Friday 29 December 2017


We are complimentary genders, not opposing genders.

Exploring traditional perception which has survived cultural and language changes since time immemorial, during which both genders have at various times been repressed, venerated, and generally regarded as equals with differences. For this reason this text contains a use of language which might be described by feminists as patriarchal. We can not explore history without doing so because it is so deeply ingrained into the fabric of our being. Perceived sexism is not intentional.

I work for #GenderlessEquity. I fully support that males and females are naturally, biologically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically and socially intended to balance one another by facing together the challenges of our differences. We are complimentary genders, not opposing genders. This is how we thrive best. We learn and develop together. As an evolving species we require making the effort to comprehend and support one another to achieve progress. This is an ongoing focus. When that effort fails, individuals, families, communities, cultures, nations, and people generally; fail. 

I am fully aware that we currently live in an era where gender division is manipulated and promoted because divisionism is a useful tool of statecraft. Those who govern are of the attitude that; 

"Set them against each other then step in to reign. United they stand, divided they are isolated, therefore are easier to control. That they choose division over unity is proof of why they need to be controlled; they clearly cannot control themselves." 

Apparently this text now has a larger disclaimer than the intended main body of the text, simply as a justification of what I am trying to achieve. It is necessary to ward of criticism by those who are entirely missing the point. 


"She is all over the place with her feelings."

Women need to be stabilized. Their peer groups idiom, their coven as support, maintaining a working worldview, is one method, encircling each individual who is in turn a part of the circle. The woman's partner is another who puts a focus in and hammers it home; mentally, emotionally, biologically by physical design, culturally by adhering to social creed.

The En part of the word men is pre-Babylonian and means* exactly that; to instruct, to give direction. The intention is to provide stability by adhering to the social structure designed to work for human communities. The Creed, the agreed format of How We Should Be Living To Best Thrive.

The rise of feminism has destroyed the relationship between men and women, by undermining men's ability to do that and therefore undermining men's self-worth as having a valid role in community. 

In today's communities the rejection and emasculation of men is seeing men criminalized for acting naturally as by design. The rise of extremist female supremacy called Feminism and its overt and covert support from the State system. All she has to do is say that "he frightens me" or that he sexually misconducted her, and he will be dragged through hell and branded as a danger element to society. Evidence is not required.

Nice people who have not been through this trauma claim aghast "No, we do not live in such a totalitarian state! Nobody would permit it!" And yet increasing numbers of men are telling these nice, naive people that is exactly what is happening. Of course once criminalized that man is a social outcast who nice people do not listen to lest they taint themselves by association. "He must have done something wrong!" What he did wrong was he was born male and fall under the auspices of a corrupt state control pogrom. It happened prior to World War Two less than a century ago in the run-up to Nazi controlled Germany. It's happening in Britain, Now.

The war against men as a tool of social division funds the Law Society whose members swear an Oath to uphold the Law Society. It consists of Police, Law School trained Solicitors and Court system. It provides a constant stream of income for all of that. The word Law is a deception here because it is not the Common Law which is being upheld but the government issued Statutes as Acts of A Majesties parliament; the Legal system.


"What is the relationship between Law and legal system?" Ask I. 
"The Law and legal system are designed to go hand in hand." Rebecca, Solicitor

"The Common Law of our ancestors 
('do not harm, steal or use trickery, and keep the Peace') 
predates history; so, 
how can it be 
'designed to work hand in hand'
with the current form of legal system?'" I asked her.

"I can not answer that." She replied. I did not press as to her reasons.
As to which is superior, in circumstances of Law vs Legal to determine outcome; 

We no longer have Law Courts (common Law courts). 
We have instead Magistrates courts, Crown courts, 
and we have Courts of Law and Order.
It is the ORDER part of this equation which is the critical factor 
as to how we now have such corruption occurring. 

"Whose system of Order?" Ask the Many.

"The Judge. In accordance with ..." 

Whatever she had for breakfast?


"The more you go through, the wiser you become.
The more you put others through, the wiser they become to you." 


* En. Men. Mean (intent) as in meaning. Meander (derivation).


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Hypergamy 2

Hypergamy 1

The following transcript is made for non-profit, within international fair use policy for educational purposes and fully accredited to source. Its intended function is as a reference link from other related blogs.

“The hierarchical attitude they generally run on the principle that being higher up in the hierarchy is better! And there is something wrong with you from a moral perspective if you happen to be among the failures. 

One possibility is conscientious people and industrious people judge themselves that way is because they judge themselves quite harshly and they really do not want to fail. But its not because they're anxious, its because they are disgusted, self-disgusted by the possibility that they might count among the failures. So that grounds it into an entirely different motivational system. 

As soon as you produce a value structure, you produce a hierarchy because people compete toward the end game and that will immediately produce a hierarchy of accomplishment. Why would men be particularly motivated to do that? And the answer seems to be because of Hypergamy. 

Hypergamy is the tendency of women to mate across or up dominance hierarchies. So males compete with each other and they want to because they want to win. Part of the consequence of winning is they have much more success with women and that's a primary motivator. It provides a rationale for supporting a relatively structured hierarchy that has nothing to do with having to deal with the negative consequences of not having a stable world view.” Jordan Peterson

“Another thing to think about with regards to hierarchy is that if you have an ideal, you immediately have a hierarchy. And so if you wanted to get rid of hierarchy you have to get rid of values. That seems like a really stupid thing to do because without values you have no positive motivation. Because you feel almost all of your positive motivation in relationship to a goal. Its not attainment of a goal that makes people happy, generally speaking. Its observation of the fact that their efforts are moving toward a valued goal. 

Of course if you are conscientious, over time your field of opportunities opens up from an employment perspective plus your income increases and you’ve stabilized the environment around you. So there’s less uncertainty in it and more security. It could easily be that conscientiousness has its effect on neuroticism by stabilizing the environment, taking the uncertainty out of it and making people, not so much lower in neuroticism but less likely to be anxious and in emotional pain in general. 

If you have a client who is unconscientious you have got a real problem because the person won’t do anything they say they are going to do. If the person doesn’t get around to doing things that will help, how can you get them to get around to doing anything that’ll help? Its one of those flaws that seems to interfere with the process itself. 

Maybe you could make the person enthusiastic about it and they’d be driven by enthusiasm which is more of a positive emotion or maybe you could terrify them half to death about the consequences of not doing it which is also useful or maybe they’re agreeable so they’d be willing to do it for someone else or if they’re open you can think of a creative way of doing it; there’s other places you can get leverage. But without the conscientiousness there’s a real problem, it's really difficult. 

Conscientiousness is a good predictor of long-term life success. It's a good predictor negatively of divorce. More conscientious people are less likely to get divorced. It's a really good predictor of grades, its a decent predictor of income, its a good predictor of social status, eventual social status. It seems to be particularly good at predicting outcomes of people who are engaged in managerial, administrative and process management occupations. And so all of those occupations are characterized by the necessity of reliability, integrity and attention to detail. 

So overall if you’re conscientious you are going to be satisfied with your life especially as you progress through time, and you are going to be happier. Which is funny because happiness is basically extroversion so you might ask what does it have to do with conscientiousness? Your life actually stabilizes and gets better so even though you might not be more happy, you’ll be less miserable. Its really painful to be miserable but its only moderately good to be happy. We have a much bigger capacity for negative emotion than positive emotion.” Jordan Peterson

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Hypergamy 2

Narc Parade

Narc Parade

People bitching vehemently about their partners in public to strangers on social media platforms and in the street, these people have zero conscientiousness. They have already decided to sell out their relationship. Sanctity of any partnership relies on it being a 1-1 entity which by introducing others into it has become a 1-world-1 entity with the world coming between them and their partner, replacing their own empathic and intellectual capabilities with advice from networks, in the hope by doing so, also alleviates them from culpability. This is a Beta caste trait. These are described as ‘support networks' in the same way that ‘invaders’ are called ‘liberators’.

How does this equate to the All Men Are Narcissistic paradigm?

The Narcissism Paradigm is fundamentalism because it operates within a limited scope, programming people of limited scope, to make choices based on limited factors, to the exclusion of humanitarian factors. It is designed to manufacture gender hate as a tool of divisionism, under the pretext of safeguarding a victim. To enjoy the support of that false safeguarding, you have to step down from a position of relative stability into ‘victim mode’.

The Narcissism Paradigm functions as does a cult. Divisionism is both covert and overt psychological warfare. Families and Communities are the target of agenda based Societies. Society is defined as being 'membership of a club agreeing to follow an established system of rules or a creed'. It is not the same as community.

This specific society is fifth wave feminism. It is hostile toward males and exploits both males and females through manipulation although in different ways. By polarizing the female as victim role she becomes vulnerable and the male becomes the abuser. He has been dehumanized and receives zero support. It is prejudice and abuse of males by organized extremism from female supremacists. Perpetuating that ‘one blueprint fits all’ of the Narc Parade instead of more accurately dealing with cases individually, we are witnessing the destruction of individuals, family and community. We are seeing the destruction of stability as cultural mainstream.

This is not to say that there are not far too may cases of genuine abuse from one gender toward the other in relationships. In such cases the self-respecting victim requires to leave immediately. To stay is to accept the consequences.

"It's not always that easy."  Yes it is. Millions have done it. 
If you are in that situation, you should to, as soon as possible.

What we are seeing with promotion of the Narc Parade is exploitation to create a general delusion that 90% of cases are one thing where the truth is that only 10% of cases are that thing.
It works by playing on negative traits of fear, hatred, self-pity. Those are the undesirable qualities it encourages individuals to face and choose to grow instead of rising above them and making them smaller, as is involved in true healing. If it is true that you cannot heal while under the influence of negativity, apply that to the advice of the manipulation networkers who are not qualified professional counselors, healers, etc.


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Hypergamy 2

Mensa vs Madness

"One person's madness is another person's magick." Merlyn of the Woods

"Only the Insane have strength enough to prosper;
Only those who prosper can truly judge what is sane." 
Warhammer 40K


"You are either mentally ill, or a genius." 

"Mensa say i am a genius. I took their tests." 

"State mental health workers report says you are mentally ill."

"State mental health worker is not a genius. She is incapable of making acurate assessment, as proved." 

"I'm not sure which to trust in."

"Given that they have never observed me acting insanely, because I do not; 
1) They can only go on what I myself say.
2) They ignore what I say and go by third party dogma and hearsay, mistaking it for Truth, which is corruption." 

"Which are you referring to, Mensa or Mental Health workers?"

"Both. Evaluate it."

"Prove that you are a genius." 

 "e=mc2 is an abstraction from normality. It is also erroneous given it does not factor c (time) as a variable which has been proved.

 "Can you prove it?"

"I don't have to and besides, you can't either. From our situation it's hearsay. Did you assume it as Truth simply because someone who told you they are an authority also told you to accept it as Truth?"

"No, someone else told me that the authority was an authority, and I took it on authority." 

"Unquestioningly accepted it as a Truth with zero evidence." 


Trying to teach about, explain, express, instruct, advanced concepts to people who are not themselves advanced, is pointless. They won't and don't get it. They will likely resent it and you for not explaining it well enough in layman's terms. 


"If you are a genius, what is the area of your expertise?"

"Esoteric. Magdeburg Witch Trials. A religious ie: dogmatic Authority declared the scientists to be heretics because their proof of a vacuum which they had created 'contained no essence of God' therefore as demonic. Esoteric. 

I am shamanism, spirituality, supernature. Esoteric. You have probably been taught by an assumed authority who you unquestioningly believed, that its all mumbo-jumbo and unproveable scientifically. Nobody ever taught you the difference between material and spiritual sciences is like asking why fire don't work under water. They are entirely different fields of physics. There is a missing link and that is something I have had to become knowledgeable about. It's not a field which those with vested interest in maintaining old world, outmoded paradigm of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century are very much prepared to let go by them without them throwing volumes of hate toward it, very unscientifically once you think about it. 

I follow the teachings and development of of classical Western Hermeticism right back through to its Eastern and African roots. I follow the teachings of Gustav Karl Jung who is famous as a psychologist but that was a small and lesser part of his insight as his writings show. His work of syncronicity for example, what you call coincidences. Nikola Tesla was another. His writings explain a non-Newtonian paradigm which is by others loosely referred to as phase-field or scalar physics."

"So it is Science."

"Application as perception and development of spiritual sciences, as verified as valid by ancient stellae from much wiser and advanced civilizations who have fallen to Time and yet inspired and continue to educate our own.

The ignorant and what defines them is they mistake the advanced for different, therefore alien and suspect, therefore to be prejudiced, oppressed, retarded and stopped, to prevent their dangerous alternate world view from infecting our goodly community of ignorant, unquestioning zombies and slaves with its heretical madness. They regard the Genius as a wolf amongst the sheeple. They smash ancient stellae and new technology and they kill pioneers and inventors. It's not specifically technology like machines though, it is lifestyle and attitude of spirituality and spiritual development. The study of which is how people become advanced." 

"The more you go through, the wiser you become.
The more you put others through, the wiser they become to you." 

a short series of inter-related blogs
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Hypergamy 2

Homeless Hominids

"The more you go through, the wiser they become.
The more you put others through, the wiser they become to you." 

"What's your opinion on this picture?"

I have known a lot of homeless people. No two were homeless for the same reasons. Most were voluntarily living on the streets for various, albeit slightly insane reasons, but nevertheless understandable given the circumstances. One was female. All the others male. She wasn't the most difficult to reach out to. She told me her story, accepted small change but refused point blank to trust me at all when I offered her my facilities, bath, cooker, somewhere dry to crash. Probably because my gender. Most homeless people are like that though. Once you have a protective layer of grime on you, it actually insulates you so having a bath is regressive if you are dedicated to living on the streets. Some of the guys would crash at my place sometimes but mostly they preferred the streets. Some of them got houses eventually. One guy was given a council house then told he could not have his dog there. When you are on the streets your dog is more than a pet, its a brother, your eyes and ears, your guardian. He returned the house keys and went back to the streets. Eventually the city council and police decided to clean up the city. Nobody knows exactly what happened but overnight all the homeless disappeared. One guy who was tipped off that it was coming went to a different city, I saw him again because he still had business in the city I lived in. 

I was in this situation because I was working as a professionally qualified outreach worker and had recognized that homeless people have absolutely no trust at all in system workers so they will not go to see a counselor who works for the system. There is so much red tape in system work that its useless anyway to be absolutely honest. Its now fifteen years later and in that time i have a lot more experience of the system, all over it and I can say this for definite: I have zero trust for system workers either. In one word, corruption. In two words, Prejudice. If they are doing it for money, they are in it for themselves. I quit being an outreach worker when the police and council set me up to shut me up because I was helping people. After that I lived rough myself for a while because the system had screwed me over, I lost my council flat because of corrupt bureaucracy. I built a den in a forest instead of the streets though. Homeless people are not by default stupid people. Mentally ill usually, generally as a result of abuse, and all of them have a story about bouncing off the system which had screwed them up in the first place. A few of them trusted me and I believe I helped in a few cases. I also watched people freeze to death because they were so damaged they refused to trust anyone. Regarding why the post shows that homeless people are always usually men - there is women's refuge but not men's refuge. It is for the same reason that women are given a lighter sentence for the same crime than is a man. The system is a cunt.

I bathed and saw that I need to put that into context. I got into doing all that after a life changing trip to Egypt where I saw real poverty of a type rare in Britain which has stronger economy and a welfare state. On returning to a place with clouds I could not believe that we have water in the skies here. Luxury to such extent! Water is sacred it is Life. People who do not respect this are spiritually dead. I wanted to make a difference for good. So I trained and went into the city underdark and did very little but compared with the zombie wage slaves, only the homeless had any humanity because they knew that water is sacred. After I returned from the forest I met a girl who, long story short, got me out of the city, onto streets of a distant town and living in vans paid for by rebates from suing the DWP. Then we split and I met another girl who I have a kid with. Life has showed me diversity of which street life is only a part. People who never experience it have no empathy or understanding of hardship to put a defined perspective on Life.

Is not just me who thinks so. 
The following are from another facebook discussion about the same photo. 

"I've never seen a homeless woman who wasn't either a drug addict or mentally ill. And rarely even then."

"They get sheltered and simps will go broke taking care of them skeezers."

"A woman can always find some man to take care of her. She can make all the shitty life choices in the world but if she fucks up, some rich cuck somewhere, if she's cute enough will support her"

"I'd say from about every 10 homeless people I see 2 of them are women. They definitely get to be not homeless sooner than the guys, I have observed."

"Because the law is more than likely to take a woman's side and that is the hard facts most naive men get themselves into. Time to educate young men before the good life they have is in pieces"
"Women are responsible for forcing most of them onto the streets.People see them with alcohol and assume that's the cause,it is the painkiller."
"Women's shelters..Aid for dependant stamps..welfare..disability support division all make sure women have a income and place to stay along with Section 8 housing laws.

"Vagina. Thats why"
"The cause of most men being homeless:"
No automatic alt text available.

 "No. Men have always been shit. I love to have chat with those blokes.
"I did chat with many homeless dudes in Toronto; 9 out of 10 were decent human beings wronged by system."
"Depending on the state, human/social services are either bad to virtually useless. You're better off if you're female if you're homeless. You just can't walk into a homeless shelter. They screen like hell, many are only temporary, and some even charge people. They'll front like they help people but a lot of them don't do shit. Unless it's a impending disaster or severe weather, they don't have open doors and they'll only help in this instance because of the law. They'll even bullshit then too. To make matters worse, a lot of cities are shutting them down."

"Exactly. Let’s rewind 30yrs prior in their life. The system fucked them, but you’ll never hear the real story on the news or other media tv. It’s hush, hush.... They may turn to alcohol or drugs as a coping mechanism. When you honestly get fucked by some man-made system that’s in the woman’s favor and there was nothing you could do to change the outcome, that’s a tough pill to swallow."

"We'll know we've reached true gender equality when we see more women dying in wars and living on the streets like men do. That's something we should continue to strive for in this world."

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Hypergamy 2

Sunday 24 December 2017

Kindle Kill Lit

The availability of vanity publishing because of internet has killed the skilled art of literature. 

Well that's it, anything else I have to say on the topic will be filler. 

It frustrates me that while I have low self-esteem sufficient not to have published my work for profit at this stage in my thirty-five year career as a studious writer, those who have more self-esteem and zero talent are gaining prestige and income by publishing crap. This is not a jealousy rant. I truly don't care and good luck to them. The issue of contention is that the struggle of writers to become better craftsman seems redundant in a world where badly written first draft manuscripts are top of the marketing lists. Authors intent on producing quality and honing their abilities are sadly lacking. 

The fear of a blow to self-esteem which would occur were I to release material through the same channels as penny dreadful novelists and drop off the bottom of the unwanted / unread lists instead of meteoric rise to stardom aspired to by so many younger, undeveloped and basically shit writers has been enough to prevent me from trying.

I give my work away for free to whoever can find their way to my websites where it is published. I have an average of two hundred readers a week on the one site, and no stats at all for the others. This is with zero marketing and very seldom the use of search tags. This small fan group keep me going, even when they are too tight to send me any donations and would drop me like a stone if I start charging money for my work. It's just about enough people I could send a christmas card to them individually if I knew who they are. Thank you everyone and Happy new Year 2018. 

Today, Christmas Eve of 2017, I am going through some of the short sci-fi stories I have and have not published, some of which from way back in 2002. Seeing how they all fit together as a progression and most important, where they need improvement and how to do that. There is a cohesive continuity through them. I intend to put a couple of collections together for commerce, available in the new year. This is my exciting news. 

So there you go.

Wednesday 20 December 2017

Net Vamps

"Is it Support or is it Supply?"

The major thing I became aware of during my time in social media platforms is a certain type of creature which feeds off people in friends list, syphoning energy from them, by projecting envy and hate and other grids at them through profile pictures on a friends list or in groups.

These psychic vampires are a more real world hazard than internet trolls because they are more difficult to identify, and although you can block both, ignoring trolls makes them move on, where ignoring psychic vampires is enablement, they simply grow fatter while you grow weaker.

Dr Emoto showed us simple science experiments we can do ourselves which prove conclusively that psychic vampirism and psychic empowerment are very real things.

Yet for all we hear about trolls, because they leave an obvious trail of harassment through any empathic and mental attachments we are entangled into, we hear less about vampires.
The methods I learned for protection are to block them which can be difficult because their technique is to project onto you a friendship and belief they are there to help you, advise you, whole all they are doing is feeding on your gratitude and any negativity they feel an affinity with.

When you identify the very nature of a social media site is there are more gates going out than there are coming in, and most of those gates are automated wheels of constant motion stimulation to flicker and attract your attention to reel you back into them in multiple places, the whole site becomes recognisable to be a vampire itself, a mindless AI one. Recognising the Internet can do this, facilitates this, goes against mainstream 'permitted' consciousness. Social media platforms paid staff rely on you experiencing or causing problems to justify their paycheck, thus there is incentive for it as a singular entity to maintain that continual flux of draining you for energy and attention.

This is bad for your health as a background dirge. When you have one or more focused psychopaths targeting you by stalking your activity, even if they are doing so only through covert observational without overt account hacking, their attention-tendrils are still a drain upon their target.

These will be the first people to call you paranoid for becoming aware. That is how narcissist work, by alienating their chosen victim.

This invisible, unspoken factor of the lives of those heavy users reliant on digital drug for entertainment and companionship in place of natural creativity and safer, more meaningful communication, should receive more public raised attention.

It doesn't because we feel bad about it, at surface because it risks offending friends we communicate with online and alienating ourselves. More deeply because it's a reminder how weak and powerless we are trapped in routine behavioural cycles as conditional automata, how addicted we are to technology drug, and that there are levels of Self awareness in play we have not yet fully recognised because we are discouraged by wider society of zombies, controlling slavers and by vampires specifically from assimilating genuine spiritual education. Those who have vested interest in your ignorance.

Insensitive people do not like to admit that sensitive people have equality, are right, exist. The J-types (judgemental) prefer to regard them (empathic, intuitive types) as broken or problematic than accept them as experiencing superior, advanced, refined senses.

Also in this series: 

Wednesday 13 December 2017


How extremist fundamentalists create fundamentalists from otherwise community oriented optimists. 
Or, an immovable state vs an infinite flow.

Being a writer, it is expected that the intention is for the choice words to be released for public consumption. I question: When I write something I am happy with, is it self indulgent vanity to want to share it?
Others might like the words. Certainly the message is something that has been bottling up, brewing, trying to get out for some time. Expressing it concisely is rewarding because then I can move on from it and develop, can finally let go of that issue.

Sometimes the best words are result of conversation and discussion, of being questioned about life by people curious, dedicated and courageous to get to know me and to let me get to know them. Healers, deeply involved in discussing the topics which are both taboo and yet are cultural money-spinners because we all have dealing with and issues with those topics, which society tells us we must not air in public.

Society is an abuser, period.
We need to delve into the complex and dirty emotional mental experiences, that is what life is, that is how we learn, progress, grow. Internal mechanics processing external affectors.

I do not have consent to copy/paste quotes of private conversations and neither is it needed, if accredited anonymously. Such conversation is catalyst for revelation and necessary to put the revelation into context.

Those are the best people to speak with, the wisdom keepers, the healers valued for their insight. For those are the shamen amongst us who set us right, by gently shaming us into facing ourselves, by use of perceptive inquiry. Estcheemah describes them as the Zero Chiefs, those whose unecessary names will be forgotten by the long history and yet whose work is fundamentally important to us, to individuals. Those of sage kindness who reach out to help us, to mend our communities without singing about it from the rooftops.

This is why I opened this text with a musing about vanity. I want to say thank you by sharing the wisdom provoked from me with others who might benefit from the healing. It feels good to release tension by putting into words that which has bothered me.

Writing does not change the situation at hand but it helps comprehend about it, to deal with it and to share it with others who may resonate.
It's personal, hence the puzzle of whether sharing it is a self indulgent act even when intended as an example of situations so many of us identify with.


I look back at my teachers. In the academy I was fortunate to have had two, both of whom were criticised by the academy for not being professional and academic enough to please the state, and yet who taught me vastly more than any other working through the state machinery.

Outside of the academy, many teachers, mentors, guardians, none of whom would have stood a hells hope of securing professional academic employment even had they wanted and attempted that.

And then I think of all the conformist so-called teachers, those who ticked all of the academic boxes, were recognised by institutions as model professionals, yet who taught me nothing at all of any value and indeed if anything generally discouraged me from pursuing education at all.

There is a reason why the word 'academic' is properly defined in the dictionaries as 'irrelevant'.

If there is one lesson the educational system and life outside of it has taught me, this is it.


The other great teacher is attitude. By attitude, I thanked my narcissistic abuser for helping me to become master of zen. Without which petty tyrants I would remain a blunt edge, useless and full up of all knowing potential.

Bonsai is the bowl of restriction, not the perfectly formed tree it contains. Stunting is a dangerous and thrilling act of endangerment which improves personal esteem, though only when the balance is perfect. Else it is foolish bravado of no real substance, an illusion, a delusion. That balance comes from the spirit of the tree, not from the clippers which shape it. Thus it is natural to kill and replace those who we surpass lest we become them.

Attitude is developed whenever a voice of a deeper truth is stifled by authoritarianism domination. The patience of a patient patient grows from an injured juror who knows to be the ultimate decision maker even after the storm has been weathered and passed. When the moment is right, the most effective action is at once, minimal and with farthest reaching consequence. Consicion is consciously refined by confinement. This is attitude. Meantime, breath.

We fight totalitarianism not head-on for it is formidable, but by biding our time, studying, observing, learning the shape of it through hardships inflicted. Usually by this method we watch it fall of its own internal corruption long before we are positioned to become an effective counterstrike. Meantime, breath.


 "Usually you'll know a tree by its fruit. 
Likewise, you'll always know the kind of person you're dealing with 
by their vibration/voice/energy;
 that which they choose to rebroadcast into the world."
Julia Howe

Clever Fox Media


Sunday 26 November 2017



"Trap him in a tree" 

said it, 
said she, 
the hiss-embodied voice, 

A potion flew 
through air cold 
as ice sharper 
than a kiss-blade knife. 

Green it landed, 
soothed the flesh though 
fears turned churning, 
 burning mesh; 

its sigil 
carving deep 
through meat, 
a ritual mark, 
its work complete. 

These words are not mine.
(Were they ever?)

They came unbidden 
of their own accord, 
entranced into a world outside 
the regular absurd. 

This night 
"our work is done" 
say they, and l
eave me to sway, 
dizzy at the fade 
of a memory 
of what has been. 

A spell upon me 
cast by looking, at 
art on my screen 
from a place I have been.

The art is not mine 
either, it comes 
from the pen 
of Mark Simpson, 
better known as Jock 
for the script of Scott Snyder: 
the Wytches.

I have not as yet
insomuch as
opened the book.

But given, 
I have to.

UPDATE 13.12.17

it arrived
a week ago
by post.
as yet
i have not dared
to look inside.



Monday 16 October 2017

Real Reason

This blog continues the narrative of Irreason.

Real Reason

If you are having to resort to using reason (agenda) to achieve balance, you are not in balance. If you are not in balance, the assumption that reason will get you there is an unbalanced assumption. Another word for 'unbalanced assumption' is 'irrational'. It is irrational that the use of reason will result in harmony.

When you let go of all that, detach from all mental diversions, and accept the moment as it is, and simply be, not owned by a specific idiom, context, condition: that is the only way to return to balance. Harmony cannot be created by forcing diversions upon a natural equilibrium. If a thing achieves perfect balance, all reasons dissolve, all agendas vanish.

Anybody who is using reason and promoting the use of reason as a dominating faculty above the nature of letting go and accepting and permitting peace to occur naturally, is not functioning as an agent of harmony but as an agent of perpetuating disruptions. Why choose one imbalance over another unless it is to exploit for gain? 

"Problems cannot be solved by the level of awareness that created them." Albert Einstein

Wednesday 4 October 2017

Case Study Notes

This blog is extension of Case Study

1 discrediting their strawman

When person B redefines person A.

You are re-labelling me for the purpose of your own super-ego -controlled idiom.

So, when you look at me, you do not see me.

Instead you see your own delusion. 

It is not based on reality, of me being what I am.

Then what happens next is whenever I act in a way that does not conform to your idiom, you persuade yourself and anybody else who believes you unquestioningly, your zombies aka flying monkeys, that I am broken and 'acting uncharacteristically'.

You convince people I have gone mad or that I am up to something suspicious.

All because you have no real interest in having a genuine relationship with me and getting to know who I really am.

2 officially already knowing you better than you do

How can anybody else be more of an expert on me than me?

When I am my intuition, when I am most true to myself there is no mental conditioning at all.
It is pure raw reflex from the soul.
It is not social programming.

3 confidence is self-worth they seek to destroy

Standing up for myself is not an act of rebellion.

It is a Human Right. 

4 personal detail

The State workers prejudice against me for acting on my degree level state education (in a department which the fascists have since shut down).

I was taught Creative Thinking. 

"Outside of the box" mentality and a "of monetary value" skill set.

These two things are inseparable. Part of the education is to recognize that only copyists, not originals, segregate and exclude creative being and ingenuity. That art history has showed us the most valuable works of art come from the pioneers, from the non-conformists. 

How to be a pioneer and a non-conformist is necessary to create the most valuable works of art, equally as much as developing the practical skill set of physically producing art. 

Rich Man

"Unmarried Men Are ‘A Problem’ For Society"

Out of touch with reality Tory MP Iain Duncan Smith

South Wales there are two types of women.

Women who react to the word 'marriage' the same way they react to the slime beast oozing into the room. They back off and disappear.

Women who hate men because no man has voluntarily asked them for marriage.

There are two sub-types of these:

First, most common, are stage three Disney Princess Syndrome, when the cartoon expectation bubble has burst and their man-hate prevents them from going out and getting laid, which they need.

Second, sexually experienced women who can get sex at the drop of a skirt and to whom men are an object like a dildo, a wallet, a taxi, perhaps even social positioning. Do not be mistaken that they regard men as human beings. These women were raised into disposable consumerism and that's what men are. This subgroup crosses both original categories to also include the 'marriage=slimebeast' type.

Both these types of women make an exception to one thing:
Rich Man.

To all other men which is literally 99% of men, it triggers 2 warning bells.

Warning bell 1: she wants to marry my money, not me.The 'it is vampire' bell.

Warning bell 2: being secondary to a fictional entity and being secondary to that rich bastard means she is so far up herself she can not even see it. She is going to sleep around behind his back anyway. The 'it is crazy' bell.

Of these 99% of men there are perhaps even as much as half, who decide that being secondary to a fictional entity is worth the pursuit if it means mommy-figure-and-sex.

That 1% rich guy, he don't care. He can afford to throw money at her in exchange for sexetera. He is sleeping around behind her back too because he won't lose her if he gets caught and if he does, so what he can afford to.

The thing about marriage, it gets in the way of the quality part of a relationship because you do not need to be married to have a quality relationship.

Then you get the guys who can see all of the above and decide that playing the game of getting money to get a girl is stupid waste of time. These guys are now called MGTOW because men are redefining the rules of the game vs femdom - at last. Previously these guys were simply lame, or misogynists, or any other insult women could think of.

These type of men can clearly see the big difference between sexetera and marriage. In the old days these were called 'the real men'. When one of these guys chooses her, in the old days she knew he meant it, she was grateful for his attention and worked as hard as he did to be compatible. Those types of women are called 'real women' and although rare, those are the ones you want to marry. Reality is, most guys won't find them because most women won't be them.

So the reality is, men have got to change the system and the way society works. It is traditionally the purpose of men to do this. Women have been doing it for several generations and it has fucked everything up for everyone, yes even themselves. They have proved to be incapable of equality because as soon as they get anywhere close, they start abusing men.

MGTOW is men taking time out to assess the situation. It will be followed by MWHGIT Men Who Have Got It Together (MWGITs or simply GITs). This generation of men will collectively have a strategy, which works, to put men and women where men and women both function best in relation to each other. It recognizes that with individual responsibility comes stop-blagging-me, and with individual respectability comes stop-badgering-me (stop bitching/bullying me). SBM is the future of relationship protocols.

Sex is MUTUAL it does not mean one of us paying the other one for it. We both SHARE pleasure and if it works, if it is any good and worth doing regularly with you to the exclusion of all others, or inclusive of selected thirds, or in preference to videogameheaven, it means ignoring all the bad advice from society, your jealous sister, your controlling parents, your abusive ex-partner who probably gave you what you deserved so shut up about it, and recognize that when men are sexually active their metabolism functions a certain way, and that going against it is going against nature. It is not about sub-dom, it is about switch and mutuality. It is definitely not about brat.

In the old days the word marriage did not mean paperwork contract with the state or religion. It meant regular sex with a person so the two could explore the empowerment which good sex brings. Think about who controls that energy and what you do with it. It's YOUR energy, not the partners, not the states, and if you are mixing it with a person - this is where compatibility is important. In the old days the word sin meant living without sex.

Everything else to do with marriage is about friendship. Union, partnership, sharing resources, caring about the partner as much as you care about yourself, mutual respect, communication. Growth from stability.

What Ian Duncan Smith is talking about is that all men should be secondary to a fictional entity, which is slavery to a delusion, which is slavery full stop. Fuck that twat, why is anybody listening to him anyway? 1% Rich Man perhaps? See how that works?


If things are going that well with someone, marriage is not something to throw into the mix anyway because why risk a good thing?