Tuesday 26 September 2017

Good Cyber

What makes good cyber?

Following the 'what makes a good blog’ blog in which it came down to originality and lack of pop-ups and adverts - pop-ups and adverts immediately trigger the ‘close this tab’ reflex - here the theme expands through ‘what makes a good game’ blog.

> Have I played this before?
YES it is a clone
NO it is original and unique

> Is the game built of commercial effects available to anyone who has funds and can access the market?
YES it is made by throwing money at it
         to create what in the music industry is called ‘industry loops’ - remixing someone else’s tunes.
NO it is original and unique

Already you can recognise the common theme.
What makes a good game is that it is Original and Unique.

>Will I play it again? Does the game draw me in? Is it addictive?
YES winner.
NO don’t waste people’s time with any more of this shit, ever

The discussion ends here.

Oh one more thing, the tab.

>Is it worth 10 dollars, less than 5 dollars, free, or more than 25 dollars?
These are the four categories of games.

FREE it’s someone’s pet project built as a learning curve and for passion of the project, which they want everyone to share and remember their name/logo so they can get hired in the industry. If it is good, WIN. If it is shit, don’t waste people’s time.

Less than 5 dollars: For most people this is the same as for Free. If not then you have to stop gaming and start coding your own.

10 dollars: A fling. A distraction. Its worth an hours wage to a minimum wage worker and should take longer than that to complete. Most indie games should probably be in this category. That’s a lot of scope. Includes many genres of which the best games typically defy genre-categorization. Ultimately all games in this category are a waste of time to remind you to stop gaming and start coding your own.

25+ dollars: This game is an investment. Professional game industry level entertainment. Careers built this. More than one person at a time. This has got to give braingasm on a regular basis. For the price it’s better than a hooker otherwise it’s the last game this development team are going to produce. As a game developer you will not enter this category until you have produced multiples in all other categories. You have to be able to give multiple braingasms to all categories of gamers on a regular basis.

And then there’s Kevin Flynn.

Be like Kevin Flynn. 

Pioneers do not copy the world as it is. 
Pioneers create new worlds and they do it their own way. 
Except for the Bridge at Khazad Dum bit. 
That was an homage. Obviously. 

copyright image shared non-profit within international fair use policy for educational purposes fully accredited to Disney
See, its the same thing

Wednesday 20 September 2017



CPAF = CyberPunk As Fuck

> your mission: to listen
> add to the list (if you can)
> (please post to comments)

artists albums: 

TurboKnight - Rise of the Machines
Perturbator - I Am The Night, The Uncanny Valley, New Model (2017), Dangerous Days, TERROR 404,
Turboslash - EP I and II (2017)
Tonebox - Nocturn (2016)
Robert Parker - Crystal City (2016), Awakening (2017)
Trevor Something - Trevor Something Does Not Exist, Death Dream,
ALEX - Blood Club (2016)
ALEX and Tokyo Rose - AKUMA
Tokyo Rose - Chases 2
Daniel Deluxe - DESYNC, Corruptor (2016),
Deadlife - Bionic Chrysalis
Futurecop! - Return of Algrovath, The Lost Tapes (2016),
Lazerhawk - Redline, Skull and Shark,
Mega Drive - 198X AD, Seas Of Infinity, Hardwired V1.4,  Rewind,
GosT - Non Paradiso (2016),
Vulta - Sigils,
Carpenter Brut - Trilogy
Scandroid - Scandroid
GUNSHIP - Tech Noir
NRW Records Magnatron 2 (2017)
The Midnight - Endless Summer
Tommy '86 - Transhumanism 2016
FM-84 - Atlas
Dance With The Dead - The Shape, Out Of Body, Near Dark, B-Sides: Volume 1,
The Midnight - Endless Summer
VHS Glitch - Evil Technology
Waveshaper - Exploration 84, Station Nova,
Anachronist - RGB
Johnny Blue - (B)rain Dance
Count Zero - 3D Mania(2013), Proxy (2014), Renegade (2014), Low Orbit (2014), Count Zero(2014),
Zombie Hyperdrive - Hyperion(2016),
ORAX - Cometa(2016)
Raydar - Evil Squad, Neon Graffiti (2016),
Timecop1983 - Reflections (2015)
Dead Astronauts - Arms Of Night
Meteor - Parallel Lives
The Enigma TNG - Neon Tokyo, GhostMachine,
Electronica - HybridGothica
2 8 1 4 - Birth Of A New Day
Hong Kong Express - This
Chromatics - Night Drive


Blush Response - Cyberpunk & Noir love themes
Cybercity - A Synthwave Mix (Synthwave, FutureSynth, Retro
Best of Synthwave and Retro Electro [Part 1]
Best of Synthwave and Retro Electro [Part 2]
DarkWave Synth Mix
Noir Nights - A Cyberpunk Noir Soundtrack
Noir Deco - Future To Fantasy
Danger - Mix (Unofficial)
New Retro Wave Mixtape - The Dark Cruiser
Nostalgia For A Time You've Never Known - Synthwave
Back To The 80s - Best of SynthWave and Retro Electro Music Mix for 1 Hour

Concentration Programming Music

As kids we were taught primary colours, red blue yellow and secondary colours, orange purple green, tertiary colour tones of brown. When I started programming a BBC Micro and writing my own programs by the age of 7 I discovered two new colours very much associated with cyber, computers, digital dimension: CYAN and MAGENTA. Even the teachers in school hadn't heard of cyan.

We all grew up listening to crunchy 8-bit and 16-bit videogame soundtracks from... the list of Amiga pro's goes on and forgotten. Some day I will dig out that track, it's not online yet, nobody has publicaly uploaded it - I have been looking. Sounds which open us up by attuning our neurology to our generation's cyber spectrum and where it's at.

These cyberpunk musicians, similar and synthetic clones of "when electric is blood but audio", that original 80s cyberpunk vibe, superb for building digital 3D and coding to. For driving long-distance at night along the autoway.

In youtube they all share the same colour spectrum - pink, red, purple, blue, all of which neonspectrum: and black. Have to find out who the artist is. To do this - shows how the musicians have got it together to do this. NRW Records. The promise of the internet is that it would be possible. For our generation we grew up waiting. These albums are the celebration of the success of it.

This music is liberating. The badvibes pull out of the back of the solar plexus chakra, this stuff unplugs you from the negative influence of non-cyberpunk people seeking control, those who do not understand what it is about and think its all a load of shit. The degenerates who devolve you by degrading you in their imaginations and who help you zero at all. This music sets you free and that's what its all about. Development of a better world where we can go to, to get away from them all. When we hit this spectrum the audio and visual hallucinations within cyberpunk mileu show you the truth - that you are plugging into something better, something free, that the true real nature of reality is not what the doomers say. That we are within the hologram and the safe path toward enlightenment is when their laws of physical constraint are broken, waysigns, that you are on your journey toward evolution.

I feel my chi flow and it feels great, as syphon taps are disconnected from my spine and my own energy flows through me toward where it should be. I hear the digitech sound in the room around me, electrobuzz of evil machines slithering away like defeated techno serpents. Flashes of holographic light in the air to guide me. Its cyberspace, augmented. This is no delusion and I am not confused, this is music pure raw alive, living energy, cyberpunk reality. The sounds do this, conduit, gateway, portal, connectivity. 


"pure concentrated energy"








Monday 18 September 2017

Seeing Dots

Imagine that how wide your perceptions are can be measured with dots, as if along a ruler, regularly spaced, moving both left and right directions outward sideways from the focal front point, straight forward. This dot we measure as zero. The next one either side are both numbered one, the next two, and so on. 

A person with very limited perceptions can only see so far, only knows the numbers say up to three or four. There is a limited possible number of patterns, combinations, inside this limited box. A small grid. Even if we connect every dot to every dot within three or four to either side of zero, the circuit is basic and easy to understand. It also becomes possible to understand in theory that going as far as three dots again past the three dots you can see, means an unseen, unknown point beyond the horizon. 

Now compare this grid with a person whose perceptions contain ten or a hundred dots to either side. The number of possible patterns and combinations, rhythms, within this scale of grid is immensely and immeasurably complicated to a person who can only see three or four dots. The entirety of the three dot thinker becomes a very basic cognitive symbol for the hundred dot thinker, one of many such symbols most of which are outside of and beyond the three dot thinkers comprehension.

Alternate Vs Conformity

Abstract and Creative Intelligence vs Dogmatic Fundamentalism

Alternate vs Conformity

Who says it is 'alternate'? Mainstream majority or minority group? This descriptive bias is permeated by the dogmatic fundamentalists, not by those with abstract and creative intelligence.

Nobody is more correct than the other. The ones who are wrong are the ones saying someone is wrong. Opinion can be a factor but it is not absolute truth.

"That your opinion can be proven to be based on a strawman fallacy,
shows that you are irrational." Rational Mentality 

A rational, reasonable and well-balanced mind integrates both left and right, imaginative and logical processes. Anyone with prejudice against the other is not rational and reasonable. Anyone with prejudice against the other is not functioning properly and is mentally imbalanced, is cognitively sick.
I pointed this out to two groups of people.

The fundamentalists laughed and called me crazy and a danger to society. Not to community, to society: which is a very different thing. I am not a member of that society so I do not respect their opinion that my opinion is crazy. I experience no symptoms of insanity per se, which means the fundamentalists are using a strawman argument, thus further proving their disfunction of clarity.

The creatives laughed and generally agreed with the statement. I am a member of that community. We use abstract intelligence to communicate beyond and outside of the limitations of unreasonable logical arguments. This includes empathic awareness for example which rejects emotional and mental abuses along with any infrastructure which supports them.

The responses of these two groups says as much about the overall situation as does the original statement itself.

Saturday 16 September 2017


Finally 'they' are filming Gibson, the news broke like a mind fried on digital drugs under analaesthetic mistreatment of a biopsycop clinical interrogation procedurally generated 64-bit graphic blipfest on an i-ching k'ching torture wheel of life. 'Your time has come' the infoverload splashed to grab your catchy attention whoring borgasm. 

Hi-5 if you did it in one take out the trash with the cat.

And so it calms down to a regular spin wherein the revelation I live in the fucking sprawl. 

Need proof? A pixel tells a hundred words.

© SW Wales Herald 8.9.17 used non-profit for educational purposes within international fair use policy

Top image: local newspaper print and article; the greedy old girls club council are at it again, building shit homes on unsafe terrain for immediate profit now despite so many regulations against it. The bay is Britains most toxic because too much sewage outlets already and most of the development is on the floodplain, raised a few feet by burying bluebag recycling under concrete because its cheaper than actually recycling it. This is Wales for you.

The pixel-tryptic below shows the Sprawl Trilogy umpteenth edition print covers. 

And it is all the same thing. 

No more needs saying.

Sunday 10 September 2017


I write a lot of notes on a touch-screen tablet. Upload to dropbox, zip into word-processor and make second draft. Novelist in action, productivity pipeline and it sure as hell beats writing on envelopes. The following content is this weeks splurge, extracts from the ongoing themes I process while trying to achieve zen no-mind.

Word Play


Convince. Conviction. Convict.
Slave to a grid of thinking.
Persuaded by manipulation.
left brain centric is not balanced.

Creatives respect the mind functions best when floating free to connect with intuition as a faculty of knowing truth. Spiritual teachings explain intuition to be our direct communion with the divine. Through intuition works god, through intuition we know god. We cannot find it as an external source. That is a power, not a connection with the absolute, with allah (the all being), with galactic harmony.

Truth is not what other people say, that is merely a resonance with truth if it is true speech from intuition as opposed to left brained dogmatic repetition of a grid, of a belief structure, a persuasion or conviction, a slavery to delusion. 

Truth is what actually happened and if what actually happened cannot be fully understood from seeing it from only one angle, we need to see it from multiple angles to know it. The limitations of left brained logic is that small minds can cope only with small grids. To develop a flexible left brain which can overlay multiple grids at once requires the balanced working of the mind where left and right logic and creative are working together. You cannot repress one part of the balanced functioning of the mind and call that 'proper' without losing rationality. 

Incentive. To Entice. Enter into a specific grid way of seeing things. Left brained dogma.
Incent and intent. Innocent. In-no-cent means not-guilt. In-cent means toward guilt. Incentive.
Inattentive lacks attention, focus.
Intentive has focus, attention toward a desired outcome. An agenda. A bias.

Dogma denies that there are associations where you have never previously made associations, denies you making those associations. Yoh reject them because your brain is not hardwired to connect this item with that item. Once you go through the thought process and can see how a links to b links to c that is when you learn a new thing, you gain the pattern and now you can associate it all as a cohesive and acceptable system. It makes sense now. In-sense. Previously it was invisible to you, did not catch, it was in-no-sense. Your education intk a specific thought system makes you more guilty, dirties you. Knowledge of mind takes you away from intuition and connection with divine. You listen to your program-grid instead of flowing free as naturally designed. 

Symbology of fruits of tree of knowledge. 

Pagan: "If you did not teach me it was wrong to be uncivilised, would god still let me into heaven?"
Priest: "Yes of course."
Pagan: "So why in hell did you teach me?"

The system is entirely left brained, a calculus.

Crit Fact


"She believes in opinions as if they are truths.”

The word 'fact' is an abbreviation of factor.

The factors of the case. 
The factors we are basing our approach on. 
The factors of life.

Factors are not truths. 

They are deviations and the causes for deviations away from truth. They are justifications; a word which means not 'plausible excuse' although it is commonly misused to mean that rather than 'to justify' which means to put straight, to amend. 

Here we have a situation where the word invented to mean 'deviate' is regularly assumed to mean 'straighten' which is a terribly alarming factor in our analysis of common misuses of the English language. We can not trust the rationality and indeed sanity of a person who is so manipulative as to be using the word black to mean white. They do this either from ignorance, which proves they are unworthy of respectability; or knowingly, which proves they are unworthy of respectability. 

In an environment where such terminology is so commonly misused the confusion is too dangerous for any wise observer to risk use of these words at all. Any environment which does make use of such words when simpler, cleaner alternatives are available, which they are, does so precisely to perpetuate that confusion. Grey areas provide leverage and coverage for manipulation. These environments are perpetuated by manipulators because were it otherwise, such environments would cease to be exist. They are entirely unecessary for any direct and honest communication.

Next time anybody uses the word 'fact': double-check with them to find out if they know what it means. Nine times out of ten they are using the word as a replacement for the word 'truth' because they have persuaded themself and are seeking to persuade others that a factor (deviate) is a truth. He is true (innocent) except for the factors upon which we build our case against him shows him as untrue (not innocent). Factors realign our perspective thus our perception. 

"If it is not the Truth it is a lie."

A quality police officer will be able to accurately assess the difference between a real factor ('he had blood on his hands') from a fabricated factor ('she said she saw blood on his hands - although her stated opinion has nothing substantial to verify it and it is not evident that he had blood on his hands, it is evident only that she wants us to believe he did'). 

A corrupt police officer will accept opinion as truth even with no evidence and will describe it to be a fact. To express it as follows: "a critical factor is that a witness saw him with blood on his hands" sounds very persuasive especially when stated by somebody in a position of authority. This does not make it a truth. 

When we deconstruct use of language we deconstruct assumed authority. This is not the same as questioning authority. Manipulation is not authority: it is neglect of duty. Doing it knowingly is corruption, it is a criminal offense.



"You are playing a game. Your writing is a mind game.” She said.

In the real world she did not say this directly to the writers face. She explained it to the police who she was attempting to entangle into her game, into her vendetta.

On this occasion the police saw it sensibly for what it was. She made the accusation. She logs into a website of her own choice, which is either cyberstalking because she is obsessive or else she is a fan, albeit a fan with both a grudge and an overwhelmingly huge sense of self importance. The whole world exists to support her control drama. The writers she encounters online exist solely to support her control drama. She is that desperate for attention. The maximum yield for the angry type of attention she requires is to target an online author and attempt to see him into jail. She does not recognize this as a mental health issue.

Yet she exists only in the writers imagination, as a buffer for an idea he is exploring; the writer adds by way of legal disclaimer.

He replies with his truth:

"It has nothing to do with you. If you want me to use you as inspiration for a character in my fiction novels, I will consider it. That you clearly believe everything I write is aimed directly at you personally proves two things. One about you and one about the writing. About the writing, it is of a type which people relate directly to, they clearly find it relevant to their own life situation. This is a very good thing and positive feedback for any writer who aims to succeed at that goal. The technique is because I ‘tell it as it is’, with no bullshit.”

After a very short pause he adds: “Well perhaps a little bit of bullshit which is necessary because am not writing bullet-points, I am writing script. It is a different style where some level of characterization and a lot of proper grammar is necessary. As far as getting the point across, such things are bullshit. As far as being approved by literary circles, they are important, so we are told by those literary circles. I resent having to please them to the detriment of my intended purpose, yet as I explained I am not writing bullet-points.” 

He pauses for breathe, to contemplate the irrelevance of his previous paragraph to the overall nature of the manuscript and yet at the same time that he opportunity given by the flow of the story to include it here makes it worth doing, despite it complicating the nature of the text. The pause was also useful to allow the information to sink into his bored listeners mind. Being of her technologically attention-stunted generation with very little patience and inability to integrate long tracts of information in a single sitting, she had already switched off. He knew this speech would be transmitted into text and while on a roll with expressing himself he continued anyway for the purpose of posterity. Fully answering the points he had raised, the main bulk of the diatribe’s intention.

“Secondly, it says about you that you are a sociopath who cannot tell the difference between where yourself ends and the external world begins. You have identified with this writing but can not or will not accept that it is not written directly about you, nor for you to the exclusion of all of other people. It is written for whoever reads and enjoys it. If that is a one-to-one relationship between text and reader, that is a good thing. If that is a one-to-one relationship between stranger and author, that is a different thing entirely. You opened the book. You opened the gate. It is your choice for which you are responsible. I did not ask you to read my text. You chose to do that. The text is not the author and you very much must learn that to be a true and real thing. The characters are fictional, they are not the personality and beliefs of the writer. They do not represent the personality and beliefs of the author. If you can not separate those things you need to get help from a qualified mental health professional.”

Her glazed and inattentive eyes were awoken mildly by his reference to her mental state. She was still too dulled from being spoken at incessantly to make any sort of quick response and he recognised she was effectively in some sort of trance state, digesting some of what he had been speaking about even while he was bombarding her with more dialogue. He was on a roll and finding it hard to stop.

“Writing is my form of counseling, I do it to get these thoughts out of me so that my mind is empty and free simply to float and perceive sensations other than an onslaught of words which pour through it. Through and not from. These fluctuating rhythms are assigned meaning by the collective. Whatever form of communication that results in toward a readership of hundreds of people. I hesitate to use the word fans but they do come back for more and some of them such as yourself even blow air around. Unfortunately for me the only ones who ever contact me directly tend to be sociopaths who believe I am writing for them personally. It happens every few years, I get a psycho-fan who wants to dominate and control me in some way. Some of them sexually, some of them legally, some of them a mixture of both. Some simply want to control what I write about, to seize the helm of my creativity because they are too damaged to acknowledge their own. The possibility of money does have to do with it, these are usually industry people who want me to re-write something so they can sell it for a cut in the profits.”

Mention of money and profits caused her to look directly at him. She was interested now and glad that she had not interrupted him before he had mentioned this. She was still in slow-motion from the effort of thinking about what he was saying and so it is possible that it was mention of sex and control which had caused her to awaken slightly. At any rate their eyes caught at this moment, his explaining that his manuscripts were sometimes deemed profitably publishable by literary experts.

“All of this experience does affect my writing because I write about events in my life. I write about it in my own way of expressing it. It does not intentionally relate directly to any one specific person. Although so many people have felt it does, this says a lot about the nature of some people and about the type of writing it is. Whatever energy I am attempting to convey or is being conveyed through me. Such readers not only are extremely self-obsessive but also generally obsessive. They target those things and people which resonate to their energy-control-drama and whatever power-games they want to play with other people, people who are nothing to do with them."

It is a long, well thought out response explaining exactly what I feel is occurring here.

She blinks a few times and does not answer. There isn’t really an answer because there was never a question. 

Mixing Greys


Bringing more spiritually pure people down to their dirty level to feel better about themselves, to satisfy their superiority complex, to enlighten themselves through piracy and manipulation.

White paint mixes with white paint, both paints now white. Grey paint mixes with grey paint, both paints now grey. People become grey when they get stained toward black by doing dirty things, holding onto dirty mentalities and emotions. Grey people resonate better with grey people who are not so different from them. They mistake this affinity as 'truth' and reject anyone not the same grey as themselves. Its a subconscious awareness of energy spectrums, 'like goes with like'. We call it resonance. They match they fit they are the same thing. When a grey wants to become more white it finds a white to mix with, to take some of the whites purity, its lightness. The consequence is the white becomes stained with the greys dirtiness. Both end up a pale shade of grey, for the grey it is uplifting and for the white it is degrading. Grey wants whites purity. This is why empaths are attracted to narcopaths. It is a different version of gold-digger and why women '' (partner with those of higher social scale).

Where the court system is concerned, everyone involved is dirty because they rub shoulders with dirty people. Police, judges, solicitors, wrong-doers, all sit in rooms with . I have been careful not to use the word 'criminal' in that sentence. This is because crime is not necessarily wrong-doing. The black woman who sits in the white section of the bus is not a criminal, she is a hero, despite what legislation says, despite the idiom used by the law society within their workplace. Crime and grime. We can call them griminals because they have been stained by the judgement of grey people and their involvement with such places and paradigms. It is all about context and manipulation, in which truth is the first victim. Where nobody resonates with truth, someone who does, stands out and is persecuted because grey people want to repress purity so as to take some of it for themselves. Judges do not resonate with truth, they resonate with the clockwork mechanic of the legal system which as we have seen is itself dirty. They are not ipso facto respectable, as their position is fear-based rather than spiritually respectful. That is called tyranny, not purity. People do not like the truth if it offends their sensibilities at which time we question their motives and egotism, because if you do not resonate with truth then by default you resonate with lies. Calling a shovel a shovel is being truthful even if the person wielding the shovel says that is an offensive statement because of shovelism. No offence is intended here and the original intent is what makes the different.

To manipulate a white so as to appear to society to be more white yourself does not make you more white, it makes you a dirtier tone of grey. Because people can see the whole situation for what it is. They can see through it. A lot of people who live in fear have confused the fear of tyranny of the law society with purity and are afraid to analyse it the what we have done here. Those people are mentally impaired.

In none of this text have I encouraged criminal activities. The reference to a need for law reform based on individuals standing up against social injustice as representatives of minority groups does have historic precedence. If a legal statute is inhumane, or an inhuman application of it occurs due to wilful manipulation, it shows that the system supporting it is against humanity, it is corrupt.

People make a choice whether they are agent for the corrupt system or agent for truth. A choice between the journey toward becoming a white through the natural and humane processes, or becoming stained and resonating with other corrupt people. Most people conform to the pressure of the corruption believing it will give them an easier life. It is how atrocities are perpetuated. Those who did not stand up against it are culpable. Nurenberg Trials as historic precedent.

Monday 4 September 2017



They [think/believe] 
They [want/need] that
They [are/were] told
They [think/want/need] that

Despite complexity of versatile language, the block components of the statement (above) and its described thought processes are data-chunks conforming to the very basic grid program of cognition. The above data-chains are descriptors matching the following command series:  

WHO - WHAT - WHAT (item)
WHO - WHAT - WHAT (item)

Programmer does this bit: (input)

WHO : target followers (people) =  'They'
WHAT : desire (to function / progress) (item)
WHY : instruction (told) (because)

target followers (people) do this bit: (response output)

WHERE : (fill in the gap) (request/acquire further/specific data)
WHEN : (fill in the gap) (request/acquire further/specific data)
HOW : (fill in the gap) (request/acquire further/specific data)

This is insect level reflexive functioning.
It has no critical thought beyond that required to comprehend 
conveyed instructions and to carry out instructions.

This is how an ant hive functions.
It is also how a social system functions.

A human being who is defined as such by actively being human (adjective noun) questions the instructions and questions the validity of carrying out that activity and of furthering that thought process.

"Is it worth the bother and what is in it for me?"

To reply to those questions with 'because I was told to' is a cyclic/circular argument which fails the individual as an evolving entity capable of autonomous integrity.
Is it possible that we are not here to evolve?
Is it possible we are a slave caste rules by a slave caste
We do not even recognize it because we have lost the ability to think critically?

"To what purpose do I function?"

Why are you asking another person to what purpose they function?

Ask it of yourself.

©2017 Ordo Octopia

style vibe 46

"...style vibes never go out of fashion." 

-notes & quotes from BTEC National Diploma course in prep for fashion industry

 These two soundscapes together, are the same thing:


 An understated yet oddly affecting sci-fi romance 
which offers a glimpse of a disturbing and all-too-credible future.

Transvision Vamp - Halo Jones

(inspired by Alan Moore and Ian Gibson graphic novel) 

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