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Vortigern & Rowena by William Harvey

1 : The cycles go around. 

Recently, around and between the Tower and the Cauldron events - 2023 cycles - is the “Vort Gen” ‘Gate’, involved with establishing a new cycle of stability and renewal by destructing the old. 

The mythologised version of actual historic events which signify a deeper cycle of being and a more spiritual understanding of the energies we are dealing with affecting our lives and the cycles. 

A vortex of generative, generational manifestation events. 

Deconstruction Reconstruction. The Ancient Eastern Phoenix symbol is an equivalent to the Vortigen cycle which involves a series of events. It is from Welsh mythology based on real historic figures circa 400ad as the Romans officially pulled out of Britain. 

My theory is with the unwritten records that the indigenous Britons killed off any Romans who did not escape, which is why there is so little Roman DNA in todays British populations. 

Vortigern symbolises the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. The significant difference between the two cycles is notable. The Gate of Vortigen has a few specific identifiable symbols. These are the teaching tools of the Stone Age, through story. Remember the spiritual tradition of that era is reincarnation and transmigration. 

The Welsh tales specifically and repeatedly focus on the progressive transmutation occurring throughout the reincarnation cycle and how it is measured throughout history. 

It is amazing how the alignment of numerology in the current calendar system coincides with the recurring events described from our ancient myths. It being 2023: number 23 is a calm period, exhale- inhale, a gap between two cycles. In Tarot there are 22 major arcana. 

2 : The energies are alive. 

It is a direct, living tradition, affecting us today, because it is real. My own personal transitions refocus me toward who I am to become as I level up for the new cycle. 

I did Cultural Ambassador training with my local town council a few years ago. The town ex-Mayor still owes me money related to that, for the record. There is a reason why Welsh also means ‘to welch (on a deal)’. My unanswered emails reveals the extent of Welsh Cultural Ambassador training in terms of integrity, honour and belonging (hieredd). 

I studied Cultural Ambassador training with a focus involving Negotiation, online under the wing of [name respectfully withheld] whose dedication and hard work has been influential in the unification of the United Arab Emirates for the past two decades. I was lucky to have received that opportunity and training. Professional political cultural ambassadors embody and live their purpose; their hobby is to train people such as myself in their skill set and with their experiences, for the Humanitarian goal of improving our Global Collective harmony. There is so much love for People involved here. 

As a trained Cultural Ambassador who has a passion for my cultural traditions of Storytelling and Mythology, it is through these devices I have experienced an understanding of events of my life. Use of symbolism helps with comprehension of otherwise unrelated, meaningless coincidences, to bring the myth to life, to understand why mythology is more than mere fantasy tales made up for entertainment. 

Irish explain it best with the introduction prefacing Irish mythology ‘myths are as real as histories, they weave together’. 

Born and Living in Wales I studied the Welsh myths. 

This myth in particular, the Tale of Vortigern, has recently in 2023 come to life as lived experiences. The story contains symbolism which has come to life as orientation for what I have recently lived through. 

Once you have made the connection you cannot un-make the connection. This is how synaptic structures become stable references for navigation. 

Twenty years ago I worked for an animation company (Underwood Studio Animation) to draw storyboards, one of which is Vortigern. It being high in symbolism, the definitions are open to several layers of interpretation. 

This is important with how Mythepoesis (myth becoming life) works by converging of timelines (deja vu), the harmonising of frequencies, some visible some usually invisible until we step through into the harmonic. 

A Vortex is an energy cycle held together by self referential stability. Vortigern was a King mentioned in ‘the Arthurian legends’. His tale is one of those legends. 

A ‘Legend’ is a word used to describe the ‘Key’ for the understanding of a Map which is a symbolism used for reference, orientation, navigation. The legend is the thread of that key, the ribbon which weaves throughout the symbols of the story. 

The role my online mentor played in our collaborative studies of Negotiation is respected amongst the Legat, a political position. 

Vortigern as tale has the following symbolism; 

The Tower 

The Dragons

The Seer Merlin’s ability to discern what things mean. 

Earth (tower) and Air (knowledge). One could argue the Dragons to symbolise Fire and Water although that is projection which would change the intended context and our resulting understanding. We are clever enough to do both. 

The relationship of the elements as understood in the European alchemical system of Hermetic Mysticism were different to those at the time. Although reinvention for cohesion is inevitable and desirable, understanding it how our ancestors understood it is also valid in connecting with these primal energies to better comprehend them. 

That awareness is a hugely important part of the tradition. It is contemplative: a skill set which the adept must develop for themself by their own study. This is how the cultural training works. It cannot be told to you or you will not develop the faculty to connect with it as a lived experience. 

Friday 29 September 2023

Living Welsh Myth

Toward Post-Narcissistic Culture

A specialist study of dealing with the relationship between Narcissism and Autism through the device of story.

I am a storyteller, a myth-collector, a writer. I watch the symbolism in and of peoples lives. It is an enjoyable part of the tradition which does involve seeing the world in a certain way. Some call it a romantic way. 

Some call it ‘magical thinking’ because it associates items differently to create a holistic cohesion different to how most people who do not associate the items holisticly, prefer to think. 

In the narcissistic rejection of accountability which characterises the Modern Era, a state-endorsed pharmacology-funded psychology model considers ‘magical thinking’ to be a form of delusion. 

Meanwhile, Sufi Mystics and other shamen around the globe and throughout history consider ‘magical thinking’ to be an aspiration and evolution of human consciousness. 

See Jalal Uddin Rumi’s wonderful writings on the Magickal Universe. 

Here then, the story.

They built a giant cauldron in their garden on the hillside. They bathe in it. It is full of a chemical detergent, chlorine, so they can wash themselves and be cleansed. They have a lot of fun doing this. 

I admire this because although I am allergic to chlorine (it is on my medical records), therefore unable to join them in the washing; I do regularly use sea salt in my bath water as a spiritual sacrament to purify myself from the toxic energies I have had to deal with throughout the day. 

I have had sufficient dealings with these people to recognise amongst other things, many of which are respectable and admirable qualities, an unfortunate streak of generational narcissism which has become apparent through my interactions with the family. 

I have been writing about the topic of narcissism as cultural mnainstream for some years in terms of recognising the traits in abuse based relationships. This is relevant to us all because we live in a cultural pandemic of narcissism. 

Such as myself are attempting to cleanse our society of that. Raising awareness of it is a necessary aspect of doing so. This is combined with healing process from the experiences of dealing with it. Such healing has to occur on an individual basis by raising awareness of how the narcissism dynamic functions. Primarily it is the duality of non-accountability, dehumanisation and scapegoating.  

Dealing with these traits as lived experience is not easy for any of us involved. Tempers flare. Hearts are tested. Fire and Water stir and cycle, distilling the toxins in a process of purification. Such is Love, and pain, and anger and aspiration. 

The rituals occurring in their temple on the hillside in this particular cauldron are concerned, from my perspective, with the spell of cleansing up the toxin of narcissism from members of the community. What energies amplify outward from here will affect others, culturally, much beyond them affecting the people immediately involved. 

Here then, is to swimming in cleaner waters. 

Generational Abuse



A case study of Narcissism as family dynamic.

What happened with Girls Mother from Guys perspective is he set a boundary which Mother, fair play to her, respected to his face. But she did not like it. So she lied to the family and claimed Guy had said things he had not said (1 mention of heroin, 2 calling her ‘unwise’). It positions Mother as vulnerable needing caring attention and positions Guy as nasty for having upset her by saying those things. 

1 He did not say those things.

2 He is allowed to establish boundaries. 

3 He not responsible for Mothers reaction.* 

*This is interesting because in the overall situation Guy is claiming how Girl is responsible for bullying him and for her ignoring the boundary he set to protect himself and their relationship from the bullying. Guy has described that as ‘Girl not listening to him’.

At cursory glance it appears to be a double standard on Guys part. However; 

Guy has repeatedly asked Girl to be responsible for her own behaviour. 

1 to stop bullying him, 

2 to respect personal boundaries. 

To go to other people to gripe about someone behind their back is not respectful of that person, it is both disrespectful and sneaky. 

To lie about what a person said is also disrespectful, is also manipulative. 

That this issue has been festering, repeating, causing ongoing damage for so long without being resolved is because Girl has not accepted what Guy is saying to be valid. 

Girl simply ignores that Guys ‘questionable behaviour’ is a reaction to her bullying, so she does not have to take accountability for her own behaviour. Girl does not acknowledge it all, so Guy is unsure whether Girl is aware she is doing it despite his attempts to communicate with her about it. 

It has come to a head now because of Girls Mother’s involvement.  

This has exposed the same behaviour seen in both Girl and her Mother. Now we recognise from where Girl has learned that behaviour. 

Transactional Analysis reveals it is the classical narcissistic cycle of abuse. 


To bully someone (by applying pressure and insults, coercive and controlling behaviour), 

and then when the person reacts by setting boundaries, 


to ignore those boundaries, 

thus pressuring them further toward a more extreme reaction, 



to say that the reaction is abuse and the person is abusive, * 


to deny accountability for bullying them in the first place by denying and ignoring that had happened at all, 

by technique of dominating the narrative to keep it focused only on the targets reaction, not on the cause of that reaction,

to outright lie about what happened (manipulation), 

to get attention = energy from anyone who will listen and support the bully who is now in vulnerable mode claiming to be the target,


In this case, the target has gone into ‘Flight Mode’, needs time-out to stabilise. This is not the same as ‘avoidant attachment’ although by repetition it can cause it. 

This is also characteristic behaviour of autistic overwhelm. 

Accuse the person who needs ‘time-out to stabilise’, as being emotionally and mentally unstable, unsupportive and emotionally unavailable.  

to play ‘poor-me’ for being in a relationship with someone who is mentally and emotionally unstable, unsupportive and emotionally unavailable. 

The narcissistic cycle of abuse is characterised by maximum yield of sympathetic attention energy for the person who stirred up the drama, through non-accountability of their own behaviour, projecting at their scapegoat target.  


The dynamic is understood very differently based on one critical factor; 

Who has the dominant narrative? 

This depends entirely on recognition of the targets perspective of the experience being valid or not. 

This involves holding the bully accountable for their own behaviour which  originally created the drama cycle, instead of whitewashing that to focus instead on persecuting the target for reacting how our biologies and psychologies are designed to naturally react.