Thursday 30 July 2015



by SnakeAppleTree

Lesson One: Straight Form and Serpent Form

The Straight Form

Bullet-point simplicity.
Do not use adjectives.
Tell it as it is.

Serpent Form

"In this, Humanity."

Adjective the adjective’s adjective.
The adjective becomes a verb / becomes an noun.

Prosaic and poetic, gloriously elucidating upon the creative merit of nonsaic language.

A butterfly. A beautiful butterfly. A butterfly with wings radiant as the morning star’s first blessed rays. A solar butterfly. This is where it gets good, and personal. An “adjective” morning sun winged butterfly’. Use any of the following adjectives for the last description or invent your own;

carcass. ghost. spirit. miraculous. living. sentient. first. unusual. unique.

Monitor your thought-processes during your development and practice of this system. Synapses grow where thoughts flow; toward mutability.

Lesson Two: Explore Taboo

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Here is Part Two:  Show, Don't Tell

Monday 6 July 2015

Tin Foil Hat

Tin Foil Hats

I reasoned that if a tin foil hat blocks out telepathic mental signals, then the appropriate form of amplifier would boost the ability. I used the energetic helix of high grade quartz called Herkimer among other frequency spectrum specific gemstones, to override my natural brainwaves. What happened is the crystal is so clear that any deviations from such clarity were reflections of my own imperfect self.

This gave me potential to analyze the spectrum's my own thoughts were generating. The spectrum's work like magnetic flow, by atunement to them. I could not have done these experiments had I not been studying detachment from mind, based on the principle that thoughts, being temporary, are not the self indeed they confuse us about the nature of self by distracting us and persuading us that the thoughts are the sum total extent of what mind is. Thoughts are transitory therefore they cannot be permanant. The mind by changing its energetic focus both quickly and slowly filters through many different energy spectrum's which we experience as thought.

It occurred to me that perhaps this is what Mind is; that the brain attunes us to spectrum's of thought which we then experience. The brain emits an ever shifting holographic helix, like a radio antennae. Some of these thoughts we hold within us long term as complex belief systems while others are fleeting. By detaching from all belief systems we can observe purely the external stimuli around us. More difficult is to remain unaffected by internal bio-energetic systems, meridian flow, kundalini flow, biological, reproductive, addictions; driving forces.

Achieving a state of inner equilibrium is necessary before engaging on such an experiment, otherwise - as I discovered the hard way - we attune to the wrong spectrum's. When we attune to spectrum's, experiences matching those spectrum's present themselves to us.
Memes in society focus on strengthening our bonds with specific arrangements of thought structures, belief systems.

We have to be careful with this because what we believe to be right might merely be our programming acting on such beliefs rather than a more natural, balanced response which occurs when we have detached from mind.

In practical terms where constant detachment from mind is not an option, it is necessary to nurture a positive helix so that our actions are based on positivity rather than to fixate on a negative and enter into the domain of (pharmacology industry funded) mental health institutionalized paradigms.

The result of my experiment into focused holding of specific spectrum's typically outside of the meme-reinforced collective consciousness gave me much insight into the nature of reality. Most of this is outside of current mainstream scientific understanding. I am having to invent new words to describe these concepts, in doing so I am following the traditional format of how such words should be developed. With the internet I am connecting with others who by experiencing the same as myself are also inventing the same words to describe the same concepts. As example; the word 'telempathy' derived from telepathy and empathy to describe a form of communication which involves both mental and emotional faculties rather than only one or the other.

This line of research connects with another line of research I am doing into translating stone-carved pictoglyphs from ancient cultures. Astonishingly, as my understanding of one has helped immensely to develop my insight into the other. In many cases, ancient words describing specific concepts which are not a part of modern mainstream perceptions, are the most appropriate word to use in expressing revelations I have had into the nature of telempathic communication and of perception in general. The official definitions of many of these ancient words are incorrect and indeed are biased toward maintaining a specific worldview. My analysis has revealed an alternative meaning, which has formed the key to translating much more information than I had originally anticipated I would be able to.

I have yet to attempt experiments with tin foil hats, as I have been too caught up in assimilating the powers of manifestation and deconditioning of subconscious programming.

This is part 2 of a 2 part sequence. See part 1 Listen to the Crazy

Listen to the Crazy

Listen to the Crazy

If, during a period of history, a person publically states a belief that aliens are visiting earth and the governments know about it but are denying it, and so that person is deemed by society as crazy for believing it; and then the governments and space agencies at some future point are to disclose that there are actually aliens visiting earth after all and they have been formally denying it for several generations; is that person then deemed to have been sane all along, more sane than the people who discredited him?

I put this question to a psychiatric team as an example of the dangers of judging somebody as crazy simply because that person has a different reality paradigm to the mainstream. They did not answer directly, I had not expected them to. They told me that safe beliefs are up to the individual and only dangerous beliefs concern them. Then they told me that I am not in need of psychiatric counseling. I had not confessed to them what my beliefs may or may not be, I was speaking on a purely theoretical basis.

In the late 20th century several national militia's disclosed that they are aware of alien visitors to earth. In the early 21st century, several national governments disclosed that they are also aware of it. In 2015 NASA disclosed that there are aliens visiting earth and they have known about it for several generations: which means they have previously been denying it.

Therefore, we have a situation where the exopolitical conspiracy theorists were right all along. All of the people who ridiculed exopolitical conspiracy theorists beliefs have been proved to be wrong. With retrospect we can identify that the sane people are the ones previously understood to be crazy, and the crazy people are the ones who were calling them crazy.

We now have a situation where despite governmental, military and space agencies disclosing that aliens are visiting earth and have been for a long time, many people are still of the belief that aliens do not exist. This is an example of Irrational Disbelief Syndrome.

My own personal beliefs as to the nature of the reality experience are more diverse than the issue of exopolitics. I have been held back from writing about them because of fear of ridicule and of being judged as crazy. I am wondering how many generations more it will be before my beliefs are accepted as having been right all along.

Belief systems based on scientific methodology and demanding hard evidence before accepting a thing as truth, cannot cope with the fact that if a person witnesses an alien but has no proof of it, this does not discredit the experience as fake or mistake. This simply means that events within human experience can (and I claim that they very often do) fall outside of the accepted mainstream approved canon version of what reality actually is. The onus is on mainstream to catch up with pioneers.

This is part 1 of a 2 part sequence. See part 2 Tin Foil Hat

Wednesday 1 July 2015



An excerpt from Tales of the Spaceways,
from the Sounds of Space sequence by Snake Apple Tree


The space vehicle is quiet other than rhythmic humming sound of the generators soothing me subconsciously. 3D printed survival vehicles designed for establishing colonies in other universes, stripped back to the very basics so I did not have to be involved with the politics inevitable in any pioneer community. A man in a tin can.

Without distraction I have been living out here a long time, alone, drifting. I have left behind human civilisation because it is stupid. I am one of many of the first wave who were able to escape Terra, the planet we used to call Earth before things moved on. I orbit a beautiful star system the colours of which are difficult to describe in words. Breath taking. Spell binding.

The space vehicle provides for all of my needs other than the irritation of human company. I watch myself growing older slowly. I answer to nobody and do whatever I please at my own pace of life. I am patient and nobody is frustrated with me when I become frustrated. Nobody to tell me what to think and what to do. An ascetic practising the Tau of the Spaceways. I tend my food forest.

The space vehicle is cloaked, nobody knows I am here other than the military scopes which can see through commercial cloaking devices. They leave me alone as they know I am no threat at all. There are countless such as myself out here amidst the stars. Our bones grow frail without the nano meds. Our minds float free.

Most of my time is spent daydreaming, perhaps sleep dreaming, it is difficult to tell the difference. The hallucinations are real; psychological reports indicated that space travellers would experience this often. What they did not indicate is the number of us who would be sharing the same hallucinations. To my way of thinking this means they are not imaginary, there is something to it other than space craziness. Perhaps free of the pull of gravity and living in zero-g, a human mind perceives into other dimensions.

I have machines for company, various computer intelligences. Also I receive the long wave bulletin. It says that wonderful new machines have been invented back in the Milky Way which obviously I cannot access since I am so far out. I would have to step back into stasis. At first the long wave was a method of communication between distant colonies. It uses some type of sub space. Technologists have figured out how to send objects through it. A sort of transduction using quantum entanglement. A blueprint goes in at one end and an object is constructed at the other end using available local atoms.

I do not have such a receiver, mine has only an output speaker. The machine makes it possible for habitable environments in far away star systems to be created from custom designs, many light years before anybody can arrive there using conventional spacefaring methods. Wormhole technology or light beams or re-assembly devices will enable people to travel there as quickly as stepping into another world. The Spaceways have opened up. Humans embrace infinity.

The long wave is explaining how another of the new technologies is spreading like a plague back to the industrial home worlds. A symbiotic bio-technology which can provide for all human needs. There are even living space vessels whose organic systems create life support within their guts for human habitation.

As these things can be grown or born or however they are produced, there will soon be no need for industrial resources at all. Everything that people require is provided for. It is the end of societies based on limited resources. No more will trade and barter systems be necessary.

They have called them Dragon Craft although the spoken mutation of the colony worlds colloquial jargons pronounces it as Drakencroft. Its symbols are the Sun Serpent, the Ankh, the Tree (whose branches fold around like caring hands to form a crucible. Draco Ankh Raft. At once both primal and spiritual, Life vessel.

Universal symbolism the same as with our collective hallucinations. And this itself mutates, folding around on itself in a perpetual re-invention heralding next epoch. Twin solar deities in harmony (dRAka’nkRAft) ~ [d RA ka nk RA ft] together create the new phase of human development. It is a mythology made material. Ancient etymology reveals a new layer of meaning, has become relevant now we are ready to comprehend and integrate. I wonder how many others whose lifestyles have enabled them this level of clarity.

Much as I, the individual have dedicated toward a self image based on solipsism, social isolation; it is impossible to avoid that being a consciousness capable of accessing spheres of mind and a body wrought of the same flesh as the rest of my species; that we are all one thing, one entity, a singularity. The excitement of our progress rises through me despite the impossibility of my taking any part in it due to circumstance. I will never live to see the consequence of these breakthroughs in technology which enable social reform resulting in evolutionary breakthroughs in perception. Although I am that, I have done that to the extent my own generation enabled. The visionary goes beyond the immediate practicality. We are out of date before we are even begun.

And yet… there is the Tau and its hidden messages which reveal themselves only to its disciples. To live at the pace of breath. To contemplate and focus less on material density and more on spiritual awakening. The mind reaches out infinitely at frequencies of beyond time and mass. Some place exists in the Dreaming in which I already am born anew. As no form of energy stops, only transmutes; so too will my awakening self re-emerge elsewhere into a life and time where even the wonders of today will be aged. I contemplate in a timeless void, to connect with that one, to turn the mind into its own form of quantum transducer, to speak telepathically with my as yet unborn future incarnation.

I step into the stasis pod knowing that by the time I arrive back into the Milky Way such an antiquated device and that everything I have heard about on the long wave at this time will have become an obsolete technology. I am a museum piece. And yet, I am.

The Spaceways are filled with such.

©2015 SnakeAppleTree