coalitions and alliances on these important power-money issues.

One example of an anti-authoritarian democratic movement (which I am involved in) is the mental health treatment reform movement, comprised of left anti-authoritarians and libertarians. We all share distrust of Big Pharma and contempt for pseudoscience, and we believe that people deserve truly informed choice regarding treatment. We respect Erich Fromm, the democratic-socialist psychoanalyst, along with Thomas Szasz, the libertarian psychiatrist, both passionate anti-authoritarians who have confronted mental health professionals for using dogma to coerce people.

9. Unite "Comfortable Anti-Authoritarians" and "Afflicted Anti-Authoritarians

This "comfortable-afflicted" continuum is based on the magnitude of pain that one has simply getting through the day. The term comfortable anti-authoritarian is not a pejorative one, but refers to those anti-authoritarians lucky enough to have decent paying and maybe even meaningful jobs, or platforms through which their voices are heard or social supports in their lives.

Many of these comfortable anti-authoritarians may know that there are millions of Americans working mindless jobs in order to hold on to their health insurance, or hustling two low-wage jobs to pay college loans, rent and a car payment, or who may be unable to find even a poorly paying, mindless job and are instead helplessly watching eviction or foreclosure and bankruptcy close in on them. However, unless these comfortable anti-authoritarians have once been part of that afflicted class - and remember what it feels like - they may not be able to fully respect the afflicted's emotional state.

The afflicted need to recognize that human beings often become passive because they are overwhelmed by pain (not because they are ignorant, stupid, or lazy), and in order to function at all, they often shut down or distract themselves from this pain. Some comfortable anti-authoritarians assume that people's inactions are caused by ignorance. This not only sounds and smells like elitism, it creates resentment for many in the afflicted class who lack the energy to be engaged in any activism. Respect, resources and anything that concretely reduces their level of pain is likely to be far more energizing than a scolding lecture. That's the lesson of many democratic movements, including the Great Populist Revolt.

10. Do Not Let Debate Divide Anti-Authoritarians

Spirited debate is what democracy is all about, but when debate turns to mutual antipathy and divides anti-authoritarians, it plays into the hands of the elite. One such divide among anti-elitists is over the magnitude of change that should be worked for and celebrated. On one extreme are people who think that anything is better than nothing at all. At the other extreme are people who reject any incremental change and hold out for total transformation.

We can better unite by asking these questions:

Does the change increase individual self-respect and collective self-confidence, and increase one's energy level to pursue even greater democracy? Or does it feel like a sellout that decreases individual self-respect and collective self-confidence, and de-energizes us?

Utilizing the criteria of increased self-respect and collective self-confidence, those of us who believe in genuine democracy can more constructively debate whether the change is going to increase strength to gain democracy or is going to take the steam out of a democratic movement. Respecting both sides of this debate makes for greater solidarity and better decisions.

To summarize, democracy will not be won without guts and solidarity. Risk-free green actions - such as shopping from independents, buying local, recycling, composting, consuming less, not watching television and so on - can certainly help counter a dehumanizing world.

However, revolutions that truly transform fundamental power inequities and enable us to feel like men and women rather than children and slaves require risk, guts and solidarity.


Thursday 25 October 2012

Pineal Gland & Conditioning by Jeff Andrews

“In this particular body through which this, then, at present is emanating, the gland with its thread known as the pineal gland is the channel along which same then operates, and with the subjugation of the consciousness - physical consciousness - there arises, as it were, a cell from the creative forces within the body to the entrance of the conscious mind, or brain, operating along, or traveling along, that of the thread or cord as when severed separates the physical, the soul, or the spiritual body.” Edgar Cayce (288-29)

When you were an infant, you were born with a third eye fully open to witness the power and glory of the universe. From a subatomic perspective to the infinity of the galaxies, you were able to see life fully and appreciate its wisdom and bounty. But as you grew older, you were conditioned by parents, teachers, managers, peers, and everyone else around you to cover your third eye with layer upon l...
ayer of illusion and confusion, until your third eye was closed and your inner witness was in the dark, leaving you empty to the world’s wonders and the wisdom that your mystic sight could have delivered.

As an example of how conditioning can close the third eye and forever affect life and the perception of the world, imagine a mother holding a stuffed teddy bear out to a child and saying, "Look at the little bear, how cute and soft he is!" The child begins to recognize that shape and associate it with the name "teddy bear," and he is introduced to other concepts such as color, size, texture, etc. Thus, begins the child’s habit of replacing his own perceptions of the world with a process of labeling, reacting emotionally and physically to external suggestions, and mentally processing reactions and experiences according to how others perceive things. As he grows, the child gets farther and farther away from living life as it happens in the moment - the pure, unfiltered experience with which he was born. And upon reaching adulthood and beyond, the process of analyzing, comparing, judging, and discussing things with others results in being even less connected to the Now.

When you put shutters on a window, very little light comes through and the people inside the shuttered room can only imagine what might be outside, on the other side of the shuttered window. So they are in the dark about what life is really about outside the shutters. In the same way that it is impossible to describe an orange adequately to someone who has not ever seen the color orange and has never tasted citrus, a person cannot fully understand seeing with the third eye from simply reading about it or hearing someone else describe it. You must experience it yourself in order to realize the power of perception, awareness, and vision that can enhance and enrich your life if your third eye is open to the glories of the natural universe that were open to you as a child. But now, as an adult, you have the maturity to appreciate those wonders and understand them.

By Jeff Andrews

Magnetic Fields & Pineal Gland by Robert O Becker

"In light of this work, the fact that 10 hertz is also the dominant (alpha) frequency of the EEG in all animals becomes another significant bit of evidence that every creature is hooked up to the earth electromagenetically through its DC sy...
stem. Recently a group under Indian bio-physicist Sarada Subrahmnanyam reported that the human EEG not only responded to the micropulsations, but responded differently depending on which way the subject's head was facing in relation to the earth's field. Oddly enough, however, the head direction had no effect if the subject was a yogi.

The relationship has been conclusively proven by recent studies of the pineal gland. This tiny organ in the center of the cranium has turned out to be more than the vaguely defined "third eye" of the mystics. It produces melatonin and serotonin, two neurohormones that, among many other functions, directly control all of the biocycles. The lamprey, akin to the ancestor of all vertebrates, as well as certain lizards, has an actual third eye, close to the head's surface and directly responsive to light, intstead of the "blind" pineal found in other vertebrates. The eminent British anatomist J.Z. Young has recently shown that this organ controls the daily rhythm of skin color changes that these animals undergo.

For our story the most important point is that very small magnetic fields influence the pineal gland. Several research groups have shown that applying a magnetic field of half a gauss or less, oriented so as to add to or subtract from the earth's normal field, will increase or decrease production of pineal melatonin and serotonin. Other groups have observed physical changes in the gland's cells in response to such fields. The experiments were controlled for illumination, since it has been known for several years that shining a light on the head somehow modifies the gland's hormone output even though it's buried so deeply within the head in most common vertebrates that, as far as we know, it can't react directly to the light."

Robert O Becker

the Seventh Dimension of the Mothership by the Arcturians


Mytre has shared his experience of his Super-subconscious Being. We will now tell you about the Super-subconscious of our Mothership. Of course, all states of consciousness intermingle within the Being of our Mothership, but just as your brain has certain areas that are more inclined to generate certain states of consciousness, our Ship has certain areas that generate certain frequencies of emanation that encourage correlate states of consciousness.

The Super-subconscious, which represents your animal container, represents the container of our Ship. In other words, the Super-subconscious of the Mothership is responsible for all the maintenance of the ever-changing form of the Ship. Just as your animal body grows and changes in reaction to different energy fields, our Mothership’s living structure constantly changes according to different situations.

All information of all interactions and alterations of the Mothership since her multidimensional manifestation are stored in the Ship’s Super-subconscious. The Mothership that we have been discussing is actually a prototype, an archetypical example of most of our Motherships. Because this Ship has the most extensive Log of interactions with ascending realities, we have chosen Her to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension.

We, the Arcturians, have no aging process, as we do not exist within time. Furthermore, we prefer to visit or use form rather than wear it. We think of form as you might think of a coat. You would not wear a coat unless it was necessary. Furthermore, while you are in the privacy of your home, you wear clothing that is comfortable. However, if guests come to visit, you may put on a special outfit.

In the same manner, while we are relaxing on the Ship, we are usually formless. However, we put on the appropriate form when we have visitors. The appropriate form is the version of our vaguely humanoid form that is most pleasing and comfortable to our guests. Hence, we usually wear a form with a head, body, two arms and two legs. On the other hand, when we have non-humanoid visitors, we often adapt our form to be similar to theirs.

Our Mothership can change shapes, and any of the shapes to which the Mothership has ever adapted is stored in Her Super-subconscious, which is generally located, but not limited to, the bottom areas of the Ship. We are aware that you are accustomed to thinking in terms of top and bottom. Hence, we will use them.

However, there are many occasions in which our Mothership takes on the form of an orb, and there is no bottom or top. In this case, your human thinking would conceive that the Super-subconscious is on the outside of the Ship. These assumptions are also incorrect, as outside and inside are human terms that do not apply to our reality.

We are happy to speak in terms in which you can create a mental picture. On the other hand, please realize that your sequential manner of thinking will greatly limit your ability to understand the fifth dimension and beyond. We are pleased to see that many of you are attempting to adapt to your innate, multidimensional thinking.

Just as our Super-subconscious carries the patterns of every form the Ship has ever taken, our Seventh Dimensional consciousness holds the patterns of every Oversoul of every reality with whom we have interfaced. Allow us to define Oversoul for you. The seventh dimension is the last dimension that engages form as a means of expression.

Beings of the eighth dimension and beyond, such as the Arcturians, lower their resonance into their seventh dimensional Oversoul and go through that closet to find every form they have ever worn in any reality. Of course, this is a metaphoric definition, but if we were to speak in our timeless, formless Light Language, you would not understand us.

Therefore, we must search the information in the brain of our embodied representative to translate our message. Our language is imagistic and is best translated in a metaphoric manner. However, these metaphors would not be technologically correct. Also, know that technology and creativity are the same term in our reality. With that explanation, we will say that the Oversoul is the Soul of the Soul.

From the “bottom” of the pyramid of incarnation into the physical, individuals merge into increasingly expanded perceptions of their SELF as their consciousness expands. For example, the base of the pyramid would be the Individual/Personal experience of SELF. Over 3D time, this experience of SELF expands into a Familial/Cultural experience of SELF, then into a National expression, then to a Planetary expression of SELF.

You, our Ascending Ones, have fully embraced your Planetary SELF and are preparing to perceive yourselves as your Galactic SELF. You have completed your cycle of polarized individuality and are ready to enter the fifth dimensional expression of your Galactic SELF.

There are Galactic Beings who are not yet fifth dimensional, and you can enjoy that experience as well. Your Galactic expression of SELF will eventually expand into your Universal expression of SELF.

Please remember that your Multidimensional SELF is infinitely alive and aware. Therefore, when we speak of your progression, we actually mean the progression of the primary focus of the consciousness of expression of your SELF to whom we are speaking. However, ALL of your expressions are simultaneously expanding into higher frequencies of reality or diminishing into lower frequency expressions of SELF, such as taking a new physical form.

Hence, as your individual focus of SELF expands into your Planetary SELF, your Planetary focus of consciousness expands into your Galactic SELF and your Galactic focus expands into your Universal SELF. Your higher dimensional expanded SELF can easily perceive and interact with your lower dimensional versions of SELF.

Therefore, you will not necessarily lose contact with your Personal expression of SELF when Gaia ascends. However, just as you can see a rock, but the rock does not see you, your lower dimensional expressions of SELF can only communicate with their higher expressions by expanding their consciousness to encompass that frequency of reality.

The lower dimensional components of your SELF are still your Multidimensional SELF, but YOU have raised your primary focus into the higher dimensions of reality. Please remember, that these expressions are NOT lined up in a third dimensional manner. They are all interwoven and intermingled within the NOW of the ONE.

You will find that as your consciousness expands into the higher frequencies of expression, your third dimensional thinking will become increasingly cumbersome and somewhat obsolete. Hence, you will begin to forget how to think in that old-fashioned manner and unconsciously think from your Multidimensional SELF.

The side effect of this experience might make you think that you are getting dementia or some other earthly condition. The truth is that you are expanding beyond ALL 3D earthly conditions, and are discovering that your old way of thinking is exceedingly cumbersome.

Why would you need a buggy whip when you are driving an automobile? Therefore, why would you need a sequential language of separate words when you think within the limitless, timeless NOW?

There are about two of your months left for this cycle of focusing your consciousness into higher and higher frequencies of expression. However, once your focus is firmly planted in your Planetary Expression of SELF, you will be aligned with Gaia’s time.

Gaia is expanding her Focus into Her fifth dimensional SELF. Hence, Her polarities of past and future are collapsing into the NOW, and 3D time is closing. Once you are fully aligned with Gaia’s NOW, there will not be time as you know it. You will know time, but not as passing moments in which you must do something or be somewhere. You will begin to adjust your thinking into the limitless, timeless NOW.

Your Super-subconscious animal self, who is very comfortable with the NOW, will begin to fulfill the “ideals” that are passed into it via your Oversoul. An ideal differs from an idea in that an ideal is a Divine Concept that your consciousness has been able to embrace. You have been able to embrace these concepts because you have expanded your focus from your deepest, Super-subconscious animal self into your seventh dimensional Oversoul SELF.

Your Super-conscious holds the codes and patterns of all your earthly incarnations. This component of your being steadily opens once you have focused your attention on the HERE and NOW Beingness of your animal self. Your Oversoul holds the codes and patterns of all the incarnations you have experienced in your current Galaxy.

This component of your being steadily opens once you have expanded your focus into your Galactic SELF. With this expansion of consciousness, you will have completed the Alpha/Omega of your Planetary SELF, and be totally prepared to release all components of your denser, human form.

All these processes of Ascension overlap so that our Ascending Ones will always have a solid, familiar format, as well as a perceivable potential locked in to your consciousness. Hence, the Ascension process is much like crossing a rushing stream by walking from one stone to the next.

You start on the shore, and then place one foot on a stepping stone. You do not place your second foot on the next stone until you are certain that it will hold your weight. Then you will keep your foot on that stone while you test the next stone with your other foot.

All of our Ascending Ones have expanded their consciousness beyond their Individual/Personal SELF. However, some of them are still attached to their Familial/Cultural SELF, which will keep them from releasing their perceived family, cultural and national obligations and/or attachments.

There is nothing wrong with maintaining this attachment, but when you allow your family, culture and nation to hold you back from your process of Ascension, you are not able to assist with Planetary Ascension. Not participating in Planetary Ascension greatly limits your process of Personal Ascension, as Gaia is offering a free ride into the fifth dimensional expression of reality.

However, those who remain attached to the third/fourth dimensional concepts of family, culture and nations will not be able to adhere their consciousness to the Unity Consciousness of Planetary Ascension. Within Unity Consciousness, every being is of the same ability and power.

In fact many children – and even infants – are more aligned with Ascension then their parents, who have had a lifetime of brainwashing. Cultures and Nations divide Gaia’s planet and restrict Unity Consciousness to Family, Cultural or National Consciousness. To catch the wave of Planetary Ascension you need to blend your consciousness into the immense Flow of Planetary Ascension.

Those who maintain the 3D hooks of family, culture and nation (which include the religious and scientific 3D thinking) will remain in the illusion of third dimensional Earth for as long as that hologram is running. Therefore, they will have time to expand their consciousness if they choose.

Also, once the final remnants of darkness are expelled from the body of Gaia, the cycles of fear that hold the third dimensional attachments in place will be completed. This fear is very close to being vanquished largely because of you, the Ascending Ones, who have become Masters of your Emotions and expelled fear from your consciousness.

Fear is not alive like love. Love, especially unconditional love, is a living creative force seeking a being through which it can be expressed. Fear, on the other hand, is the “Grim Reaper” who cuts back the old and dying so that the new can be created and nurtured by love. Hence, fear is a necessary component of a third/fourth dimensional reality that is bound to a planetary existence.

Since people, families and nations cannot leave the planet in search of a new home in the ever-expanding Galaxy, members of the planet must die so that there is room for expansion into a new way of being. Unfortunately, fear became embedded so deeply in the consciousness of many incarnated ones that they killed others to assure that they would have enough.

Predation for possession and power is the result of the Earthling’s Draconian DNA. This DNA is very strong and powerful, as well as highly intelligent and decisive. However, if the human carries too much fear, they can easily move into the kill or be-killed mindset of that DNA. On the other hand, through Mastering your thoughts and emotions, you can use that DNA to assist you – rather than to control you, or others.

Becoming the Master of your Energy allows you conscious transit into your seventh dimensional Oversoul, which is the storehouse of ALL your Galactic knowledge, gifts, experiences and incarnations. Just as the Super-subconscious holds the codes and patterns for your Planetary SELF, the Oversoul holds the codes and patterns for your Galactic Self.

It is through the activating of these codes that you can consciously connect with us, your Galactic Family. When you meet, commune and intertwine with one of your Galactic expressions of SELF, you will regain your Galactic perception of reality. Many of you will enter into intimate relationship with the YOU that is holding a higher dimensional expression of your SELF.

Of course, you have many expressions of your Galactic SELF, just as you have many expressions of your human self. When you can fall into the Flow and surrender into the FEEL of your Galactic SELF you can remember how to live two, simultaneous realities. With practice, you will be able to experience more and more simultaneous realities within the NOW of the ONE.

In this manner, you will regain connection with your Galactic Expression of SELF. Your Galactic expressions are aligned with you in the NOW and offering you a hand up into the fifth dimension. Every experience that you can remember having with your SELF in the fifth dimension and beyond is a gift that we ask you to share with the members of your Ascending reality.

We will allow you time to ponder what we have shared so far, and return shortly so that Mytre can share his first experience of the Seventh Dimensional Consciousness of our Mothership.

The Arcturians

Wednesday 24 October 2012

Reincarnation by Lawrence Spencer




However, if you are reincarnated (take up a new body) every 40 years, or so, on the average, how many lifetimes might you have lived on Earth? According to the Top Secret Military transcripts published in the book ALIEN INTERVIEW, large numbers of Immortal Spiritual Beings (IS-BEs) were delivered to Earth beginning about 12,000 years ago, and continuously since that time. Assuming that you were one of the original "prisoners" sentenced to live on Earth, may could have already lived as many of 300 lifetimes on Earth! (more or less, depending on when you arrived, how long each body lived, how frequently you got a new body, etc.).

Halloween (All Halloweds' Day) is an observance and celebration of The Spirit of Our Ancestors. Well, what if WE ARE our ancestors? According to the principle of Reincarnation we are really honoring ourselves, and all of the other Immortal Spiritual Beings who have inhabited, and continue to inhabit and re-inhabit bodies on Earth. And, let's not forget the multitude of Spiritual Beings who inhabit all Life Forms on Earth -- whales, porpoises, elephants, wolves and horses, for example. The Spirits, who manifest themselves as Ghosts, Poltergeists, Demons, Apparitions, Angels, Gods, and Disembodied Souls may very well be our Brothers and Our Sisters.

Let's honor them with the reverence and dignity they deserve.

Tuesday 23 October 2012

The Binding of Time

The Binding of Time

In the shop I saw the shop guy with a moustache like he used to have in the previous incarnation.  He is clean shaven but I saw him briefly through the veil. The new shop girl I know her too from before. A cycle ago. I realized that the number of people in the world today is made not only of souls of animals from their previous lifetimes and souls of humans from previous lives – all the same souls, but wearing human body.

Souls from all over different places in time are gathered here at this time. The man over there; he was last on the planet 200 years ago. The woman over there, she was last on the planet 400 years ago. This is how it works.

Once, several years ago, I saw the hologram of tree’s. I had been taking White powder Gold at the time, Ormus. The hologram of trees is the lightbody pattern and it is five times bigger than the tree’s physical body. Because we do not have 100% maximum nutrition therefore the physical world is stunted. It decays at a faster rate than the lightbody pattern. We would be ten feet tall if we achieved it, slender and elongated forms. CS Lewis used the word Seroni to describe this in his book Out of the Silent Planet.

I spoke with my neighbour who told me that her mother would be over a hundred years old by now. I remembered about how if we had optimum 100% health at all times we would live for a few hundred years. The body is a lesser form than the ideal of the lightbody, the hologram.

The lightbody is closer connected to the soul. It is our optimum form. Therefore the lightbody is set to live for several hundred years although the physical body does not very often achieve this. After the physical body has passed, the lightbody is still encoded into the reality grid. This is what one form of ghosts are. Our lives are dealing with overlaps of the past. The energy of the ancestors affects us, affects places. This can be attuned to by the sensitive.

In the car I stared at my hands, five fingers, I am in human form now. I woke up somewhat. I was a different form previously. It is the grade 5 coffee awakening me to this, very clean java. I am not on Ormus now but the frequency I am riding at this time has achieved this particular integration and insight.

Physical particles follow the form of the lightbody. As far as the path of a life is concerned, the medicine journey, Ka, this is the weave we activate as we pass through the grid. Particle physics attempt to grow toward the perfect form of the holographic lightbody. All the world is made of this, it is what holds it together. Because ‘mass = time’, the physics of the material world are such that time is created by the flow of physical particles attempting to achieve the lightbody form.

The souls repeat appear here because of resonance. Only when the internal dynamics of the souls own energy shifts to a different configuration, the harmonic changes it is no longer applicable to return to the frequency of the manifestation of 'now'; it may relocate to higher vibrational dimensions. The future is a higher vibrational dimension. This gives the illusion of linear progress as observed from within the physical/time based structure. 

Monday 22 October 2012

Vino Draco

I bought a bottle of south Australian red wine today. 

I don't drink often. 

I drank (a small number) of bottles of whiskey,
when I had superbug alien man flu that lasted 8 weeks. 

Before that I drank some cider when I was seeing friends this time last year. 

Before that, several years of sobriety. 

And before that, 
a dream in which the pixies basically told me straight: 
get off the booze and eat fish&fruit or I would be fucked up for good. 

Before that I drank quite a lot of Morgans Spiced Rum as a method of soothing the desperate pains of giving up chain smoking spliffs for many long years. During which there was a phase of cider addiction when I was part of a music production obsessed street crew.  

  It has been probably 15 years since I was able to drink red wine
because of the association I have with it and my ex from art school
who I deeply passionately adored. 
It was a magickal relationship. 

We used to drink it a lot. 
Not quite constantly, but frequently. 
 She was a brilliant artist and a great dancer. 
We traveled together and studied together
and tearing us apart was a cruel reptilian christian thing for the older generation to do. 
It has taken me this long to recover from it. 

Buying the wine is a sign that I am. 
This blog isn't supposed to be about that though, or alcohol. 

This blog is intended to be about Art. 

It has been 15 years since I last really got into drawing enough to become focused on a project, caring enough about it, to see it through to wherever it naturally wants to lead me. 
A few scribbles here and there but nothing for real, until now. 
I haven't felt like an artist since I left art school. 

The dragon at the top of the page is one resolution. 
The drawing below is called forth from imagination. 

Monday 15 October 2012

Genesis & Neofeminism

Genesis is a Welsh Assembly backed organisation for funding people into college who otherwise would not be able to.

Elonwy: "we cannot pay for a full CBR check until you have paid for a basic CBR check."
Joe: "I require a full CBR check to be allowed on the course, why waste time and money on a light CBR test first? It is pointless."
Elonwy: "I will not back down."

Estelle: "yes I agree that does make sense about not requiring a light CBR check but you have missed the deadline now anyway because you didn't sort this out before now."
Joe: "I tried to; I complained 2 months ago about Elonwy playing games and your response was to ignore it."
Estelle: "I remember, that is why I am helping you now. I hoped it would resolve itself."
Joe: "I am still waiting for the light CBR check from the police. I have missed the deadline now."
Estelle: "I'll send Ella to see you."

Ella: "what have the college said?"
Joe: "the college CBR check woman said they can't accept anybody on the course until they do a CBR check although the course tutor says last year they had a few who did late CBR checks and some of them were allowed on the course even though they have something on their CBR. One girl applied twice for CBR checks and nothing ever came back either time, they still had her on the course too. Netmums.com is the best resource on the internet for any info about this and it appears that it is discretionary. The notion of 'pass or fail' a CBR check is a gray area -discretionary- unless there's something really nasty shows up."
Ella: "we're in a catch 22 then because we can't pay for a CBR check until the college accept you on the course. Also we need to do a separate CBR check for every different place that you have work placement in which is expensive."
Joe: "if that is true then it applies to everyone and nobody would be able to do the course and the course would be shut down for lack of numbers since half of the people in there are receiving genesis funding without this problem. By strange coincidence all of them are female."
Ella: "why do you even want to be on the course?"
Joe: "staff at the family center pointed out that I have a natural aptitude with kids. I've done the level 1 training, Webster-Stratton and handling kids behaviour programs and the tutors said the same, that I'm good with kids. They encouraged me to take it further, at one time there was talk of offering me work if I get the qualification. Half the kids in the family center run over to see me, some of the little ones call me daddy because they accept me as 'a' daddy; which is proof that the kids trust me. Its awesome but it makes a few of the mams jealous. I'm glad of this being in a public setting it where this has been observed. One woman has been telling her son that I'm his daddy she means biological and I've had to put a stop to that, its confusing for him and for my own son."


Genesis is a Welsh Assembly backed organisation for funding people into college who otherwise would not be able to.
first published on facebook 14.10.2012
EYE OF SAURON LOGO Dialogue 1 8.11.2012 I put in a formal complaint about my Genesis officer, and her boss just rang to tell me they're fast-tracking me through the system, getting me work placement and fudging paperwork to cover missed deadlines. Wow! The boss was nice she remembered I'd complained before so she took me seriously this time. I feel guilty for pressuring them. I mentioned neo-fem prejudice against males in my complaint and they've crapped themselves. It depends what my crb check says and if they play hardball back at me about it, since it is discretionary. Next issue is childcare for my son on the days I have him unless I can sort it with his mam somehow to alter our rosta. 11.11.2012 Had a meeting with Genesis today and the bottom line is No, for er any excuse we can find and when that doesn't work its the other excuse. They're going to pay my petrol to send me to carmarthen to do art therapy instead and say they'll fund me to do childcare next year. If a group of men did this to a woman there would be an inquest. This is neo-feminism LOUD AND CLEAR men do NOT do childcare. The fact that there are equally as many women who are abusive as there are men is ignored because women are dominant, superior and in control. It is a big social problem because when men act like women act, they go to jail. I have to teach my son to survive in the world he lives in which means being honest about the world we live in. What happens in my experience is that the Brotherhood identifies the ringleader of the bitch pack and leaves her dying gratuitously as a warning to the rest of them; my ex's other ex is doing time for exactly that, it is how close I am to the male response to neo-fem manipulation in wales where I live. Nobody wants that world, nobody. At least I have an art project theme for my art therapy course now. Highly executed art is preserved and promoted as social commentary for many generations especially when it creates powerful emotional response. Dialogue 2 11.11.2012 I had a meeting with genesis today, they are going to fund me to get involved with an art group in carmarthen for this year and then do the childcare course next year. Its really difficult for men to get into childcare. Its proved that women are equally as abusive as men but because women are controlling the industry they put men through hell. We now live in a society where mens lib is necessary. Do you know the words mysandry or misogyny? Anyway... Possibly I won't be coming into the lessons again this year. Well if men treated a woman this way there'd be an inquest. I know that if I go to the Welsh Assembly causing trouble for what is otherwise a really good entity in society, I'd end up sidelined and discredited so I have to play their game. There's a reason for everything even if we don't know what it is at the time. Dialogue 3 8.11.2012 I'm back on the childcare course (again) this week at least. The abuser-disguised-as-inept-or-possibly-so-inept-it-appears-as-abusive woman is off my back :)smile 11.11.2012 In class yesterday, teacher discussing Trust with regard to confidentiality. The syllabus says; "you trust an authority figure for example a doctor because of their profession." I spoke up; "I disagree! You trust because of intuition. Someone doing a job does not automatically qualify trust!' I am having such trouble from the system because I am a man doing childcare. Extra red tape to put me off and delay until the deadline is gone. So there in a room full of women being indoctrinated to act without thinking and to reinforce the system over common sense -it is a male who raises the point that trust is instinct, it is not a given. Class then woke up and talked about malpractise, networks of abuse inherent in the system eg: google holly graig, the difference between what the tv says about julian assange/wikileaks to what free media says about it, etc. All the feminist material that women are intuitive and men are logical has just been proved to be a load of shit. So there is a reason I am in the class, even if the women running the show don't want me to be there! The teacher herself is lovely she's a common sense supporter too. Meeting with genesis; they are going to fund me to get involved with "arts for wellbeing" starting January instead so I have a better foundation in art therapy before they start me again on the childcare program next year. This comes after 6 months of asking, why do I need to pay myself to do a light crb check when Genesis pay for a full crb mandatory to do childcare? Doing a light crb check is pointless and nobody else on the course (all women) had to do a light crb check first. Why am I so special? I complained about my contact to her boss and her boss response was to ignore the complaint. Now I have missed the deadlines for this year, however the boss did finally admit that asking me to do a light crb check was pointless and she can see my point. I still have not received crb check results because now there is no need for them to be made, thus saving genesis 40quid.

Coping With Bipolar

I am not religious. I am scientific-method trained, rationalist, analytical, virgo. However: This is Creation and we are Creators. Therefore anything that can be imagined, can manifest as reality. After comprehending that, everything and anything becomes possible.

It is surprising therefore that our experiences are not more chaotic. Mind therefore must be acting as a filter, to protect us from extreme and damaging experience, and revelation.

On this basis we can comprehend that we are currently experiencing a creche and assume this to necessarily be a natural phenomena of a benevolent reality.

"...students construct [their own] understandings of reality, and [realize] that objective reality is not knowable."

-p.10 of unesco declaration 2005 - 2015; "the decade of national curriculum" The federal national curriculum, encompasses the 40 chapters of agenda 21.

"Each time in history that a society has tried to materialize a utopic vision of a perfect world, it has produced the most brutal and criminal regimes." –Mario Vargas Llosa

In seeking stability, we hold onto false belief structures, about reality, about causality, about what is happening.

In contemporary pharmacology-funded psychological terms, to believe an artificial reality construct, even when offered proof of an actual reality, is termed 'Cognitive Dissonance' which is related to 'Disbelief Syndrome', both are similar conditions.

With 'bipolar disorder', even the slightest possible reaffirming sign is vastly exaggerated until its importance consumes all sense and reason, and our reaction becomes a rigid absolutism. Thus the we build our own destruction, unable to see ourselves from anothers point of view, unable to chill out, because the need to stir up a boring, routine, drone life, wasting in its futility, and the need for change, is so urgent.

Anxiety attack turns into vengeance; pre-emptive strike against people around, who are not enemies of the sufferer and who are surprised by the attack.

Bipolar Disorder is to be in fear and therefore at war. Which is why it is considered a psychotic and antisocial condition. To be target of such attack when one is totally supportive is very difficult to live with.

"Anger cannot be overcome by anger. If someone is angry with you, and you show anger in return, the result is a disaster. On the other hand, if you control your anger and show its opposite – love, compassion, tolerance and patience – not only will you remain peaceful, but the other person's anger will also diminish." -Dalai Lama

"Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned." -Buddha

With Bipolar, it is as though the sufferer is possessed, unable to control their reactions and prevent themself from acting in an aggressive-destructive manner.

first published on facebook 15.10.2012

25 Generations On...

Gaia is holistic. Humans are tools of Gaia working to her agenda. Life will continue with or without humanity, we are doing this to improve human life and at the same time to remove toxins from the skin of Gaia that she doesn't want there any more. In 1000 years from now it will be irrelevant how polluted we are today. It might seem far away but people are still banging on about the message of christ twice as long ago as that. We are a blip, we are like ants incapable of comprehending the greater scheme or even that it is the will of the queen ant motivating our actions, because we see only trade, action, retail and increasingly, environmental consequence. Only once we have filtered the toxin and it has become energy in the soil for the plants that do thrive in it, once the slime on the ocean floors have soaked up the contaminant so the right sort of bacteria can convert it, will this planet be cleaner than ever before. We have a messy dirty job to do but it is necessary. Twenty-five generations from now - that is who we are working for. Our great-> descendants. Our children. Our Hope. Our future. And they will be tree herders and animal rearers. They will have technology that you and I cannot imagine nor believe in. They will have psychic abilities that we are only beginning to get a concept of. The future will be better, because of the dark age we are in, to create that world. As soon as one volcano erupts through an oil field, you will understand why we extract oil as fast as we can. Trust in Gaia, she has a better plan than we are aware of. And we are a part of it. Nothing of our world will remain by 25 generations from now except for some art and some species preserved by ourselves. We will all be forgotten, facebook, internet will be obsolete by then. So; study transmigration and past life memory awakening. It is more worthwhile than arguing against progress. first published on facebook 14.10.2012

Reality Generator

Reality is multi dimensional and this has been proved. What that means is that it is possible even for contradictory events to be simultaneously true. What happens when people start saying 'the agent of that reality is right while that one is wrong' is the critic, even with best intentions of sorting out their own opinion in the mess of conflicting information, exposes themself as a brainwasher attempting to persuade others to empower or disempower one version of reality over another by the power of belief. There is a fundamental Truth of what really happened compared with the potentials and outright lies. Most sources nowadays are a blend of all 3 so while an agent is informative about point A they are disinformative about point B. Learning to sift the accurate data is a process of learning to recognise truth. There is an ancient recognised science of truthsense. Because Truth is an absolute, it has a different quality to untruth that is recognisable by those who know how to identify and 'read' those qualities. Focus on 'being' the Truth by experiencing reality honestly is the natural training school for this ability. Shills and confused individuals and groups are easy to spot when you know how to read truth. It is particle physics, it is embedded into the energy fields of the participants. High level people with advanced spiritual abilities are able to see and feel the data from a persons aura without requiring words, much like a dog can sniff a cancer. If you do not believe such people exist and such levels of reality exist, you need to study spiritual development. Only when you have one major breakthrough eg; witness telekinesis can you be able to start believing in the more liberated potentials for how some people are exploring reality, and the conspiracies surrounding this. There is now a hard science established that we generate reality using belief. Once having accepted that, everything opens up. People who require control and repression close down the open-realities in the people around them and thus cannot experience it until they change. That is why mind control is such a massive industry on this planet. We are all affected by it to varying amounts. first published on facebok 13.10.2012