Thursday 15 April 2021

Level Three

 Level 3 

Filter coffee from the shop is graded 1-5 for strength. Most everyone uses 3 because 4 is like amphetamine and 2 is like rats piss. 

Whether it’s because Covid or Brexit we can no longer get hold of level 3 coffee in Wales, nor Marmite either. 

They are now allowing shops to sell clothes again after a year of lockdown. 

The anticipated caffeinated stockpiling of clothes is expected to cause a clothing shortage in the very near future. 

Tuesday 13 April 2021

Reason vs Unreason

 Can not use reason with unreasonable people. 

There are five options available when dealing with Unreasonable people:

Beg, Bribe, Barter, Dominate, Avoid. 

To Beg with an unreasonable person is to put them above yourself which only an unreasonable person would do. So it is not an option. 

To Bribe them possibly achieves the desired result although it is not a desirable method. 

To Barter is to engage in a systemised strategy of mutual exchange, which is desirable. 

However, it is probable any unreasonable person will also be unreasonable during Bartering. 

To Dominate remains the final strategy to deal with any unreasonable person. 

Unreasonable people must be put beneath Reasonable people in the social order. 

Unreasonable are not equal to Reasonable people. 

Unreasonable people are disruptive and delusional as opposed to harmonious and sensible. 

This justifies use of Domination to establish stability, harmony and a functional society. 

Avoid them altogether. This is not always possible. Minimising contact is preferable. This is not an option for those circumstances where avoidance is impossible. 

If ever anybody can imagine a more positive method, everybody would be very pleased to consider it. 

The hard-line no-nonsense strategy for success is to avoid unreasonable people and dominate them if that is not possible. 

Domination must be absolute if it is to succeed. 

It is recognisably unreasonable to leave a job half done and allow chance for unreasonable people to continue to be problematic. 

As we can not use reasons with unreasonable people other methods must be explored. 

A person can only integrate and learn if the lesson is given in a language they understand. 

Where a person does not understand Reason a more appropriate language must be used: if the last resort of baseline brutality is the only language they understand, that unfortunately is the language which must be used to teach the lesson. 

Sunday 11 April 2021

Childcare / Discipline

All the drama and problems from the kids in the park, I don’t want that in my house. Nevertheless it generally tends to find its way there. 

It is not more important to me than my own life and what I want to do. 

The two most important things I want to teach my son are self-responsibility and community responsibility.  

He has proved himself to be good at community responsibility in the way that he handles the situations with the kids in the park, up until the point of any antagonism wherein he rages. 

Self-responsibility is the discipline of healthy living (sleep, diet, exercise, nature), also time management of living by a schedule, also of learning a simple in/out economics regarding finances. 

These qualities are: 

Self responsibility, Community responsibility, Management of Time and Money. *

Most of these are living within a systematic discipline to achieve stability and measurable results of attaining target goals. 

People who live this way are more efficient and experience a higher quality life than those who won’t, can’t and don’t. 

What makes winners? 

Discipline and Awareness. 

What makes losers? 

Lack of discipline and awareness. 

All of the problems experienced by the children in the park which spill over into their parents lies, are the problem of children without boundaries (primarily) and higher focus (secondary) necessary to thrive. 

Primary school: teaches the importance of boundaries. 

Secondary school: teaches purpose of method of attainment of higher focus. Aspirations and systematic methods of Achievements. 

This is the benefit of understanding why the school model exists the way it does and deciding to work with it, as opposed to not recognising nor being showed why the educational system is the way it is and encouraging children to reject it in ignorance. 

The opportunity is there. The decision of the individual is to use it positively or else toward lifelong resentment for its attempt to better individuals chances at succeeding in life. 

The individuals self-worth and recognition that school is a support system not an abuse system, if the individual approaches it with that mindset, makes the difference to the experience of being there and how useful a facility it is to the individual. 

* To re-address Matlows Hierarchy of Needs. 

We need air, water, (O2 and H2O the two most basic elements), warmth and shelter, and then; money. 

The availability of money makes accessible all other needs (including all the happinesses money brings), except for the necessary ability to determine between a Need and a Want. 

Those who can identify the difference between a need and a want and who are disciplined to chase only needs and to ignore all wants, have ability to win at life. 

Those who can’t, won’t or don’t, are best avoided.