Thursday 22 February 2024



A natural balance to remind you to take life at the pace life is intended to flow. 

That pace is to be absorbed into the holistic Harmony. 

This is the core principle of Islam which is an ancient word meaning Peace. 

This is the core of Peaceful existence. To connect with the Harmony. 

In all things moderation. We use the time to remember to be grateful for the good things in our lives. To focus on becoming positive entities free of bitterness and anxiety.


Islam does not heavily repress women. Sharia represses women. It is literally a different book of different teachings. 

Don’t mistake Peace with Control. 

Be aware there is a reason why Control is necessary to sustain Peace. 

Ideally, self-control. 

Observe how western nations which do not sustain a high level of self-control also are riddled with internal conflicts. 

Western nations which do sustain a high level of self-control have a different teaching and way of being than those which don’t. 

As with less rigid ‘extremist’ Islamic nations, it is centred on community-awareness rather than on self-idealisation. It avoids the trap of pandemic Narcissism. 

The focus is not on ‘how does that make me feel’; it is focused on ‘how do I make others feel?’ This increases a feeling of self, focussed self-empowerment, self-responsibility and self-worth. 

Where there are problems of feeling stifled by community, ‘pressure to conform’, there is a community awareness and support for those feelings. It is a recognised aspect of everybodies life, of being. 

Usually the answer is to recommend a retreat to nature, for freshness of energy and perspective, to be by oneself for awhile, to learn to respect the facilities community provides for what that is. 

Where that does not work we have a problem of feelings of hopelessness. 

The depression, drug use (pharma or street are all bad) and suicide rates are high in those nations but also emigration away from those nations is also high. 

This reveals the need for new experience is a vital part of life. The repression of that is why the depression, drugs and suicides: hopelessness. 

The answer is new experiences which for many is travel. Look at our physical design. We are quite literally 50% legs with a support system for sustained mobility.  It’s not merely that it’s built into us: it’s what we definitively are. 

People need experience and variety to maintain holistic wellbeing as much as we need a sense of community support. 


That’s why people cheat. They need both fresh experience and stability of a steady relationship which cannot provide the variety they need to grow and feel complete. Repression is a problem so the answer is to maintain freshness in a relationship without doing so by using antisocial methods such as drama and resentment.


The need for escapism is huge and endless. We only have to see how big the entertainment industries, travel and sex industries are to verify that. 


Our ancestors were nomads. We only settled for the old and for the babies. From that came farming. From that came cities.


“Before you diagnose yourself as depressed, first check to make sure it’s not simply that you are surrounded by assholes.” William Gibson


Sacred Harmony

There is the sacred and the profane. The profane debases the sacred. 

Our existential structure has at its core a binary system which is not an exact polarity. This is designed to catalyse and generate evolution and development. For the 2D to become the 3D and beyond to higher levels. 

We label these the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine. They are aspects of the same thing. They suport each other. 


What we have observed in feminism is debasement of the sacred feminine so as to empower ‘women’. Increasingly this is a vague term with transexual gender identity, feminisation of males and masculinisation of females. 

Let’s keep this old fashioned and simple. We recognise the confusion is a deviation from the traditional principle of sacred sexuality. A time honoured structure which works to create stability and harmony. 


The profane feminine and the profane masculine compete. They oppose. 

The sacred feminine and the sacred masculine do not compete. They compliment. 



Where the profane attacks and yet expects the target to support them, is imbalance. 

The action is a sign of internal imbalance. Inner conflict is projected outward to affect others. 

The associated illustrative imagery is a tree-cutter climbed halfway up a tree, unable to progress further takes an axe and begins chopping the trunk beneath them. We know the structure will fall to the demise of the tree-cutter. It is not a stable way of being. 

In people, wherever the profane attacks, their target is either impervious or affected. Where affected it either fights, flights, freezes or fawns. It either breaks, remains inert and takes another blow, or avoids further damage by defending or counter-attacking. If impervious deflects the damage. Those are the only consequence available. 


The sacred male and sacred female are two halves of a whole. They require to be in harmony for the whole to sustain itself. 

We can often in relationships measure this in terms of energy, identified as simple happiness verses the debilitation of stress. 

Where there is imbalance they are not working in harmony. 

The core of any functional relationship is respect of the principles that the harmony is sacred. To respect this is sacred. To degrade this is profane. 

This is how we can identify if a persons behaviour is sacred or profane. It is often both at different times. Management of personal and interpersonal energy is imperative for sustaining functional relationships. 


Sacred female and sacred male mutually empowering one another is a harmony to attain foundation to build worlds of wonderful experience from. 

Profanity is dysfunctional. One role of the sacred is to restore the profane to functionality. This must be done on the terms of the sacred principle, not on the terms of the profane. 


What we have with radical feminism is a direct attack on the male to empower the female. 

In terms of energy this is to create an imbalance where one half of the whole overpowers at the cost of the other half of the whole. This creates an imbalance. 

Such a cycle cannot perpetuate indefinitely. It is doomed to collapse. Only a harmony can be sustained indefinitely. The complete circle continues to generate. A distorted circle collapses under its own pressures. 

We can only level up from stability. Growth comes only from harmony. 


The nature of Yin is to yield.

The nature of Yang is to assert. 

Imbalance in modern communities is lack of harmony. 

Emasculated males are unhappy and seek to become Yang, as tradition. 

Masculinised females are unhappy and seek to become Yang, as persuaded by feminist doctrine. 

Men require training to become Yang.

Women require training to become Yin. 

This restores natural balance and harmony. 


Where does LGBT+ fit into this? 

After decades of contemplation I have concluded that it is not up to me to answer that question as I am not actively a member of any LGBT+ community. 

The teachings indicate the answer is to be found in Harmony. We can have harmony with diversity. Variety is nature. 


Wednesday 21 February 2024

Negotiation Blueprint

Negotiation Meetings Blueprint 

c2024 Ordo Octopia. 

Keep it simple.

Listen to Hear.

Acknowledge recognition: this is validation of the other persons position.

Respond compassionately. 

Purpose and Method of negotiations: 

1 Not to compromise but to understand the others position. 

2 Time out to digest and entrench the structure from 1 to override previous preconceptions based on assumptions and projections.

3 second meeting involves responses and suggestions of compromise. 

Each person is asked these questions and expected to not react by elevating tension but to patiently listen to hear with compassion. This is the groundwork to build from. 

What do you want the outcome of this meeting to be? 

What do you want from me? 

What are you willing to do to achieve that?

Why do you disrespect me? 

Attempt to use bullet-points. 

Expect to justify and elucidate. 

Tuesday 20 February 2024

AI & mass productivity

Matisse lay in his sickbed cutting out coloured paper shapes to create montages. It was all he was able to do in his weakened state. Some of those works of art are currently exhibited in public national galleries, are considered as examples of high art. 

I lay in my sickbed playing with an AI art generator on my mobile phone and consolidating my attitude toward doing so. 

Good old Matisse. While the images I created here may not be worth anything much at all to anyone financially as far as I am aware, they do follow in the wake of his tradition. 

A transition from painting by hand to what was once a new technology of printing methods enabled more than one of each image to be printed. Traditionalists at that time lamented the death of painting, an event which did not occur. Mass-production simply means more people can enjoy a picture. 

Extra-curricular to academic study of the Fine Arts I was mentored and trained as a photographer before the era of digital-photography. 

I developed photographs in a dark room using negatives, chemicals and dip-trays. Many of that generation lamented the death of their skills and expertise, resenting how ‘computers will take over the world.’ 

Such skills and expertise photographers and visual artists of other traditions must have awareness of, for example composition, continues to be as valid and as important as ever. 

A standard practise when doing a photoshoot was to take a lot of photographs and select only the best few from the shoot to develop. A process of filtering them to determine which ones were worth developing. 

It was not uncommon for a photographer to use a whole reel of film, to use several reels of film, to get that one perfect shot. 

Once established in the habit of working that way it transfers. When making AI art I make batches of dozens of similar images to achieve that one perfect image. 

The technology allows for this. As with everything in life it takes Time, Focus and Effort (energy). I see no reason why not to ‘flood the market’ with what is still a limited number of variants of a theme. 

It is an advantage of the technology which makes it possible to do this.