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Blood Plants and Darkness

Blood, Plants and Darkness

This is a teaching about Shamanism for Creatives, about tapping Life Source energy of god-like Deities and how to identify them and their nature. Proximity and Affinity with source flow are often sufficient to become a conduit of and for that flow. This blog is therefore about Environment and our role as (an interactive) part of it.

Intro: Colour Palettes

Throughout my life as an artist I have been aware of the following complimentary colour palettes: 

Blue/Black & Yellow/Gold (egyptian)

Red Green Black (mayan)

Sepia Crimson Cyan/Indigo (pacific)

Ocher Red-Ocher Burnt-Umber (australian aboriginal)

Lime Tan Grey 
(I have avoided studying this as it indicates Fading, weakening with Antiquity, Aged, Forget)

Black White Red (nyarlahotep)

When these colours become apparent, you know that you are dealing with the nature or spirit of the themes invoked by them. Tone is frequency, is waveform, and has its own inherent systems. It can be measured precisely by mathematics and by sensitive intuitive empathy.

By making associations of different, apparently unrelated items which nevertheless follow the same colour spectrum, we can identify them as being related from behind the scenes, connected in the subconscious sub-atomic flows governing this organic and living multiverse which our creativity taps into in a process of mythopoetic manifestation. These associated colour series describe or connect us with specific Deities, each of their own mood, persona, objectives and purpose. 

Cyber Jungle : Itza (Mayan) means 'Urban Ways'

Working recently with Asmita Duranja on NeoCyberCity* (our zones 'Sukavathi' & 'Wabi Sabi') a 3D build project in SecondLife. One of the inspirations I have been using for it is a movie called the Gene Generation. The imagery and feeling from this film connects very strongly with the imagery from the Followers of Set / Setite clan of Vampire: the Masquerade which I was discussing on another blog; This Is This : Sukhet is Tapir.

* contrast between the 1980s and 2010s views of the future are as stark as black and white.

20th century 'future urban architecture' : Silver/Gray, Black, Neon, Sepia 
(grime, dirge, dystopian, industrial) 

21st century 'future urban architecture' : White and Green 
(clean, fresh, utopian, post-industrial)

The purpose of this current blog is to compare these two sets of imagery, discerning pro's and cons of their belonging to the same universe, that they are different windows into the same spectrum and that they combine to emphasize and enhance the identification . The other themes involved with these two sources and how they compare will be used to develop further insight into the persona of this thing along with its more traditional roots. 

Gene Generation


I very much like the relationship between these two images; 
'girl and city', one representing the essence of the other; 
which is exactly what "Ishtar is Itza" is all about.

Perhaps it is that by reacting to her environment, 
she changes and is changed by her environment; 
if so then the environment is crafting her as much as she, it.

Demotown by Jesse Honsa and Gregory Mahoney

Here is a link to an amazing breathe of fresh air regarding deforestation and synthetic leafs.

Here is a link to a new material which can store oxygen for later release. 

Here is a link to the genius John Hutchinson who is pioneering a solution to radiation containment.

Copyright Images shared For Educational Purposes in accordance with International Fair Use Policy.



"Nothing is ever finished" Peter Robinson

sculptor, painter, teacher and occasional spirit guide

This is my main blog about a cyber build I am fortunate enough to have been invited to co-produce along with Asmita Duranja of Space4Art with thanks to Marian Evanier who is hosting my construction. There are also some related posts (see links at bottom of this article). This blog is mostly to showcase some chosen photo's which are part of the bulk upload on my flikr. 

During construction I was using one SecondLife Viewer settings. Following 'completion' if that is an appropriate term I changed to the Region Viewer settings chosen by Asmita; it totally altered the view and feel of our environment, blending together the black and white of the artists respective components through cyber-ephemeral silver-gray. The atmosphere is potent, brooding; evocative. You can feel the stories of lives being told, hear the sounds of the place echoing from the distance over a silver reflective river, the banks of which host a babel of towers and mystery.

The theme is oriental urban sci-fi.

From my time on this project has come a lot of inspiration, directions for further development; in my painting, my digital 3D and in my writing. Too much to contain in one blog.

I have a lot to thank Asmita Duranja for, in recognizing my potential and taking me on to work with her. She has proved herself to be a master; being an artist herself having awareness of the value of giving people space to develop and the tactful encouragement of gentle positive criticism. 

I also want to thank Jedda Zenovka who when I first arrived in SecondLife a year ago and had got the newbie buzz out of my system, dedicated her patience and time in teaching me the basics of uploading and texturing mesh. Jedda also works with sci-fi and ecological themes, fusing them together to create ecologies possible only because of the interactive digital art form that is virtual reality.

[images to follow]

The following links along with the imagery are to be taken as a trilogy of related writings.

Wabi Sabi - artists statement about my build

Flesh Dream - short story about life in NeoCyberCity

Prajnaparadha - "Crimes Against Wisdom" - short story exploring relation between inner turmoil and civic unrest


I lost the first part of this. It is possible still somewhere in my notes. Also I am unsatisfied with the end. I feel a need to publish it now simply to avoid forgetting about it. It is what it is.

"Prajnaparadha" (noun, Sanskrit) - "Crimes against Wisdom”

"There is a difference between making a written report to the next higher echelons in the system through appropriate channels, about misconduct of the lower echelons which is not being sorted out at that level due to the misconduct; and libel. The lower echelons responsible for the misconduct are in a situation where their response of attacking the whistleblower for making accusations against them is questionable in its appropriateness."

The newsreel complaining about the latest terrorist activity in this zone, more graffiti slogans. Whoever was doing it could somehow bypass the scanner-detectors. It was exciting and terrifying at the same time. The newsreel graciously reported the entire story, causing Sable to wonder about the political ethics of whoever was programming the data. 

The graffiti’s message was broadcast verbally by the soft feminine voice of the auto-computer: "When the state does not serve the people, and yet the people are expected to be subservient to the state; it creates a tension, exploited by state control, martial law; state openly defies that it serves the people by persecuting them. This is called tyranny.” The punishment for this form of terrorism is disappearance, the polite word for termination.

Sable unravels the data scroll which she had found in the bath house and reads it.

"My great grandfather, he built this stream of consciousness with his bare hands, it has been passed down as a family heirloom for several generations. It was made in a time of great social upheaval, from before the chipping began. Experts say that it reveals a form a humor called satire and that if the authorities know we have this they will terminate us for being influenced by dangerous attitude. ”

Tomorrow she will dutifully report it to the police cubical and clear her name of any assumed suspicion of all insidious activities. Then she will attend the shrine of ixa, the symbol for the city, her goddess. She who is the Way.

The haiku randomizer is burbling in the background.

the signs of success
are not making envy
they are happiness

Surreptitiously, Sable writes one of her own and submits it to the database.

no-one is coming for you
you have to go out and take
go out and find (it)

Aware that these are not Haiku proper, given the incorrect number of syllables. Nonconformity to the 575 syllable principle. Very often the randomizer is making bad translations of words, otherwise unassociated. Cheap foreign technology for an alien market, a subtle method of subversion. Program the semi-listeners from the background in the guise of cultural continuity and community integrations. 


The state issues us a challenge, to be true to our instincts or to follow aspirations engineered in us culturally from birth to perpetuate the state. As machine it ensures sustainable civilisation, generation after generation. 

"But it is so boring!" shouts Sable, then clasping her hands both over her mouth as though to double shut herself up, her eyes wide and wishing to take back the unexpected outburst, surprising herself more than any other who might be eavesdropping. Listening in on her activities to report her normality or otherwise suspicious breaks in the routine cycles she has developed as acceptable, non-threatening to social sustenance.

She lets out a deep sigh as she realizes no lazer-droids are coming for her this moment and relaxes back onto the plastic mattress of her sleeping cot.

On the Orient

This is one from a series of short epigrams entitled: "Coffee House" inspired by Al Raqis.

On the Orient

She explained it to me; “To understand the Orient, you have to understand Opiates. The trade by which government funds itself and controls the population. It is not spoken of publicly although it is ubiquitous, signs of it are everywhere. Addiction is about control. Who is in control of Self, of Will, this is through martial arts forms, dance, conquest, relationships, all facets of life. There is symbolism everywhere which relates to it. Chasing the Dragon. Life is stress, and so any place where relaxation is necessary, to step back from the world, in a safe house, or in a dragons den where businessmen discuss their matters and relax, together, pleased to be working for mutual benefit and not competing at war, a charlet house where women crafted in skills equal to the allure of soporific smoke may be experienced without the complexity of a marriage relationship, which for many men is preferable. There is no legitimacy in this just as there is no legitimacy in the police enforcing their rules upon people whose ways are as equals and whose culture goes further into antiquity than any police or government. Heritage encompasses all of this just as Aspirations to achieve great things fly high above it.”

I looked into her turtle face; blue-black eyes peering out from folded parchment skin. Her voice was at once dry, cracked and grating yet poetic, the rhythm a lullaby, the grain in that hoarse husk was pure, liquid blue. Her eyes were the same darkness. I knew then, I was talking with no ordinary mortal woman, but one who had lived through many lifetimes of extreme experience and who had yet retained or acquired a harmony, a lightness of being, a wizened one whose youth was more evident than her age despite her bodies antiquity. What secrets she held! 

Flower Fade

This is one from a series of short epigrams entitled: "Coffee House" inspired by Al Raqis.

Flower Fade

I would like to thank the Desertborn for teaching me an immutable teaching. From the first time Ivana introduced (my alt) to the Al Raqis sim and sat me in observation of a parliamentary meeting, to the storytelling session in seeq. The patient Pacing here is a huge part of the transcription, this teaching, it is wordless hence immutable. Sighs.

Today this platform helped me through to deal with somebody important to me irl, the simplicity of sharing a coffee and giving a person all of the energy and space they need to relax. The giving to someone the space to relax and to communicate. It is in the silence, the sharing, the bonding. This is part of the Tau. Minute energy connections and communications between people that occur only when we are not talking, when we are in those dreamy between spaces, coming into alertness. Levels in the drifting winds, altitudes of comfort, the places we connect and share worlds by our energetic configurations. After lifetimes of stress where such encounters are a battle for the levels, such moments are precious.

As for the person; Some flowers are so fragile, their colour changes when you look at them. In a world where the sun fades everything to the colour of dust, the lesson is to nurture. Frank Herbert wrote the line (paraphrased); "their preconception is not with water; it is with moisture, and that is an entirely more delicate thing."

As I sat in the room with her and her motion - psymotion stirred the winds, I saw the streams, my wings through the back of me as i faced her, tan and sand colour ribbons connecting threads back into Al Raqis to those planes and connections where the moment by magnetism attaches, the roots of focus and memory. It might be cyber but the stories are as real in psy-space, dream-space, as are material based events. I poured coffee, she spoke. 

I battled with inner demons pushing me to sit beside her, take her hand and softly kiss her lips, staying focused instead on respecting her; falling into her eyes which see past me and the room, she described energies around me with profound accuracy even without a tarot guide. To look into the eyes of a true soul is rare in this life and I had to look away for fear of her seeing my need. It is to her I should be saying these words, and yet to do so would burden her with weights. So they are shared as story, what is of great import to one is a light relief to another. 

Such is coffee house.

Coffee House

A series of short epigrams entitled: 

"Coffee House" 

inspired by Al Raqis

Coffee House is not reality. Coffee House is allegory and analogy. It is second hand, it is antique yet modern, it is received teaching, gossip, tales from the lives of other people. It contains everything in the human world from the mundane to the mystical, and yet it is passing trade, flippant and ever consumable, it is the banter paid for in barter and easy to close the book on to move along with your day. The sound of the chimes on the door in the wind are both a meditation and a clock, marking times passage between scenes. The continuity amidst uniqueness. It is a quick fix, a surface glance of a much deeper lens. This is, for the passing traveler, the scent of authenticity. But it is not the real thing. This is a tourists insight into a culture. Coffee House is a wallpaper version of the secret lives of those born to the desert tau.



肉 夢  Flesh Dream

Sable lays back on her plastic padded mattress and stares up at the neon white glow in motion of a haiku randomizer, the rooms ambient lighting. The place is beautiful in its simplicity. Back and white, and where there is age which speaks of history, sepia and gray. Wabi Sabi, the plays on the psychonic, mental radio-beam.

"white is the quest for purity
stained because the tarnished material we use to depict it
a longing
varnish and belonging"

She tunes out by altering her mental focus, gazing through a slatted perspex window at the city below. Her body tremors, she sniffs the clarity. On a low table occupying the center of her room is her payment, half of it cut early into little white lines that match the cities ambience. Wabi Sabi, the process of incompletion.

She remembers some of the dream from several nights ago, a strange world in which creatures of fantasy, faeries, dance and play amidst a vibrantly coloured forest. Her inner-self, a heart free of mind given freedom to flow as pure instinct. Does time function the same in the dreamworlds? Does time function the same in this city, where everybody autonomously robotic in their lifestyles, clattering like reptilian scales, clockwork machine people, ignoring one another to such extent that each other are invisible unless they share the same vibrational pathway that is the tao of whatever digital catalogue existence was chosen. Is it possible to shift tracks?

The limitations and frustrations of existing within a box, a box within a city made of boxes; pre-packaged people, pre-packaged lifestyles which it is an offense to question or seek to step outside the boundaries of. AI droid-cops float down on insect-like wings and with insect-like mechanical faces of sensors and lasers, ensure we step back on track. They lurk in shadows above and around us, hearing all, watching all, a surveillance society. We live in fear as they study us, fear lest we be extinguished for breaking the laws our ancestors set in place and programmed into these machines. Is it any wonder that our only outlet is to dream?

And in dream we discover such places, dragons and mermaids, a freedom of pine scented air, firefly glow passions. We meet others in the dreams, others from other worlds, other times and places. To transfer this visionary into brushwork, art for retail to sustain myself, to pay for the box and the protection of the droid-cops who keep this city quadrant safe and clean. Outside we are told there are others less fortunate than ourselves, the non-consumers, the non-elite. They live in horror which we cannot understand, the rust-world, the grunge, a decay. They live in animal poverty. We do not think of such things. Only the sleek of our black plastic and white neon lifestyles. How many invisibles are there in this city of perpetual night time? We should to question such things. To question leads to contamination, the breakdown of the social slipstreams we are individually provided for. This machine must not fail.

And so it is that I paint my dreams. Apparently the paintings offer hope to others who have not the ability to access the dreams. For them, the painting is the only insight in to the otherworld. But for me it is a real place. Some day I will find a method to make a transference, away from this world and into the dream completely, that I may exist there permanently.

The white powder from a plant grown in the city labs courses through my veins and keeps me away from the dream, away from sleep. I mindlessly paint memories of the last time I was there. Characters, people, and places of heightened colour. Feelings of flow and fluidity, that everything is as ephemeral as the holographic projections advertising media mindwash products. Perhaps to the dream people, it is this world, the city which is a dream. A dark one of simplicity and elegance but a horrific one for such as they. Could such creatures exist here in this realm? Could I become one? I take up my nylon brush and apply plastic ink to the recycled polymer canvas. Different grades of canvas take the ink in different ways. Such are the fabrics of these worlds we are grown from. From flesh to imagination. From imagination to flesh.


侘寂 wabi sabi - transience, imperfection, incompleteness

Since the 1980s vision of Cyberpunk epitomized by Blade Runner (Sid Mead, Philip K Dick, Ridley Scott); decadent technology creating divergent social castes against a backdrop of grime and decay; Until the 21st century oriental urban architecture of clean, white, humanistic towers, the surface of which is living green from hanging gardens providing fresh air to heal against smog, to create an arboreal environment that is serene and naturalistic to live in. Now when people look to the future the focus is about harmony and peace. This resonates strongly with eastern traditions inspired by Taoism, Buddhism. The western world in its permanently imminent state of financial collapse and totalitarianism has still not caught up with this progress.

We live during the transition.

Urban progress is a constant state of transition. Generation after progressive generation live on the same streets as our ancestors. In time we will become the ancestors. The deprivations of lifestyles ensure our focus is seldom on that and constantly on this moment, the immediate past and the very near future.

These are themes which have inspired my work on this build with thanks to Asmita Duranjaya and Miriam Evanier. While Asmita has concentrated on tradition and the legend of utopia, the heavenly city; I have concentrated on ersatz; seeking of cleanliness amidst grunge, that pursuit of synthetic removes us from nature. These entwined themes become metaphors for one another. What are we within this world where our emotional ranges are shaped by our environment?


> Following naturally on from …
> Connected with the ...
> Progressing naturally from ...

… choosing an appropriate prefix inter-duction to the …

… [theme and point of this blog] ...

… from the T-2014 pop-up digital-scroll HUD-menu retinal-interface


   This Is This *

… leads us [nicely] into ...

Back To Back

BTB episode 1

Presenting two tracks for your musical entrainment

1 snakeappletree (River Severn Underground) / Streets (featuring Missy K)
from "cybergothic" album: original title; 'cg streets, black kat remix'
(it now makes sense that 'cg' also stands for 'control games')

2 the Red Shark Sound System (Newport&Bristol Jazzstep) / Control Games

* the theme of 'This Is This' is timely and ironic given that yesterdays blog 'WTF3' was about 15-ISIS: th-IS IS th-IS. The prefix given here 'th' relates directly to the Egyptian concept of Thoth, the scribe, the word means 'to know'.


I need some mathematicians to work on this please

“Trouble Always Comes In Threes"

9.11.2001 - two towers (and building 3) of world trade centre usa blown up in false flag scenario

12.3.2011- two reactors at fukishima japan explode leaking plutonium

all these numbers add up

12-3 = 9 / 11

      day             month         year               sequence
 A   9,                1+1 = 2,      2+1 = 3,        923
 B   1+2 = 3,      3,                2+1+1 = 4,    334

d    9/3
m   2/3
y    3/4

What is the next number(s) in this series?
Was there a preceding event on the date derived from backtracking these numbers?

2001 to 2011 is a ten year interval, give or take several months

The questions:
What is the precise number of years, days, months between the 2 incidents?

We rate trying to establish 2 new dates from the figures given; a date preceding and a date following.

There is a chance that it is more or less 10 years apart, but more likely is that the event is on a curve; like with a fibonacci series. This is called a trajectory curve, a grid which when super-imposed on the calendar grid can pinpoint the trajectory of all events utilising the same symbolism, here we have cataclysm, the twin explosions, and because of building 3 at WTC and assuming a similar equivalent at fukishima, those three components are enough to create a grid.

Eventually I can figure it out by number crunching but right now I have not slept all night and am sharing my notes and thoughts about it with the public before i focus on doing the cursive to pinpoint both preceding date and following date. Help is much appreciated.

did something happen on 1.4.2012 ? (the C date) ?
IF that is the correct cursive.

kul wahad! this is a kickstarter: 9.5.2012 (955)

not the same date but we do have:
1+4 = 5 / 2+1+2 = 5 = 55
which signifies it is related numerically (all those 11's become 55’s)

also A d9 and B d12 gives C d15 thats a clue
it also makes 3 x 15 which is

and given the uprise in troubles and paranoia with Islamic extremists ISIS movement, the burning of Q'ran is symbolism for the bombing of Mecca…

1515 ISIS

is number though, squeeze them about in any shape and you can get them to do whatever you want them to show. Need to refine that correlation between A date and B date by month to get a more precise C date.

EDIT: Additional observation:

not timed on purpose, as in uk it is 11am precisely
see for yourself

Of further and related interest: timecode-node-event-1616022016

Monday 20 October 2014

What Christ deity was intended for

Recently departed has asked me to teach this to help move on. I am pagan but I have agreed because compassion. I am teaching it my way (the requested info is in bold). I hate this topic. People who go on about it annoy me a lot and thats putting it nicely. They usually get it wrong anyway.

What Christ is not:
what the forged gospels of matthew mark luke and john mention. These are based on the babylonian story of Mithra (a word that means: 'manifestation of the knowledge of the sun god'). Carbon dating of these chapters of the 4th century Sinai bible date to the 17th century Gregorian reformation of the catholic church.

What Christ is intended to be:
A deified symbol for; 'the way of Truth results in enlightenment'. This combined with the way of Love. Thats all it is.
For simplification we assign; 'God is Love'. Love is a frequency. It exists. We attune to it (plug into it) to be a conduit of it.

'God' is a term few christians appear to understand. To the gnostics it meant the Demiurge as the creator of this universe. To christians, the demiurge is assigned as satan. Lucifer means 'most beautiful light' which expanded (sown or cast) from the Source (heaven) and became 'mass-time' (time and matter - the material density we call 'space' containing all the stars and planets) hence the christian term 'mass' for the alignment of a community, traditionally using the Amen (ohm) cleansing, harmonizing chant resonant to the galactic vibrational harmonic of 13.

'Deification' is a process of the investment of a symbolized concept with psychic energy until it functions autonomously. Often we personify a deity as a human figure. The function of reality as a creation which we can affect is what enables the process. It is belief that sustains and nurtures the deity. 'Demon' is a common word for a vampiric deity. Deity typically require feeding, hence invocation by use of incense, attention-energy, etc.

'De' - earthed sunlight (energy of the sun god)
'I' - into
'Ty' - known, therefore, a vague summation of the formalized concept.

Okay so a lot of this is beyond what I was asked to teach, the request was simply an outline of what the deity 'christ' was intended to be before it was mutated for purposes of social control by a religious government.

Christ means: 'the way of Truth results in enlightenment', combined with the way of Love.
Truth. Not lies. Never settle for lies. There is always a deeper meaning.

What is meant by 'christed consciousness' is somebody whose operating frame of reference embodies that; the perception achieved as result of Truth and Love. It has nothing to do with religious dogma or context.

All of this is Belief, it is something we project into the world like a grid onto the chaos of raw potential. It is not something we learn by non-judgemental, objective observation of what is already there. That 'the observer affects the observed' makes clarity based objectivity very difficult which is why we use formalized deity to experiment with our projections, as levers, to comprehend and understand the Reality.
Worship of those levers is akin to a craftsman blessing his tools but it is not the same as knowing the material we are working with.

By the time we are accepting a need to use a lever to perceive accurately, we are already removed from pure observation. Whatever lever we use takes priority over the perceived. That problem is difficult to overcome.

The development of Islam as a second eye to balance Christianty so we can perceive three dimensionally is an experiment, most of the religious followers are unaware of that is what it is.
In brief; Christ is 'I am god' (chokma) while Islam is 'We are community' (binah). They function in balance. Once you strip all the bullshit away and focus on comparing the core teachings of both systems, the end result becomes easier to achieve.

There are two types of belief; in that which is known, proved, actual and in that which is unknown, unproven, not actual. It is an important distinction and we are idiots to use the same word for both things.

In shamanism, the purpose is to perceive objectively (non-judgementally). It uses a different method. Instead of using deity as levers, which are functions of Mind that have affect on the observers frame-of-reference and energy field alike (it creates a bias); in shamanism we remove Mind from the equation so as to perceive objectively.
Shamanism also embraces integrated use of Mind of other non-human spirits to give a second objective by use of ingesting 'plant spirit allies' (psychetropic herbs). Mind is a programmable filter system and calculus. Bypassing it while lucidly experiencing reality can be damaging to people who are ego-bonded. To do so can also help in removing ego-bondage.

Ok spirit, now you can get off my case. ū

Thursday 16 October 2014

Flickers of Hope

This is one from a series of short epigrams entitled: "Coffee House" inspired by Al Raqis.

1st draft.
It needs a re-write but at 1.30 am I need a break. The story could have been shorter and more succinct, but; sometimes things run on for longer than anticipated, as is necessary for the tale to emerge; to do it justice. Things develop in their own time and that is the time it takes. As the guru says; "When the time is right".

Flickers of Hope

Immediately my friend interrupted; "I was eating fruit a few days ago, it was not a fruit I had ever come across before. I do not know the name of it, something foreign I could not pronounce.” This coming from an immigrant drew smiles on pale faces. "From the outside it was really ugly looking; inside the flesh was soft like a…” He looked around to see who might be listening. The assertiveness and timbre of his voice was raised sufficiently to have cut off our agnostic friend who had began complaining about the insanity of the religiously brainwashed. “…I had never before tasted that flavour. It is so difficult to describe. Unlike anything of the traditional western pallet.” He looked directly into the eyes of the disbeliever. "I did not ever know before that I had taste buds in those places.”

He held his hand in what I have come to recognise as a flame position, an emulation of indian temple roofs, his fingertips all pressed together above the palm of the hand. Using the gesture to emphasise his point, fingers exploded outward like a flower opening. He performed it naturally as though untrained. Later in secrecy I mimicked the action and felt how rigid my bones to be. “Beautiful!” he exclaimed, fully rolling the word so that it explored a syllable for every petal. We were distracted once again by the shop owner grunting out a number.

Most of the onlookers failed densely to recognise the story as a defence of cultural tradition. I would not made any sense of it either had we not previously been discussing the merits of an education into such esoteric matters and how its journey changed a persons outlook on the world. Specifically he had been pondering the adverse; the noble mind of the primitive savage in Rousseau’s theosophy and how western culture appeared barbaric to students of learning.

We exited the chip shop, its oily fried cloud hanging in the street, blending with petrol fumes, dampening the cigarette smoke scent of crisp autumn air. Sweaty newspaper parcels of hot spuds squished heat into our fingers and through our jackets as we clutched them to our chests. Our agnostic companion was quiet, either thoughtful having forgotten the rant he had been attempting to establish like a foothold in our minds or gloomy from being interrupted.

We live during a time where Britain is once again being invaded, not violently but by numbers. People born into the migrant moslem holy empire are all over the world, except for Russia whose government claims it has no space for them despite it being the largest unified nation on the planet. Many who live in the urban zones of England claiming to fear the death of Britain as a Christian nation without recognising that to most Brits it has not been one for well over a century, if ever. I laugh and remind everybody that only a thousand years ago the indigenous Celtic religion which with my pagan dreadlocks I feel a closer affinity with, was exterminated violently by the invading Christian conquistadors; all across Europe.

The British Isle is historically a multicultural melting pot; ask any white person living in England what their ethnic origin is in greater detail than ‘caucasian’ or modern national descriptor, they will probably not know themselves whether they are Angle, Saxon, Norman, Norse, and so forth. Eight hundred years ago when the Magna Carta was created, the first British statutory document, based upon the Common Law of our Ancestors who in their wisdom recognised the only method of peaceable cultural coexistence and/or integration is by comprehending one another’s reference points.

My Islamic friend had discovered a way to do this through humour, but; it is an educated humour which is above the heads of most television programmed white Brits. In his own community he is respected for his wisdom, flecks of grey hairs in his beard revealing a transition from being a student to a teacher, from his lifelong study into literature. A passion for knowledge itself is not enough; it is the application of knowledge which is essential, otherwise what is its point?

We finished our chips at the bus stop waiting in the cold for a bus that did not arrive and decided to walk in our three respective directions home. As we ate we discussed the problems of insular societies and the abuse that goes on behind closed doors; how using mis-translations of books written a thousand years ago for stone-age peoples should not be permitted to justify human rights abuses today. Abdul frowned, finding it difficult to speak in derogatory terms and with non-moslems about the problem of Sharia as it is practised the world over; that it is not lived as it was originally intended. 
We resolved that somewhere in the cultural melange is the answer to necessity of change. We all agreed that the difference between wisdom and religion is vast. It is so for everyone; the things which we take for granted as everyday cultural normality, often we do not recognize to be abusive. This is surely as valid in western culture as it is in Islam. Perhaps this is something we can all learn from each other.

In our excitement to catch the bus we had left the chip shop without collecting our change and as a result, even between us we had not enough money for the bus fare anyway. Abdul’s parting shot as we departed for a brisk walk home left us with food for thought: “We do not have Usury in Islam, slavery is forbidden by God.”

Homo Sapien Now

Homo Sapien Now

Runaway train
Running out of rail
Put the brake on

How to slow it down?

Transition Period
In preference to
Infrastructure crash

A forced infrastructure crash so we can control it
Because it will happen inevitably, the way things are going
Some things we need to keep developing
Some things we do not need

What we do need
Is a constant steady supply of food
And clean water for everybody
That is a basic essential

After the Transition
Local Communities
Will be self sufficient for food and clean water
That means getting the resources to everybody
To make that happen

Permaculture is the answer
It guarantees a steady employment industry
It requires polytunnels and trowels
Soil can be composted from scraps
It requires home food production kits
Available to everyone
To make it easier to grow our own supplies in the places we already inhabit

This needs to be a government scheme
The same as with solar panels

We need a realistic deadline to achieve it
It can be done by 2020 (time of writing is 2014)

If we as a united planet give it 2 years for the message to catch on
Then we can say: 2022 is the Forced System Crash Deadline
By which time we intend to get everybody ready
This is the Transition Period

Between 1970 and 2010;
Half of the animals on this planet have become extinct
Because of the Runaway Train

Truth is; no government scheme will save us
We have to do it ourselves
Governments job is to prepare for Peace to be maintained
After the system crashes
Our job as Human Beings is to get sorted

American Indians taught to Live for the 7th generation;
Leave the world unmarked by our passing through it
That is the mark of civilisation
We have left a mess that even the 7th generation will be cleaning up
If we do not start changing that Now
By 2022 we will be struggling to survive
Ecological Collapse
At which point
Emergency Camps become Concentration Camps become Extermination Camps
Because only the 1% can survive that scenario
And that is the precipice
Runaway train is heading toward

This is real, even if you refuse to believe it

Wednesday 15 October 2014

Crucifixing Ego

Actions based on ‘I like’ or ‘I don’t like’ are Ego; they are prejudice. Actions based on doing the right thing regardless of personal opinion, these are Right Action. This is the criteria which people gain or lose respect for. It is a measure of Human Being as opposed to human animals.

Actions based on ‘I like’ or ‘I don’t like’ are Ego; they are prejudice. Actions based on doing the right thing regardless of personal opinion, these are Right Action. This is the criteria which people gain or lose respect for. It is a measure of Human Being as opposed to human animals. 

Q: 'Do the Right thing' according to who or to what creed? 

A: It is circumstantial. Cultural development defines outline guideline. Every person, living or dead, male or female, old or young, black yellow red or white, is involved in defining it. That is what a unified humanity is. Do the Right thing according to 'unified humanity’. 

Q: And what for those who refuse? 

A: For those who refuse, the rest of us must Do the Right thing, which is circumstantial. What is best for 'unified humanity' in that specific circumstances? 

Q: Surely that leads to quango's, power-control groups and alienation? What recourse is there for any alienated party? 

A: On the one hand, the individual vs the masses. On the other hand, the necessity for polarized schools, to develop strategy. The guidance is; Do the Right thing, which is circumstantial. Exposition of the situation to raise awareness for the position of the aggrieved becomes necessary. 

Be aware that it does not say; the individual vs the state. It specifies, the individual vs the masses, which refers to society in general. The state is a cultural device of temporal value. It does not define a culture. So long as it serves the people it has value. When it ceases to serve the people, example; when society is engineered toward serving the state; is an imbalance. It is necessary to identify the state as being the individual verses the mainstream social culture. We live in an era where this is increasingly how the majority of the worlds peoples perceive our global community. 

The question is; what do we do with the state now that it no longer serves the mainstream? "state" is defined as being militarized police enforced collective of (usury banks / governance) enslaving the mainstream into debt slavery culture. It is self-serving. 

Q: what are the 'polarized schools' ? 

A: Informal. It depends entirely on circumstances. So far we have analyzed the state as individual, the individual vs community. These can be re-defined as; 

-power over others (slavery)
-power over self (personal development = spirituality)

This is the core of human energy games. Any system which functions as a streamlined system, has minimal energy loss; it is minimal rather than complex. The greater the complexity, the more room there is for situations of abuse to occur. Such system serves the people both individually and collectively. Competition is the enemy of unified humanity. 

For human history there have been two mindsets; competition based (hierarchic) verses unification (circle of equality). We are all different and this must be recognized. If recognition of difference is not based on a hierarchic system defined by competition, it must therefore be based on a circle of equality which enables people to define their own roles (rather than being dictated as to their role). 

This is a natural ecological model for social structure. It is respectful of individuals needs. A functioning culture permits and enables this.

Tuesday 7 October 2014

Socio-Economic foundations

Socio-Economic Foundations

Two of my cousins are international barristers.
My sons mother is a syndicate gangster.
I bridge the gap between castes.

I am a lifelong student of Taoism. 
I have a qualification in Counseling.
I have a degree in Fine Art.
In Fine Art circles I would rephrase that;
I have a degree in The Fine Arts
which is a different bias.

I need to be able to adjust my speech depending on which group I am communicating with.
As an author I find this to be a useful situation for enhancing my understanding and ability to use language.

I was raised by middle-class parents, both of whom were college lecturers in the creative arts; my father ran the whole department.
I regard myself to be middle class.

There is a class divide in Britain.
As a basic analysis, there are 8 aspects of it,
not all of which is hierarchic tier-based:

Ruling class (governmental families and Judges)
Upper class (moneyed society, Law society, big business)
Middle class (academic based)
Lower class (working class, chav culture)
Street class (criminal and destitute)
Police families
Military families

There is a life wisdom in the lower classes, learned through hardship.
There is knowledge in the upper classes, afforded by wealth.
My role
(crossing the areas of counselor, artist, musician, writer;
our ancestors word for these the skills is Shaman)
is cultural integration:
to translate Knowledge so that lot can learn it,
to translate Wisdom so that lot can learn it.
It is the only available way to bridge the class divide and end the caste system.

Monday 6 October 2014

That's It Eternal

The alchemical-spiritual journey of the transmigratory soul, a form of pure energy and no form of energy ceases, it transmutes.

Visualise protozoaic organisms wiggling around in a test tube, not knowing which direction they are going, shall i go left shall i go right, shall i go up shall i go down? how should i choose? All these thoughts so overwhelmingly important to the protozoa as it bumps into another one and avoids a different one and encounters several others and sees none others for a while because its got space around it to figure out what that's about.

None of this matters. Some god-like human comes along and shakes up the test tube and performs experiments on it so far beyond the protozoa’s ability to comprehend that it simply does not matter what it chooses to do. If its smart it will choose something that makes it happy and if its dumb it will choose something stupid like trying to organize all the other protozoa’s around it into doing something about their condition.

Well, the truth is: We are that. We are those protozoa’s. We physically, mentally, emotionally are more complicated perhaps but the basic essence of our existence is still that. Everything we learn simply teaches us that the edges of reality and the edges of what we are capable of understanding are further away from us than we can individually, or as a group working together in unified strategy, ever be able to fully comprehend.

We just about think we have it sussed with physics and then something even stranger comes along. We remember about other stuff for example ghosts and reincarnation and mostly we can’t even figure out how to contemplate how all that is possible or what its point is. Even knowing that we are inside a test-tube is not the sum total peak experience of evolution and awareness. We cannot figure out the underlaying order to the multiverse or even if there is one at all, or several.

On this principle, our value judgement system goes out of the window. We do not have to face up to why do we care about the things we care about and not care about the things we do not care about; some people think it will help us as individuals and therefore the community, if we do that.

We know that we can project different and often contradicting paradigms onto it. This gives us limited control within a biased and systematic arena. We always encounter things that are outside of that control system. We build progressively toward enhancing our life experience for future generations, while there is an equal yet self-destructive force endangering us, which is also progressively developing. Or we step out of that altogether and find some other distraction.

That's it. Eternal.

Thursday 2 October 2014

2014 SciFi Movie Must List

2014 SciFi Movie Must List

Another Earth
Radio Free Albemuth
Cloud Atlas
Upstream Color
The Zero Theorum

the texture and colour in this image!

There are still a few I haven’t yet seen, if anything else good turns up I will add it to this list but so far the rest of it is all shit.

Transcendence and Lucy are the same thing, and Humans are not ready mentally-emotionally for nanotech revolution yet, largely because the banks are exploiting governments to go to war so it is impossible for the 99.9% of us to spiritualize which is what most of us are into in our own monkey brained ways. New Planet of the Apes of course is always going to be worth checking out.

For the remainder of this blog you are going to have to start taking note of the symbolism. 

Gilliams new one is bollocks, sorry man. But I will explain why. All of your previous films are a hard act to follow. The new one strikes too many chords. It is written about me and my lifestyle. Otaku on Grids, striving for an answer to an undefined quest/question, dealing with psychotic corporations and surveillance culture = other peoples opinions, the ones in control throwing hardship at the ones who believe ourselves to be specialist genius's, although in our isolation we are simply numbers of the same, we have sold individuality to become clones of something disfunctional. The movie makes me/us face up to recognizing that the things which to an individual are ordinary and commonplace, daily routines, they are boring and invisible; yet to the next person, these same things are extraordinary and fascinating because they are different. Even minute difference amplify into vast (searches for analogy - is it a canyon or a forest of difference?). And what Gilliam is doing here, is that he is highlighting how many of us are isolated and exist, come alive only through interface with computer because therein is the drive, the promise, of something better. We cannot detach from it to see that the answer is not in technology. I found this movie to be boring because it is like looking into a mirror. As a social comment, thousands of us react the same or similar way to it. And that is why Gilliam is a genius. That is why this movie is better than we are capable of recognizing. The people with no affinity to the content of this movie will probably have no frame of reference and see it as a mildly interesting bizzare comedy. For us, it is a statement, a voice of what we are at this time in history.  It is the only one of the movies listed that I have reacted to by writing about it despite that it speaks for itself as they all do. Ok Gilliams new movie is not bollocks. As usual it is probably the best, again, although there is less peace there and his sense of sublime is that of the rat.

lana was laurence and andy wachowski do deja vu

Waiting for next year, the Wakowski Bros new one Jupiter Ascending. They seem to have researched it pretty damn well from what the trailers show, reptilians and grays involved in planet farming. Realism is a vital element of quality sci-fi. 

badda boom!

Bruce & Rumer Willis at the debut screening of Surrogates

CYCA abuse cover-up

copy of email to: Tracy Pike (ceo of CYCA) 4.10.14
Due to that I was fatigued by the duration of our meeting last week, I overlooked something you said at the time however it has stuck in my mind and I intend to rectify a misperception. You suggested that I start my own mans group which I am too busy to do and why would I not simply join an existing one, not that there are many. You also mentioned that the majority of men involved in mens groups are criminals. I would like to tell you my experience of the Dads Club that operates across several of the local Family Centers. In five years I have met one man who is an ex-con and a over dozen who are not. One of the ones who is not is now a council member for the county. I am hoping that you will take on board my experiences of this and please stop telling people that men involved in mens groups are all criminals. It is not only false information it is also prejudiced against men, because many men such as myself and many women also are frightened off from mens groups by such rumor spreading. Thank you.

Her reply not posted due to Data Protection Act (I do not have written consent to make it public)

copy of email to: Tracy Pike (ceo of CYCA) 4.10.14

I forgive you for misinterpreting my previous email as hostile, it was intended as informational.
I forgive you for apparently playing mind games to cover up CYCA ineptitude and misconduct.
I forgive you for justifying the gender abuse of me by one of your staff as a strategy.
I am sure you are aware that in the real world, it should not have taken several months for me to express something that takes literally five minutes, provided the speaker is listened to.
I forgive you for being entangled in a situation we all feel powerless to change, of an extremist / terrorist philosophy having infiltrated British system infrastructure under the guise of feminism. I will not forgive you if you are an active member of Female Supremacy Movement, although I understand the temptation is continual and that the way CYCA has treated me is an example to be used as living proof of the reality that it exists.
I retract my previous statement regarding consent to interfere with my financial situation.
You do not have consent to interfere with my financial situation.
I would rather forgo a chance to retrieve over one thousand british pounds owed to me than to have anything else to do with CYCA.
Life is too valuable to waste on that level of bullshit.

image used with regard to new UK Parody Copyright laws
on the basis that they are taking the piss.

The justification given by Tracy Pike CEO of CYCA as to why her opinion is that the actions of her staff member Julie was not misconduct, is that Julie by being mysandrist toward me and ignoring the points I was attempting to raise even where those points were in answer to her questions, is a method employed by CYCA by which the subjects of family mediation are analysed to determine the dynamic between them. Tracy did not justify as to why when I complained about this situation she ended the sessions and that it has taken months to explain to me that what I recognised to be abuse is to their way of thinking a legitimate technique. I am reminded of parents who cause physical abuse to their children by way of smacking them when they have been naughty; of course the mental and emotional scars left by psychological and emotional abuse toward adults is irrelevant because adults are expected to be hardened to it, especially males. Tracy suggested that I start a course of 1-1 counselling with her organisation, which I declined on the basis that my previous interviews with counsellors of two different counties, to see if I need counselling or not, has unilaterally resulted in my being told that I do not need counselling. Also I do not trust CYCA’s techniques. I personally believe them to be abusive, and I am an unwilling victim of the abuse network operating in CYCA.

I am taking this much further to see how far up the chain the abuse network extends. Those who sweep it under the carpet and those who take this complaint as seriously as it needs to be taken will expose themselves by their actions. This is in the public domain; I am sending copies of this to many different departments to gain as much attention about it as possible, including the town council, county council, police and media organisations as well as various support groups such as Fathers For Justice.

The reason why I have had dealing with CYCA is because after my son complained that the bruising on his legs is where his mother had hit him, social services informed me that I should take her to court but advised me that if I was to do so, they would make a statement that I had pushed my son into saying it, which is clearly not the case; as is possible because I made an audio recording which clearly shows that I did not in any way prompt my son into saying it.

Many state workers are afraid of audio recordings, despite the technology being at hand in our ubiquitous mobile phones. I have researched the legality of audio recordings. The courts can and do accept them as evidence. Secret recordings can be made if necessary to expose abuse, where the abuse thus exposed is regarded by a judge to be a worse crime than is making an illegal recording. Recordings can also be made secretly if for the purposes of requiring clarity at a later date for example if one of the people involved in a meeting being recorded, has been mentally impaired. The use of such strategies as those by CYCA are designed to impair people in such a way.

I did not record any of CYCA because they expressly told me that they would immediately leave the meeting if I were to do so. To which my response is always going to be that if you are innocent you have no fear of being recorded anyway, since a recording will prove your innocence.

Feance / Fealty

It comes to something when a guy like me (rare as that may be) is filling in gaps in the public record for definitions of words in the English language. According to my google search, this is the only source for defining the word in the whole internet.

If something is feance it is 'held in ownership' due to an arranged but as yet unfulfilled contract agreement. Feance relates to the criminal underground word Fence referring to somebody who has received stolen items which means that technically by law the goods has changed hands and is legal property of the new owner, regardless of the original owner. This also has to do with the passing of stolen goods through a gap in the fence between houses, a fence being a boundary line marking out property rights. The word Fiance as in a person who has engaged on a course to be married is regarded to be held in feance by the betrothed. It comes from a time and a culture where marriages were not only of people but were important in planning the future of monetary and valued goods belonging to family households. It relates directly with the concept of Dowry in the western sense, payment for property to be received, in this case that property being the person who is held in feance / the fiance.

The word Fee also relates. There is a connection here with the concept of Faye (modern: fairy) which links it through Fayre (modern fair) this has dual meaning; balanced, just, equal measure and also a celebratory market event where goods are traded and haggled over. Always is the question, what is the true worth of the goods? And in relevance; what, as a balancing factor, is the true worth of the Heart? It is for these reasons that faye-goods are also sometimes called gypsy-goods. The word Fare means 'the goods' alternately 'the provisions', example; humble-fare. Another meaning of Fare is as Fee. As a journeyman, all of this associates with Far and how far one is able to travel dependent on the goods.

The word Fealty also relates, which is a state of debt-ownership. It differs from Feance in that Feance is a) the goods b) the state of ownership at present time due to a future event, whereas Fealty is the state of ownership at present time due to a past event. There is potentially a link between the concept of Fealty and the modern concept Faulty, 'it has previously broken'.

October 1, 2014