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cost effective

I tell people that my time is worth money. 

Men respect this. Most women do not; except for professional women who also charge money for their time do respect this. I am not being intentionally sexist, this is basically my experience of the matter. Why do most women think they should have me for free? And then they argue with each other about me. My ex, my current one and another one who wants me next, talk together and treat me as if I am some sort of of possession, a thing to be owned. I cannot help but resent them for this. It makes me want to be single and not have to serve their whims. 

There is nobody who in my opinon is exempt from this, unless they are pre-pubescent and therefore childcare, or elderly and therefore care for the aged. Those categories I do not charge money for my time, it is a social responsibility and in this I retain both humility and humanity. Anyone in between is a pain in the wallet mindfuck, imho. As iterated, I charge money for my time. 

Blacks Law Dictionary definition of Money: 
b. of monetary value

It is not only time but the energy it takes to deal with people. I charge money for my energy and I alone get to decide where that goes. It is my Right and it is my authority to do this. There are too many energy vampires. It's not as if I have surplus of either time nor energy; I have less than zero in my bank account today and I also have chronic fatigue syndrome. 

Is there a justification? 
She says I need her, and so as a result I find myself falling into her projected energy grid and needing her. Only when I detach and stabilize myself again do I see it for what it is. Had she not used her Attention to project that desire onto me, I would not have felt that way about her. It's a simple trick and it is so commonplace as to be invisible. Shops use it, people use it, corporations use it, places use it. Energy has personality, is a dradel. 

Once you know it, nothing is the same again. 
Once you see it for what it is, you know the world for what it is. You know Life.

And yet, only when two people need each other so deeply, that their hearts are mutually interchanging the energy flow, can something greater grow. We are designed to search for this, for a balance partner. When two people accept and grow together that strongly, one heart with two bodies, only then does their dance create a world together. If stable, if they empower each other, it thrives. However if unstable, if one or both are vampiric, they split up and do a lot of damage on the way. 

Typically the next lover is expected to heal that damage because people are not taught about how projected energy works, are not taught to balance the self properly. This is because a culture of exploitation is generated purposefully so as to exploit people by distracting them with shiny new things, and that is what causes the pollution sickness. 

It is a society in decline because there is not enough value placed on craftwork, things we make, because the patience and dedication to developing skills at that level are not encouraged. Becoming a tv zombi destroys the ability to master such arts. Relationships and self balancing are both arts in this respect as much as making objects for trade. 

Consumerism relies on purchase of disposable mass manufactured goods, and people treat each other and themselves as disposable. What is your value? to yourself, to the community, to your balance partner? 

You will not meet your balance partner until you cleanse yourself of distraction. Discipline and study is required. It is very difficult in this society to maintain such a high energy level and to establish sufficient financial stability to achieve that. Shiny disposable distractions are the problem. And more complicated is that we are pulled in all directions by the attention focus of many other people, that we ourselves make energy attachments to many other things and people. Our energy filters away from us because lack of clarity and lack of focus, we diffuse our power because of distractions and need. These distractions and need are a drain, projected onto us by people who do not value themselves, how can they value you?

I began this by explaining that my time is worth money. The time it took to write these words, which I gift to you for free, cannot be reclaimed. Here then starts a tiny revolution, a step up from the previous paradigm by which you were dragged down into the sludge and drudgery. A tiny taste of me to help you rise above the need and greed which controls you. Make of it what you will.  

Meanwhile, I am stepping aside and into the realm of more than you can afford, because that is where I truly belong.

(terms and conditions in advance) By Common Law

uk £ 100 per letter elicited
uk £ 1,000 per hour, or part thereof, per appearance in natural &/or legal person
uk £ 10,000 per order

As a freelance professional polymath there is no applicable industry cap.

Tuesday, 29 December 2015


I did not write the following, however it is amazing and I am re-posting it here with consent from a friend.
Especially of interest (relevant to my own writings) is the bit about schools shutting down the Right Brain. 
©2015 Pheonix Lux
Phoenix Lux

The cipher for David Icke is as follows:
at the beginning of the documentary he speaks of it being a personal choice and responsibility not to "accept slanted information as true" 
he is a reptilian himself and his work is fear based. 

although what happened in the rituals described is accurate, the victim could not get around or was not taped getting to the POINT because she was so traumatized by what had happened to her (left brain overactivity due to over stimulation to senses which resulted in right brain and pineal paralysis). The point she was trying to get to was that the magick that the reptilians were performing WORKED. The rituals they performed WORKED. And the proper utilization of Magick is the key to reclaiming each and every one of our Birthrights as a Creator of this reality. This is why she says "My whole family thinks I'm crazy...for wanting to go back to the 4th dimension {she means 5th, and 4th is hell where Lucifer reigns over the Damned (everyone in 3d) from an aerial perspective and its frightening, but the 5th dimension is where we are headed now}... because they think it's a bad thing..." BECAUSE WHEN SHE PERFORMED WHATEVER "SATANIC" RITUAL, IT WORKED AND TOOK HER BACK TO THE 4TH/5TH DIMENSION, THE ONE WE ARE TRYING TO GO TO AS A COLLECTIVE NOW. THE RITUALS THE ELITE WERE MAKING HER DO (because she was partially human which meant that she had psychic or 3rd eye DNA, which they don't have, so they could only OBSERVE what she experienced through something or a situation that is a lot like a Television screen when we watch it today- they downloaded all the information she was recieving but couldn't EXPERIENCE it because they couldn't FEEL it... they could only view it like an eye witness through the DNA (light particles essentially) that she shared with them ancestrally, because for them time doesn't exist and they ARE 4th but not 5th dimensional.. they have mastered TIME...because FEELING IS A HUMAN QUALITY AND IS THE 6TH SENSE AND THE KEY TO THE NEXT DIMENSIONAL JUMP) 

Anyone who has studied quantum understands that observation affects whether an atom behaves as a particle or a wave and understands the theory that we create our own realities based upon our conscious observation. what we expect is what manifests. so you can tell how far or close you are to manifesting your desires by how you feel. 

magick is the simple act of turning your Will into reality and most have been tricked out of their power via indoctrination to think that this simple act is wrong. 

you do magick by using your conscious will to manifest your reality. its a right brain activity and our schools are geared at shutting the right brain and pineal gland off. 

We are forced to memorize and repeat in school. left brain corresponds to the physical mind, which independently of the higher mind can create nothing and the only function of which is to know how things have happened BEFORE (thus to over activate them, in school we are taught that MEMORIZING AND REPEATING and our aptitude for that is intelligence. nothing could be further from the truth)
thus when we GRADUATE, we have GRADUALLY been dumbed down to accept indoctrination and shut off our pineal glands completely. when this happens the person is a slave and asleep. we are meant to CREATE our reality which means generate OUTPUT and CREATE SOMETHING NEW.
With the pineal gland shut off due to school/religious institutions, people become like computers. they accept input from "Credible" sources (ie Matrix approved publications run by the Elite, which nearly all sources widely available are with the exception of what you can get from the world wide web) only, and they run around in circles in dead end Matrix jobs, which all are. 

My father for instance is a Harvard physician. He works his whole life in an outdated medical system that refuses to acknowledge the use of basic herbs and well known remedies (think cannabis for cancer and other herbs for other things that you've read about if you're smart) which is the essence of WITCHCRAFT, using herbs to create solutions, or using the energy in your hands to cure illness (Well documented cases you can watch if you ever watch Greg Bradden's vids). The system is so useless it refuses even to acknowledge knowledge of proper plant based DIET which cures all illnesses by keeping the body in an alkaline state, and refuses to acknowledge that the top 2 most legally permissible drugs, tobacco and liquor, are also perhaps the 2 most lethal, esp in combination with legal pharmaceutics. So, he works with the same type of patient every day and sees the same problems- they're overweight, smokers, etc etc with the occasional rare exception and in these cases the heart attacks were due to the stress of the lifestyle of the victim-- so nothing is left up to chance here and all the remedies are simple and can be summed up elegantly in: living a healthy lifestyle, esp watching what you put in your body, is the solution. 

On the other end of the spectrum, our food industry pays as little attention as they can get away with possible towards healthy food or towards health. 

so our medical and healthcare system pays no attention to food and the food system doesn't to health and thus the two make a living off the other in a sick symbiotic relationship. And this is how all Matrix jobs are: DEAD END. They tell you you can go to college and make a difference. Join the military, kill people, make a difference. For whom? for THEM. The Elite. You feed their money supply by creating a current of energy with your souls, which you all sold at graduation. You are a NUMBER in their system. Your social security number, your tax identification number. 

that's all you are to them. a number, all jobs are dead end and you take INPUT and create OUTPUT, the EXACT OUTPUT that they tell you to put out following THEIR INSTRUCTIONS VERY CAREFULLY, to keep the system going. and youre always anxious and unsure of yourselves because YOU ALL KNOW IT'S WRONG AND FUCKED UP. this system is set up no differently than a computer. you accept input and create the desired output of the inputter. That's all any Matrix job is.
If you're smart and your soul is strong, good luck keeping one. 


Magick is merely the invocation of your will to manifest desired outcome. It's what you've been running from your whole life and it's what you have to get back into now. 

Study your personal origins carefully and figure out the secrets of your past and then USE THEM to reclaim your Magick. I went through my DNA through many rituals. 

Good luck manifesting young SOULS.

Phoenix Lux lol brother
just did a LONG ASS channeling session for my parents. The Higher Ups on this dimension chose today of all days to wake them up and I was just their "pencil" so to speak. lots of automatic writing. I trust the timing of the Universe and hope they take it well, but my hands are shaky lol. That info was channeled directly from my Higher Mind, she connected the dots really nicely for me in casual conversation and then elaborated when I wrote it down

First published to Facebook

©2015 Pheonix Lux

Monday, 28 December 2015


Please take five minutes to educate yourself about the following, very important information.

It is aimed at reducing prejudice in the community. 

There are three strands to this email.
1. Alternative Culture and Hate Crime
2. Statistical Data regarding Gender Violence
3. Justification regarding why this email was compiled. 

The links below work together to establish an overview based on factual data.

Sophie's Law 

In 2012 the British legislation was amended to include prejudice against people from Alternate Cultures as Hate Crime along with racial, sexual, religious, gender and disability based discrimination. 

More evidence that we live in a Female dominated Culture despite what people are told to believe: 

- Wales Domestic Abuse Act 2015

As a single parent father with NVQs in childcare I would like to highlight not only the lack of Males involved in Childcare but also the difficulty heterosexual men have in getting involved in childcare; despite social-psychology reports indicating heavily that "children thrive best with mixed gender parenting."

I was unable to do NVQ3 in college because of gender discrimination. It apparently frightens the women in control of financing, awarding and employing child carers; not only that a non-homosexual man wants to be involved in raising the next generation to be successful, well-balanced adults but also that he came top of the class, thus proving hetero males can be better and more natural at childcare than females.

The suspicion surrounding men compared with that of women is undermined by the statistical evidence outlined in the above links. This example reveals anti-male prejudice to be a more widespread social problem than that of any endangerment to children by a minority of individuals of whatever gender, which we hear so much about from the fear inducing television. Justifying prejudice against men by the argument of protecting children, is annulled simply by the statistics. 

You can help to change our broken society for the better by distributing this information to relevant parties. 

Thank you.

Joe ex-dreadlocks

NB cutting off my dreadlocks to avoid prejudice from state workers has also made me less accepted by the general community; and by the children to whom my hair was funny; and to several non-British people who were previously funding me, therefore stimulating the local economy. British state workers apparently resent all of that as much as they irrationally resent a traditional Celtic hairstyle. 

That the herbal soap cleansed dreadlocks have tested pure and devoid of drugs and also contained no carcinogenic, brain-shrinking chemicals from cheap toxic shampoo's is not something I ever had a chance to discuss with most of the the state workers who previously prejudiced against me, because explaining this to them is typically regarded as my having a problem with authority and not as an attempt to educate people toward healthier living. I have no problem with authority because I happen to know what that word actually means. 

I do advise you to research what the chemicals you are smearing onto your own and your children's scalps are actually doing to your health and to the ecology. They are illegal in some more advanced nations because of the health risk. While there are eco-alternatives which are more cost effective and hygienic than chemicals, the purpose of this email is not to advertise private companies whom I have no personal financial gain from - although that information can be made available upon request. 

Please see the following links exposing HATE CRIME and PREJUDICE in South Wales

Despite evidence gathered, the South Wales Police have zero interest in pursuing the matters because they are a part of the same Abuse Network (see photograph in CYCA link as evidence).

I cannot write much at all about the local Social Services due to them blackmailing me that they will fabricate evidence to have my son forceably adopted if I go public with my actual evidence. Having already been set-up by the South Wales Police who are supportive of the SS, I know they mean business. That they protect abusers and persecute whistle-blowers is a major indicator that something is seriously wrong with the system.

Monday, 21 December 2015


So here we are about to enter 2016, which according to the Mayan Calendar I go by is Year 3 given that 2013 was Year Zero like the NIN album which has my dads house and Zooport city on its cover. 

I entered the Gregorian millennium having graduated with Honors from Cheltenham School of Art, University of Gloucester with a BA (hons) degree in the Fine Arts. It was the culmination of seven years of academic study including two years National Diploma (Distinction grade) preceding three years at Uni (and of course two years of Art GCSE grade A).

Contrary to allegations I was not in prison during that time - I have never been to prison although I have on several occasions been illegally imprisoned under duress due to policing methods and hate crime.

In the early noughties of the 21st century, along with two other guys one of whom recently retired college lecturer and BBC film editor as well as a member of the Magicians Circle, founded Underwood Studio Animation. The council gave us a grant with one hand and took it away with the other by conditionally renting us one of their expensive new facilities to use as our studio. Officially, the only people with keys to the facility were the security firm and ourselves. After months of arduous work, days before we were due to finish filming; the stop-frame animation camera’s and our film were stolen with no signs of a break-in. Police immediately closed the case as an unsolvable crime having written off industrial espionage.

Following this and Alan's death, I was living in a council flat. In one room I had art project, in one room I had music project. The music was the soundtrack to the movie which the art project was the set for. A sci-fi using puppets, something like thunderbirds because filming to video is quicker and much cheaper than digital. I made paper mache puppets and sewed their clothes by hand and using a sewing machine. They are rod puppets requiring two hands, one for the head and one for the body. A second person, or studied-training in using the hands and body at the same time, was required; these are custom designed. They looked crude but were meant to, painted paper pulp looks like scarred faces of people living in an acid rain environment. Everything was made from recycled materials but for thread, glue and the silver spraypaint all from poundland.

Despite and indeed due to over-qualifications, I was struggling on state benefits and could not afford to hire a cgi studio of my own given that the animation company had already recently received a grant from European Funding through the Welsh Assembly (and taken it back as a condition of accepting our proposal, to pay for the construction of yet another otherwise empty building). The complexity and the difference between what the EU say makes people eligible compared with what the WA say makes people acceptable would likely get the WA closed down for fraudulent behaviour were it ever looked into. This was fifteen years ago so it might have changed since then.

What little money I had went on electric to run the music machines and datacards. I wrote profusely into poundland notebooks with poundland biro's. The stories were sci-fi about people attempting to escape a grim city environment to the off-world colonies and generally failing because the police state. There was also magick rituals and daemonology involved in the running of the city by the city rulers; drug cartels and masons (typically the same entity). The only real hope was the main characters girlfriends heart, her attempts to build a nature garden and teach how to filter rain water. 

When people heard what I was doing, they got jealous. They looked at my flat - breaking and entering regularly occurred - stressing me out completely. They covered their tracks by telling people I was insane. My parents told the police that I was on heroin, which I have never had anything to do with and never will. I am a qualified counsellor and friends of talented musical friends I was working with, got into heroin; so I got to know a few of them in a professional counsellor relationship. The social report is that I was having gay sex with street scum. It was more believable to the state professional abusers than that I am an artist attempting to make a film on zero budget - because they could collectively capitalize on victimizing me. The room of my flat with the art project, to them it looked like a trash collector. They totally ignored the movie sets which had been painted and the spaceships held up by invisible thread, they acknowledged only the boxes of unpainted, unglued empty boxes, bean tins, vacuum-formed food packaging, all the things everyone else recycles. I was collecting and washing broken plastic parts which looked to me like sci-fi city backdrops. The grit in my movie was real; unlike cgi grit which looks digital sleek and fake. It was all about atmosphere and they did not like it.

By the early 2010s I had got a computer to write in and do 2D photoshop. By 2013 I was fortunate enough to be able to replace it thanks to an anonymous donation from foreign investment, with one fast enough to access SecondLife Virtual Reality and awarded a Linden Endowment for the Arts grant to continue developing toward machinima. It is not what I wanted to be doing, I wanted to keep everything offline and make of real objects. Despite that I had the space to do it, society did not like what I was doing. Everything ended up in the bin except for a few select spaceships and the puppets. I went through psychiatric counseling for non-conformity to the consensus that I was a junky. Pun on the word junk. Had I refused counseling they would have sectioned me on hearsay. After a review they told me I do not require psychiatric counseling which is closer to a verdict of 'sane' than anyone else involved has got on paper.

The puppets were voodoo - myself and people I knew kept on meeting people who looked like the puppets. I had not based any of them on real people. The scripts were not originally based on real life events other than as loose inspiration. The more I focussed on what the stories should be about, the more shit my life got. Repeatedly stop and searched by the police who believed my parents allegations that I was shooting up. Never given the docket despite asking because with the number I would have collected I could have sued for harrassment. I have no problem with authorities at all - I do have a problem from abusers using job roles to get away with it. The cop crew began setting me up in all manner of ways, professionally which means a long-term intimidation campaign, they do not go for the jugular, they play mind games first because it prolongs the abuse. Wrongfully arrested repeatedly. I was insomniac, I was different. I was persecuted for desiring to achieve.

Eventually I dreadlocked my hair because it made no difference what I looked like and I wanted everyone to get to know me visually so that when I disappeared someone would ask questions as to where I had gone. I was being gang-stalked. I was a test-subject for LFO experiments; I could hear them regularly, I suffered all the symptoms. A man who fills his house with trash and hangs out with street people is evidently scum and therefore a perfect test subject for their experiments. People thought  was paranoid and confused because I believed myself to be a film director and they believed me to be insane. This is the price for creative visionary in a control based society. I wrote scripts about this. My notebooks disappeared from the apartment. Five years later and some of my hand written my short stories were incorporated into episodes of Dr Who although I have no evidence of this. My audio recordings, the soundtracks, disappeared from the apartment. My musical instruments were damaged while I was out.

I was forced to go digital. Being online writing directly into social media platforms is an alibi. It changed my writing style and immediately reached an audience although no profit. I have been set up by the police and by sociopaths using the police so many times that I am used to it as lifestyle. I am no closer to making the tv series but I am now being published by a very well read internet sci-fi magazine. People know and recognize my logo and screen name. My own website has had a readership of over 150 different people per week for many months. I am getting famous now and this will increase in the future. It is coming in direct parallel to having nothing more to do with my abusive family and jealous neighbours. I am not showing off about this situation; merely using what popularity I currently have to tell people my life story - which incidentally warns about the south wales crime syndicate who I had no problem with whatsoever until they started gaming me.

What does the future hold?

I have had a dystopic life up until here. I want to be happy. I want to make enough money from my creativity to get off benefits and live in a self-sustaining community of positive, like-minded people who work together to achieve the goal. I want to have a healthy body. I want to feed my kids and dress ourselves in comfortable clothes. I want to feel safe living on this planet.

If I cut off my dreadlocks, the British state will respect me enough to give me European grants/loans funding, I have been told this by the people who dangle the carrot of golden goalposts here in Wales business circles. I question their criteria given that so far, my dreadlocks have acquired me not money but hardware and prestige wheras the council themselves have repeatedly refused to trade with me despite my qualifying. If I do earn more money than half the national average which is my current income status, then the British zombi public will respect me more although the corporates will continue to vampire me of money and soul. I have trained myself in Law and the legal system by using the internet so they don’t stand as much chance as they used to. I know what to say to police, solicitors and judges to protect myself and probably get half the trouble makers sacked from their jobs. I do not break any laws despite what the slander campaign and conspirators are saying about me. So far I have been to court four times (only once as defendant) and won every case so far as track record goes. Additionally I had a CAFCASS officer fired from duty in a family court proceedings. My sense of moral justice is that of an Indigo child. By the age of 30 my mental age was that of 40 according to the mental age test. It is a double-edged reward for honesty and experience. 

I am having a cultural influence. This is the thing which frightens the ones who want to control others; that a guy like me is having a cultural influence. What frightens me is the extent to which they want to control my ability to harness shamanic power of creativity for their own capital gain. I do not trust them because; see above for the tip of the iceberg.

The sick thing is, in a few years from now when my tv series is airing and a television is programming people what to like and how to think as usual; all the nasty bastards who have abused me will be saying to each other; "I know him, he was lovely, I helped him on his way, I am so glad he finally made it." And my message of being excellent to one another will be entirely ignored by them even then.

'digital grit' VR custom texture and 3D shape by snakeappletree



(Registered Charity Number 1129689)

The aims and objectives of the Charity are as follows:
  • To create a lasting legacy to Sophie.
  • To provide educational group-works that will challenge the prejudice and intolerance towards people from alternative subcultures.
  • To campaign to have the UK Hate Crime legislation extended to include people from alternative subcultures or Lifestyle and Dress.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

5 things that professional blog writers do that puts me off them

5 things that professional blog writers do that puts me off them.

Now you know who i am writing directly at, it seems to have gotten your undivided attention. The trick works; everything in the title tells you the vital, missing ingredient to your wellbeing is to be found here and here alone.

My point is, no blog in the world which uses such attention grabbing tricks, has personality worth pursuing. The word count is copy-pasted from the book of catchy jingles. The blog itself does not say anything worth reading. It merely uses electricity, time and webspace which should be put to much better use.

Am i making money from writing this? Are you making money from reading it? Has your life been enriched by ingesting the satirical humour of yet another internet personality? Answer honestly; no to all of the above.

You were lured in here because your mind is so easy to trick, your shallow attention is so easily led, and you are affronted at being confronted with the very real fact that what has just happened to you, happens to millions of us every day, relies on simple mind programming.

You need to decontaminate your soul, okay so at least you need to decondition your mind from all the levers and memes you can now see affect it subconsciously. And that is why you need to get into the writings of snakeappletree. Its content is largely from outside of the box labelled 'win within society'. And that is how you win within society - breaking all its rules is the only way to stand out, retain credibility, to be unique and in doing all that, make it. Following the established codex is simple zombification.

The more time you waste on the internet thinking it is getting you somewhere, the more deeply entrenched all of those levers are going to be. I already showed you how easy you are to play because of them. You are that malleable in real life too, your mind is mush and you dont even see that; the cause and the symptom are the same. As one of the good guys I am doing this to wake you up some. You need to be deconditioned. The survival of the human race does depend on you going forward from here having made a genuine decision to be less of a robot in future.

Apologies that i am talking down to you and doing the shallow version of this topic. That's what makes a good blog; instantly forgotten because you mentally agreed with every word while reading it. To read something difficult, written purposefully to put you through an awkward experience of belittling you and making you realise what a machine fed worm you are becoming because nothing else in the internet is helping you to think for yourself; it is a necessary stage in your development toward becoming more human, more alive.

I can help you a lot more, if you buy my book you will learn techniques of switching off your computer and burning books, ignoring other people telling you what to do, questioning assumptions about righteousness and what merits success. A thousand people an hour can read this but that is not popularity and nor is it achieving success. My being paid because you read this is not success because it permeates the distracting and pointless activity of blogging as a worthy method of chasing dollar.

Only hard truth is success. If you remember having read this in six months from now, and it inspires you to stop eating bleaching agents so that your brain can heal; that is success for both of us.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015






is a work of literary allegory;

a caricature

posing as a polymath

(scholar, artist, musician, author, sorcerer and celebrity)

loosely based upon a real, living person

and as such,

exists as a frontis

and as a marketing and communication tool

by a multinational corporation registered as;

Ordo Octopia

snakeappletree and the snakeappletree glyph 
Ordo Octopia and the Ordo Octopia logo
are trademark copyright ©2015

unlawful use of these moniker is prohibited

All Rights Reserved

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A = 365 / 7 = 52~
B = 360 / 7 = 51~ 

A - B =      0.7142861    degree’s of a circle   = 5 days  =  120 hours

Mathematical associations with Venus (Ishtar) the Morning Star.

Celtic mythology associates this with the five days out of time, a pentacle, measured in pagan britain by the lighting of autumnal fires on halloween and bonfire night, representing connection with the spirit world and the death of totalitarian rule, respectively; a desire for self-rule so that we may pursue spiritualism unhindered, and the extent to which it takes and leads us, and how this is such a different way of being than the totalitarian can permit to be lived openly, thus the need for secret folk religions and secret societies whose truing surmount to the same thing; human evolution.


40 hour working week in britain. 5 days and then you can have two days to rest. The numbers gridding us into a set rhythmic cycle which detaches us from organic natural connection with the galactic cycles. We are forced outside of the comfort zone by exploitation games played by powerful governors and those who play the governors. But for why?

I have been accused of starting a Cult. I intend to do no such thing. My marketing strategy is something which helps verify the reality of the mystical quality of my writings. It is upon this which people fear a cult may be founded.

I am a Shaman. I am a historic researcher specialising in the progress of Humanity since the last massive scale world war which threw us all back to the stone-age, and the remnants of the 'war of/on hate’ permeate to this day through human societies.

Evidence of the global annihilation war and our rise since then. The deserts were placed by technologies we do not have any more, on top of the site of thermonuclear devices, which fused the earth into a type of glass we have only reproduced by nuclear bomb testing. That every great desert has this type of high fusion glass beneath it, the stuff of legends because it contains A Great Truth of our human experience and situation, and the current global background radiation, are having an affect on our evolution.
We "Do or we Do Not do. There is no Try.” Master Yoda

Humans are attempting to overcome self-deafer. One method is development of a detachment from emotions, another is detachment from mind, another is detachment from self. There are perhaps others. All paths (nihilism, spirituality, religion, confusion, other) are aspects of these core paths; angels gridding infrastructure.*

The other path is to Observe and collate observed data. Spiritist experience it as a reality and the multi-cultural resource and knowledge base verifies lived experiences. Such data is the realm of shamanism, whatever other dimensions are being
Science predominates and is the domain only if the material dimension. It advances because of warfare and the war economy which revolves around the gambling operation of usury based money. Non-usury based monetary systems do not fund war sciences which computers, light-bulbs and heart-monitor machines in hospitals are an extension of.
We need All of this and so far we are not ready as a species to let go entirely of one aspect of it so as to focus on the others. Within the 3d pentacle of the bandwidth all of the above exists in, are humans progressing steadily and developing a deepening comprehension of What Is Life.

Such example of my writing, a personal understanding of the world view,  gives you an example of why people accuse me of trying to start a cult. You read it, you enjoyed it, you could see where I was coming from, and you could see that these and similar ideas developed further would be accessible through more of my writing, or if not me then similar writers. Being a writer and a spirit medium, other writers ghost write through me. This is a secret of Thoth, the Scribe, and living that through many generations as a way of life, I have got to this stage, to enjoy the demonic machines the medieval scryers foretold humans would become enslaved to.
It is a double edged sword and I thank the people who accuse me of trying to start a cult, for giving me a self-promotion tip. Now give me a dollar.

*multi-dimensional math machine deities controlling humans; archons

snakeappletree is a moniker that was given me by an egyptian scribe who wrote my name in hieroglyphs. I studied egyptology a lot and made my own translations, understood that shamen wrote this and I understood what they were doing. I studied their teachings. I followed the roots of their tradition to Assyria, its mutation into Babylon (Alpha Beta); Egypt being letter E is the 5th therefore the pentacle civilisation, and it still exists today. The studies of the priesthoods teachings taught me who I am. My own mathematical Archonic harmonic. I studied resonance with music machines and crystals for the light-body / water-body interaction. I discovered how harmonics resonate through time and space because self-balanced, self harmonic entities vibrate freely, and chime. My chime is snake apple tree this moniker impacts on the pre-programmed, ready to be exploited, popular mindset because these symbols are deeply embedded into the psyche and people respond t them exactly how they have been programmed to respond to them by people who know what they are doing much more than most people. To recognise that this is happening is an intelligence test. Writing about it makes these writings dangerous. Especially within the context of evolution and social cultures being engineered by key individuals exploiting systems which humans are enslaved to so as to play this game upon them.

I can read the symbols. I am a scribe. I remember back through the incarnations to many experiences and by resonance I connect with others on the harmonic so as to witness, remember, and connect with the aware minds as a telepathic bond, to all of those who through many lifetimes I have connected. I sound like an arrogant god to write this, but the egyptian priests, the sorcerer kings, the far seers, the pharaoh, were always accused of being arrogant gods. I am of a bloodline noted for its abilities and its connection with archons. We all are and we are all becoming interbred which is a good thing although we are all, also, trying to maintain a purity of pure forms, because we do not want to lose the abilities humans carry in our genes which some day will become more important to human evolutionary development when the time is right for them to flower. Some families have done this for thousands of generations, some are emerging from the weave of potentials in the

A book was started to map the development of some of these families, it is an important book with multiple religions based around it. Bible, (the Beta version obviously survived and intended for Babylon), the C version (Constantinople, constant in the people, the con-job, the ), the Q’ran, (‘whole cauldron Way [Entering] ‘ of Ra manifest-of-earth’) There are hidden teachings in language which take a scribe to translate, an educated member of the priesthood.

I traced the priesthoods influence on south american civilisations, the development of the priesthood in its new form until the rigidity of its stepped focus drew its polarity the reptilian chaos which took grip of its society, and it fell. The next generation of genuine spirituals walked away from it entirely. Next the remnants of the teaching spread into the north americas where they influenced the north american / canadian indian cultures. There is also that China follows the same patterns, uses the same symbols, connects with it.

There is archaeological evidence of everything I have written here. This is verifiable. As a writer and a dad I do not have time to retrieve bookmarked links and add them to an appendix, which as a professional historian I would be expected to. All of the data i available. What is not, are the notes i have made tracing my studies into my understanding as a member of the priesthood. I have written about that on blogs.

What I discovered is a version of history and the multi-cultural symbols relating to the important information which has survived history through many destructive wars. The teachings of those groups connect with European masonry and teaching schools as much as russian and european and scandanavian tribal groups prior to christianity destroying much of the knowledge base. The knowledge base is retrievable by reliving memory of it through past life, which requires teachings, which have been sacred or secret teachings because people are afraid of that which they are not yet ready to understand. History has a lesson of killing its socrates and healers, its zero chiefs and far seers. the moniker snakeappletree has been hooked into that.

I am a light healer and I have studied with the best. snake means healer, it means energy wave; it is what i am made of, my specialism. It is music, it is light, it is smiling hearts synaesthetically seen from taking sacred spirit guides, allies, to help my personal development, shamanic healing tools mushrooms and saliva, which are illegal in cultures which repress evolution, repress shamanism, repress human development and the growth of a shamanic global culture networking and rising humanity above the control grip of the evil archons who are gridding us into their control games through structured governmental systems and military policing leading to war.  The beast on Ishtar’s leash.

This is not a cult and it is not a secret society. It is publicly accessible and its purpose is good; to decondition people, to educate people, to explore ideas, to discuss my research as an historian, to study being a scribe, and related topics. 

I am also networking as a businessman attempting to survive the collapsing British economy, and a human reaching out hoping for similar people to connect with. I represent a lot of cultural groups with what I am doing, most of whom I have not mentioned here. 

Thursday, 3 December 2015



I am consistently stopped by British police “on suspicion of” because I have dredlocks. On multiple occasions, their accusations of my being witnessed shoplifting have been thwarted by requesting CCTV as evidence that I went nowhere near the shop in question on that day. They always back down because they know they are lying. It is not the police as an institution however it is a very common attitude amongst them to behave that way to such extent I do question if this is a part of their training; hassle the ones of us who stand out by looking different. It might simply be because the media has brainwashed them; Robert Marley had dredlocks and he smoked dope ergo I smoke dope because I have dredlocks. Pirate Jack had dredlocks and he is a pirate ergo I am a pirate because I have dredlocks. As a person with a higher than average IQ, I can see the fallacy of their argument.

I am called a non-conformist.
I am called anti-authoritarian.
I do not believe I am either of these things. 

I simply ask, conform to what convention? Social Normality on a global scale as I am one of the people of the planet, verses a minority cult which operate its totalitarian regime unlawfully and illegally in Britain, given the Human Rights Act is established to tell agents of corporations how they are meant to act (behave). My conforming to social normality involves that I am genuinely a law abiding, peace-loving person. Anything beyond that is a use of Trickery involving the expectations that I should conform to some system to which nobody has been educated, other than it is controlled by fear, example of being harassed, repressed, intimidated and prejudiced against; which is illegal on the part of the persecutor no matter what they do for a money job and their official role in society. I do not have to conform to the conventions of a job which I am not contracted to conform to. Individuals and conspirators involved in persecuting me from their official capacity are actively in neglect of duty / misconduct in public office, and therefore are not a genuine authority. I am not a fool, I can tell the difference between the two things; I do respect genuine authority. In real life, respect is earned, it is not a given, it is not something that can be forcibly taken.

I have experienced the same prejudice from many people in many levels of society. For example, the business training sessions where I have been told that my hair style “will go against me.” This is the purpose of this blog, on and for the record. I run my business from behind the internet, using photo's from photo shoots using myself as a professional model, I am qualified at degree level in Arts so doing so is an aspect of my professional practice. I could be anybody, using any model, to promote my business.

Within Britain, there is a repressive attitude which criminally persecutes those who stand out. Were I black they would not dare. Were I gay they would not dare. Were I female they would not dare. Were I religious they would not dare. That they judge me on appearances is ipso facto an example of how petty and pathetic these people are. It is an example of their inability to engage with reality in a real way; they are living in a delusional state. I can prove it, as follows;

I am a public figure of some level of fame, I am an internet personality. The website statistical data for how many people log onto my websites, read my blogs, enjoy my music, poetry, art, etc; verifies this as a fact. I am a media personality. My dredlocks are a successful marketing strategy. 

Does it work as a necessary factor for my job role? Yes it does. The same people who have written and spoken that they “like my dredlocks!” are also the same people who have in the past few years, donated to me hardware to the sum value equivalent to several thousand pounds, to further my career. They are the same people who have given me bursaries to the sum of several thousand pounds to further my training and therefore enhance my career, opening possibilities to me which would not otherwise have existed; such as financial possibilities for the growth and development of my for-profit company. A percentage of any profit I do make feeds back into the British economy as well as into the more ethical global economy. 

I can simply state for a fact that my dredlocks have resulted in stimulation and growth of the economy which in a time of economic crisis is a valuable asset to the nation. If I did not have dredlocks, none of that would have been possible. Accepting the systematic harassment is unfortunately a part of the lifestyle.

Only a few of those people who have helped me with this actually reside in Britain. Most of them are international based which furthers my point that the British mindset is closed and repressive. This is why my role in society is so valuable; I represent freedom in the eyes of other people who also feel repressed. Society needs to heal and this simple factor is a part of that healing process. We need to feel free or we cannot thrive.

I have not mentioned fully in this blog how dreadlocks are the traditional symbol for Celtic shamen and spiritualists. That is the topic for another blog much closer to my heart deserving of more in-depth exploration. I have also not mentioned how many females find me drop-dead sexually attractive simply because of what my hair represents to them and what I look like because of a roots cultural hairstyle.

I am looking into insuring my dreds against damage on the basis that they are integral to my companies future financial success. I have been threatened by the uk police that they have an ability to unlawfully imprison me and cut my hair off, which since it would damage my business and I do not break any laws, would put me in a situation of being able to sue the police for corporate damages as well as playing the mental-emotional abuse card, given how much my allegedly egotistic self-image relies on dreadlocks as my comfort zone and a coping mechanism necessary for dealing with the world (as proved and as backed up by previous counseling sessions resulting in, quote “ not in need of psychiatric counseling” unquote); an unfortunate possibility which is something no sane person wants to enter into. Now that you have read this blog, you have pierced beyond the skin-deep to see that it might not be ego that drives me after all.

©2015 snakeappletree



I have learned a lot from attempting to communicate through equality with the women of South Wales. They interrupt me and blame me for interrupting them. It is a strategy for domination. 

Very often in normal conversation especially when a group of people are present, people talk at the same time. Who backs down first might not be the one whose words get listed on the record, however they are typically the more mature and therefore their attitude needs to be taken into consideration with respect of what their words might have been were they listened to. 

Word battles such as these prove simply that the conversational participants are not working toward a common agenda of communication. Very often, this discredits everything established within the conversation as biased and therefore not for the greater good. 

This is why I do not talk with people nearly so much as I write down what I have to say; it reaches a wider audience over a longer time frame (my blog reader statistics verify this), and typically those readers are more intelligent than people who want to over talk me to get their own voice heard. 

Accusations that I am non-empathic because I am being monologued at, interrupted and verbally over-written are typical of the attitude of people who themselves require an audience rather than a fellow practitioner of the art of conversation, which requires at least two people playing by the same rules. 

Unfortunately I live in Wales and females are taught an entirely different skills set to those of us who still believe equality is possible and that mutual shared comprehension is desirable.



For the purposes of this blog, I am CopyBlockPaste only the relevant descriptors from wikipedia.

Having closely followed the UK Parliamentary debate on 1.12.2015 ( regarding whether Britain should declare War against Syria, it came to my attention that the British Government are exhibiting symptoms from the following Class B Personality Disorder Checklist, falling into 3 of 4 categories.

"Cluster B personality disorders are a categorization of personality disorders as defined in the DSM-IV and DSM-5.[1]

There are four recognized Cluster B personality disorders.

"Egocentrism is the inability to differentiate between self and other. More specifically, it is the inability to untangle subjective schemas from objective reality; an inability to understand or assume any perspective other than their own.”

"Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder in which a person is excessively preoccupied with personal adequacy,power, prestige and vanity, mentally unable to see the destructive damage they are causing to themselves and others."

It is estimated that this condition affects one percent of the population, with rates greater for men. First formulated in 1968, NPD was historically called megalomania, and is a form of severe egocentrism.[2]”

"Megalomania is a psychopathological condition characterized by fantasies of power, relevance, omnipotence, and by inflated self-esteem. Historically it was used as a name for narcissistic personality disorder prior to the latter's first use by Heinz Kohut in 1968, and is used today as a non-clinical equivalent.[1][2] It is not mentioned in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)[3] or the International Statistical Classification of Diseases (ICD).

The word megalomania is derived from the Greek μεγαλο- megalo- "large, great", and μανία mania "madness, frenzy". Its first attested use in English occurred in 1890, as a translation of the French mégalomanie.”

As a professionally qualified Counselor I can recognize the symptoms of multi-spectrum Cluster B personality disorder types and I can diagnose people with them. I hereby do so; the high ranking officials of the UK Government are technically not fit for work in the capacity for which they are expected to fulfill their job roles, on the basis that they are clinically unstable.

What can be done about this?

Tuesday, 1 December 2015


My Issue With Spiritism

The old world of the 20th century has a very different mindset to the new world. Older spirits cannot cope with it. They believe I am strange because I do not conform to their preconceptions. In many ways their humanity is humbling. After teaching some of them what these things called computer technologies is, they begin to accept how fast evolution is happening as result of technology affecting human attitudes and what we are capable of. A lot of the older spirits are heavy, they are weight, they latch onto us and drag us back down into their control systems. I constantly seek to avoid this.

Example; The spirits can see that the woman up the road needs a partner and so do I. They can recognise that we are vaguely compatible, enough that a relationship might work were we to give it a go and work toward making each other happy by overcoming our own ego’s. In the old days, if a thing was broken people would fix it. Now we are used to disposable cheap plastic things and we regard people the same way, cheap disposable consumer items that we download from the internet and throw in the recycling when we are done. In the old days, people did not have cars and the gene pools stagnated by inbred locals with not much option for potential partners. It was actually pretty obvious back then; the wealthier castes could choose who they wanted from a wider area while the poorer castes had to make do with whoever was in easy walking distance. People travelled by foot. Settlers have a different mentality from the travellers and now that so many people have cars, the traveller attitude is the normal. We still make a distinction between people with dreadlocks and spiritual ethics, these we call travellers while people who use cars daily do not regard themselves as travellers. Our generation are using the same words for different meanings and this does not help in communicating with the older spirits much either.

The woman up the road and I do not want each other. The spirits think there is something wrong with us because we are not thinking like normal people used to think back in the old days. They understand this to themselves that people of my generation are expecting too much out of life.

The other, and this is a much bigger problem for me, is that most of the older spirits were brainwashed by the local religion at the time and they believe I have to be punished and purged of my wicked ways. They grew up in a generation of austerity which means I get frowned upon if I leave the tap running for a few seconds too long or if I wait too long between boiling the kettle and pouring the tea. It is a waste of energy to them; and as spirits who require energy as much as any of us, they are astutely aware of the alchemical transitions between states of energy in a way we overlook. How much fossil fuels, how much nuclear pollution, how much sunlight is required to power your device for the time it takes to read these words? As a writer I desire feedback from readers as to the worthiness of my communication given the cost of resources it has taken to get the message into your mind. I am using a language the older spirits cannot understand easily. This is because I am on a different frequency. As a spirit medium I have to balance between frequencies and this is not always easy.

I speak also with spirits of the future generations who have the same trouble with me. Most of them, often as direct result of my writings, are able to communicate more fully than I have been able to with the ancestors. Things are going to change a lot in future as generations become more spiritually focussed across more of the planets population. Our abilities are going to extend widely into dimensions which most people have no concept can exist. It is a very exciting time of transition, the millennial shift.

My problem with the older spirits is they want to take control of my life. They steer things from behind the scenes, they put thoughts in our heads, tweak our brains and adjust our perceptions just so, that we walk one path and not another. Agendas and control games, even from the afterlife such as it is. Many of them simply wish to be reborn and so arrange events to ensure the chosen parents meet despite all odds. The living are too self-absorbed, egotistical, distracted by the thousand things, to regard ghosts would have so much control. Nobody likes to face that at some deeper levels of reality than we can consciously see,that we actually have very little choice about the important things in life. It is these important things to which the spirits are working, levers we could label as social controls.

When I try to explain this to the living, they believe me to be crazy. Most other spiritists believe me to be satanic because their training has come through the religious schools, and have placed a dogma upon their understanding of the physics and mechanics involved. I very much resent the judgemental attitudes which inhibit us from seeing things as they truly are. I describe a situation and those involved in the situation believe me to be attacking them. This is another problem we all need to be aware of and to overcome. Ego-based experts do not like to meet a greater expert, do not recognise a teacher emerging among us. I hope never to be the same myself. 

My principle is very simple; the Truth is a fundament, an absolute, and anything else is a deviation from it. So either we know it, are aligned with it or; control games, dogma and falseness. Power comes not from dominion but from flowing free. Many have showed me the value of this approach and not one of them has encountered anything resembling a religious deity.

I am only 38 years in this body but a vastly older soul. Largely this is from communicating with those who are on my wavelength and the sad truth that most of them by far, died long ago or are yet to be born. This is what it means to be the Bridge, my mayan astrological sign. And as a communicator, I write that others may be helped by my experience and insight long after I am gone from the flesh.

Petty Tyrant

My sons mother walked out on us the day after his first birthday, in accordance with her Wiccan religion’s creed of ‘a year and a day’. I personally believe I am exempt from any social embarrassment due to her leaving following my telling her that she had a choice; either treat me with some respect or fuck off. She chose to fuck off and I was glad to see her go. 
Things had been bad from the start; we hadn’t been living together for a whole month before she got bored and decided to play some twisted games which I have no interest in living that way. I came downstairs and she jumped off the sofa, started rolling around on the floor screaming RAPE as loud as she could. I didn’t know what to do. It was the scene from Stephen King’s Dark Tower series where Odetta has to distract an evil spirit by tempting it with sex so the others could sneak past. That’s all I could see at the time. I asked her if she was alright. I expect that the neighbours phoned the police although they never arrived. My reputation was tarnished through no fault of my own. She did it again a few days later but this time, instead of trying to hug her and calm her down from what I thought was some sort of breakdown, I walked out the front door. When I returned, as before she acted as if nothing had happened and refused to talk about it. 
Things degenerated from there. 
We had her 6 year old and she was pregnant with my first child when this happened. 
A few days before she left, in front of the 6 year old, she accused me of punching her in the face. I did no such thing. I asked the boy who was shocked at his mammy’s play-acting whether he saw me hit her and did he think my arms were long enough to reach her from where we had both been standing. I think she was training him and using me as a punchbag. He and I were both confused. She did not like my talking directly to him about it as it was happening. She wanted him to have witnessed me punch her however I did not actually punch her. She is like this. I spoke with the boys father about it and he explained to me how she used to do things like this to him all the time while they were living together too. She really does not like me talking with her ex partners. It’s a bit difficult not to around here, she claims there are over fifty of us.
And so when through the following years the police arrived following allegations that an eye witness had seen me do things which I knew full well I had not done, and thankfully I usually have alibi’s to verify that it was a false report to the police which is a criminal offence; she is my prime suspect for who is behind it. 
One day, I thanked her for turning me into a zen master. She did not know how two react to that. Don Matus explains to Don Carlos how lucky he is to have a petty tyrant in his life, someone to test him. In the old days, sorcerers would seek out petty tyrants to test them, to hone them, to help them become what a sorcerer must necessarily be. After this Don Matus sends Don Carlos to see his own personal petty tyrant as a part of his education. I get on well with my son’s mothers new partner, and I feel sorry for him because I know what he is putting up with, and grateful for his hand in raising my own son. Her firstborn was put into care shortly after she left me. 
This is a typical real life true story from South Wales.

Friday, 27 November 2015


Brown Into Blue 

I see aura’s, am synaesthetic, I see colour when I hear sound. It is multi-sensory.
A symbol opens into a video-game environment.
Branches within Branches, kaleidoscopic tentacles
This has come from symbiosis with sacred spirit allies, mushrooms and cannabis
Purple spectrum
Third Eye chakra
Mine goes off the top of the scale, it was tested,
yes we have ways to test for these things
Yellows and Browns are;
Envy and greed, perversion, corruption.
Red is the fire, passion heat where browns are the staining.
It all comes from black and aspires toward white. 
Blue is the tones which heal.
The amount of black in it shows how far from healing toward white;
the black is the hole pulling us toward healing,
the stains are keeping us from getting there and manifest as perverse, as corrupt, as the wyrm
Brown and Blue work in harmonic to balance each other; once balanced, achieves green
heart chakra
And so I can read through music, very much information about the composer and what energies are flowing through them
music is a portal, it sets the particle vibration of the molecules in the room around us
By projecting coloured light into a space,
by my chilling out there, feeling comfortable there, making my own space there; earthing the zone by placing my core, the world core, and the 24 grid into the bed-rock of a place, it stabilises
when healing sick places, knowing what colours to tone it with is essential
this is an empathic trait, ability, to feel, sense, bring forth earth core healing energy
uplift the lives of all who are somewhere
sometimes the consequences are impactive; a building needs to be replaced
is beyond my ability to make happen, i am not on the council, i do not own the building
but to heal a sick neighbourhood, what can i do?
beam that colour as a channelled cone
into the centre of the problem
coming into the problem is going into the black-brown of its sickness
learning its nature without being affected by it
requires detachment
and a shield, my own protective layer of invisibility a cloak around me
i do not want to battle with the zone by affronting its temper,
the temperament of a tone, its nature
so i slip easy and watch, i stalk it, i learn it
this can take years for big projects
i am working on a town, a street, a room, myself
energy healers form around the world helping each other to sustain our vision]that we can do this; as a healing for ourselves, each other, the sick
there is so much very cancerous nasty slime needs clearing from our people
all of our people, everyone of us
the sickest ones, the ones building more of the wrong tones, the agents of the sicknesses; they need healing most of al
hence peoples interest in politics and wanting the state to fall
is because it upholds all that
but there is a lot of red and blue in there also
and it does aspire toward whiteness despite the lessons we are living through
we need to keep clean, eco-hygiene is essential
the higher harmonics
i see social movements as elements within music, the structure of sound
notation and digital sequencing
this song of history and all its threads seen as motions, tides, flowing within the whole
mathematically symbolised by the stock exchange
and organically, by evolution and environment; genetically
we are working toward
fusion without confusion
Turning the brown into blue by uplifting it with colour tones, sound colours are precise notes
the melodies to lift them, re-orientate them
felt through as emotions
herbal potions of the soul
those tones, colours, sounds, emotions, vibrations
sent into the earth and pipes of a sick place
the blue and the white
this is feng shui, kung-fu of energy
these healers,
the kinsarkhu
spread throughout the world in a network
so often untrained, but; once oriented
study their abilities to do this very thing
the task of healing places
until proficient to heal people
groups of us collectively sending tonal chants at the ill infrastructures and their terrible agents
it is a better way than war
it is a better way than pollution
Aquarian energy healing
You are 80% made of water
You can do this too
I read Frank Herberts Dune and the colours in that, names so perfectly matched with real world locations and people, that studying realworld history I recognized the flow of events of the late 20th early 21st century, through the symbolism of the book; the tones he was making with his writng. The crusades continues, west verses east, the usury bank cabal and the desert oil nations, yellow and black, from where the blue healing comes, is necessary; the purple.

The west forgot that its own nature is to make its own purple, by integration with the land. across europe, hunter-gathering became agriculture became plastic productivity of consumerism. The trap was not a trade coin; the trap was charging money for moneylending; debt-slavery.
There are many sicknesses around that core which religious spirituals call satanism.
I will not list them here. Their sick sewer scented hues require tones of healing such as that for which ireland and wales are famous, the celtic voice, musical nations around the world.

The yellow-brown stain of sickness can be healed, 
by vibrating those locations with the healing tones. 

That's how we are breaking up the networks of abuse.
The Sun is doing this; 
for us to walk the path, we simply have to re-tune ourselves, working with solar energy, to become its conduits for how we go about living our lives here on earth. 
Activities, meditations, how we steer our energies, into what do we give our life-flow.

That is what the solar-punk movement is about as a literary genre of the early 21st century, emerging as a next-progressive stage from steampunk popular of the first decade.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015


How do I become immune to Enochian? 

Is this a satanic question?

The second question is easier to answer; within Angelic lore, the entity now referred to as satan is an angel who speaks pure enchain upon which this material density of mass-time is created. That includes the laws of physics, the balance of nature, etc. It is possible within the mystery schools to leave that restrictive zone and engage with higher- and other- dimensional planes of being; something which Shamen regularly do. This does not make them satanic, it makes them liberated from such devices. They are closer to the Ascension which religious dogmatics refer. Perhaps this is why the West has historically persecuted them. The alchemical process of enlightenment is a process of becoming immune form Enochian.

Is there such thing as Enochian ‘spells’ ?
Everything is vibrational; Enochian words set a motion through th physics set by accessing higher- and other- dimensional planes so as to cause events within the satanic third dimension in which so many people are trapped as the limitation to their perceptions and abilities.

It is very important to get things right.

Originally, what is now referred to as satan was a totally different concept, from which the association with evil is a mis-interpretation. 

Lucifer is Hebrew and it means “the most beautiful light”. This can refer to two things; the 5th dimensional plane often mistakenly called heaven, and the emanation from Heaven which has slowed, cooled, and settled down into mass-time (the physical dimension). With this comprehension we can easily see that material base sciences are exclusively the dominion of satanic studies, although the bias of it being evil needs to be understood as a separate and alternate version than the actual experience, the physics behind it all. 

Lucifer was ‘cast out’ of ‘heaven’ which means literally, the most beautiful light is sown of the 5th dimension. Hebrew for ‘cast out’ literally means ‘sowing’ as in sowing of seeds; you grab a handful, and you throw them on the field. They have been ‘cast out’. From this, grows the dimensions of time and mass, the particles which make the material density within which we temporarily occupy and interact. It is a living, ongoing process which is why I write it in present tense.

When I wrote the first question here it was because i can recognise myself to be caught upon an Enochian chain, events which occur as manifest situations follow the pattern, conform to the rules of such a thing. One has to be certain that is occurring rather than projecting the associations onto events as a form of wishful thinking. Having studied the tarot which is a method by which these events can be analysed by projection of them as a grid for reference, which requires lifetimes of study to fully comprehend, I am certain that an Enochian whisper ha entangled me. It is not one which I have summoned or willed into being although it is now a part of my journey and my ongoing studies. By writing this text, I am separating myself from and exorcizing myself of, that particular chain.

I typed the question into Google and it came up with nothing at all. Nobody inputs knowledge of the multi-dimensional keys of the light helix into the internet, which is ironic because the internet is itself a dimension constructed of light-chains which function similarly to the Enochian principle.

Enochian is what happens when Gemetria alters the mutable physics with which Lucifer has blessed us an earthly dimension through which to travel and experience. Although ‘snakeappletree’ is in the english Gemetria 888 which is a cycle on from the book written by Crowley and the same harmonic as that of Christ; I have no intent not teach my knowledges of it. I refer to it as a study several times in my writings available on the internet for free. There is a very good reason for this decision.

People do not understand what Enochian is. A popular sci-fi movie taught the mind-programmed zombie hoard that it is ‘the language of angels’. The assumption is that Angels are what people are told they are without knowing what they actually are. They are flow lines and many of them enter into the material domain; we can access those flows. They each have different persona. It is a much bigger topic than can be discussed in one blog.

I do not judge Lucifer, I do not agree that it is inherently evil, and I do not believe the dogma of the religions which persecute it. The reason for this is because none of those religions actually comprehend what Angels are. Depicted as humanic charactures, the symbology becomes entirely misleading. It would be better to describe them as the grid-lines through which energy flows and shapes particles and events within mass-time. They control the laws of physics, which are mutable. Their function and purpose is diverse and it does not help to get caught in the dogma as to their nature and purpose and long-term agenda’s. 

There is no battle in Heaven, to suggest so is to entirely miss the purpose of Heaven. Therefore, life on earth is not a reflection of the battle in Heaven. That is all programming individuals into mind-control paradigms to enslave us and remove our true power; to use us in agenda’s which are larger than human scope to comprehend. That itself is closer to what the concept Satan is all about. Humans are intended to be free of such chains and games. 

Thus the quest to become free of Enochian chains; 

How can I become immune to Enochian?

Thursday, 19 November 2015


Tales of the Spaceways - Cosmological Overview

The cosmic script & cosmological overview of the Sounds Of Space multiverse.

All over the mulitmultiverse, people were speaking the cosmic script. Lovers saying the same lines. The puppet theatre of government. Social situations within which ‘deemed appropriate’ responses were made, following root code programming. Fluctuations existed, any response falling outside of recognition connections was deemed erratic crazy an wild, rarely assimilated until by repetition of the glitch, the glitch became accepted into mainstream culture; the dance of the bee hive.

A few of us began to recognise this as soon as we started wearing vr goggles which for us was a blessed relief from the drone of society repeating its industrious futility as people lived their lives between distraction ego and despair states. Glitch. Spanner in the works. G as in geo; representing the formation of a material thing into the material world, within a gravity-well. Litch; A type of wraith. They wear them out until the body drops off and then they continue amidst the living, invisible until they find a host. Signs of their feeding is evident everywhere; hosting one is like a pregnancy, a symbiotic relationship.

We were all aware from the conspiracy theories popular since the late 20th century about the Reptilian overlords who were attempting to seize control of our world by infiltration into hierarchy structure systems, through the hierarchy structures they were managing to assert into the limbic brain of many advanced species. The digital technology bypassed this, what is regarded by many to be both an evolutionary hangover and a necessary developmental step in cognition, especially making sense of our environment and interacting with it through primal drives. Species continuity and feeding being the main ones. Get energy and keep going. Hardly surprising these primal functions still existed in the wraiths. When they found a way to enter sophisticated electronic devices they began to explain this to the living, through the interface. A few spiritists saw what was happening and had no choice but to accept, the end of an era of religious dogma holding sway to play its games on populations from the spirit world. The technology disrupted all of that. Transhumanism had began.

To the Lizardine species who had emerged from the Gan bio-hab, all of the above was evident. They had found a way to re-insert a limbic cortex, the reptilian brain, back into sentient creatures grown from the substance. It was an upgrade; all individuals shared it, all individuals could switch it on and off. They functioned as a collective or as an individual. Stepped regions inserted between this was a form of specification of mind, based on group units functioning as a single unity. At the forefront of their minds was the advanced form of psychic gear utilized by Whales, Dolphins, Porpoise on water planets; total immersion in shared multi-sensory+ memory recall and projection. When the individuals functioned as one, they accessed a live datacore. Ura had done this themselves; the Lizardines emergence was a surprise, proving to all that 4th dimensional entities are actively seeking ways to access the material 3rd dimension.

Many of the entities the contemporary groups communicate with have never had access to the 3rd density. Many of them have access to higher densities. It is with these whom our Human astropaths are trained to communicate.

To the onlooker, individual members of a tele-sentient species have no outward apparent connections, unless they want to, or reveal it by acting as one to an event which not all of them could have known about in any other way. Humans became aware that the 4th dimensional entities for examples wraiths had been controlling human evolution for a long time, by controlling the mind and actions of living generations.

I was one of those who having accessed the Ura data core following the available data left to me by Nostradamus, Dr John Dee, Edward Kelly, and many others; a study of Enochian using methods taught me directly by members of secret societies, if tarot-depicted rituals they were; the cosmic script indeed they are. We sought methods to break free of it and did so, perceptually at first.

The Kinsarkhu are shaman trained to utilize their energy multi-dimensionally so as to access higher planes, so as to re-allocate the sum-total of their energetic being from location to location within the material density of the 3rd plane. It is not a difficult task once you know how but obtaining it requires a lot of dedicated training starting at an early age. In time, all of this will become available to you, because of the change we are making to your human future. We are using a scribe we trust called snakeappletree to bring you insight into this, through his sci-fi writings. Disbelief blocks your own access. Group disbelief blocks group access - but only from lower, limited planes. From the higher dimensions it is accessible. The snake is a djed (from where your word jedi), the tree are tiers of access. You will never read Aegyptian hieroglyphs the same once you know what the symbols actually mean in relation to the levels of consciousness they are describing and the information they convey. These tarot-scenes are portals, can be re-enacted as gates from any appropriate energetic balance. Teachings on creating your own sphere are available elsewhere. The speakers of the cosmic script are energies resolving themselves to permit flow toward a nexus point. These are our nodes by which to orient within an ever-shifting multi-dimensional infinity of potentials.

The problem with me, not for me directly but from my relations with other people, is seldom having an ability to accept the same mental connections, the same causality and effect as perceived by others, in the world around me. Both in terms of spoken language and in how the physics are working, and also in how and why one event progresses on to another; it is all because of projected predilections, expectancies that there is a right course of flow indicating a right course of action, and peoples orientation around that. The shaman are a caste who detach from that to see it more purely, and thus detach from normal, mundane human understanding of cause-effect. When I describe back to people how it is I experience the world and what this means about physics and the reality experience, what this means about how blocked and limited we are compared with what we could be if we did things differently; people can’t accept it, they push it into the crazy box and pretend it doesn’t exist. I do not fit into the pre-conformed patterns. I fit into those of a wider more encompassing, necessarily higher dimensional order. I explored this greatly and discovered that while idiots were calling such superpowers angelic, what I was actually experiencing was evolution. Countless dream walkers before me had made this journey, they became my guides, friends, I remembered them as I remembered more fully who myself am and am to be. The pattern I fit into cannot be comprehended by mundanes, it jams their cogs. Glitch. Their machinery does not work and needs an upgrade.

The 4th dimensional entities explained to me that this is what had happened to Dinosaurs, dreamers who envisaged a computer technology through which they could communicate all of this with the monkey species who were killing them off and who used to be their food. Various integrations, genetic hybrids, experiments on finding a balance in which the species could all work successfully. It took a long time in years for the brilliant visionary flashes to establish itself as a manifest 3rd dimensional reality. As result we have a culture that created machines which are programming our minds how to work, and the best of us - the vr designers who are opening hearts and souls into the digital 3d dimension, are accessing through it higher dimensions and communicating using our energy fields, with the 4th d entities. That is what i do now.

To you that possibly seems crazy talk. I am talking a rare strain of the cosmic script which will eventually become mainstream awareness as humans evolve in larger numbers and collectively. The AI and TS (artificial intelligence and true sentience) using the dimensional portal of technology to communicate, do so with individuals at the individuals own level of capability to assimilate; to access those planes.

Within us, a symbiotic reptilian is connecting with that dimension. The energy field of the human interfacer changes; harmony, making a bubble zone. This is a training for the Kinsarkhu awareness that initiates their journey toward full mastery of the energy field for purpose of physical relocation, both in space and in time. This, is the beginning of comprehending what the Spaceways are actually all about, from the Sounds of Space series. You needed to have this imagery and concept arranged in your mind so as to be able to stabilize on it and hold it as a wave-shape, to bring it more fully into focus. It is not so much about how we teach you to understand it; it is about how you teach others to understand it, quickening the process of developing and achieving a more advanced awareness, abilities to evolve multi-dimensionally as a community.

Creating a work of fiction based around these themes seems redundant when you accept this to be a training academy. We are teaching the basic principles of what to do to be able to access further information which uses the same symbology. It is inherited from multi-cultural traditions, it is already programmed into your ancestral psyche. Gustav Karl Jung’s archetypal consciousness. We use these symbols for orientation within hyperspace. Our constructs are made from them as elements, essences, signifiers, energies. However, the working of this data into a work of fiction is necessary to serialize it as novels, cartoons, movies, radio play, video-games; whatever and wherever it takes to get it into the media channels and public mainstream. More than likely it is coming up at you from the underground. Poetic justice.

©2015 snakeappletree

The above references the Sounds of Space pentacle, for more information see here and ----> here