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In Assyrian the phonemes of their names, these labels, describe our personalities. It is not cognitive dissonance (mental health disorder) to be aware of this. The translations are accurate although to an extent we project this upon a person due to our interpretation of knowing them. It is equally as accurate as astrology where electromagnetic alignments (stars and planets) correlate to electromagnetic alignments (genetic encodement from what the em align was at time of conception).

These phonemes as prefix and suffix all have significant meaning and describe the personality and mental-emotional processing of that individuals nature. Because we align to, conform to, super ego conditioning of what resounding spell has been put onto us to conform us into that shape of being.

The ancients had naming ceremonies and gave individuals three names, a public or commonly known, a soul name from transmigrant continuity and a tribe name for the persons inner friendship circle.

My study of Egyptology led me through to the Assyrian Babylonian and therefore the original tablets regarding the language taught us by Enki and Enlil. The same surfaced during the pure civilisation of the mayans who use the same word-concepts as the aboriginal australians because of the reality of dreamtime. Dreamtime lore explains how manifest reality is created by singing or seying it into existence, rather than naming of what was found already there.

Asyr az (a-z) as the pinnacle and flow,  syr sri - it starts and it flows from here the highest original start place. From which ohm the emanation and from which the generations of proximity to source regarded as purity to source.

Sri la ankh ka sri lanka within my lifetime the war of tamil people vs invaders, ta ma el people, the way of manifestation of the flow, repressed by bigger regimes of Sril-Lanka and their British monarchy and government allies (arms dealers).

The transmigration of those original peoples into a specific bloodline designed for their incarnation at this time in history.

Is this fiction? The ancient temples have this information how to read the code engraved into stone. Cults which persecute knowledge of transmigration teach us not to listen to the ancient teachings carved into stone. We are living through a period where believing the ancient world view and accepting, assimilating that info as a real lived thing, not only brings raised awareness of why places are named what they are, the energy and history of those locations as their energy peak from the world helix crystal mer ka ba structures (which are Chaldean and are shifting now after thousands of years) but also gets us persecuted and described as insane by the ruling regime who repress this knowledge and kill its priests.

The oppressors are falling. The true illuminati, the original ones, are returning and unifying, are exposing the sickness of the dominators who stole the title illuminated ones and corrupted it.

NB I have not cited sourced here. Thankfully at this time the information is available for you to do your own research. This page is a catalyst to foster your interest in that.

GasLit Trolls

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What gas-lighting IS and what gas-lighting is NOT

gerund or present participle: gaslighting

   “ manipulate (someone) by psychological means into doubting their own sanity. ”

from Google definitions 

“Gaslighting is a form of manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or members of a group, hoping to make targets question their own memory, perception, and sanity. Using persistent denial, misdirection, contradiction, and lying, it attempts to destabilize the target and delegitimize the target's belief."

The NPD favourite trick is to convince people that a person who exposed them or who the NPD fears will expose them, is insane. That is called gas-lighting by proxy. To convince a person that they are themself insane is called gas-lighting.

Gas-lighting is NOT exposing a troll / NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder).

Gas-lighting is NOT a person incapable of assimilating Reality because it differs from their delusion (cognitive dissonance).

Trolls (behaviour based) and NPD (outlook based) go hand in hand.

NPD includes the inability to assess reality because to do so denies the excuse to bully their chosen victim. NPD includes behaviour of not letting go of a chosen victim even after the victim has exposed the bully. NPD includes behaviour of victim-blaming. This includes labelling the victim with the same behaviour which the NPD is themself doing. It is a method of self-boosting the NPDs ego at the cost of the victims reputation. It is a method of persuading people to ignore the victim and therefore refuse the reality that the NPD has been discredited for abusive behaviour. What this behaviour does is forces observers into three main camps with two additional camps.

Those FOR and those AGAINST are divisionary tactics, divide and conquer is a favourite game of the NPD. The third camp are those who refuse to take sides and step back from the equation, not wanting to get involved.

There is also a fourth group who recognise the situation for what it is and support the victim discreetly so as not to attract attention of the NPD and so as to help the victim detach from the ‘game’ played upon them by the NPD.

A fifth group are the same but they attempt to detract the NDP from playing the game upon the victim. This is more dangerous as it involves energetically with a known NPD.  

The NPD favourite trick is to convince people that a person who exposed them or who the NPD fears will expose them, is insane. That is called gas-lighting by proxy. To convince a person that they are themself insane is called gas-lighting.

“Instances may range from the denial by an abuser that previous abusive incidents ever occurred up to the staging of bizarre events by the abuser with the intention of disorienting the victim.”

Disorientation includes use of StrawMan Arguments to distract form the main focal point of a Troll-Slayers argument / exposition. A favourite trick among Trolls is for the group to alternate methods of attack so that different members of the gang are using different strawman arguments to distract the target in attempt to gain leverage and upset them by ridiculing anything they have written or said in a fluster. The manipulation of a target into a “mentally impaired state” does not mean the target is mentally ill, simply they are being purposefully confused which can happen to anybody - these forms of attack are designed to do just exactly that. If done by Police this is an interrogation technique which has been made illegal due to the observed short- and long-term effects on the victims cognitive abilities. It is trauma inducing and recognized that it destabilizes people and is a cause for PTSD Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

On web forums it creates an emotional response in the target which is then followed up by the trolls describing the emotionally upset person as a troll on their forum, provoking them to lose their balance. The only way to survive this is to recognize the other forum users as trolls and leave the forum immediately. Attempting to hold your cool because of your moral superiority is going to get you no-where with people of entrenched mindsets whose agenda is not to have a civil conversation but to play an energy-game of ego control and domination superiority.

Unfortunately very often they can not recognize this is what they are doing themselves because trolls genuinely are that stupid and because NPD genuinely are that self-absorbed and self-righteous. Remember that it is a classified mental health illness. An aspect of which is to enjoy relative positions of authority and exploit anyone they can get away with.

This reveals a major flaw in any hierarchy based society because the psychopaths gravitate toward positions from which they can exploit others and surround themselves with reinforcements, their “like-minded” gang. They describe themselves as ‘society’, interestingly not ‘community’ because the concepts differ sufficiently that ‘community’ includes anybody in the wider sense of people whereas a society is a club with rules and membership. 

You are not dealing with sane, rational people. you are dealing with organized mobs of psychopaths led by a charismatic bully who the others fear and envy. This fear and envy is a thing they describe by mis-using the word ‘respect’, which when used properly does have another meaning altogether. Respect is earned, trust is earned, these are not given to someone simply because they have a role in a society.

Cyber Bullying IS Crime

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Wednesday 22 February 2017


"Have a better one."

This line, a social expression from Blade Runner, is an example of the genius of the genre. In case you weren't around in the 80s, it had by then become the post-post-modern cliche to part company with the phrase "Have a Nice Day." Both sincere and meaningless in its over-use, easy off-the-cuff parting-shot. What literally appears as an intention to bid pleasantries upon person becomes a signifier that culture had slipped into dystopia. Optimism IS pessimism, the double-think of Orwell's 1984 (now in 2017 thanks to Trumps inauguration as President has rapidly become the American best selling book of all time). Everybody has ended up hating 'nice'. What exactly does that word mean anyway? While on the topic, how significant is the suffix '-ration' in augers?*

"Have a better one" sums up that we are now in the post-nicety world, retaining the original nicety of intention by admitting to the shit we live in daily. The general common understanding, 'the level' as Masons describe it,  is now the wry cynical irony which is not quite yet bitchy satire. Perhaps it is but even so we have shifted over: yesterdays bitch is today's common sense practicality simply because of Normalization. Nice and Normal. 

In the distraction of escapist fiction we identify with the dystopian situations of the Protagonist because it helps us to come to terms with our own. We find solace in familiarity and there is a bitter-sweet brutal-soft comfort in that. Because our generation had it hard. 

Technology was the stained glass window citadel promising A Better Tomorrow if we can only get through today. Better than facing up to the depression of futility. 

It changes, inevitably. In the 80s "cyberpunk" was all about integration with the machine through cosmetic consumer cyber-augmentation. In the 80s most people did not own what we now call 'computers'. The media told us we needed strap-on digital watches. People owned pocket calculators. A thing which can do what your desktop can do would occupy a whole floor of an office block. The word 'tablet' had not been invented yet. The memory size of desktop computers was measured in kilobytes. Virtual Reality was the promise of tomorrow.

It was about synthesis, replacement, although (outside of the pharmacology and petro-chemical industries which now monopolize lifestyle) that theme did not truly emerge as its own stronghold until the 90s. By the late 90s enough people had desktop computers that you knew someone who had one, or had one yourself. Their memory size was measured in megabytes. Most kids had game consoles the memory size of which measured in kilobytes. Augmented reality was the promise of tomorrow.

Linden Labs opened the worlds premier Virtual Reality platform SecondLife on June 23, 2003. By 2013 Second Life had approximately 1 million regular users.** It was 2015 before Virtual Reality Headsets became a viable consumer commodity. The Oculus Rift headsets sold out just 14 minutes after being made available.***

So here we are almost in the 2020s and it is a long way from Cyberpunk2020. What cyberpunk did not foresee is that enough thought, energy and finances would be invested into cleaning up the shit left by generations of 20th century industrial consumerism that despite the oil and nuclear spills, our energy needs will be provided by ecological sources. The transition out of 80s cyberpunk and into post-millennial solarpunk (eco-punk) is occurring. Elon Musk's cost effective solar-panel roof-tiles will guarantee this even if the drive toward free energy technology is not occurring on a corporate scale because humanity has not yet proved itself responsible enough to deal with that.

Are we yet at that stage? No not quite. The oceans are full of plastic which has irreparably destroyed large parts of aquatic ecologies. The oceans are contaminated with nuclear fallout from the Fukishima disaster which has still not been plugged and is worse now than when I began writing this blog. Technologies are being (slowly, too damn slowly) developed to fix radiation by genius scientists such as John Hutchinson and his pioneering work into Scalar physics. 

We are still living within "have a better one" because there is still a lot of work to do. Yet we can now see a light at the end of the tunnel, something which did not exist previously within the classic Cyberpunk milieu. The despair is lifting. We are aiming to achieve our grandkids regularly saying "Having a good one."

Cyberpunk as a genre is retro at its default setting. When it drops the dystopian outlook it becomes something else. Post-cyberpunk which is currently being described as Solarpunk due the focus on free energy technologies and ecological sustainability. The 1990s/2000s millennial rising awareness that permaculture is necessary for sustainability has two facets. That we are self responsible pioneers and do it for ourselves is made almost impossible because of state control, land ownership and poverty. That mass-produced consumerism is, because of the overriding rule of 'convenience culture' is mainstream Human lifestyle by default setting' going to be how it happens for most people. The new wave of eco-corporations will be instituting ecological sufficiency for us in such a way as to make it easy. It didn't happen overnight which "the hippies and crusties" have been trying to do since the 70s. Transition takes generations. The transition of attitude is no exception.

Monday 20 February 2017



Accused of writing literature:
What does it mean 'to be literate' ?


"He takes everything literally." *

"When it suits him." **

"Clever bastard." ***


Literal Meaning: "I profess (eg; to being a writer)"

Secondary / Common Meaning: "[name] is a professional level industry representative." 

The Authority **** shifts between Literal and Common Sense definitions. The onus is on practicality (practice is not itself mastery). 


* Take: 
1. picks up and walks away with.
2. ingests.

** Suit:
1. fancy dress costume or work related appropriate attire
2. a legal case.

*** Clever:
prefix 'C' - (receptacle for spirit) entry (to enter) and contain (hold) example: Crater, Cove, Call.
suffix 'lever' - tool used for moving or opening / manipulating.

**** Author:
An 'author' is "a published expert (on a topic)"


No Commitment.
They do have 
Committee Mentality.


The Akashic Script, is:

a) read by illiterate 'helpers'
b) changed by mischievous goblins (the letters and words are changed around)

How this manifests:

Script says:

"Two people [which it names] enter into a commitment relationship."

However, it manifests through a filter as:

"Committee mentality" relationship. Big difference in practice.


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Sunday 19 February 2017

Science Truth Mentality

Science, Truth & Mentality

Unlike most everybody else I have my head screwed on straight. In part this is due to the relationship between synapses growing in accordance with integrity, which has been scientifically proved by discovery that liars brains contain a different type of synapses (short term white) to truthful peoples brains (durable grey), ergo the perception of reality is fundamentally different.

Because my form of logic is different to mainstream, they assume I am crazy. They can not identify that being straight is not being crazy. As a consequence anybody who stands to gain by removing straight thinkers attempts to discredit me. A minority can see through it all and accept me as a wisdom keeper.


There is a reason, a simple purpose, for the following tangent. It is necessary to explain around the idea, to elaborate. Our lives do this when we set out to perform a simple exercise and are presented with a complexity of elaborated stances to embellish the theme. When, that it,s the universe likes our request and assumes we will recognize everything for what it is instead of mere distraction by the thousand things of life.


I do not listen to their words, I read the tones. The tones betray their opinion, their beliefs. It is incredibly difficult to hide this. A person who believes they are telling the truth, conveys different tones to a person who is genuinely telling the truth. A person who is acting conveys differently to a person who knows they are lying to convince you that something untrue is true. People who grow up learning about society from watching television are almost entirely accepting that the tonality of actors is a fundamental. They mimic actors and therefore their voices convey a tone of mimicking an actor, which is different from the tone of an actor consciously playing their role.

The secret to identifying this is simple. The vocal chords release air by compressing it through two sections of the vocal chords. One conveys a high pitch and the other a low pitch. Depending on where and by how much the vocal chords are compressed or restricted or closed, to explain it well, and comparing this with the smoothness or gravel by which the air is released from the lungs, which are warmed by the heart, a three dimensional grid can be used to immediately recognize with quite some accuracy whether the wave is true, false, or some place between.

Combined with developed synaesthesia and the ability to identify sound as color, which I do have and I do use all the time as a major sensory ability, it becomes a very powerful tool for identifying with how much respect a person is speaking. It is a shame to say that most speech, most of the time, is not worth the energy it took to speak it. 

I am a purist. I want honesty and I resent anybody who can but chooses not to be honest. There are very few exceptions to the rule that it is always possible to be honest.


There was a simple purpose for this. I do not listen to their words because their words are unnecessary. People who listen are more likely to accept, even for the trap of social nicety, the conformity to ignorance. When I am with True people we do not share words, we share the same heartfelt awareness with which words are a distraction. We share empathic telepathy, telempathy, visions and atunement. I do not listen to their words because once having known the truth of more holistic and intimate communication, words are deviation from natural truth. Most of the time their words are delusions anyway even if they do make sense at the time. I listen to the rhythms and the winds of a persons spirit.


One generic name for their type is "artificial people".
Another is "plastic people" which although derogatory befits the culture of their era.


Hard Science has established the following as facts:

Aliens exist. We are made of mud which is fossilized DNA of ancient creatures, mixed with DNA from aliens. Reality is a matrix which offers confirmations of projections of preconceptions. Ergo; perception and super-ego is a warzone for individual space and stability of the souls manifestation. Most people do not know to what extent they are zombies enacting roles to support stronger powered ego's. 


Townie mentality.
Traveler mentality.
Village mentality.
Military mentality.
Committee mentality.
Nature-based Hermits.
Bandits (a bit of all).


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from The Envelope Notes

About Joe

About Joe

“Once people understand about Joe…”

She is speaking Legalese.
What the words mean is: Once people stand under (as in, ‘concede authority to’) ‘about Joe’.

A wise person then requests elucidation: “What About Joe?”

“That he is insane.”

“He is not insane.”

“No, but the record says that he is schizo.”

“So you admit that the record is false? Despite which you stand with the record?”

“I have to because of my position (in Society).”

Aware that his means the person is knowingly committing and act of corruption, a law abiding person will refuse to understand about Joe. “I do not understand ‘About Joe’.”

Society has singled him out as an outcast. He is not ‘a normal part of society’. They interpret this as ‘rejection due to fault’. Nobody confesses publicly that the fault is not Joe’s, nor that Joe is in reality faulty. The fault is that a corrupt GP accepted a lie as a truth and it has grown into an industry because of corrupt members of Society who are clearly evidencing what George Orwell described as Double-Think (in his book 1984) and which Mental Health Textbooks define as a mental health disorder called Cognitive Dissonance. 

"I think that what they mean by it, is that he has difficulty fitting into normal society."
"If everybody he encounters has been told before they even meet him that there is something wrong with his mind, of course he is going to have fitting in. Everyone he speaks to is looking at him questioning if he is sane or not and assuming that because it has got this big, the snowball effect, he probably is insane. Everybody he meets is pre-judging him. Of course that is going to put the guy on edge. When he refuses to conform, it is nor normality he is refusing to conform to. What he refuses to conform to is the conspiracy to defame.


I write because it is therapeutic. It keeps me sane. I am alone almost all of the time. Alone with a pen and my imagination for entertainment. Most of what I feel obliged to write about, following the advise from authors to 'write about what you know', is to educate people about how Society functions, to whistle-blow about the levels of manipulation and propaganda designed to discredit anybody who has a different way of looking at the world to what they have been programmed to call 'normal'. 

When you get to know them, none of them are normal. Most of them are not worth getting to know. Most of them are liars. I have no intention of giving my Attention-Energy to liars. It really is that simple. You know what the really creepy thing is about the liars? Most of them lie to themselves and do not even recognize this is what they are doing! I used to try and explain this to them, to show them how their minds are mis-functioning. Most of them accept being bent is necessary, they call it adapting to survive to in the broken society. None of them have reason enough to see that adapting to conform to a bent society is not surviving, it is becoming bent. 

The species is destroying the planet because people are 'adapting to survive society'. Anybody who wants the species to survive has got to adapt to ignore society and not feed into its corruption. People who serve society resent that attitude. They actively prefer to cause global destruction than to solve the problems by changing how they do things. They cannot change how they do things until they change how they are seeing things. It is not something which can be forced. 

If you have to 'adapt to survive society' this shows you that by default Society is something hostile toward Life. Those who serve it are serving an entity which is hostile toward life. This is, to my way of thinking, a common sense recognition of what Society actually is. An outsiders view.

I write because I am lonely. I need a steady girlfriend this time. I need company of a living Human being. 


When it becomes a Zone, it needs to be freshened up. "It has become a bit of a zone." She was talking about the smell of sex every time they opened the door. "Funky." 


"You claim that you spend most of your time alone, and yet you seem to have left behind you a long string of partners. How do you reconcile that?" The interviewer was good. She was hot and her questions were more about my sex life than my work. I wondered how much of the interview was going to end up in the published article. 

"When you are with the wrong partner, that is when you realize that the most lonely is not when you are by yourself but when you unhappy in a relationship with somebody who has no interest in you and is only with you for sex, social recognition and money. All I truly want is to be in a lasting, loving, stable relationship with somebody with whom there is mutual interest." 

She ended up being the next one. It lasted three months which is about average. As far as I am concerned it ended when she lied and then it took another two and a half months to get rid of her. As far as she is concerned it came as a complete surprise that I finished it out of the blue. We had two or three great weeks together before we began living parallel lives, having failed to unify and strengthen 'our' universe. One simple lie is always all it takes to cause that. You can never get it back. 

Although allegedly "you can accept lies as a necessary part of life and get over it." An apology would help. But of course an apology would be a confession that she was wrong, and from her perspective it is not a wrong. From her perspective I am stubborn and unreasonable and unaccepting that "lies are a necessary part of life." I stand by my belief in the importance of mutual interest to make a lasting relationship.


I have no time nor tolerance for people who play blame games. It is control and has no respectability.


"Oh, him. He's crazy." The easiest way to cover her tracks and not have to bother explaining that I dropped her for lying to me. Look at what I lost! Her body is an elixir of the senses! But look at what I gained. Less lonely alone than in a relationship with someone who has created a divergence, feeling obliged to play along with it to avoid argument.

"Ye, I heard that about him from someone else." Naturally, she was not the first to go through this process of Speaking The Words. Rites of Passage. Cosmic Script.


It's all or nothing.

"Why not enjoy being single? Sleep around until you meet someone: "

[you both want to ... be serious together with?]

[who wants to keep you]

[you are serious about]

[else like you (as insecure as you)]

"Because i am not a slut looking for STD's in exchange for a shallow fuck."

[Because i am not old and fat.]

"You could have a full life."

"I could have my time wasted by someone out for themself."

"It's a step at a time."

"With someone who is looking for long-term, not with someone who wants to fuck and chuck."


"It's never a good idea to go into the future. You are not ready for it yet." 

Every time-traveller ever.


I may be paper thin
I will last longer than sin
Only a writer would pull
petals of a page
Paper walls are no cage
<3 p="">

You are making an allegation founded on what evidence please?
Specifically, What is the Source of your Belief?

If it is hearsay, rumor, without substantial foundation, it is slander: 
'character defamation' is a criminal offense at law.

If it is: "A state professional says so", 
I request that specific state professional to explain the Source of their Belief, as above.

Also I request you to contemplate the concept of Gross Negligence and Fraud Of Office, 
which is a criminal offense at law. 

To Act professionally Complicit with Fraud is a criminal offense at law. 

NOBODY is above question. 
Especially those in positions of assumed authority. 

Authority is always only ever 'assumed' 
because of the reality that gross negligence and fraud of office exist. 
 It requires consent to authenticate it. 

I do not give consent to any person, 
until that individual has proved respectable and trustworthy.


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Foundational Exercise

"How was your day?" he asked upon his return home from working at the office.
"I had to block a troll." She answered. 

As a writer I do not know why I bother to explain this. It is obvious that her answer is an answer. Steve King suggests that a writer should nine times out of ten use the simple description 'she said.' I do not see the point of repeatedly writing 'she said, he said' at the end of every quotation marks. It is obvious that a person has said it because of the quote marks. Once the characters have been established it is obvious who is speaking. The descriptors become excess word count. When i make notes I do don't bother with them at all.  That comes during the edit, the copytype, to make it easier for the reader.

Words devoid of speaker are a dybbuk. A free-floating entity floating around the aether trying to find their way into the manifest reality, seeking speakers whose minds and bodies they can use to exist in the real world and fulfill their purpose of affecting the world and the people in it. A hundred individual couples will have the same conversation, will live through the same scene without ever knowing that it is not unique but a cosmic rite of passage. Such words are described by this writer as "the cosmic script". When people are used as vessels for the dialogue, they are "speakers of the cosmic script." The words are part of a much bigger story,. They relate energetically to other words other extracts, elsewhere. Connected by resonance. 

He knew her well enough to recognize the truth despite her words. Her mannerisms, her eyes, spoke a language deeper than her lies and half-truth.

"I have had to block someone who made more sense than me, to protect my dogma and to feed my ego." Perhaps it is to protect her ego and feed her dogma. A vague grey outline. 


Conceding to her is respecting her. Approving of her manipulation. Is to become her lackey. Is to accept her abuse as permissible in a decent society. Or that neither of them are manifesting a decent society. 


To start a Foundation and then go mad and have to be replaced by the Team. It is such a cliche by now it has become believable to such extent the Team get away with setting up the Founder as a power bid. It is not his madness but his visionary, an extension of the same visionary by which the Foundation was originally established. Vision for the good of the Company. However the team object to that which is beyond their own imagination. They can extend only so far and anything beyond that is regarded as madness, thus giving them leverage to have the old man removed from his position. In a short number of moves they have exploited his vision and seized control of its produce. 


He ignores all that and plays her game. It is because she give him sex and boosts his ego. Because he was raised to associate success with having a money job and a girlfriend. By ignoring her abusive and controlling behavior he becomes complicit in it. his punishment is that he is prime target for it and her expectations no matter how unreasonable they may be. Because she gives him sex. She pays him in pleasure for turning a blind eye to her abusive nature. So that they can both achieve goals neither of them have thought through Humanly. They are slaves to their conditioning, to their super-ego. The adults did this to them as children. They are not fully alive, merely processing their conditioning. They fiercely reject anybody who attempts to explain this to them and to show them that it is an accurate diagnosis. 

Very few people achieve insight beyond this level of cognition. It is state endorsed to function this way, as zombies to the super--ego conditioning. The people who see through it were once regarded as Shaman and revered for their insight in helping to keep community functioning. Now, those same shamen are persecuted and described as mentally ill, as druggies. Four hundred years ago they were burnt alive or drownded along with any bitches who were causing social problems. History has remembered them romantically and with pointy hats and broomsticks smeared in vaginally absorbed flying ointment. The retrospective pentacle she wears as a tattoo of her allegiance to herself and a modern constructed religion of female supremacy.


'S/he is respected therefore you should respect her/him too.'

This is a logical fallacy, false logic. 

WHY is s/he respected? 

Why does that permit her/him to be above allegations of abuse?


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from The Envelope Notes

Dybbuk, by Ephraim Moshe Lilien (1874–1925)



Feb 2017

©2017 Ordo Octopia

As a professional and published writer not missing an opportunity for self promotion because that more than literary skill is what it is all about in this industry, I frequently make notes. A quick dash for a notepad or more often than not one of the envelopes I keep stashed near the kettle and pen-pot, to scribble down whatever thoughts are assaulting me by passing through my mind.

My all time favorite phrase:

“Whatever goes through his/her mind which passes for thoughts.”

A lot of people are not themselves writers and therefore they cannot relate immediately to writing which is written by writers for writers. Other writers understand writing in a different way to non-writers, much the same way that a film editor does not see the imagery so much as the camera cuts. When the camera cuts are invisible, you are spellbound. When the writing techniques and tricks are invisible, you are spellbound. Writers who write for writers are so much aware of this that they play toyfully with the techniques so as to entertain other intellectuals on a different level than the general non-writing public are aware.

The Envelope Notes are fragments from or ideas for fuller stories as yet to be elaborated upon.


(this list will be extended as the envelopes are painstakingly transcribed)


A Stigmatic Case of Chinese Whisper

"Don't draw what you think you see. Draw what you actually see."
Fine Art Instruction (Da Vinci Academy)

The fictional dialogue (pt 2 and pt 3) is inspired by an actual dialogue (pt 1) in which both real and fictional protagonists tackle a real life prejudice person. Pt 4 is the original envelope notes from which pt 3 is adapted to make it more congruent with the story.

Part One

Case Worker Jewel: “What happened with the job I set up for you with the Company? They told me they have not seen you for months.”

Honest Joe: “After wasting quite a lot of my time I finally accepted that they are not buying the paint and therefore I can not possibly paint their mural. I am still waiting for them to contact me via email to tell me they have bought the paint.”

Case Worker Jewel: “Oh. Well what about doing their website?”

Honest Joe: “I already explained to you that my company charges cost plus 10% for building websites. Which is the best deal on the internet. Most people are charging cost plus 500% or more. I don’t see why I should build your friends website for free. I have already requested you to advertise my company and put me forward for any business grants available.”

Case Worker Jewel: “Well that’s just crazy.”

Honest Joe had the good grace to say nothing because anything he did say at that point would have been to start an argument regarding his right to charge money for his time and skills. His Case Worker’s refusal to put him forward for business grants which he is eligible for combined with her insult that the suggestion to be “just crazy” highlighted to Joe that he is dealing with someone with a prejudiced opinion of him. Joe's belief in common sense is such that when it is clearly evident someone with an agenda has an opinion of you which is prejudice, it is best not to discuss anything at all with that person. The meeting ended very shortly after that.

Part Two

In which the character named Joe’s Logic might equally be described as A Voice Of Conscience. On and for the record, if you have a voice of conscience in your mind then you are technically hearing voices.

Joe’s Logic: “Why have you separated him out as a ‘special case’?”

Jewel: “He is mental health.”

Joe’s Logic: “Do you have a body?”

Jewel: “Yes of course.”

Joe’s Logic: “Health applies. Do you have a mind?”

Jewel: “Yes.”

Joe’s Logic: “Health applies. You also are mental health. What do you mean precisely by ‘he is mental health’ ?”

Jewel: “Oh, he has mental health problems.”

Joe’s Logic: “Explain that precisely please, not bias.”

Jewel: “Well, I don’t know the specifics. He has been diagnosed.”

Joe’s Logic: “Regardless of a GPs opinion*, or a generalization from a third party putting a label on him, what precisely is the nature of his alleged problems?”

Jewel: “Well, I don’t actually know.”

Joe’s Logic: “But you stigmatize him, based on zero actual evidence and a confession of ignorance.”

Jewel: “Well, I am ….”

Joe’s Logic: “Given that you are prejudice and with no verifiable justification of your allegation, it stands to reason that You are ipso facto the one with a mental health disorder.”

Jewel: “Shit, you are right.”


In real life, Nobody replies this way (by recognizing their own error of judgement) because it is a confession of self-delusion which breaks the person out of a cycle of self-delusion. Self-delusion is recognized to be a mental health disorder called ‘Cognitive Dissonance’.

What we have here is a scenario where a person evidently suffering from a mental health disorder (and yet with a position of social authority) is actively persecuting somebody who has not showed any sign of a mental health disorder, quite the contrary in fact, and yet who is being prejudiced against because of slander. This is why mentally healthy people do not judge other people by reputation.  

Part Three

Jewel: "You said, 'regardless of GP's opinion'. Why do you doubt a professional expert? Why do you question that authority?"

Joe's Logic: "How would a GP know whether a person other than himself hears voices? How would a third party know what is happening inside a different persons mind?"

Jewel: "Well Joe must have told the GP that he hears voices."

Joe's Logic: "That is YOUR assumption. The actual events were that a third party told a GP that Joe hears voices and when Joe denied it, the GP said that hearing voices is schizophrenia and that denial of schizophrenia is a symptom of schizophrenia, thus as Joe has two symptoms he must obviously be schizophrenic. Joe's explanation that the GP is using non-logic has been written up as his experiencing paranoia about state professionals therefore a third symptom."

Jewel: "So what you are saying is that Joe is not schizophrenic although the Professionals have diagnosed him as schizophrenic because of something that somebody else said about him."

Joe's Logic: "That is part of it, yes. That is exactly what has happened. And nobody will back down. The more Joe explains to the so-called Professionals that they have made a mistake, the more reports the Professionals fabricate describing Joe as having symptoms of being delusional about Professionals fabricating evidence to the detriment of his social reputation."

Jewel's Higher Logic: "Of which my own prejudice about Joe was previously a part of!" 

Joe's Logic: "State workers all back the official paperwork version of reality EVEN WHEN THEY KNOW IT IS BOGUS." 

Jewel's Higher Logic: "Which is why you described Cognitive Dissonance as a mental health disorder."

Joe's Logic: "Yes. You see what is happening now." 

Part Four

The GP who lied about me had my mothers smile. They are not prepared to discuss the possibility that muscle being mostly water holds an energetic form and configuration so facial expressions and body posture can reveal who a person has been programmed by - who is whose zombi. It is alarming how dishonest they are that they would have to be prepared to be able to discuss such a thing. It is common sense that a rational and functional person with a healthy mind should be able to converse regarding all that.

When I discuss this, 'they' regard it as insanity. You know to whom I refer by use of 'they' because it has already been established, were you were paying sufficient attention. They regard it as insanity and use that as an excuse to debunk my opinion, so as to cover their tracks. They are in conspiracy. It is a criminal offense at law.

The situation of state professionals telling me that I am mad is designed to destabilize my trust in my own cognitive abilities. it is a power game involving perception and exploration of reality. Expressing concern that i am not conforming to the social contract without accurately discovering what my orientation to that social contract is does not, logically speaking, have any bearing on my own mental condition - it describes the conspirators belief structure. They are using strawman arguments. It is crooked thinking.

Claiming them to be in conspiracy is regarded by the state professionals as being paranoia of the state professionals. At this stage their irrationality becomes bigotry and prejudice. Their paperwork trail does not accurately express my opinion about my situation and neither does it accurately describe my actual mental condition. It is fabrication of evidence, a criminal offense at law. They are guilty of neglect of duty, corruption of public office. These are socially regarded to be serious crimes. It is a Human Rights abuse committed by sociopaths with an agenda. Their job roles are a cover for that.

They cannot or will not accept my own version of me to be an authority on me.

Their assumption that they know me better than i know myself, which their reports indicate IS their game, show them to be making things up. This is symptomatic of a sick society in which this is allowed to occur.

©2017 Ordo Octopia. All Rights Reserved

Creche mentality


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Troll Admin Strategy 101

Troll Admin Strategy 101

Name your forum by a vaguely related descriptor to attract a wider audience, your ‘pool’ of ‘energy donors’. Prove your expertise* and establish domination by repeatedly encountering and complaining about the same alleged “problem” - that most of the pool have a different opinion as you regarding the descriptor. Block anybody from the forum who takes you up on this having ganged up on them with your lackeys and labeling them as ‘trolls’ for their attempt to explain that the forum has a misleading name and that if you are aware of that (which evidently you are) that you are being purposefully deceptive. Troll admin behave this way to entertainment themselves and a similar minded clique by cyber-bullying people who have similar interests to the ones they claim to be an expert in. Obviously the use of strawman arguments is permitted and encouraged but only by the troll admin and their lackeys.

*Regurgitate information which you have learned from the internet.

Also in this series: 

Tuesday 14 February 2017


Continued from This Is That / Sleeper

Further research into this particular series of symbolism. 

Doctor Who Series One Episode One "Rose"

"Wait a minute. Let's go back to when it all began." trope

Ray Bradbury's 1950 book The Martian Chronicles

1980 movie trilogy starring Rock Hudson
of The Martian Chronicles based on Ray Bradbury: 
Part 2 The Settlers

screenshot images used without consent and with accreditation



100 years after my inception / birth. 

100 a metric measurement. Digitized timecode.

This year: 2017. 

40/60 counterbalance. 

My crew always snided at Cyberpunk 2020 because it was Mad Dog 2020 that horrible cheap candy flavoured alcohol available before alco-pops which young teenage girls wanted to drink so we bought it to get them drunk and we had to drink it too because we were young teenage boys without enough money to buy both candypop and cider. Eventually we ditched the girls, a rite of passage, and bought cider instead at which point a whole more mature level of girls were attracted to us, those who also drank cider and kissed better. Ciderpunk.

We also snided at Cyberpunk2020 because it was Shadowrun without Tolkien and when you can have the Cyberpunk Tolkien  universe why the fuck would you choose not to? Cyberpunk2020 was too much like reality and the reality we knew we were going to be living through as we got older. Fuckthatshit we gamed for fantasy, even with drunk girls, especially with drunk girls. 

With retrospect, the candygirls dropped away and then the cidersluts dropped away and finally the Tolkien creatures dropped away until all we were left with is the gritty realism of Cyberpunk2020 type existence and memories of bitter sweetness. 

We also snided Cyberpunk2020 because its players thought that it owned the genre. For many it did probably define it. They thought they were harder than the Shadowrunners. They learned. 'nuff said. All in the past now and the tribes have united.


I was born in 1977. In esoteric symbolism the double-7 forms a Tau cross if you utilize one of the 7's as an upper case gamma symbol from the Greek alphabet. If you study Blavatsky you will know the significance of this key. The 19 being both the first and last which when added make the whole (zero) split into 2, or into two wholes (8 the mobius loop). Alphanumerics. I identified with these symbols because they are my inception code. In a cyberpunk universe where people are catalogued by reference numbers instead of given names. That plus the Chinese year of the Fire Snake being wrapped around the Maat logic of a Tau cross is a powerful symbol to identify me by.

So the arrival of Cyberpunk2077 is the next level of that.

I feel obliged to do this blog because it exists and I have been doing a cyberpunk theme for awhile. Even though it is advertised as a PC game and I'm a mac user. Because in all probability it will be crap if you grew up on 1st-gen cyberpunk roleplaying and learned how powerful imagination is contrasted against the limitations of computer games. 

By now it has become such a cliche, it's candygirl to a post cidergirl hard drugs and dry-out. Zimmergirl. Point being we won't embrace invasive machine tech because somewhere along the way, facing concrete glass and steel street-life of reality for ourselves, we became the life cult. Ye I'm still sniding. IC though, and you have to. Actually I like it a lot. The character sheet shows how nice and simple it is while touching a lot of bases. We simply ditched it for Shadowrun which does the same thing plus. Read THIS LINK and you know everything about Cyberpunk2020 enough to play it without the rulebook.

* I know that snided is not an official word. The past tense of snide. Not an easy one to retro, it is a living word, an active, of the now. Past tense derided has too much connotation of an association with derivation. Man I love how language mutates. How much Islam is going to be in Cyberpunk2077 is my question to the drones. 

Thursday 9 February 2017

Art Is Prophecy

"When the mode of the music changes the walls of the city fall." Plato

"Art is the first barometer of change in Human consciousness. Artists are the real prophets, aware of what has just happened and are not afraid to give voice in the only way they can. The philosophies are just a bi-product of a change in consciousness."

"The history of Art expresses the upholding of consciousness. The entire history of civilisation, great shifts in culture are caused by grand mutations of consciousness, manifest through all spheres of culture but most visually evident in art." Jean Gebser

"Classical authors all say that culture comes in bursts by different revelations, always the same. This code is revealed at different times. Its always to different people at different times. But its always the same."

"Artists, poets, musicians, the literature that most distinctly expressed the shifts of consciousness which civilisation is undergoing."

"The sophistication of the ancients has become a full time scholarly industry. The evidence of the extent and level of knowledge available to ancient civilisations is becoming more apparent and the further it goes, the deeper we go, the more sophisticated it appears. The question then arises: how did they get so smart? We don't know. One of the keys to finding out is to stop looking at what they did through our eyes. They acquired information by some other method."

from promo video for Magical Egypt series

Wednesday 8 February 2017

Cyberpunk Essays

Lectures On Cyberpunk

Analogue Shock

It's like Ice T / J Bone says, fresh every time you hit it on a re-run:

"Here it is, comin' at ya, lo-fi style." 

The brute 80s vision was retro-fitting the cool (matte black plastic) durable pioneering hardware with upgrades from the disposable (grey, cream or glossy plastic) miniaturized next-wave tech which had officially outmoded it. Chunky 16-bit synths with Gigabyte ram drives and plug-in nu-fx pods. By which time the gear has history, it has scratches and glue scuffs, stickers of logo's from movements that didn't even make it to the internet era. The plastic is full of love and experience, solder and gaffa tape. And the rigs can do what no hi-end manufacturer ever wants you to know about. 

The real life tragedy is most people who are on the cyberpunk bandwagon don't have a clue about electronics nor how to use them. There was a circuit-bending phase in electro-musiculture but all that did was break things. Euro-modules seem to have stepped in to fix it but all that is music industry, what we want and have always wanted is the dream-jack on a reliable pocket box. With ridiculous amounts of panels. 

Monkeyfunkin' touch-screen cellphones derailed  cyberpunk from what it was by taking out the fun of unknown potential and personal customization. It wasn't a product in a box, it was garage-made recombobulations of the video era going digital. The Victorian Gothic Revivalist approach to customizable electronic devices. 

So cyberpunk became about nostalgia instead of futurism. The kids born into it today are growing up on consoles you can't crack open without breaking and which do things that make the 80s mentality obsolete anyway. Our future became a museum piece before we even got there. Future Shock is something the next generations are going to have to become immune to. 

The legacy of a once powerful movement is that Life is better than the oldies love of dystopia. The deckers took over so much that street tribes are obsolete now. Except they ain't decks, they're desktops and pocket-portables. That beloved promised zone remains a gap in the market. 

There really is only one thing that can illustrate this essay properly: The SQUID deck.
[superconducting quantum interference device]
"Originally designed for police surveillance, but its true purpose was soon realized - porn." 

Sid Mead's concept art

Strange Days prop by Stan Winston Studios / Eric Allard

80s Office Trash / Tech

Fax machines and photocopiers are part of corporate superiority games. One person can operate it at a time. That person operating it gets a buzz from using it. In psychology terms* a stroke. Anybody else involved has to await the operator. Thus it is a prestigious position of importance. This places the machine itself at the top of the chain. 

Where the machine keeps the operator waiting and the operator keeps the minions waiting. The underlings complain about how long it takes while the operator who is further caught up in the machines process is apologetic about it. This is the usual scenario however it can be short-cutted by a clever operator, one who thus proves their worthiness for the leadership role, by them complaining about the machine taking ages or simply, as often occurs, not working properly and doing what it is meant to.

Thus the minions have nothing to complain about. They may not be happier but technically that is the box you have to tick because their job has been done for them. If the machines worked better we could justify replacing half the staff who sit around doing nothing all day anyway.

Only an empath sits back and quietly amused by nobody recognizing the sensitivity of the machines circuits being overloaded and confused by the local chaos of invisible human energies interfering with its binary code and the irregularity of it being asked to do the simple task it was built for.

Clockwork mechanical devices are a step by step process of elimination to fix them: Zen just like Phaedron taught us in Motorcycle Maintenance. However even a programmer cannot access the OS of corporate mass-manufactured fax-machines and photocopiers**. For that you would need an engineer who simply replaces the broken part or more probably the office boss who replaces the entire machine and complains about it eating into the departmental budget. 

NB since the millennium departments typically receive zero budget and exist on competitive grants funding and corporate level charity. People who complain that things were not like this in the old days before computers took over everything and we used to have technologies which actually worked and did not break down all of the time, have by now died of old age. 

* from The Games People Play, a study of transactional analysis by Dr Eric Berne 
** Not to forget the dot-matrix printers.

Image used non-profit for educational purposes within international fair use policy. The only matte black 80s fax machine illustration available. Tomorrows world, yesterday. 

Bottles and Bones

"High tech and low life"
its a cute and useful phrase to explain ‘what cyberpunk is about’ but it does not tell the whole story. While the genre is redefining itself to progress into a world which has outmoded yesterdays vision of tomorrow we have to accept that because the last generations understanding is very different from the next, the genre is writhing to encompass themes which were outside of yesterdays ideal.

Is ‘psychic' cyberpunk? It is transhuman after all, even if it requires no machines. Examples: the Butlerian jyhad of Dune ensured Bene Gesserit use a drug to achieve ESP as did Tetsuo and Akira, while Jedi use only the Force. Are any of that cyberpunk? Alfred Besters Demolished Man has natural Espers as does much PKD.

Fringe cyberpunk whereas a digitally augmented form of telepathy, the easily hackable iYou chip responsible for corrosion of personal responsibility in a remote control society, most certainly is cyberpunk.

Are the machines necessary when the topic expands beyond a machines ability to comprehend? If not then can cyberpunk still be cyberpunk without the context by which yesterdays generation defined it? In the future humans will outmode machines because of their help in spiritual development. This is not a dystopia. Are we ready to drop the dystopian element from the genre yet? Would it still be cyberpunk if we did?

We were told that quality fiction throws up a lot of questions. The next generation inhaling stale puke of yesterdays luxury banquet from a taxi cab floor will, having answered those questions, no longer need our generation of robotics. They stand upon the silver lining of our dreams which we could not reach despite our broken silver screens. How much of the 1980s heyday of the movement needs to be retained, this time of change where everyone has to be retrained.

iBoy screenshot

accredited images used non-profit within international fair use policy