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"Persecution is the systematic mistreatment of an individual or group by another individual or group. The most common forms are religious persecution, ethnic persecution and political persecution, though there is naturally some overlap between these terms. The inflicting of suffering, harassment, isolation, imprisonment, internment, fear, or pain are all factors that may establish persecution, but not all suffering will necessarily establish persecution. The suffering experienced by the victim must be sufficiently severe. The threshold level of severity has been a source of much debate."


The Knife


©2016 snakeappletree

A ‘choose-your-own’ adventure story
Closely based on real events.
AGE 18 related themes.

"Insanity is relative. It depends on who has who locked in what cage." Ray Bradbury

In this adventure you will receive Stress Points. The number of Stress Points you accumulate is called your Stress Rate. The more Stress Points you receive, the more stressed your character becomes. There is a limit to Stress Points; A Stress rate of 10 or more results in a mental-emotional breakdown. Should this event occur, turn immediately to page number 33.

You discover a knife in a children's play area.

Do you:
Pick it up. [GO TO 2]
Leave it where it is. [GO TO 10]

The knife is a folding knife. The blade is 2 inches long. You recall that a policeman once told you during a school assembly that the legal length for carrying a blade in public is less than 3 inches
Do you:
Take it. [GO TO 3]
Leave it where it is. [GO TO 10]

Do you:
Glow with the satisfaction that you have won a free knife from the universe? [GO TO 4]
Decide that a mature and responsible citizen would take the knife away from a children's play area and hand it into the Police to destroy it. [GO TO 4]

On your way back into town, a Police patrol stop and search you; justifying it by saying that you were behaving suspiciously. The Police discover the knife on you and arrest you because it is an illegal ‘lock-knife’ despite the blade being less than 3 inches. GAIN 2 STRESS POINTS
Do you:
Tell the Police that you discovered the knife in a kids playground? [GO TO 5]
Tell the Police nothing at all. [GO TO 6]

During the interview the policeman says that you were reported to have held the knife against a childs throat. GAIN 1 STRESS POINT
Do you:
Deny this allegation? [GO TO 6]
Agree? [GO TO 7]

The Police ask you to sign the bottom of a blank piece of paper, explaining that it is for (mumble mumble confusing irrelevant reason). GAIN ONE STRESS POINT
Do you:
Sign the paperwork. [GO TO 7]
Refuse to sign the paperwork. [GO TO 20]

The police decide to press charges against you hoping for a conviction because you have admitted to holding a knife at a childs throat. Police psychiatrists will now interview with the intention of diagnosing you as a paranoid schizophrenic. You are looking at either jail time or high security mental ward. GAIN 10 STRESS POINTS
[GO TO 33]

The policeman is surprised because your intention to hand the knife in to the police shows your good character which is the opposite of the opinion he has formed on you as being somebody dangerous and anti-social. You are now free to leave. DEDUCT 1 STRESS POINT
[GO TO 9]

You return home to discover that your home has been burgled while you were in police custody and while the police were in possession of your front door key. There is no sign of a forced break-in. The apartment has been trashed, your property damaged.  GAIN 3 STRESS POINTS
Do you:
Contact the police immediately about the burglary. [Go to 11]
Search around to see what has been stolen and tidy up a bit. [Go to 13]

On the television two days later is a new article about a child who has been discovered dead from knife wounds in a playground. Police are calling for any witnesses to come forward.
Do you:
Contact the police because you saw the knife in the playground? [GO TO 14]
Stay quiet about the whole thing. [GO TO 15]

A police telephonist explains that having a messy apartment with no sign of a break in and nothing apparently missing is not a police matter. GAIN 1 STRESS POINT [GO TO 12]

The police arrive the next day to take a report about the burglary but do not actually care about it or about your loss. [GO TO 15]

As a dedicated musician you have music equipment. The process of making an album takes a long time. You have a pile of minidisc recordings because it tis the best possible sound quality equipment available. The content of these minidiscs is a mixture of your sounds and your final tracks for your album. The pile of minidisc recordings contains five years of your work, which is three whole albums plus the one you are currently working on, and a lot of recordings and sounds, samples, sections of songs, experiments, and so forth; relating to your finished albums.
However: these have disappeared from your apartment. You are also horrified to discover that your bass guitar has been kicked and damaged, the scratch-plate holding the dials in place has cracked.
Do you:
Contact the police about the burglary [Go to 12]
Do not trust the Police [GO TO 15]

The police invite you to the police station where they formally arrest you as protocol, interview you and take your fingerprints because you are now the prime suspect. As you have not directly confessed to the murder of a child, the police regard that it is probably you who left the knife in the playground, therefore that it is your knife which you should not have been carrying in public much less in a children's playground. However they have nothing to hold you on and so they let you go.
[GO TO 15]

You wrestle with your conscience. 
Do you:
Open your mail [GO TO 16]
Make some music [Make a note of this paragraph number and GO TO 32]

A letter arrives from your GP inviting you to see him.
Do you:
Ignore it? [GO TO 17]
Go and see the GP [GO TO 18]


Your GP explains to you that he has “been informed you hear voices”
Do you:
Agree that you hear voices [GO TO 19]
Reply by saying; “Of course I hear voices Doctor, how else would I be able to answer your question?” [GO TO 19]
Deny that you hear voices. [GO TO 21]

The GP says “That is a classic symptom of textbook schizophrenia. I am diagnosing you as schizophrenic and recommending you to psychiatric counselling sessions at the local mental health centre.”
Do you attempt to explain to the GP that he is mis-interpreting you and that you do not actually hear voices; that the fault is a mis-communication based on that his specific question was not ‘do you hear imaginary, hallucinatory voices’ but since he is a medical and not a mental doctor, you interpreted it to mean ‘do your ears work and do you recognise language?’ [GO TO 21]
Do you accept the GPs diagnosis. [GO TO 23]
Ask the Doctor to prescribe you some valium [GO TO 30]

After some time in the cells and being interviewed on tape, the police let you go, having given you an official Caution. As this is your first offence (carrying a dangerous weapon) the police do not press charges on this occasion although it will be on your permanent record. The Policeman interviewing you tells you that he has no choice but to return the knife to you as it is your property.
Do you:
Hand the knife into the police. [GO TO 8]
Leave the police station with the knife in your pocket? [GO TO 9]

The GP explains that he has it on authority that you hear voices and that denial of hearing voices
which is a textbook symptom of classic schizophrenia, is also a symptom of schizophrenia. On this basis he recommends you to psychiatric counselling for a review by qualified specialists at the local mental health centre. GAIN 1 STRESS POINT
Do you:
Ask the GP on whose authority he has it that you hear voices? [GO TO 22]
Accept the Doctors diagnosis. [GO TO 23]

The GP explains that he cannot tell you who has informed him that you are known to hear voices due to that being confidential information. GAIN 1 STRESS POINT
Do you:
Accept the GPs diagnosis [GO TO 23]
Ask the Doctor to prescribe you some valium [GO TO 30]

A week later two letters arrive.
Do you:
Open the brown envelope [Go To 24]
Open the white envelope [Go To 25]
Ignore both envelopes [GO TO 17]

The brown envelope contains an eviction letter from the council explaining that as your rent is in arrears, they are throwing you out of your council flat. You have two weeks notice. You are 100% certain that the DWP pays your rent given that you are on benefits, no rent money passes through your hands - it goes directly from one apartment to another apartment.
Do You:
Go to the council offices to sort this out [GO TO 26]
Write back to the council [GO TO 27]
Ignore it [GO TO 28]
Open the other letter [GO TO 25]

The white envelope contains an appointment letter for the local Mental Health review team.
Do You:
Ignore it [GO TO 34]
Open the other letter [GO TO 24]
Attend the appointment [GO TO 31]

The council office is shut. It is always shut. On occasions when it is open, the person you have an appointment to see does not attend for spurious reasons. Making a new appointment results in more of the same. It is the way the Council work. You know all of this from previous experience.
Do you:
Write to the council [GO TO 27]
Open the white letter (if you have not already done so) [GO TO 25]
Visit the Chemist [GO TO 29]
Make some music [Make a note of this paragraph number and GO TO 32]

Writing a letter to the council.
If your STRESS RATE is 4 or above; you find writing the letter to be stressful, GAIN 1 STRESS POINT.
If your STRESS RATE is 3 or less, you do not find writing the letter to be a stressful activity.

You write an elaborate letter to the council explaining everything, that one department pays your rent directly to the other department and that none of the money passes through your hands, and that you have evidence to support the claim by form of letters previously sent to you by the various departments themselves explaining this situation. Therefore if the one department has not received the rent money from the other department, that it has absolutely nothing to do with you and is not your fault, also that you do not owe them a damn penny given that you are on state benefits and the rent is paid for by the benefits agency, not by you.
Do You:
Post it first class recorded delivery? [GO TO 35]
Post it by normal mail (ie; not recorded delivery) [GO TO 36]

You contemplate how this glitch in the system has occurred. It occurs to you that perhaps the Police has informed the Council illegally in respect of the Data Protection Act 1998 that you are known to have held a knife against a childs throat, and a backstage conspiracy constituting hate crime is behind this. It also occurs to you that the system workers are useless and this type of error is likely to have happened simply by mistake. It also occurs to you that human error is used as justification by abusers who have got it in for you based on slander and hearsay.
[GO TO ]

The chemist gives you the prescription order from the GP. You now have 3 x average strength valium pill. Each pill will reduce your Stress Rate by 50% but after you have taken 3 of these, you will require a stronger dose for the same effect. Valium is psychologically addictive. You may take one or more of these pills at any time.
Return Home [GO TO 32]
Attend the Mental Health Review [GO TO 31]

The Doctor writes you a prescription for some average strength valium.
You will have to collect this from a chemist.
1 average strength Valium Pill will reduce your Stress Rate by 50%
[Return to your previous Paragraph number]

Mental Health Review.
You explain to the state workers of the Mental Health Psychiatric Review team that you do not believe that you hear voices and there has been some mistake. They explain to you that a symptom of classic schizophrenia is denial of being schizophrenic; therefore this verifies that you are schizophrenic. GAIN 2 STRESS POINTS.
The Mental Health Review team offer you a choice of psychiatric pharmaceutical drugs for treatment of schizophrenia.
Do you:
Accept a drug which causes growth of lactating breasts in males. [GO TO 37]
Accept a drug which will give you audio hallucinations (to cure your alleged audio hallucinations). [GO TO 38]
Accept a drug which has been banned due to it causing suicidal tendencies. [GO TO 39]
Decline ALL the above psychiatric drugs [GO TO 40]

You record some very dark, depressing dirge-like music; however it gets some of the stress out of your system. DEDUCT 1 STRESS POINT.
[Return to your previous paragraph number]

It has all gotten too much for you and you cannot cope with it any more. Your mind shuts down to process the overload of stress which you are soaking up from experiences. Your biology responds by going haywire, sending floods of random hormones in random orders in an attempt to balance itself going wrong and causing further imbalances. The precise nature of a mental breakdown varies between individuals however it is recognised that you are no longer able to function in normal society.
(not because this is the end of the story but because it is the end of you having any choice over the rest of your life worth writing about; and this being a choose your own adventure story rather than a novella).

having ignored appointment for mental review letter

You are satisfied that the letter will arrive at the council and will be answered because you have evidence that it was sent - thanks to having posted it by recorded delivery, the recipient will not be able to pretend they did not receive it. You make sure the receipt for the postage is in a safe place. DEDUCT 1 STRESS POINT
[GO TO ]

You save yourself fifty pence but you worry that the letter will be lot in the mail, or that the recipient will throw it in the bin and pretend it was lost in the mail. GAIN 1 STRESS POINT
[GO TO ]

You are prescribed a box of 10 pills.
Every time you take 1 of these pills, DEDUCT 1 STRESS POINT
For every 1 of these pills, your breasts grow by 1 inch for the duration of the following week, after which they return to normal. When your breasts increase by 3 inches they will begin to lactate. Another side effect of this drug is that your voice rises in pitch by 1 western musical note (eg; a white piano key) per pill. If you are a man your testosterone and fertility is reduced by 50% per pill. If you are a woman your fertility increases as does your desire for motherhood.
If you want more of these pills you will have to go to your GP [Make a note of your paragraph number and GO TO 60]
For now; [GO TO ]

You are prescribed a box of 6 pills.
Every time you take 1 of these pills, DEDUCT 1 STRESS POINT
For every pill you take, you will begin to have audio hallucinations, such as hearing voices and other random sounds.
If this occurs while your STRESS RATE is at 6 or above [GO TO 61].
If this occurs while your STRESS RATE is 5 or less, you can cope with it by accepting it as a side effect of the drugs.
If you want more of these pills you will have to go to your GP [Make a note of your paragraph number and GO TO 60]
For now; [GO TO ]

Every time you take 1 of these pills, GAIN 1 STRESS POINT
If you want more of these pills you will have to go to your GP [Make a note of your paragraph number and GO TO 60]
For now; [GO TO ]

Is your STRESS RATE equal to 7 or less? [GO TO 41]
Is your STRESS RATE equal to 8 or above? [GO TO 42]

The psychiatric team identify that you are not dangerous to yourself or society. They explain that because you have attended the review of your own volition and are refusing to accept any of the chemicals they have offered for treatment, there is nothing else they can do. They will put on your medical record that you have been diagnosed with Schizophrenia by a GP and that you will have to get a second opinion from a different GP to change that, although there is a chance a second GP will verify the diagnosis as correct. They do not believe you require to be ‘Sectioned’ (psychiatry terminology for ‘dragged away and locked up by men in white coats against your will’) - at this time.
Go Home [GO TO 43]

The psychiatric team identify that you are highly stressed. This is itself not a dangerous mental illness. A note is made of this in your case file. [GO TO 41]

A letter has arrived in a brown envelope.
Do you:
Open it [GO TO 44]
Ignore it [GO TO 45]

The letter is from the DWP (department for work and pensions) and explains that because you missed an appointment at the JobCenter, your benefits have been stopped. The letter explains that you can Appeal if you believe they have made a mistake. You will also have to make an appointment to make a new claim for benefits. GAIN 1 STRESS POINT
Do you:
Go to the JobCenter to get an Appeal form and Benefits Claim form [GO TO 46]
Phone the DWP help-line to get the paperwork posted to you [GO TO 47]

ignore DWP letter

go to jobcenter for appeal & claim forms
Do you:
Look in the Job Centre computers to see if there are any appropriate jobs? [GO TO 53]

phone dwp for appeal & claim forms

Filling in the Appeal Form and Benefit Claim Form there is a section which asks if there is anybody else to help you with this.
Do you decide that you can cope with it yourself [GO TO 49]
Do you decide that you require somebody to help you with it [GO TO 50]

You fill in the Appeal Form and post it to the DWP.
Do you send it by recorded delivery? [GO TO 51]
Do you send it by normal post? [GO TO 52]

Due to your recent involvement with the Mental Health Review team, you have been allocated a Social Worker who recognises you are having trouble from the system and invites you to see her in her office. She basically can jump you through the hoops so far as paperwork is concerned. DEDUCT 3 STRESS POINTS.
[GO TO ]

appeal form by recorded delivery

appeal form not by recorded delivery
The DWP deny ever having received your Appeal Letter.

There are currently 3 available jobs to apply for in the Job Centre database:
Supermarket Shelf Stacking [GO TO 54]
Public Toilet Cleaner [GO TO 55]
Fast Food Fryer [GO TO 56]
Decide that none of those jobs are worth doing [GO TO 57]

You are invited to attend interview for: Supermarket Shelf Stacker.
During the interview you are asked if you have any previous experience? (+1)
Any history of involvement with the police (-1)
Any history of mental illness (-1)
You are permitted to lie about this, although doing so constitutes fraud which is a criminal activity.
Add up your points.
If you have zero or more points [GO TO 65]
If you have less than zero points [GO TO 66]

You are invited to attend interview for: Public Toilet Cleaner.
During the interview you are asked if you have any previous experience? (+1)
Any history of involvement with the police (-1)

Any history of mental illness (-1)
You are permitted to lie about this, although doing so constitutes fraud which is a criminal activity.
Add up your points.
If you have zero or more points [GO TO 65]
If you have less than zero points [GO TO 66]

You are invited to attend interview for: Fast Food Fryer.
During the interview you are asked if you have any previous experience? (+1)
Any history of involvement with the police (-1)

Any history of mental illness (-1)
You are permitted to lie about this, although doing so constitutes fraud which is a criminal activity.
Add up your points.
If you have zero or more points [GO TO 65]
If you have less than zero points [GO TO 66]


The interview form asks if you have a history of mental health problems.
The interview form asks if you have a criminal record.
Technically a caution is not a criminal record, it will not show up on a basic background check but it will show up on a detailed background check.
Lying on an application form constitutes fraud and this itself is a criminal offence.
If you answer Yes to either of these questions [GO TO 62]
If you answer No to both of these questions [GO TO 63]
If you throw the interview form in the bin [GO TO 59]


go to doctor for more pills from the mental health place

prescribed hallucinatory pharmacology drugs get too much to cope with

You never hear back from this job application.
Return to you previous paragraph number.

The letter is an invitation to attend an interview for the job!


Congratulations, you have got the job!
You will now be able to economically stabilize your life and prove that you are a reliable member of society.

Unfortunately your application was unsuccessful at this time.
If you would like to apply for a different job [GO TO 53]
If you would like to go and make some music [GO TO 32]

Attempting to retrieve a copy of mental health medical records.
You are informed that your case file has been lot by the NHS.

Friday 27 May 2016

VR tech prediction

Exciting though the emerging technology is: what we have today is the existing infrastructure. Tomorrows technology will eventually establish itself only for those who can afford to purchase it. This will take several years, at least a decade before todays cutting-edge VR hand-held controllers are as common as a joypad controller as a gaming peripheral. That is if they can be made very cheaply, 3D printed at home, etc. For most people who cannot afford to integrate todays cutting-edge (and who know it will be outmoded and replaced within the next two or three years of development arc) - and that is most people - we have to make do with the existing stuff we already have. Most people cannot even access SecondLife VR because they do not have powerful enough computers. VR is still the elite game, even without a headset when you are interfacing through a flatscreen monitor, mouse and keyboard. The future will be sitting down with bulky glasses on your face and using simplified keyboard-mouse configurations, rather than standing up, walking around and bumping into things in your not-so-padded-cell environment. Bruise those shins, spill that cola, dump the headset in the bin. Waving arms around is energy-consuming and unsafe, and unnecessary. You are already used to a keyboard controller. In future you will have skater-style gloves with a few palm- and ring-studs projecting and interfacing with the digital data observed from within the goggles. It will be this way because affordable = everywhere, because less materials to produce = keeps costs down. These bulky headsets will be laughed at a decade from now, when the cutting-edge users will be investing in contact-lenses for the augmented VR experience. And that's my prediction.

Judging Relative Values

Today I was called into the DWP on suspicion of fraud. Somebody had told the Jokeshop that I am working. I function, yes. The mis-use of the word 'working' applying it as 'working for profit' is something I have to dispute with the people who do not use the English language properly. 
I am 'working' flat-out but it is voluntary, non-profit. I do this so that I can achieve a better paid job in the industry I am already a part of. Because i need to pay my bills, buy food and clothes for my son and myself, and eventually work up to affording to own and run a car so that I can expand my potential. These are normal aspirations in the real-world community I subsist in. 
While I was in the Jokeshop the 2 security guards stood ten feet away from me; 
"Who's he then?" asked one. 
"Here to see [name witheld]" explained the other. 
"A loser." said the first. 
"YES!" emphatically asserted the second. 
At this stage I decided to put in a formal complaint. 
I explained to the fraud officer that I am not working for money and requested to know how many hours I can work and what is the maximum amount I can earn before my benefits are capped. I was given a phone number. 
After this I had another meeting with the Hwb which is funded by the EU to get people into appropriate paid employment. Their ethos is entirely different to the DWP. They even gave me a coffee. On their computers we checked out the DWP website which states that a person in my situation can earn up to uk£115 per week 'permitted income' without it affecting their benefits. Were I to get a job earning that much it would double my income, it is equivalent to doing two eight-hour shifts per week at national minimum wage. 
Why the DWP could not give me this information when I spoke with them face to face is illustrative of their refusal to help people and the prejudice inherent in their system. Following this I went to the Works which is a chainstore providing cheap stuff, books and artistic materials. I was looking for something to entertain my 5 year old with which does not involve computer games. 
I discovered a paperback 144 pages long (masonic numbers) written by Anita Taylor and Paul Thomas who were two of my teachers when I got my Fine Arts (honours) degree in Cheltenham Art School of Gloucester University; a qualification which has proved useless in securing me regular work because 'everybody expects artists to work for free'. 
The Hwb are arranging for me to do litter picking as a voluntary activity so that I can build up some respect regarding my 'work ethos'. I was up last night between the hours of 3am and 5am doing voluntary work within cyberspace helping somebody to make a short animated film about Life Aspirations with half a dozen other members of our internationally based crew. This is non-profit but involvement with it looks good on our CV's within the VR and animation industries. 
While in the Hwb I also picked up a flyer from a company who can for uk£500 per month provide you with a website (which I can build for free in a few hours), a domain name (which I can get you for uk£3 per year), and some flyers and business cards (which I can get you for less than uk£30). I know this for a fact because this is what I have paid for these things myself after researching beyond 'picking up flyers and getting other people to do everything for me'. When I point out that the offline economy relies on scams to establish positions of employment, the technical name of which is ‘false economy’ - and that I can undercut all my rivals in that marketplace, the people working in the employment industries think I am talking shit. This is the problem with the cultural difference between the cyber-pro's and the non-internet people. People think I am lying and regard this as a sign of me being mentally unstable and therefore unfit for regular paid work, hence me being on benefits. Who am I to judge relative values ?

The following is a copy-block-quote from Drawing a foundation course by Anita Taylor and Paul Thomas, my teachers at uni. It relates to the title of this piece; Judging Relative Values. 
Subjective Drawing 
"When we draw from imagination, we gather together the strands of our visual experiences, link them with associative memories that can incorporate all of our senses and try to reform the world in one coherent image. Having identified a subject, we try and find the right form in which to express our thoughts and feelings in relation to the subject." 
"Is there such a thing as subjective drawing? The idea that an image can be completely subjective is not possible, or even very interesting. It is the way in which our experience of the world around us, and its fantastic variety of shapes and forms, can be transformed into compelling images capable of ever more inventive associations. It is through these carefully mediated associations that poetry comes into being. The world around us waits for us to recognise its potential in poetic observation."
NB the word recognise spelled with an 's' not a 'z' in this book. 
Well, I had a difference of opinion with my lecturers regarding their working assumption. To summarize: 
"Is there such a thing as subjective drawing? The idea that an image can be completely subjective is not possible, or even very interesting." 
Despite what they say, that is what my own art is all about - the distinction between the projected concept and the observation of the actual object. This thing is crucial into developing a better artist, a better observer, a more acute mind. To see only what we project onto the world - that is hell, that is inability to adapt to change. 


Saturday 21 May 2016

Nibiru and Nephilim

People await the Nephilim to return on Niburu - what they do not realize is the Nephilim are already here; transmigrating into Human bodies for the duration. As such are inevitably swamped by Human culture and conditioning. They are not going to come down here in spaceships as expected simply because the body is the spaceship. When the energy field is reconfigured to access the many alternate available paradigms and spectrums, we begin to understand what is actually happening.

From the Auriglyphica of SnakeAppleTree:

Ni - manifesting (from literally 'return down the mountain toward the chosen/direct path, known from observing from the Apex') - the indicative 'i' is 'travel toward' (the direct path to the sunrise, horizon, divinity).

Bu - of the result of the baseline (lower chakra / lower self) level (of our actions), on the ascendant (direct) line (purest connection with divinity - this can be interpreted both metaphorically and as electromagnetism). Note that the vowel 'u' indicates 'receptacle for spirit' and so it is the cauldron containing all of the lower densities which are in play here.

Ru - that which issues forth (speech but the word speech is indicating activities, rather than verbal - "we are true to our word so we say as we do" it means judging by actions not by words).

Generally this refers more to 'everything we have done' rather than 'everything we do' in present tense, although what we do in present tense is of course the becoming for everything that we have done in the past, is the portal through which our history travels, is the gate through which our scroll passes (some translate this as 'eye of a needle' (referring to thread in the weave) and 'gate of heaven' (the present moment, of course where else would such a thing exist?)

Niburu is so named because it heralds the described situation. The lowest common denominator for our activities at this time result in the manifestation of the new world. The individual may decide whether it is a message for individuals or for the planetary community as a whole.

Ne - 'e' indicates 'the three levels of life' (lower, middle and higher planes). Ne is another 'manifestation' word indicating knowledge which requires past experience. The Nephilim are so called because they are this thing; retained wisdom of histories through experience of whole cycles.

Phi - the ascendant and aspirant seer. The word sorcerer-king (pharoah) mutates from phi-ru (phi as in 'pi' 3.14).

The Aurioglyphica is a compendium containing the wisdom of phonemic translations to english, from the temple priests of the egyptian freemasons. It is a codex required for decoding the ancient astrologic mythologies dating back to Assyria-Babylonia~ and retained by secret societies for many thousands of years.

The ability for humans to get the information to those transmigrant souls as a part of re-awakening process is indicative of our long-term cultural awareness of species-as-holistic-self inclusive of elements outside of general awareness. People to whom this is 'conspiracy theory nonsense' are not illuminatii. What is presented here is a very very basic scratching at the surface of a much more in depth body of knowledge. There was more but the military has blowed up a lot of it, reducing the baseline by several levels, to the detriment of humanity and conscious life as a whole. Sufficient has been retained - that you are reading this is evidence of that, and of whom the real illuminatii actually are.

People who accuse me of 'starting a mystery cult' are entirely missing the point, are ignorant. I have been educated. I am teaching others from that education, to educate them also. I am not forcing this on anyone and I am not receiving material gain for it. Haters hate enlightenment, it is what happens when you shine a light in the dark; it attracts moths. I am not starting a mystery cult. I am teaching people a very ancient system of knowledge which is carved onto stone temples all over the planet. There is a big difference.

More specifically, I am teaching how to interpret the verbal information which the carvings depict, based on one system of awareness which is my lineage. I am doing this publicly - therefore it is not a secret society. You decide for yourself if this sort of education is relevant for you and for your community and if it is not, ignore it, you do not have to attack those who have benefited from an education, you could learn from them.

The bulk body of this work will be available in the Auriglyphica, as and when the compendium is sufficiently completed to release it for public.

Friday 13 May 2016

It Is Known

It Is Known

Police: “Why don’t you like him?”
Godfrey: “We don't know him.”
Police: “Why don't you get to know him?”
Godfrey: “Because we don’t like him.” 

Getting to know somebody by asking other people about that person is getting to know the social reputation of a person. This is not the same thing as getting to know a person. Around where I live, slander campaigns, envy, lies, bitter rivalry, mis-perceptions, allegations, petty hates, rumors, form the foundation of social reputation.

The reality is, the worlds between individuals are for the most part peaceful and mutually rewarding relationships. When a third person is introduced and you use the third persons words instead of a direct relationship with a person, things go awry.

Let me put it this way; when you talk to God, do you talk to somebody religious about God or do you simply talk to God directly? If you need to get to know God, you do it directly, you do not need a third party intervener because then you have zero relationship with God. Don’t get me wrong, I make no intention of comparing myself with God.

The point is that it is the same with all people. I am not religious but I can see that God symbolizes purity. If you want a pure relationship, go to source. If you want a muddy opinion full of confusion, avoid source. If a person has gone around asking about me, and having their head filled with lies, allegations, envies, slander, rumors, petty hates, and so on; they are not actually interested in getting to know me. They are interested in what society will think of them if they try to get to know me.

And being pure hearted sort of person I can tell when I meet somebody, the purity between two people and how many stages of distance there are, how many other peoples opinions they are weighing me by, how many shields they have up and whether those shields are necessary or from their encounters with other people who are nothing to do with me. This is the same for all of us.

The sick problem we have in society is that the vast majority of people are so full of shit that the dirty confusion is to them a normality, they do not have authentic relationships with each other. Some of us do and that is how we can directly tell the difference between the ones who do not. And all we need to do is to be totally honest with ourselves and with other people. To become real and to live utterly in the moment without judging a person because of what someone irrelevant told you some time previously. It clears everything immediately.

People who live in a world where their opinion about a person is what society has decided about a person, are not living in the real world. They are not living lucidly; they are living manipulatively. They might be working in positions of relative authority but they are not authority because they are not authentic. I do not always respect assumed positions of authority. I respect authenticity far more. While on the one hand this makes me a social outcast of most groups of people; it also means I have a higher quality and more meaningful experience of life than do most people. It also means that my real friends are real friends, they are not comfort blankets to cover over a hole I dare not look in. I don’t have that hole in me.

And I truly do not care about your opinions, not of me, not of other people. Because I am self respecting and I make my own mind up about people, and things in general, because I trust my own experience and my own instincts. I do not trust a society that tells me I am wrong for my experiences and instincts.

As consequence; I am one who watches an alleged pedophile help an old lady cross the road and smiles at him for it. I am one who watches a man taking off his Anonymous mask to talk to a media reporter in the name of self glorification and I see he has no integrity despite his having hundreds of times more fans than I ever will. I am one who knows that the death row dog only bit the child because the child poked it in the eye with a toy and sympathies with the dog as much as the child. I am one who does not look away from Truth even when ordered by mainstream to follow the lies. Because I am in reality.

It does not matter what other people say about me. It does not matter who I was yesterday or a year ago because all of that is mere experience on the path toward this moment. This moment is my reality and that is all there is; we do not need to fill it up with distracting nonsense, opinions and rumors to begrudge a person who equal to us on this planet.

If you are one of the people who reads this and agree’s with it, understands it, enjoys what I am speaking about; then you know me better than does the person who asks my criminal neighbors who met me once and were rude for no reason.

But there is a reason, there is always a reason. It is usually self-protection. It is usually because people recognize, consciously or subconsciously, that I have purity of insight and do not want me to find out whatever it is they are hiding. I truly couldn’t care less although I can usually tell. This clarity comes from integrity. It comes from non-judgement. It is judgement which blinds us from it.

That’s the path. It is Taoism and it is truly simple.

picture commandeered from popular london based youtube media figure who started using it a decade after I did ~

Wednesday 4 May 2016

Waves Of Solar Intent

When a strong Manifestor begins manifesting other people to re-affirm their preconceptions, those other people enact the protocol. If they do not conform to it, the manifestor regards them as spurious.
Once you are aware that this is a factor in our ongoing experiences, both socially and in preparation for socially; that Manifestors emit waves which affect those who are susceptible: then you can begin the process of detachment from other peoples waves. 
Recognising that holisticism is a mutable entity used by some people and which affects all those around them, is a vital part of ‘Waking Up’ to how the co-Creation works and what it is. 
Other peoples manifestations affect our thoughts, emotions, activities, they affect the things which come to us and through us. You are doing nothing wrong by detaching from other peoples generated waves. It is the only way toward personal empowerment. 
When you become aware how cause and affect functions in this way, integrating humans as a part of the reality machine; you become aware of who are consciously enslaving others to their designs, who are unconsciously enslaving others to their designs, who is oblivious to how we are controlled from higher dimensional intentions, and who are merely zombies enacting whatever program function they have been encoded with. 
Who retains objective clarity is the Pharaoh. 
It is useful to remember that many natural waves are occurring at many different frequencies; the process of deja vu is when two frequencies (timestreams) merge. The waves create syncronicities. 
Some waves are positive and beneficial, such as those radiated by the Solar Heart / Solar Mind which is the most optimum and energising God of our Solar System. 
Many waves we experience are so entrenched as to be regarded as ‘normality’, yet they compete with the Solar Intention. Most waves which affect us are other peoples egotists and desires. 
The intention with which a wave is created, is the flow-frequency of that manifestation. The waves work gravitationally that is they suck us into them if we resonate with them. Most people are willing and open to be co-harmonious, this is why people are vulnerable to manipulation. 
The school I follow is to attain utter detachment from every wave, seeing all waves as control games - with the one exception of the natural Solar Intent. Between the Self and the Solar Intent is a personal wave called the Medicine Journey. 
NB the geographic lay-out of places (eg; cities), and the Kami (spirit) of a place, all have their own agenda’s. manifest their own waves of intention; patterns to be manifested, unknowingly, by the people whose minds and lives are programmed by living there.