Saturday 26 August 2023

Aspiration & Decay


Aspiration & Decay 

After my third album of relationship hope-and-breakup music (circa 2006) I decided to stop using women as muses for my music and to work on something different. 

Sound is energy. 

How we ‘measure’ or understand sound has its own language. 

It’s all flow of waves same as light, electric, same as is observed in quantum mechanics in 2D where time and gravity are affected. No research I can find explains how that works properly to answer my questions about time dilation and interplanetary teleporters.

As gravity and time affect each other, by compression which is measured as density, 

so when we are in space looking at earth it appears events on earth are sped up. 

when we are on earth looking at space it appears everything is slowed down. They lamely explain it as ‘what we see in space is the ancient past’. 

Those light waves travel at the speed of light and probably faster. Just because we cannot measure faster than light does not mean nothing moves faster than light or that light does not convey information at faster than light speed along the same wave. 

But what if we had teleporters for instant travel to far distant planets. 

That scene in the movie Interstellar where ‘five minutes on this planet is six years on earth’. 

There would be one teleporter network around the cosmos which means millennia pass before you arrive back home, civilisations rise and fall, and a different route around the cosmos where hardly any time at all passes before you get back home, it’s more like real-time, or perhaps even a route where you arrive back home before you even set off to begin with. 

This is a basic principle for the following: 

Different vibrations of energy affect time and gravity. We interface this with music which affects the speed of vibration of atoms in the environment around us. That’s basic physics. 

Some music therefore harmonised us with the faster-lighter and some with the slower-denser. 

It affects our bodies and our perceptions. 

How much can this be pushed? 

Without making the listener sick, which is more likely. 

Getting everyone vibrating to the same stable, energising, peaceful vibration at the same time, is what the Ohm is for and why Moslems pray simultaneously. 

Studying how sound vibration can affect physics as an interface into higher and lower dimensions through harmony

Which is a mouthful of complexity. 

We don’t generally have enough electrical energy to power devices capable of affecting particles that much beyond aligning them.

But at CERN they’re doing all sorts of weird stuff like this 

Have you ever seen electric toothbrushes, the way they power up to recharge the battery in the handle by osmosis - no tech archer cable to plug in to complete a circuit - the electric passes between plastic insulator - cern is doing something like that.

I think the pyramids were electrical conductors too, the ancients were also doing something like that to enter a realm of physics beyond what we were taught in school, involving multidimensional, with that much energy harnessed from the earths rotation (like Tesla towers) to open gates (teleporters) to other places, time travel, etc - stuff we suspect the military are secretly doing already.


I have two large rats in the attic above the kitchen/bathroom extension. I saw them today with a torch. I had the torch, not the rats obviously. Put poison down. 

There’s rat poop all over so I’ve got to go up into the attic and detox it asap. My list of jobs is endless and it’s getting worse. The rats get in because there is trash up to the back door I have not had time/energy/focus combined with good weather, to sort it out yet. 

These two tasks should take a couple of days. 

I’m blaming their toxic energy  vibration for the water heater breaking down. 

Compare the symbols: 

My sons mother is Chinese Year of Rat it’s her spirit animal. 

-water leak from her bathroom in the ceiling above her kitchen

-water heater in room between my bathroom and kitchen

-rats in the attic

It’s all the same symbols 

Like a tarot card 

The Tower card 

All these events occurred at the same time. My s on a girlfriend observed water dripping from his mothers kitchen lightbulb. His mothers boyfriend took it upon himself to fix the plumbing in the bathroom above instead of contacting the landlord. When I next saw it five days later the entire ceiling had ‘collapsed’ and was all over the kitchen although the upstairs floorboards had been replaced. At that time I suggested they contact the landlord… 

There’s more to this…

The same day my son came to stay at mine for extra days because his mothers house is properly ratastrophic, he told me about a video game he had been playing. 

Visual imagery to follow 

At the same time this was happening, my gelflings kids are playing ‘Dobble’ (a picture version of the card game ‘Snap’). 

It’s all connected.

This entire thing is about: 


There is an unfortunate competitive element necessary to create dynamism through drama 

False or unstable foundations, destined to fall. 

When red and blue are not in harmony, they self-destruct.

It’s about energy. 

Syncopatic energy. 

Electric and Water both measured the same way. 

Volume & Tempo

Amps and Volts

Volume and Speed

Current (the flow) and Ohms (the restriction)

This is how humans measure energy. 

How does this apply to Reiki and such, to the energy vortexes we exist within, which form our experiences? 

Why do we describe restriction as Ohms when the word is ancient (Aum, Amen, Ogham) describing the 13cps cosmic harmony ?

Narc Co Parent


The Narcissistic Co-Parent 


How to Destroy a Culture 101

I have experienced this behaviour from most mothers I South Wales who I have had anything much to do with. 

I asked her not to undermine my authority in front of the children, by her arguing with my parenting methods, which I learned from childcare nvq1 and nvq2.

She told me angrily I am a manipulative egotist for expecting her to use her children to boost my ego. 

She did not recognise and value what I am trying to achieve. Adults empowering each other to co-parent positively for effective results. A unified front reinforcing the same message so the children accept and learn it. This instead of the children being given no firm boundaries and developing distrust of parents authority and adults in general.

She is too busy protecting her kids and incriminating her partner as an abuser than to co-parent effectively. The idea a man may be better at parenting than a mother is disgusting to her. 

Undermining a persons parenting methods after expecting them to parent your children for you is a dysfunctional tactic of relationship control. 

The children watched her attempt to dominate me and decided this means they do not have to respect me or listen to me. So they don’t. 

It only has to happen once for the children to stop respecting a person. It makes life much more difficult for everyone involved. 

Because the idea in their minds now is they don’t have to respect one adult they try it on with other adults including the mother. When they do this and it results in the children do not get their way and the adult is annoyed by the child’s unwanted antisocial behaviour, the child’s respect for the adult and for all adults dissolves. 

The child falls into a cycle of always trying it on and being disappointed; whinging and feeling sorry for themselves while blaming the adult. Narcissistic personality traits are developed. 

Children copy parents behaviour. This to them is what ‘normal’ is. They will strive to recreate it for the rest of their lives. Even instability passes for stability once it is ‘normal’. 

Sunday 6 August 2023



“I make art therefore I am an artist.”

“You are an opinion-entrenched biological machine programmed with and performing a skilled function. But are you an artist?”

We must define: What is an ‘artist’. 

“Someone who makes art.” 

Art theory of the 19th and 20th century has questioned ‘what is art’ as a necessary part of becoming and of being an artist. 

I got my dog to walk through paint trays and then splash and tread the paint onto a canvas. Is it art? Is my dog an artist? 

“Does a dog have Buddha consciousness?” 

Anyone who lives with animals will tell you animals do have Buddha consciousness. 

The dog is an artist. 

The forest drops twigs and leafs into recognisable patterns, not at random. Many studies have verified this. The forest has Buddha consciousness. The forest is an artist. 

Does an AI generator drop pixels into recognisable patterns, not at random? The machine has Buddha consciousness. It is the same principle. The machine is selective processes of electronic pulses. The human brain is selective processes of electronic pulses. The forest is selective process of electronic pulses. 

Why do we discern any difference? Why would we elect one rule for one and not for another when it is at some fundamental level the same thing? Energy flowing in patterns which conform to some structured, mathematically identifiable code. 

“Art is the mind set free.”

We return to the questions asked by artists; 

“What is the purpose of art?” 

“What is art?”

Art is in the eye (interpreted by the mind) of the beholder (who necessarily is individual therefore has an individual interpretation of and relationship with any object or process of art).

Is art the object or the process? 

What purpose has the object if nobody observes it? 

image result of
AI art generator prompt:
"An artist makes a work of art which does not look like art"