Thursday 28 February 2013


The core of my focus is:

None of us, of our own or previous generations, have sorted out the human condition, the human community. But with our help, the next generation might. The next generation are the future of the human race, and they are in less compromised situations than any adult. They are therefore more important than any of the adults.

The symbol for this is the Olmec stone head carvings of babies, toddlers wearing gum hats so they do not hurt their heads when they fall over while learning to walk. The Olmecs represent child-worship, which indicates how we should be listening to and looking after our kids, instead of indoctrinating them with tv and video games, and feeding them toxins with sugar, white flour, ground bones and gmo junk food diets.

I care about this planet and humanity. I care about the future of our species.
Personally I am about gender equality, skin equality, age equality; about ending segregational ‘–isms’. I am about peace. Community is about the dance of differences to achieve a working balance.

In this village there are half a dozen single parent mothers who agree with the state, CAFCASS, social services, and child psychology and welfare studies that “children thrive best with both male and female role-models”. These parents and their children embrace me into their lives to have a hand in raising their children. My natural aptitude for looking after kids has been commented on in the family center who have offered me work placement if I get the qualifications to pass me through the red tape of bureaucracy.

The problem I have had is with neo-feminist, anti-male state workers who on the one hand read out the party line that “children thrive best with male and female role-models” and make such claims that “there are not enough men involved in child welfare” while on the other hand are actively discouraging me from attending courses and achieving these qualifications, simply because of my gender. The argument that ‘we live in a male dominated society’ is a lie that does not accurately represent the real world that we actually live in. It is now 50 years since the womens liberation movement and ‘burning of bra’ ceremonies.

I made this t-shirt to wear to the next Child Behaviour Course session in the family center after the neo-feminist teacher encouraged the whole class to bully me for being the only man in the room. She actually said the words "women are superior to men" during the session.

ooh im not alone, a supportive ally sent me this link moments ago :)

I live in a county where 5 years ago, a pedofile ring consisting of 4 women and 1 man were imprisoned. The statistics are that in this county of Wales Britain, women are 4 times more likely to be child abusers than men. FACT

I do not intend to do private childcare because I have to protect myself; I do not want to be alone in a room with other peoples children because the chances are that I will be set up by someone at some point (probably one of the women with kids who I have said No Thanks to for sex, which has happened to me before). This is why I am trying to accept the offer I received to work in the family center where everything is above board in the open in public. If I was a woman, this would not be a concern.

Tuesday 26 February 2013

from Grendel to Beyond the Jabberwock

"lampost, lamppost, lamp-post or lamp post??"

approx 150 years ago the first "Englyshe Diction-arie and correcte pronunciationes of wordes" was written, before that the rule was 'anything goes' which had led to a complete mess of a language.

The guy who wrote the dictionary also wrote that on his street, although technically they were all speaking the same language, that none of them were speaking the same language and it was very confusing; that is why he wrote the dictionary. It was fifty years later that the first Grammar book came out, latter Victorian era.

So truly, the concept of 'proper spelling and proper grammar' is relatively new; just a few decades later world war one broke out - we have literally had only 100 years of 'correcte englyshe' and in that time, it has mutated again and again. Several credible dicitonaries now exist that have some authority (the word authority means 'has been published' it stems from the word 'author') and usually agree on spelling and concept although recently the NWO has began revising them like what Winston Smith was doing in George Orwells book '1984' (written in 1946).

All students of english language/literature need to work Shakespeare (FOUNDATIONAL as his reads added over 4000 previously only spoken words into the dictionary!) and Jeff Noon, a deconditionalist literature guru from the late 20th century / who tells it / well / who tells it / as it is / who / gets the message across / using language constructively / and for real / but / control-obsessive academic experts / the critics / hate his message / that / the structure is / poetic. Anthony Burgess book A Clockwork Orange is the 20th century literary Great as far as use of language and the issues faced by his generation goes.

I'd write it as 'lamp-post'; for to write lamp post as two words is an adjective (describing word) followed by an action word. That the reader takes a few moments to comprehend and understand these words as such, proves how brainwashed the reader is. In a hundred years time someone won't have the same cultural bias to perceive that you are talking about a specific everyday-awareness thing, a pole with a light on top of it. They will look in their dictionary and read 'lamp, a sort of beacon' and 'post, to post a letter'.

A lamp-post (hyphenated) however indicates a singular item, refers to a specific concept and labeled thus during a neo-cultural development in language; therefore a term used to describe an invention during a technological evolutionary phase not accounted for when the dictionary was originally written. This proves the need for revisionism, which is only of concern when that revisionism is used to strip the general awareness of specific concepts such as Freedom and self-responsibility verses state domination = slavery.

English language is fluid, has flux, the same intended meaning can be expressed through words in several different ways. This is unlike European counterparts for example 'the germanic block' to illustrate a case in point, in which; It is explained in a very structured order;
1 this is the topic that I am talking about, and then
2 that this is the information which I am to relay about it

If you study the Futhark (Nordic runes) there is a tradition that first rune is the overall concept while the following are the development stemming from that (Ra and Re). English uses a different alphabet and is a Creole language assimilating many other languages into its form.

from Cutesy to Zombi

illustration from Return of the Living Dead III

This blog has been inspired by This blog:
Sankarea: Undying Love by Mitsuru Hattori.

Growing up the Western Way

Sankarea: Japanese Cover
The huge social war against pedofilia has not accepted the culture summarized by now (finally) ex-pope’s commentary “pedofilia was normal when I was a boy”. Jim fixed it for some and (allegedly) the BBC conveniently covered it up for a few decades until after he’d died. I am reminded of my school pal’s joke about Paul Daniels; “For my next trick I’ll put my finger up your bum, can you feel my finger up your bum?” my pal, pretending to be the stage magician raises both his hands and shakes them about in front of his head, saying; “now that’s magic!”

Today have been discussing the development of English Language in Britain and America, as it is 200 years since the Declaration of Independence yet only 150 years since the very first English Dictionary was published in Britain, which relates to the divergence of the language into two separate languages. It is crucially important here because the American terminology Arse and Fanny refers to the reverse of what the British mean by the same terms.

Growing up the Western Way is a cultural reference to the Eastern opinion of Westernisation Process that is affecting their culture, in relation to how we do not even have terminology such as Easternisation Process nor is the Eastern Way spoken of, despite for example the Budo philosophies being of great influence to the West in spiritual interest groups, particularly the philosophy of a Animism, ‘everything is alive, part of one great living whole; rocks, the wind, rivers, the elements themselves, have spirit’.

Sankarea: American Cover
This leads us nicely onto the second theme in this blog; the Zombi component. Zombi are originally humans that have had their capacity for thought and emotion greatly reduced if not stopped altogether. There seems some confusion as to whether a zombi is a physically dead walking corpse that for some reason will not lay to rest, or whether it is a normally biologically functioning body with the brain in the state of a vegetable. My own personal take on the matter comes from a study of voodoo culture in which anyone who is brainwashed, is a zombi. In Buddhism there is a concept ‘Sansara’ which translates into English as ‘confused’ and/or ‘conditioned’ mind, as opposed to “Satori” or ‘enlightenment’.

The Zen concept of No-Mind is a confuddlement to many westerners, in that with Zen philosophy ‘an empty mind’ does not make one a zombi, it makes one enlightened, a clarity of perception uncluttered by distraction of thoughts. This is the opposite to the Western philosophy of ‘an empty mind’ being the vegetative state, a mindless or thoughtless zombi, incapable of rational activities and conversation. What we call a Hollywood zombi falls into this category.

And so now we need some manga/anime style pictures of nature worshipping shamen-monks communicating with samurai-zombi.

All over the world, we now have television, radio, mobile phones, wifi, internet; all of which are electronic mind control devices. We have “soap&dope” chloride/fluoride in the drinking water and chemtrail skies; dumbing us down. The longer we are subjected to this shit, the more damage it does to us.

From Cutesy to Zombi

This blog was originally intended as a commentary about our perpetual quest for perfect partners and how shit we generally treat them once we find them, about the ongoing observational analysis of relationship dynamics, especially in Britain where domestic abuse and sub-dom relationships are unfortunately the norm and it has been this way for several generations.

Our generation are supposedly wise enough to see through such behavioral patterns and are capable to sever the cycles of abuse. I recommend Dr Eric Bernes fabulous book about Transactional Analysis, called 'The Games People Play'; human psychology and energy control systems laid bare. We no longer wish to be segregated into separate units, divided and conquered, doing what is expected of us and repressing our natural desires. We actively seek mutual support, friendship and Love between our tribal communities. In state terms this is deemed ‘a support network’ comprising unusually strong and focused mature individuals many of whom with diverse interests and abilities, and for the record given current political climate; the appropriate childcare qualifications necessary to protect our kids from ourselves, each other and social services forced adoption policy.

I have a child with a girl I met on the internet both of whom are very cute in their own ways. My current partner also came from the same website, she is cute in an entirely different way. Thankfully and due to a focus on ‘amazing optimistic heart’ and ‘healing nature’, we all of us now get along triumphantly; setting aside negativity for the benefit of the kids who are the most important thing. Increasing numbers of people are coming aware of this now and living in such a way, that the teenage hang-ups inherited from growing up in a repressive society are overcome by liberal attitude amongst adults and a focus on protecting the children and raising them to be better than we were.

We all have different relationship needs and our group are able to identify and explore many of these.

We laugh at cartoon Hollywood zombies to overcome our fear of what is happening to us, of becoming them.

The zombi apocalypse is well underway. Here, we represent the counter-culture, the revolutionaries, we teach deconditioning techniques openly and for all.

You are not your Mind; Mind is not the Self.

You wear a body designed for pleasure and it is owned by you alone to do with whatever you choose.

Alternatively; do whatever your partner says, don't ask questions, don't think, submit.

Your community needs You.

Sunday 24 February 2013

Breaking Meme Chains


After 20 minutes of chanting this mantra in my mind, and my septic toe is twanging with the healing vibe for the first time in over a week, and I have identified the miasm / meme chain where my energy is syphoned. the networks that peoples thought-tunnels create.

People generally are untrained in perceiving the world this way and would be shocked and hurt to be told they are vampires, or that a vampire is working through them.
Perhaps the best way to explain it is to regard the whole colony of ants or bee's as the body of the will of the queen; the intent of the brain module is carried through all components. Humans are little different when the chains are uncleansed, Our energy is drained out by whatever ruling vampiric entity is using people in this way.

Whole cultures might be components and the chains are invisible, residing in belief structures often of other people. It is a form of slavery to regard ownership of another person, even by preconceiving ideas relating to them is a form of beat-matching which grips them and takes away their freedom to generate their own time-field and access their own instinct abilities.

And so, we use the above mantra to cleanse ourselves, and it is pure and it works. By watching where the energy comes back at me from, I identify the chain system as it is released. I identify the people caught up in it.

Most 9 times out of 10 the source is a victim of their own belief structure that is not serving them to pursue, but heir ego has identified so strongly with it they are unable to detach. Religion is a bitch of a problem like this.


Gridding To Control
They cannot cope with Reality, they cannot adapt to what is happening. They intend to impose a sense of order upon it so they can control it, which involves gridding (setting the paths for, which is a form of control) a group of people who are not slaves, who are free, and who do not want to be controlled nor have other people tell them how to live. They stress because they cannot control all factors and this is a form of mental illness. That nobody can control all factors and that nobody has a right to control the lives of other people is a factor of Life that we all have to deal with. They have limited vision; collectively the group has broader vision but only if unrestricted for its individual members to flow on their own natural instinctual paths. This has always been a problem with religious repressionism through the ages. That we do not intend to be gridded, that we are free and do not have to listen to or empower their control system in any way, irritates them. Only by their acceptance of Divine Right to Liberty can they heal.

Psychic Vampirism
It is not that the energy vampires intend to be vampires, it is a consequence of their multifaceted connections with yourself that when their Attention connects to you, tht your timefield correlates by your willingly subserving to make that connection and the energy circuit flows together. This form of energy is magnetic but our decision making process *should* when we are observing properly, be involved and not merely jumping when the person thinks ‘jump’ at you. Psychic vampirism is the name given to what we are discussing. The only way to end this negative form of relationship is to sever the connections willingly so that the vampiric entity Is forced to re-train their behaviour. Raising awareness of these issues is paramount importance to human development nd personal / cultural evolution.

By forcing me to do everything ‘not at my own pace’ I found it stressful and debilitating, I was no longer functional. The oppression of deadline haste effectively blocked my creative flow, as creativity cannot be forced, and stopped my productivity.

Timeframes & Intention Fields
I discovered that I was only happily creative in a stress free way once the Attention of the stress-originator (who was capitalizing on my own energies) was distracted and they were not thinking of me; when they were asleep, or diverted to hassle someone else. What this taught me about how mental-bullying and about how energy works is that I can only energetically attune to higher frequencies required to produce quality visionary art of whatever form, when I do not have other people target me with their Intention Flow.

Can only Flow when self-harmonized, and not when forcefully ‘beat-matched’ (to use a dj term) with someone elses timeframe. We generate our own timeframe and when they clash, there is friction, there is stress. This is highly notable with something as subtle as the creative fields. If you observe an artist or better yet partake in a group of artists who are happy at work, you will share in an experience of relaxation and the attainment of higher level awareness; Peace with and from the Creativity. Such Flow is vital to any artist and cannot be forced. For the artist, the ability to project this vibration is a pure form of Being, and the biproduct of any artifact is merely the channel to study and develop a natural talent. Once you know the deep inner calm, stressful people will not be tolerated to control your output; it is counter-productive.

We use the term ‘doorstepping’ to describe a stalker who will not leave you alone, who sits on your doorstep to get hold of you even when you do not answer your phone or emails to them. This is a form of energy vampirism. They are forcefully ‘beatmatching’ to your own Flow, and it is a simple fundamental law of pohsyics that 1 humans bio-energetically harmonize with others around them when they are comfortable, and do/can not harmonize when not comfortable. Expecting and wanting and demanding something of a person to extent that it pushes them outside of their self harmony and into distress and illness, is a form of abuse. Everyone needs time to self-harmonize.

One technique we call ‘de-fragging’ is to shower or at very least spend time near a waterfall or listening to rain. It energetically clears miasms and the links other people have set with their Attention strands upon you, which steer your Flow and bring you to within their timeframe. ‘Time’ is electro-magnetic particle ‘mass’ also called physical ‘matter’. Time=Matter, the Creation is built of this. ‘Manifesting’ is a method of bring to you what you want, we call the process intent and we generate Intention Fields. Where this affects the Free Will of another person against their own will, is a form of abusing that person by treating them as a zombi. Intention Fields project the Grids, light-code energy alignments that people psychemotionally flow through. The vibration of Intent is the time-frame; physical action follows (flash of light, rumble of thunder).


Monday 18 February 2013

deathworlds by design

“My set is amazing, it even smells like the street”
Halloween Jack aka David Bowie, Diamond Dogs album.

Before Necromunda (deathworld) there was Confrontation, published in five episodes in White Dwarf magazines by Games Wokshop before I reached puberty. I read it and re-read it and pretty soon realized that the rules they presented were both incomplete and contradictory, even with the original and much superior hardback Warhammer 40K rulebook to draw from. It was intended as a pen&paper, 'imagination based roleplay' / 'tabletop battle game with miniatures' crossover.

It depicts a circus of all that was deemed cool by war obsessed squaddies trying to influence male pre-teenage visionaries raised on Bowie and sci-fi noir. Confrontation is Escape from LA meets eighties glam rock chicks and pop culture fashion. It is Mad Max without vehicles. It is Trash City meets Nitro-99. Bladerunner meets Total Recall on the backroom tabletops of Mos Eisley bars.

I gave up on GW for being too expensive, for letting me down with the nonsensical Confrontation rules after the promise of industrial urban distopia street-gang skirmish warfare, and for reinventing Confrontation into the stupid games system of Necromunda which had less psychers, less mutants, less personalized characters, less intrigue and strategy, less politics, less customization, and more cartoon blueprint-imprint brainwash programming, because every group who ran the pre-generated adventurers with pre-generated gangs had the same pre-generated programming, and it sucked.

But I still even today collect bits for my bits box, to superglue together into Confrontation/Necromunda dream sets. As an art student my bedsit became The City as I built a Spire out of recycled crap that people would collect and bring me knowing vaguely that I was working on some crazy art project.

During my twenties I filled a room of my flat with trash, it took over long before I could silver-spray-paint most it. When I left Zooport I filled the attic with my completed City section models and 3D wall-relief backdrops to give the new denizens a shock when they went up there by torch light.

Now I am older and more grown up, I have only a few bits-boxes of pieces too cool to part with, and outline visions of sets I will probably never build. I have giant posters hand drawn to illustrate in 2D what it is I have lifelong been trying to create in 3D; the perfect Confrontation/Necromunda street set.

I can find surprisingly little about the original Confrontation online.

Confrontation wasn’t just a broken rules system and some great visionary descriptions; it was the disturbing illustrations that set it apart and made a reality of it. I knew this place, I have lived there. The illustrators accused of having had too much acid, had broken through to give pure insight so we young kidlings could follow through the portal. It was the fashions, the locations. I didn’t like the guns so much, the army mentality of aggression and violence had less impact than the sex appeal of the cybergothic sluts portrayed in mutated chaos and over-confidence.

Then SLA came along from a Scottish roleplay game company Nightfall, which somewhat filled the gap; eighties technology on the world of Mort where monsters are weeping up from polluted wasteland cracks between consumer apartment city sections supposedly protected by mesh fences and patrolled by media hero warriors who come crashing through your apartment wall just moments after you recognize your street as the warzone on one of the omnipresent live-news-entertainment tv channels.

SLA had pretty much the same soundtrack except by then it had a techno edge instead of early metal. that the GW staff uniformly got into. SLA was also from Diamond Dogs. And its artwork is legend, right up until the time its copyright owner Nightfall sued one of their fans for posting some of it on the internet without prior formal written consent.

I realized in school, that all the sets and the art that went with it, all the war games, the scent that accompanied it all; of cleanliness, fresh plastic from the moulds from Games Workshop, the cellophane, held a tone that opened the mind, to remembering, to coming to terms. Something in the military training facility water that stripped the mind clean and into pure focus, not to question orders, reflex shoot to kill.

I realized that the kids in with my group were the soldiers I had fought alongside and against during the perpetual war; in 'nam, in the trenches, world war one and two, too many to list and name.

All the dead soldiers reborn and coming to terms with the horrors of the warzones that broke us through to psychic perception, awok us from our slumbers, heightened senses of the blood and fear, pain and gunpowder, explosions and mud, bullets and lightning reflexes, imminent death and confidence of being bulletproof, because of seeing the timing, seeing the framework, breaking through the matrix of the scenario we were stuck in; recreating, re-living the experiences through tabletop war games, skirmish battles, before GW went cartoony and put their prices up, a rubber mask orc after the hallowed gaunt of a nazi uniform inspired battle craze.

This was to help us heal, all of us to calm down after we were killed just a few decades or so before. That is the purpose of tabletop wargames for boys.

Just a few months ago I met a friendly heavyweight boxer in the street. He took a shine to me and we got chatting. He’d not long returned from  the front for mental health reasons after fighting the Taliban. “Ten year olds; that’s who we’re fighting. Kid pointed a gun…” choked throat “What you going to do?” He gesticulated the act of lowering his rifle. “My mate, bang splat. I couldn’t do it, I got kids of my own.”

I tried to get him a job with a security firm I know so he could do bouncer work instead of the ring. Last time I saw him he was having trouble coping with civilian life and had signed up to go back out there.

“Its only a matter of time before I kill someone and if I’m going to kill people I might as well do it properly.” 

Yeah, I thought; pacifism and realism clashing.