Monday 15 April 2024

Natural Order

 But What If It’s Natural Order? 

In this society, we associate the words ‘attachment’ and ‘disorder’ so frequently that we seldom stop to question that perhaps attachment is not only necessary it is natural and a requirement of success. 

The war against people working together, on positive communication, is a tool of segregation which is generations into Orwellian mind control where the language and concepts we use, the software of our minds, are designed to create dysfunction and separation between people. 

This is to stop us achieving empowerment. 

The fear of being professionally diagnosed or publicly criticised for attachment disorders is sufficient to prevent people from bonding, from wanting to bond. Encouragement that empowerment is in isolation from building strong relationships with other people. 

Gradual corrosion of Mammalian empathic development toward Reptilian or limbic cortex reliance exclusively has fuelled the pandemic of narcissism plaguing our communities.


Shadow Work after the twin eclipses gate of spring 2024

Analysing why I emotionally need her so much that it physically hurts and emotionally hurts so deeply powerful, more than any other emotion I experience. 

Analysing why her recurrent anger toward me triggers my flight response. 

Insecure attachment disorder from childhood neglect. 

I react by ending the relationship only to miss her terribly and want her back more than I can bare. It is because of taking time out, the time it takes to heal from the shock of her anger. To remember the love we are able to create between us. 

What undermines my ability to stay steadfast and continually stable for her? ‘In my masculine frame’ as they call it in men’s help groups. 

It is that she is able to put me in flight mode by triggering my subconscious core wound. 

It has happened so often, we have had a chance to recognise and analyse it for what it is. 

Doing the shadow work means facing the fear of this and being honest about it. 

Her anger is for me a problem, my reaction to it is for her a problem. It creates insecure attachments in the relationship. 

It has affected her kids, because I am not there as often as she needs me to be, because I am taking time out to heal. 

I feel undervalued because she does not acknowledge or respect what I do for them. It comes across as her entitlement. 

There is certainly no reward for me in the expense of money time energy focus, general effort put into her and the kids. She certainly does not invest that into me and my kid.

I’m fed up of being up against being made to feel there is something wrong with me because I can’t let go. 

This is what happens whenever I overcome the insecurity attachment disorder to go forward toward her, and encounter any hint of rejection. 

It is encouraged by society, her friends and parents who use it as leverage that I am obsessed therefore dangerous. It is from the feminist handbook. 

I perceive her anger as a rejection. She rejects me and then blames me for rejecting her. We have been trapped into that cycle for most of our relationship. 

I perceive her anger as controlling behaviour. I cannot function as a slave without breaking. I am not willingly an energy donor. None of us are supposed to be. 

Her ignoring me, triggers relationship insecurity. I’m doing this to her too. It’s not fair. 

How can we break this cycle? 

She needs to never push me away when we’re hugging. She says I am clingy and she feels stifled and needs breathing space. Sometimes people need a hug for emotional support. Especially when they never experienced that as a child. 

Feminism says she’s not my mother and I am wrong for expecting that of a partner. Loving partners hug without question. Hugging releases vasopressin, oxytocin, seretonin, endorphins. 

My expectancy and entitlement is a romantic partner will want to hug together. I do not believe this is a delusion on my part. 

I’m burnt out from chasing her entitlement and expectations. We are both burnt out from too busy lifestyles. We rely on the strength of having each other to fall back on which is why we do not put time into bonding and being a functional couple. 

The problem is we do not reinforce the strength of our being a couple. It becomes a reactive based abuse system echoing childhood traumas until destruction. 

This is very common in today’s society. Society wades in with the feminism rhetoric of the anti-narcissism paradigm to use as leverage all unresolved issues to segregate. 

It does this under the label of female empowerment by non-accountability of blame-shifting resulting in man-hating. 

This is one reason why men insist feminism is cancer.

Friday 5 April 2024

Society and Ships

“Society is not your friend.” Terence McKenna 

Society is designed to break you. It will make you suspicious of your chosen partner by giving you a Mind which will destroy your relationship with that person. 

You have to delete that and instead to create a Mind exclusive to you and that partner. To do this, you need to put that person‘s Mind above all others, and constantly work, constantly, to make sure it is in harmony. 

As soon as you stop making sure it is in harmony, there is no relationship. The quickest way to destroy that harmony is to replace that mind with the mind of society by compromising with other people who are not your partner. 

These are not words of narcissism. They are words of how to have a successful stable long-term relationship. 

You cannot have it both ways. When other people are in a stable relationship their advice is irrelevant in stabilising your own relationship, unless their advice is to stop listening to anybody else and instead to start working with your partner in harmony. 

We live in an era where society will tell you to stop listening to your partner and listen  instead to society. That is why your relationship will fail.

When you analyse all your broken relationships of the past, you will see this is the common factor, the lesson you need to assimilate as soon as possible. Both broke at harmony by listening to third parties instead of to your partner.

It is not abusive to expect your partner to listen to you, and to form a shared world to the exclusion of all others. That is by definition what partnership is. When you can see this, you can see why society is designed to destroy your partnerships. 

-Ships require harmony to function. 

Other people are destructive, supportive or irrelevant. 



(unbelievable what man invents and believers accept)

Big Bang theory = the most simple logical fallacy.

Not distinguishing nothing from something and not distinguishing explosion from life.

Dispelling such fiction with a simple question:

What exploded, how and why, suddenly out of nowhere?

How did the explosion create life(or after that)?

The second question is only a formality (also a fallacy, an impossible question)."

It's all explained by Einstein.

At first I thought he explained it badly but then I realised why he needed to do that. 

It would have been easier had he described it as mass-time instead of space-time. 

Mass creates time. Without mass there is no time. 

That’s how we once had a state where there was no time for anything to occur in. 

The Big Bang was not limited to what we biologically perceive as the speed of light.

It went faster than that but we cannot perceive that. 

Also we cannot perceive ranges such as ‘between light and sound’. 

We are very crude organisms in the 3D although we have potentially advanced access to higher dimensions such as imagination which many idiots prefer to believe is a nonsense thing and not an evolutionary and sensory ability. 

Because the Big Bang happened at a speed faster than light there was no time there yet. It creates time the same as it created matter. 

However, planet earth is in an anomaly. 

It is not in the normal sort of zone found throughout observable space. 

That illustration of someone holding a sheet vertically with bowling balls on it causing bowl-shaped dips in the sheet - this measures time-dilation. We are inside one of those dips. Personally I do not think we are at a static tempo inside one of those dips but rather it oscillates in ways we have never been able to measure so the speed of time fluctuates imperceptible, it’s not a steady constant. 

Einstein explained this in a roundabout way using special relativity to give us a pointer. 

Few people if any picked up on that. 

One more thing - everything is made of vibrations, oscillations, working in harmonies with each other. That’s how mass and therefore time is ‘created’. 

So to answer your question, strange though it may sound: the Big Bang has not happened yet from our perspective, and we are unlikely to catch up with it. We have formed in the fallout after the event. But the fallout created time and were deep down into that, not even as fast as the cosmic average. 

How this affects space travel is interesting because all the maths done by nasa etc are based on earths physics which is an anomaly not the cosmic average. Funny and tragic that at the same time. 

Idiots they are. 

I believe that ‘faster than light’ and the future are synonymous but it’s confusing for the human mind to understand what that is. We are progressing toward the future because we are falling into an oscillating density. If we can get enough energy to escape that we would probably escape the physical world as well as time as we know it. That’s what happens when a soul leaves a body such as astral projection, dreaming and death which are realms of much lighter sensory outside of time. 

There is so much more to reality and it’s spiritual, not material. This is also why people have problem assimilating what it is we are dealing with. Non-belief clouds judgement. 

We know this for certain: no form of energy ceases, it transmutes. 

The importance of the question: “is the self aware part of you which does the observing a form of energy?” 

People who have had OBE do not see the world the same way as people who have not. All I can suggest is spiritualist churches. All that is also a part of the energy which does not cease and therefore is a part of the Big Bang. 

Keep meditating on all these topics. 

I’m sure it can be explained better than that too. Our understanding of ‘reality’ changes when we embrace higher-frequency spectrums which we are biologically not able to perceive externally so easily but which we can connect with internally. Evidencing it has historically been problematic. One factor for why is because ‘disbelief’ manifests as an experience for others around the disbeliever because the relationship between the internal and external worlds of experience. 

There are claims of scientific studies into particles which are affected by belief however none of us the mainstream have done those experiments ourselves. Dr Emoto’s research is perhaps a place to start learning how we can do such experiments for ourselves on some levels. 

A leap of faith is required but it was always so for evolution - that there is a land beyond the great wet, that fire is something we can harness, that planting seeds is not an insane thing to do, that copulation makes babies, etc etc - we work by association and we question everything, even the assumptions that yesterdays associations are still valid. Thus is knowledge lost and gained by the same hand.

I’m not sure how far we are into that density - how deep and steep our curve is on the sheet with a bowling ball model - but I am almost certain that we should begin by postulating the edge of it where our Y axis (vertical cursive slope) becomes the cosmic X axis (horizontal cosmic harmonic constant) is what we describe as ‘the speed of light’. 

What does this mean about travelling at light-speed and beyond? 

Hahahahah hahaha 

Everything is instantaneous at that point. That’s what we call the Singularity. 

On the edge of singularity, is: dreamworlds, the spirit world after-death (not the afterlife, the afterlife refers to the next bodily incarnation, not the gap between incarnations), and states of astral projection. 
I would love to expound upon the dreamworlds being the future of our evolution but for Yaqui shamen through Don Matus lineage expressing their understanding that the dreamworlds are distractions and are not the ultimate answer. Sad but true. It’s something like playing a videogame. But they’re mmorpg videogames for multidimensional spirits etc so they have some validity as experiences for explorers. “Just don’t get lost there”. Perhaps they’re not entirely right though and we need to assimilate dream-power the same way our ancestors harnessed fire. We’re expanding in all directions. Life does that.

As for answering what is it which exploded? 

Perhaps it is or was a singularity which exists in the future from our perspective. Certainly it is multidimensional and we are limited the way ants are limited to understand advanced concepts we take for granted. We are evolving - we are evolution. We ain’t done with that yet. We will keep progressing until we know. First we’re learning the shape of the environment and it’s not as simple as we previously thought it to be. 

Imagination is a factor in evolution. We’re on the edge of expanding into that awareness. 

It’s why ‘there is a war on for your mind’. 

In Search of the elusive Inter Galactc Time Dilation Equation blog 

Monday 1 April 2024



I’m getting older. 


I have less hours before me than behind me. 

I am no closer to achieving my goals. 

This is because of distractions,

Expectations from other people,

Demanding my 

time, money and attention = energy. 

I have to survive.

I have divided people into three categories.




I shall henceforth ignore all irrelevant people, untangle myself from all the vampires and concentrate my attentions only on the supportive people. 

I was asked (by one of the vampires),

“Won’t that be lonely?”

No. No not at all. 

You see, without the vampires and other distractions I shall have more time and energy to pursue my own goals.

Top of my own goals is:  Health and Productivity 

“As one door closes, so another opens.”