Thursday 31 January 2019


mistborn by brandon sanderson. 

I read ch1.
I put it down for a busy week. 
I started over and could not put it down.
Back to back in a blur of days.

I thought, often; this is amazing.
I thought, often; this is inspiration for JadePunk 
(Tales of Kausao city) by ryan danks.

Two days after finishing it I was craving, withdrawal symptoms, 
reminiscent of FireFly after the first time you binge-watch it. 
Lucky lucky lucky there’s a sequal! 
Currently in the snailmail ...
 actually theres two sequals and then four more ‘next era’ novels. 

Its the very best fantasy book I have read in a long, long time,
Since mervyn peake’s Gormengast trilogy.
My number one in the genre. 

Thursday 10 January 2019

Pink Puke


"Whats your favorite movie?" Joe

"Pretty in Pink." Beck

YOU, E3S1,  Netflix series.


When I was 15 I snogged/was snogged outside the pub we'd been drinking in by a skinhead traveler chick called Beck after the gig which music did it for our alt kid collective, in that town, at that time, in that generation, band 'Bobafet' under a green-ambient-lighting setlist recorded by Glenn Lewis when he still had the coolest hair ever (before he shaved it trying/failing to be trendy), on a tape machine 4-track 'borrowed' from school's music classroom equipment, who now works for BBC.

On the same night I was also snogged by/snogged a girl called Anna who has cat/reptile eyes under UV lighting (I saw this shape-shift for myself which does much to verify David Ickes theory), on the steps of the train station and we both sincerely wish we'd gone further, she dumped me for not going through with it - in my favor I was only 15, horny but indoctrinated by social rules from abusive adults who intend on perverting our natural instincts by programming us to not do what is natural, to go against what is natural in pursuit of 'polite public image'.

We were all like that of our generation, sharing each other trying to find satisfaction and failing and forever being encoded to repeat same disfunctional formula despite later experiences with ultimately disposable significant-or-otherwise partners encountered, because our formative years establishing our sexuality were so fucked up by parental domination and control. That's what it was like for middle class kids in the 90s. The lower classes had it easier, less bullshit and more practical reality, simpler and happier, learning Life at an accelerated rate. Hate for the class system and those who endorse it. 


Obviously, in answer to section one of this blog, the scene has struck a chord and my projection has made it personal, because it is. 

Pretty in pink is about a clever girl who turns two dresses into one dress, so she can be The Cinderella at the Princes party and pull her prince Charming. Cinder and Charm, a lesson to everyone that the consequence of char'm is char'coal. Cy'nical me to Ci'nderella 'Princess Programming' from popular media social engineering to disturb and distort society ultimately for someone's financial gain and not ours. 


There is a reason why whiskey and writing goes hand in hand when you get to this level of integrity. This statement integrally deserves assertive saying. Whiskey tells me to tell things which are more true than less true. Spirits are spiritual after all.


Netflix "bandersnatch" has much to say on the topic of the media leaking over to affect our lives and perceptions. Netflix series "You" has a character called Joe. Those of you astute enough to have recognized the moniker 'snake apple tree' describing those Egyptian hieroglyphs to translate into English language as 'joe' will identify where I am coming from.


The symbol of Bandersnatch "choose your own adventure" of two timelines converging into one so as to become a sensation of Deja Vu is, what they call within it, the white bear logo.

Two dresses into one. Two timelines into one. You can see clearly where I am coming from here. 


#EightiesAreDead #EightiesAreDeadCyberpunkers # ThankFuck #NoFuture #Bandersnatch #WhiskeyToCelebrateNewBook


"And I'm supposed to be impressed with that?"

"I don't know, are you?"


Oh Ye And This:

by snakeappletree 
©OrdoOctopia 2019

Usually, short sf stories by SAT are published directly to
This one is an exception simply because top-shelf alcohol has become a part of the equation.



Read this first.

OURGEN is about somewhere which people of our generation can put stuff which makes sense to our generation. Call it "Home". Secondary to this, we can identify from user upload, differences and developments between the generations. Each user is requested to put their honest Date Of Birth into the database. Thats all we need. Your username can be changed at any time; if you posted previously to changing your username, the change affects all your posts. We ask five questions. What do you personally love, things which matter to you, what do you love about being a part of your generation growing up through the social and cultural experiences which affected you, and what are the differences between external and internal feelings toward the things you identify with which have formed your personality. The platform is a diary of your thoughts about these three questions. It is also a commentary and database about things unique to your generation. If this site works and continues long-term, Humanity will have a historical record about yourself from which to identify comparisons between generations. The social change is rapid; only one hundred years ago it was normal for those minority who survived to five-year olds to accompany their father into the coal mines. Now it is considered normal that children should be weaned off of comfort-toys aka 'dummies' at that age if not before. Who knows where we will be in a century from now. The website takes the form of personal pages and community pages. It costs an upfront fee of ten dollars per year to pay for digital storage space. The company owns everything you upload here. I agree to this without question because somebody else has done my thinking for me and I want into the fad.


The idea, the concept, the companies first challenge was that a toy manufacturer of baby dolls had copyrighted the name and had also utilised a free internet redirection service so that anyone searching for OURGEN would end up on their website which sells plastic, petrol economy, toxic chemical childrens toys to pollute babies with.

The company ignored that and started up, advertising itself as a new business so as to secure a bank loan and online community funded advertisment. It took off. The people behind it were sincerely hoping to be able to employ somebody to upkeep the website so they could dump the project into the world without having to themselves put time into maintaining it. Autonomous and ongoing without moderation is the preferred principle. Trust in people.

It took off. Advertising on popular social media platforms, for every monetary-unit acquired by a new user as spent on advertising, which reached x number of people, the advertising was exponential and eventually people came to regard OurGen as a stable and worthy thing to fund at  a personal pittance. It worked. Thousands of users being exploited y their desire to feel a party of something ensured through capitalism that the concept sustained. 


A hundred years later. The decision inclusive of retrospect that decade based cataloguing and categorising of humanity was insubstantial due to those born in xx01 were closer to xx-09 than they are to xx+09 in terms of cultural influence results in corporate decision to make astrological data a factor in how we catalogue individuals. The shift aka the progress rather than imposed decimal grid is regarded as accurate in ascertaining information relevant for extrapolation of comparative data. At the same time, recognition that ancient mayan calendar system is more accurate in ascertaining personal detail than is Western astrology in either sidereal or vedic forms.  Combined with Chinese zodiac system; all four systems are utilised and cross referenced within the database. Programming makes this autonomous form date of birth details using whichever appropriate calendar, to most of the globe this is the Gregorian calendar system. Expansion to include others such as for example Judaic calendar system are made available for cross-referencing and integrated into database.

4. There rightly should ought to be more to this story and possibly will upon further contemplation, focus, time and effort. Meanwhile however, please refer to WYZ for your continued snakeappletree style entertainment.

Friday 4 January 2019

Paradigm War

“There are three evolutionary stages. The consensus, the individuated, and the spiritual.” Tom Lescher / Kaypacha (3.1.19)

There’s one way of thinking that emotionally unavailable partners are abusive, and another way of thinking that emotionally reactive partners are abusive. 

Both of these are described unprofessionally as symptoms of narcissism. Yet they are polar opposites. 

At this stage, a sane person questions the system of analysis, the way of thinking we are using to orient us in relating with these people. 

Regardless of how they are behaving, the way we ourselves are behaving by judging them one way or another, is inefficient. Were it efficient, it would not fall into two polarized camps to create the same conclusion. 

Recognition immediately that we are being socially engineered, because no matter which camp we fall into, the outcome is the same, the result is the same. 

We are coerced to judge the ones behaving differently from us to be psychotic, and that is how we relate to them forever after. 

The purpose of that social engineering is to encourage people not to have human relationships, but to believe each other to be psychotic, to avoid, fear and hate each other. 

Nothing can be resolved in that environment. But everything can be exploited! Which of course is the purpose of the social-engineers. Segregation through cultural programming is a tool used in population management. 

Thursday 3 January 2019


At the age of 41 I have been professionally diagnosed, finally, as being high functioning autistic. 

What this means is that I can operate relatively well in normal society, mostly, except that I have communication difficulties. I’ve known that since childhood when my parents were on a completely different planet to me, it did not help that society ignores children generally. 

So for my whole life, ever since I could read and write, I’ve studied writing as a form of communication. I am a published author, and I have have a website which verifiably has upwards of 500 people a week reading it. 

That might not be famous but were those people to line up and shake my hand so I can say thank you to them, it would appear to be quite a lot of people. It is certainly more people than I socialize with on a regular basis. 

I mention this not for ego purpose, but to illustrate how successful I have become in overcoming my communication problems from being autistic, by relying on the written word instead of speech. 

In social situations I feel pressure from other people, because of their expectancies and prejudices. It affects how my brain functions, and my ability to put words together coherently, to be accurate. 

Generally it is easier for me to nod my head and agree with their pre-conception, instead of having to explain to them because nine times in ten they’re not listening anyway. That’s not my bad, that’s their bad but I’m the one who gets ignored because of an assumed dominant narrative.

The availability of text in our digital culture makes it possible for me to have an internet-based social life where I can express myself far more accurately than in the pressure of social situations. And for me that’s what it’s like being autistic.

My typing speed is off the top of the scale. The problem I have is when during text message conversation, being a writer used to relying on words, I am likely to write more than a paragraph where the other conversationalist writes less than one sentence. It is misperceived as being a power imbalance. Simply because of word count, “outweighing” the other person. 

A problem I have is that were people to talk conversationally the same way that most people use text, it would appear rude and abrasive. Monosyllabic responses, and short, curt sentences, are regarded as rude indeed aggressive when spoken.

So when I read this, I naturally regard it as a person being rude and hostile toward me. This, because it is different to how everybody else interprets text, is described as being a symptom of my autism.

The law in Britain has recently changed regarding harassment, in that a top heavy text message conversation is now regarded by the police to be a form of abuse. 

Abruptly, it is no longer accepted that my intent is good and prolification is an aspect of high functioning autism. It is perceived that I am a problem simply because I am attempting to communicate effectively and intelligently. I have been dehumanized by an agenda of exploiting hatred. Dehumanization is prejudice by default. 

I have encountered several people who have manipulated me by contacting the police because they sent me a few words and I sent them several paragraphs to fully answer their question, which obviously takes up more than 10 seconds of everyone’s time. 

A lot of people incorrectly assess it as a sign that I am narcissistic and overbearing. I am not narcissistic and my intention is not to be overbearing. I describe things as succinctly as I possibly can. The law does not take into account that most people are being rude when they text each other because like cavemen they use only monosyllables. 

So what can I do? Writing this statement is progressive in explaining what it is like having autism and the prejudices I face because of other people’s cognitive bias, which has developed from their lack of empathy toward suffers of autism. It is convenient for disfunctional, anger driven people who lack empathy to use it as leverage, to put blame on a person who is simply attempting to communicate well. 

When determining what ‘appropriate levels’ are, in a fair world it should be factored into the equation that the intention of the person making the statement, is relevant in assessing appropriateness. 

Otherwise we have a dynamic of the one person dominating what ‘appropriateness’ is, with zero compromise. The power imbalance in that situation is the opposite to blaming the wordsmith for harassment. 

Thankfully, the court service do recognize that dynamic for what it is, even where police and manipulative haters do not. This has been proved by my own experiences.

As an autistic person, with communication difficulties, the biggest thing I wish to communicate to everybody else, is how vulnerable autistic people are to being manipulated by those non-empathetic people who gain a false sense of superiority and authority by painting the autist out to be a bad person. They get away with it because their victim has communication problems and is unable to express themselves properly in face-to-face situations.

That’s my life story.

I am sincerely attempting to remedy that situation by reducing word count. The resolution I have come to is simply this: some people write for money, some people get paid per word. As a general life rule, I now value my writing at 1p per word. Every time I send somebody a text, I imagine I am sending them free money. Because, I should be working on my novel instead of distracted by other people texting me. This simple life rule helps me to keep my word count down to a bare minimum.

And at this juncture, you probably want to be less distracted by the internet and instead return to whatever you should be doing instead. Thank you for investing some attention into Autism Awareness.