Sunday 6 October 2013

Reflections of Cyburbia

For the past 72 hours I have done nothing but drink coffee and make 3D city inside cyberspace. By use of specific materials; light-cursive glass and reflective steel, the cloned square blocks become vortexes, one bouncing off the other ad infinitum, warping like a hall of mirrors. I simply cannot wait to get this hooked up to a VR headset and immerse myself completely. 

It is like lego for computer junky grown-ups. Copypaste & Stack. Zoom and Tilt Angle. This is how I have been sorting my head out. I am very aware of the metaphysician approach to language here from the deconstructionist perspective. 

I generated the following cityscapes after watching my friend Rachel Dolphindark lovingly explore InSilico district of SecondLife.

What is the proper correct terminology for "cyber urban" ?
The two words almost mirror one another.
Welcome to Cyburbia...

featuring my balcony & scaffolding, Evesham Road
What is most surprising is how similar this digitally generated space and imagery is to paintings done by my contemporary at Cheltenham Art School between '96 and '99 with whom it was my great honour to share a lot of things. Paul Cummings interest in cyber design as shown in examples of his early work here. 

Gas Tower featuring Mark 
Tower Block featuring Sofi