Tuesday 6 January 2015


Power of Positive Thinking.

Science has now showed what mystics have known for thousands of generations.
Many people are negative about this because they resent what it means.

We have insufficient language to accurately describe the situation in a way which is pleasing to everyone and so we must describe it using various contexts such as science, religion, spirituality, magick and common sense. At face value these competitive and warring paradigms often contradict each other.

Fact one. Humans do not exclusively and ultimately know everything there is to know about everything. Most of it is outside of our perception and outside of our imaginations.

Fact two. Instead of projecting dogma onto the universe, we would be better to observe it, unprejudiced; then we can see what it is instead of seeing what we think it is, what we think we want it to be. This discipline of mind is a core teaching of both hardline shamanism and of objective science.

Fact three. The nature of the creation is creative; consciousness is a creative tool. The universe offers proof of our preconceptions. Returning to the original point of this post as outlined in the first paragraphs, what science has now showed to be real. We can understand and experience this only when we cleanse the mind of personal dogma, belief etc. It does appear at first glance to contradict fact two unless we achieve and maintain open-minded clarity, objectivity. This requires discipline of mind. What we radiate, returns as experience. Our minds program our experienced reality. This occurs both individually and collectively. Some people are more strong willed than others. The strength of manifestations based on self belief and on clarity of the mind.

Paradigm warfare and the psychic arena.
We are many generations into the realm of mind enslavement and programmed consciousness. We are all programmed to generate a version of what the individual calls 'normality' which is our comfort zone. We reinforce this with our activities; even if it is a disfunctional reality for ourselves and for other people. What others radiate, affects us. This works mentally, emotionally, and electromagnetically. The essences of the thoughtwaves as energy tells the quantum particles how to align in the physical dimension. The creation is holistic, it is designed to be interfaced by this method.

The buddhists use a word Sansara which in english language means both 'the confused mind' and 'the conditioned mind'. Studies have showed that mental programming can and often does override the individuals instinct and intuition. This is a factor in how humans broke away from nature to develop abstract thinking necessary for our evolution as tool building animals. In Buddhism the word Prana translates into english language as both Instinct, Life-flow and simply as 'energy'. Our instinct is the connection with our higher awareness connection to the universe which bypasses our mental programming. This is a core teaching required to navigate todays complicated society, a society based on mental programming through use of memes. A meme is a 'mind virus' or belief which overides clear-sighted objectivity. A meme is a tool used by mind-enslavers to achieve their objectives.

The adept as hermit vs socializing.
Caught up in a social scene, influenced by other peoples needs and by what the television repeatedly tells us is 'normal' despite it being more often than not abusive; distracted by drama; busy with our own lifestyles; it is often very difficult to achieve the clarity required to see what is happening in this life experience. Humans quickly become too tired to have any concern with a situation which affects us all, all of the time. What we are, what the world is, and what we are doing with it and in it. Personal energy maintenance and respect for this in other people is necessarily a vital aspect of surviving individually and as a community. Acquiring personal energy from diet and lifestyle rather than enacting strategy to acquire it from other people.

Your homework task.
Draw a map of all the directions your life energy is going.
A spider diagram or two-column list of in-flow and out-flow.