Thursday 13 April 2023

Our Time

It is not until you see an old map of the world you realise what is happened to us to create what we call our time.

We cannot imagine such affluence because we’ve been fed a lie throughout our lives: We have it better now. 

It is change which we are told is inevitable, although for the longest time it wasn’t possible. So we are taught to worship chaos whereas before people were taught to worship the stability and order of a world which made sense we live in the consequence of our ancestors achieving their goals in defiance of their rulers. 

The order of today is reversal. Our goals are to bring stability to a world gone wild.

The concept of the Wheel of Change is a new thing, the spinning wheel symbolising a distillation process, the alchemy of all the threads of fate. 

It sits atop the foundational triangle of hierarchy, a structured brickwork with everything in its right place. 

Our living generations are relying on the Harmony to sustain us and the order we individually impose upon the chaos of the world. 

This is our world. 

This is our time.