Saturday 16 March 2013

psychic vampyr 303

There is a basic way that energy works, the same applies for basic Attention, applied Intention (aka “prayer” energy) or any other form: that it Seeks Balance. Watch how water works within a gravity field for example of this.

The guide that “the observer effects the observed” is only the basic level understanding, further to which; the observer is also affected by the observed (“we are what we eat”, ingestion via senses).

We are dealing with a process of ‘energy transference by induction’. This happens every time a human thinks about or feels toward another human, or animal or item, etc. It is not so simple that we charge it up with our personal energy flavour/texture (essence); we also receive of its own energy texture by holding it within the energy field of our awareness. This is natural balance.

The energy if measured not only in terms of essence (flavour/texture) but also in terms of charge/volume, flows on the same principle that the more energized party is leeched by the less energized party until they balance.
(Which is in nature the direction of the Flow if the bio-electromagnetic/psychemotional Attention-focus is not applied. In human society it can be directed either way, which allows for common but undesired energy vampirism)

The difference between higher & lower energized parties catalyses the essence’s blending. This process is called ‘flux’ which denotes both the process and the intricacy of fusion (chimera).

I recall the revelation of this from while living with the Essenes from where we still retain the words used to accurately describe what my study group was discovering after examining Egyptian depictions of what western scholars inaccurately call ‘the weighing of the heart ceremony’. It applies to transmigrant souls as much as it does to embodied souls.

Why the Buddhists stopped doing their group-focus applied Intention meditations where everyone was thinking the same outcome to create that manifestation field in the world, was because they absorbed so much negativity from their planned positivity that it blew their focus and scattered their group. In simple terms; if we touch a nasty, we absorb a nasty, despite how pure we may be. So far we have not discovered any successful way around this dilemma other than to avoid the nasty.

The long-term gradual distillation of all the toxins in the process of transmuting humanity into a higher form of awareness is occurring over many lifetimes. We have so much junk to purify by alchemical process, it becomes relevant here and now to accept the reality of the consequence of exploring those alchemical process, that there is a natural law that we all must work within.

This essay was inspired by the problems I face on a daily basis by people praying for me after I have asked them not to do so, because they project their own grid and their own impurities upon me, and in doing so, they leech me of any energy I do have. This permeates a weakened state for me that is my constant sensitive reference point. The very least these energy vampires could do, if they are not going to leave me alone, is listen to what I am fucking saying!

On Ignoring Assertion

I would like to talk about my experiences with the use of the word “I”.
There are two sources I will draw upon for comparative purposes.

The first of these is from a governmental course for parents taught throughout Family Centers cross the UK for which the workbook is fully entitled;

Being Assertive
Ways of respecting others but not letting yourself be walked on – especially for parents. 
Written by Michael and Terri Quin for the Family Caring Trust.

On page 12 it specifically states that;

Tips on behaving Assertively.
1. Make a habit of speaking Personally.
“I like that kind of music.”
“As an unemployed/christian/woman, I have a problem with that.*
“I think this meeting shouldn’t last more than an hour.”
“I love you”
“I don’t think that video is suitable.”

The second source is from during the Final Hearing of Family Court Proceedings where my ex-partner, mother of my son;’s barrister attacked the Personal Statement that had been written by my solicitor on my behalf. I had merely to sign it. Having put my trust in her re-presentation of myself after my having observed her win over the judge with her superb performance during the previous proceedings, I simply signed it and accepted her higher experience in these matters.

The barrister was making a case that I was egocentric and therefore inferior, since every bullet point in “my” statement began with the word “I’; 
“I believe that.., I intend to.., I propose to.., I accept that..,”

This is despite the follow through of each bullet point;
“…childrens needs come first, …feed him healthy food instead of fast-food and gmo that his mother gives him, …raise him by the same middle class standards I was raised to meet, …compromises may have to be made given my current situation as unemployed however this puts me in a superb situation as a stay-at-home dad during which time I intend to continue childcare training courses available to me through the family center, which he loves attending and where he has friends; and which his mother and her family are on court record, quote ‘do not want him  to attend state education facilities’ unquote. The family center recognized my natural affinity with childcare sufficient to have offered me work when I achieve the appropriate qualifications that I am enrolled to start in September at the local college.” **
And so on and so forth.
A direct attack on the statement without reading the statement perhaps seemed the unscrupulous solicitor firm representing my ex-partner’s best shot at belittling me, despite whatever outcome may occur due to the proceedings and statements of evidence presented.

*personal note, speaking as an unemployed pagan male: no bias there then?

** which fell through due to the funding source being run by a female-supremacy neo-feminist quango, who ‘could not accept me on the course without securing funding’ and yet ‘could not fund me until after I was accepted on the course’, which seems spurious because they were able to jump a dozen women in the same situation as myself through the same peculiar hoop with no problems whatsoever.

Thursday 7 March 2013

my first guitar

"Guitar contains an orchestra and is more reliable than any romantic partner." Terry

After years of begging him to get me a guitar, my dad eventually got me a cheap second hand ninja nighthawk copy of a  fender strat, which plays grungy punky sounds.

All the other kids had fender strats because that is what everyone believed made you cool. I wanted to play guitar since seven years old and I had to wait until my 16th birthday. I was so happy. I played it for hours but my parents wouldn’t let me use the cheap amp that came with it. Too noisy.

When my brother saw I had a guitar and got jealous, my dad went out and bought him a brand new fender strat and brand new amplifier. He trashed it a year later doing the whole punk rage thing with his mates, bashing it against the stage for image and reputation purposes after seeing the wankers do the same thing on mtv.

I still have my ninja nighthawk, indeed I also still have my brothers fender strat which I have done my very best to fix the intonation and replace the broken parts; my belief that no musical instrument should be treated like a disposable bit of shit.

I had one formal guitar lesson as part of my 16th birthday present. It was several years before I saw through my dads apparent kindness that the whole thing had for him been a manipulative ruse to try and put me off pretensions of being a musician. During the one lesson I learned how to play the major chords, how to power-strum, finger-building scales ("the difference between a guy with a guitar and a really great musician, is doing at least half an hour to an hour of scales, every day of your life."), how to read basic guitar notation (the dot / fret charts) and quite a lot else. It was an intensive lesson because I am a fast learner when I am passionate about the subject.

My dad told me a few days later that the teacher had quit and the music center was closing down so there would be no more guitar lessons, thus saving himself five pounds an hour on his sons education.

Some time later he bought my brother a drum kit and a railway carriage for the garden for him to play it in. I worked my arse off cleaning tables and washing up at the motorway service station for £3.41 an hour, eventually saved up and got a Korg G3 multi-effects box so I could sound proper gothic and start my first band, Oubliette.

This year I will be 36.

Thanks to part-payment schemes I now have a semi-acoustic Samik Blackbird which when played well is pure tonally beautiful, the sound has colours I never felt before in any other make of guitar. So long as you can cope with the pay-off that the scratchy noises your fingers make on the strings is a part of its nature, and that the guitar all carved from one piece of wood (unlike most makes) so the neck eventually warps and you have to extend the bridge to raise the strings, which requires an adjustment to the tuning.

The stringed instrument I play most often is an Irish flatbacked buzuki (Arabic ones have hardwood, rounded backs) a medieval long-necked lute that sounds of folk-music and the existence of which, as well as traditional songs of both cultures having the same root, proves a trade route between Arabia and Ireland that I later discovered more about while reading Irish mythology/history (which are both the same thing and therefore more honest than academic records who pretend half of it is fiction).

I also have an unidentified type of Encore which sounds great too and was a tenner from Cash Generator, and a Jedi fretless bass, a Japanese import which I traveled two hundred km and slept on concrete streets to put a deposit on, and which cost me a relationship - but it is worth it; any girl who doesn't understand how important bass is to a musician does not deserve to date one.

I regret not having more time to study. I have made many recordings, none as yet made proper and ready for public release. I'm currently in the formative stages of yet another band; mixed age, mixed ability. Also I'm now giving tuition myself (for free because I believe in music and encouraging talent), the most important aspect of which is: "ignore what everyone else is doing, find your own way to play if you want people to pay attention to what you're doing." Unfortunately most kids now are too programmed by video games to ever discover that.

hard boiled

I don’t even like egg but since she’s been on my case I am physically craving the protein.

She tells me I am wrong for doing it my way, tried and trusted for twenty years.

So I watch and see what happens as she shows me the superior technique.

First, you fill the pan with more water so it takes longer to cook, uses more natural resources, so that “the egg cooks properly all the way through”. I find this amusing given that the egg rolls when you use less water due to the bubbles forming either side of it. Can you tell I am from a desert culture?

Then she adds a splash of vinegar to the water so that if the egg should crack, it will seal itself before any white leaks out into the water. Vinegar has literally hundreds of uses, I tell her about when I was a kid I would soak a boiled egg in vinegar so the shell goes soft, then push it into a bottle with a neck narrower than the egg, so it hardens again inside like a ship in the bottle. My mam used to tell me off for doing that so I gave up on it. I ask her how much the vinegar cost.

Then I thank her for explaining the difference between a poached egg and a poached egg in a cup, because of all the methods of cooking eggs I have encountered nobody ever told me what its called when you crack an egg directly into boiling water, probably because nobody I ever knew cooks eggs that way. It turns out this this is a poached egg and what I thought was called a poached egg is actually called a poached egg in a cup, which really should be called a steamed egg in a cup since it’s a different technique to boiling without a shell.

Tuesday 5 March 2013

Green Wave

This blog is an intricate, complex tale.

old dvd cover
Originally intended as simply a fan blog about John Boormans influential film masterwork, the Emerald Forest, after which my son's half-brother named him (Charley); 
and the importance of retaining traditional rainforest lifestyles and wisdoms; 
and the strange parallel between it, the accursed Belo Monte dam and the proposed River Severn Barrage which I have been campaigning to educated everyone, especialy its proposers, that it is a shit idea because it will effectively kill Europes largest nature reserve, the wetlands of the River Severn with its tidal bore: 
today took on another and deeper teaching.

new dvd cover
When my snake-twin friend, who like me is also Chinese Year of the Snake (as is '2013' between mid-feb to mid-feb) brought home a copy of the Emerald Forest dvd after I had enthused so much about it, I was surprised to see the new edition art work of the front cover is very heavily influenced by imagery and symbolism relating to the Reptilian Agenda as made public by David Icke in his book Children of the Matrix (which mentions me by name). 

The tribesman has been given a 'reptilian' image and the snakes tongues. The misleading symbolism here has very little to do with the actual content of the wonderful film.

Today something astonishing happened. A present for my son Charley's mum as it is mothers day this week. The astonishing thing is shown in the photographs that I took when I walked into the room where it was waiting to be wrapped and I saw the connection: 

Charley's favourite story is the Jungle Book.
Kaa the serpents forked tongue represented by same shape
as Mowgli the man cubs stick, which points to his red pants;
Bagheera's mouth mirrors this.

Two days ago we went to Plantasia,
an indoor tropical jungle in the heart of Swansea, South Wales. 

Kat, Charley, Phoenix

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Could This be THIS ?