Wednesday 22 July 2020


Before it was taken over by fascism (prejudiced censorship, removal of freedom of speech human rights, extremist political agenda, etc) Facebook was for awhile a very good communication platform. 

Communication means connecting with people with whom we share a harmony. 

More often it means connecting with people who challenge us to develop because we nearly but not quite share a harmony. 

Much more often, especially if you use Facebook Groups, it means encountering internet trolls whose hate and aggression makes FB a negative experience for everyone. An arena of low-energy, bickering people attempting to drag each other down and discredit each other is unhealthy, it’s a sick pit. 

Finding the good people out there is like a needle in a haystack. Thankfully through interest-groups I’ve been fortunate to encounter a handful of such people with whom mutual support and information is shared and enjoyed. I’m grateful for that. 

As a result of being targeted by FascistBook for posting concern that non-scientific processes are rushing through a depopulation agenda using the WMD of vaccines which is a war crime, terrorism, acts against against humanity, I have decided to boycott Facebook for this specific reason.

“...depopulation through vaccinations, we aim to reduce the population by ten percent” Bill Gates 

Secondarily, FB actively protects abusive trolls and therefore is also an abuse network. When I report people for clearly making targeted attacks which is against FB terms and conditions, abusers working as admin for FB universally respond by saying they do not consider personal attacks to be breach of their T&C which specifically states personal attacks to be breach of T&C. 

By contrast I have been repeatedly banned from FB for posting statements of concern against injecting chemicals and which are defined as “biohazard” and aborted fetus DNA and similar carcinogenic toxins into people who then exhibit symptoms of Autism and other diseases. 

A part of this concern is the whitewash and stonewalling of literally thousands of people who attempt to report this exact thing, because it goes against the profit-margin of the pharmaceutical industry. 

This is not a conspiracy theory. Every step of the connection has been made and revealed by woke people such as myself who are therefore targets of the corporate agenda and the policies they act on despite international law and despite warnings from the elected president of the USA he will shut them down if they continue to repress people. 

FaceBook has continued to unlawfully repress people. Therefore it deserves to be shut down despite how useful it has been as a communication tool. 

Persecuted for being pro-science and pro-health and pro-common-sense by people rebranding that attitude as unwanted, anti-science and anti-health, so they can justify to themselves their fear-driven, for-profit agenda of the poisoning of a fear-driven population who are victims of their terrorism. 

Citation: ‘the Bill Gates depopulation through controlled pandemic and vaccine scam’.

I’m a survivor and I’m getting ahead of the curve, because that’s how survivors survive, by leaving FaceBook and taking my business and my energy elsewhere. 

So, to those handful of good people with whom I have connected in FaceBook; PM me your contact details if you have any interest in furthering a relationship. 

I’m going to be offline more often, growing veg, painting canvas, counselling trauma-abuse survivors, writing about socio-psychology, playing D&D and studying chi energy, acupressure and herbalism. Because that’s what I do. 

Peace ~ 
UPDATE 26.8.2020 
I went and did it. FB account deleted. It takes 90 days for them to complete the deletion, so it looks like I'll be heading into 2021 a free man.  

Step By Step

Among the primary reasons (plural) they are not evolving it’s because they cannot go beyond the ‘us versus them’, ‘win versus lose’ paradigm. 

To them, every exchange is an energy struggle which will result in either winning or losing. To their mind and mode, their way of being, everything is a competition. 

The concept of a win-win situation is the best way to get through to them that there is a mode of being more satisfactory than the aggression of constantly struggling to prove one’s supremacy above the other or failing to do so resulting in belief of inferiority. 

The attainment of win-win situations where everybody benefits as a standard procedure becomes a higher paradigm in which it is not necessary to identify and use language to reinforce winner versus loser. 

Seeking positive solutions necessitates adapting to this higher paradigm.

My astute student asked me whether an understanding of win-win paradigm is better or worse than an understanding of win versus lose paradigm. 

I asked my astute student whether I could use that as an illustration of the mentality of competition, of comparing one versus the other using what is necessarily a limited system of identifying criteria.