Sunday 21 October 2018

Bondage Games Wales

Bondage Games in SW Wales.

The problem with clinically. The problem with clinically is that when you say the word into a voice-to-text software, in a proper Welsh pronunciation, it interprets it as the word ‘clinically’. This observation is not the original purpose of my making this post.

The problem with Llanelli is it is so backward here the people need everything to be black and white simple. Anything complicated is universally repressed as being wrong.

At the same time, the intricacies of the control and domination games played by most of the sub-cultural groups, are far from being black and white simple and obvious.

I grew up in BDSM culture from a young age. I get it. By the age of eight I understood naturally the differences between gay and bisexual - without that necessarily making me either. Even today a lot of Welsh people have difficulty with it because of mainstream social prejudice (conformity and ignorance).

What they now call LGBT too, back in the eighties and nineties which for Wales is equivalent to the fifties and sixties, didn’t yet exist so it was all an offshoot of what back then used to be called BDM.

Reference to the Sadism element was discretely added a decade or so later after the scene and its terminology was established in the region, when it became more acceptable to explore such dark places.

There four major sub-groups within BDSM categories. I self-identify as Switch and I have unfortunately a lot of experience with Brats, despite not wanting to.

I came to Llanelli and people here, are black and white. They see Sub or Dom. That’s it, you get pigeon-holed into one category or the other. They call it Top or Bottom. No between. They laugh at the idea there can even be an in-between.

So because I’m Switch and not overtly Dom, the wannabe Doms catagorize me as a Sub. I’m not a Sub, I’m Switch.

“No,” says the Doms, “you’re not a Dom because I am a Dom and I’m telling you that you are a Sub.”

It’s all power games.

I’ve known professional dominatrix and most Llanelli Doms aren’t. They’re people playing power games. There’s a big difference, the major one being consent. Throughout the professional industry and the history and development of bdsm culture, consent is the major critical. For extreme example its why we use safe words. Even within CNC (consensual non-consent, which is the nice name for rape-play) consent is the critical mutually shared understanding.

Without consent, it is abuse.

There is a big difference between consenting to extreme sports (including physical pain, punishment, etc), and actual criminal abuse which causes lasting psychological and emotional damage.

Abuse from narcissistic games is not welcome in BDSM communities. Narcissists of course are attracted to such positions of empowerment because it enables them to abuse. Narcissists assume domination over their targets life using whatever overt and covert means necessary, without consent and even despite formal non-consent. That is not the same thing as dominatrix within BDSM culture.

With proper Dom training the importance of recognizing the Doms role to include being a carer and instructor, toward the end result of healing the subject through whatever activities the subject has consented to, or consented to trust the Dom to inflict upon them.

Being a sub in that context is to trust the Dom to create spaces in which to explore emotional and psychological planes, as much as physical pleasure-pain relations. It is all about personal development. 

The trust relationship between a Dom and the sub is also a factor, wherein the sub is enabling the Dom to explore that space within themself. Again, this is why we have safe words.

The role of a Switch is somebody who can and needs to alternate between sometimes being a Dom and sometimes being a sub. Switch get on best with another switch. The classical roles form a framework to orientate, communicate shared activities and discuss those things explored and experienced together with an intimate trust partner.

In most places, most people are Switches. Not in Llanelli. A handful of narcissists has declared everybody else to be subs upon whom they inflict all types of cruel emotional and psychological games, without consent. These narcissists recognize one another as such, and describe one another as the social Doms to reinforce their authority consensus.

Most people in Llanelli who use the BDSM framework do not know what a Switch is. Much less what Brats are. They are not taught BDSM, they are taught narcissistic abuse networks using select terminology and concepts taken from that community.

Bondage is powerful. It is not limited to dressing up in leather of pvc and tying people up. It affects whole being and other areas of life. It’s about relationships and establishing groundwork an operational framework from which to explore from. This is not merely physical. It is mental and emotional, it is instinctual and energetic. It is about building and maintaining shared worlds.

Searching online sex toy shops for category bondage, it’s appalling how limited the range is when comparing what it’s all about with the focus of what stuff is available. In twenty five years I’ve required very little of that stuff at all and don’t know why people would get into most of it.

BDSM isn’t primarily about different flogging tools. The whole purpose is opening mental and emotional spaces safely to face and deal with darker aspects of self we probably wouldn’t openly wear in public.

Bondage games are about relationships, nurturing them as they develop. About the individuals involved. The understanding that a relationship is a pure thing, is a trust between consenting individuals. Most of that is about helping each other grow in understanding and toward being better, stronger, more wholesome individuals. Independently choosing to grow together to become independent, choosing to remain together. A relationship is a luxury. Bondage is about exploring those ties which bind, communicating about them, enjoying them.

Break-ups leave loose ends, minds and emotions flailing painfully, bodies physically craving routine addiction. The best partners are those who protect their partner in event of that outcome while simultaneously providing stability for that not to happen. The method is from mutual respect, which exists only because of consent. Avoiding routine becoming addiction is what keeps partnership fresh.

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Tuesday 16 October 2018


Freudian & Jungian Paychology model

                                ID     EGO     Super-Ego

Id = idiom. Self-identity with thematic context by which we define ourselves. 

Ego = juggles and balances all aspects of self.

NOT what is usually meant by use of the same word in modern society (where ‘ego’ is incorrectly used to describe ‘self-centered and arrogant’).

Super-Ego. Social conditioning and learning from experiences. Routine reactions and behavioural patterns. Programs. Generally subconscious. 

Left brain= logical processes. Maths. Assertive. Draws from system grids (mental constructs). Subject to rigid dogma if dominant (it’s nature). 

Right brain = creative processes. Yielding/Flowing. Draws from intuition. 

Intuition = ‘second brain’ gut reaction. The sixth sense. 

Leaving A Cult

Leaving A Cult

You grew up in a religious cult except they did not call it a religious cult. The whole of your society was and still is. There are exceptions although they generally tend to be outcasts from the society/cult. The mainstream is designed to persecute anybody who sees through and beyond the mainstream and into reality outside of the cults tenets.

Principal among these tenants, and that which keeps people trapped inside the cult is a mind control technique of encouraging people to think a specific, particular way. This is reinforced both positively and negatively in most aspects of life. To describe it succinctly, we use the terminology: left brain dominant.

This is an imbalance of mind and an imbalance of a functional human organism. Nevertheless it is strategically reinforced by mainstream culture to be the only correct perception permitted. Those adhering to it are defined as sane and those outside of it are defined as unsanitary. 

“A problem cannot be solved with the same type of thinking which created it.” Albert Einstein. 

The nature of left brain dominance is that it does not recognize itself to be a problem. It recognizes itself to be superior. 

Left brain regards those things supporting it to be so obvious as not to need mention,  much less contemplation. Then upon critical analysis it cannot accept those things supporting it as being equally or more important than itself.


-The importance of right brained thinking as equally valid to left brained thought.

-Harmony of spheres between both hemispheres of the brain.

-Intuition and instinct as being senses subconsciously connected with macrocosmic nature. 

-The heart as the center of self. 

-That materialist laws explore only materialism.*

*So far as materialist laws define the conscious observer; materialist law states ‘no form of energy ceases, it transmutes’. On analysis to assimilate this is to accept the conscious observer is a form of energy which does not cease upon physical death of the body, but transmutes. Ergo, experience of death does not negate consciousness. Despite this, the vast majority of left brain dominant individuals collectively deny transmigration as scientifically valid. This is a reason why the mainstream ‘normality’ is defined as a cult. 

That spiritual laws exist and are valid within human experience. That it is valid to base cognitive decisions upon them to experience more cohesive, fulfilling and wholistic understandings of the macrocosmic natural world of living being. 

Becoming aware of this situation helps enable and empower individuals and communities to function in a harmonious and balanced way, to leave the mainstream cult and begin experience reality for what it actually is, as opposed to witnessing a limited, delusional version projected upon it by socially reinforced programmed perception filters. 

Monday 15 October 2018




Age of information is the age of misinformation, to teach us how to discern. 

The age of many controllers playing mind games whether or not they realize it. 

It is the age of mental slavery, and robot zombies being controlled by agendas we barely comprehend and to have been programmed to reject recognizing.

It is the age of manipulation. With so much Information available to us, objectivity and clarity are survival traits. 

Therefore, it indicates a successful lifestyle is one wherein time is continually made to reassess our attitudes and activities.

I am I doing the right thing? 
Am I on the right path? 
Am I going about this the right way?

These questions are not paranoia. 

Attacking and assaulting the individual and the collective’s ability to function objectively is a key factor relied on by manipulators. An abusers control is enabled by your dysfunctionality and disability to think and function with clarity. 

Extremist conditioning to function solely from constraints of super-ego pattern within paradigm of enforced socio-cultural idiom is occurring continually in contemporary communities influenced by corporate agenda. 


Absolute certainty is a faculty of left brain thinking. The dominant function of the mind in imbalanced individuals. It resents and rejects left brain thinking. Those caught up in this, feel a need to fit into the society reinforcing it, and therefore will make face value claim to accept left brain thinking in its place, although at the same time rejecting it. 

A functional individual and community operates with harmony between left and right faculties, and remembers that the heart is the center of consciousness with intuition as the center of decision making processes. 

Those who deny this, and do not function this way are examples of brainwashed zombies responding robotically because of their programming. 

It is a symptom of cognitive bias and cognitive dissonance that any individual suffering it does not recognize they are suffering it. Left brained centric dogma does this. It results in a society of exploitation. 

It’s servants do not even recognize how the way of thinking they defend, promote and are reliant on is a symptom of an illness. This is because they have been told repeatedly that it is superior. There in balanced brains augment it.

That is what artificial intelligence is!

Assimilating this so as to evolve and the condition oneself is necessary as a major first step toward deconditioning the community. Exploitation society is engineered against that. It is a constant uphill struggle at this time in history.


Many are in the age of Maya. Once cognition has been cleansed and the organism functions harmoniously, by addressing and detaching from the left brain dominance, then it becomes possible to step outside of the age of Maya as Illusion and into the age of Maya as manifest dreaming.