Sunday 21 March 2021


“A jackboot stomping down on a human face, forever...” Orwell, 1984

One observation of life is that people who have personal power are not ‘into power’. 

People who aspire towards social power are into power. 

Such people seek power over others and recognition of their holding a position of responsibility to convince others and themselves that they have personal power themselves. 

The major drawback to this strategy is immediately they are slaves to the opinions of others.

People who are into personal power, do not need to seek such positions and generally don’t. 

There are people who have both personal power and social power. It is because their mastery of personal power has led them to occupy a position of social responsibility. It is not the other way around.

Those people who have little personal power but whom have attained a position of responsibility usually are unable to live up to it without at least conforming to many systems of corruption, manipulation. 

This is why hierarchy systems are in generalisation corrupt; they are full up of corrupt people who although they hold positions of social responsibility which they may or may not be able to live up to, they have little personal power. 

It is narcissistic because their personal power it relies entirely on other people feeding into it. This is why they prefer zombies who do not question their authority. To them, by holding a position deemed to be a respectable one, they assume and demand that same level of respect be automatically applied to themselves personally.  

This is also why such people reject and resent people who have personal power. Oppression of those who exist outside of their hierarchical control, often to the extent of preventing such people from attaining positions of social responsibility at all because it is deemed a threat to their own status and standing. 

People with personal power recognise the difference between the illusion of power (mistaking social position of responsibility for personal empowerment) and genuine authentic power. 

“Respectability is Responsibility. Accountability is Credibility.” 

“Respect is earned; it is not a given.” 

It is possible to respect a position of authority without respecting a person who holds that position. The person must earn the respect by their behaviour, not by social office.

Genuine authentic power comes from within. Its founding principle is self-belief. 

Therefore, many and indeed most of the attacks upon personal power comes in the form of undermining of self-belief. Many methods are utilised for this, often endorsed by the social culture. 

We are expected to conform to the social strategy of creating a level playing field, a middle ground which gives half the population an impossible aspiration, and oppresses the other half the population. 

The phrase, “you cannot be too much or too little.”

Half of all people are born naturally with less than average and half of all people are born naturally with more than average, when compared with the average.

If there are three people, the probability is one of them will be the average. If there are 30 people, the probability is that of the 10 average people, there will be such variation among them, only one of them will be actually be average. The same applies to 1,000,000 people, or 20 billion people. 

There will always be one who is average, some close to it either more or less, and the vast majority further away from the average and closer towards the extremes, to varying amounts. 

This is why the Marxist philosophy is important: “to each their needs, from each their ability.” It recognises the importance of the individuals unique and natural level of empowerment. 

For the purposes of simplicity and practicality, the state into which I was born does not overtly appreciate individuality (while at the same time the media promotes the opposite by way of promotion of famous stars, by which it means for-profit figureheads) but rather expects everybody to conform to the average level. Thus the vast majority are either made to feel insufficient with all the negative consequences that brings to a person, or are made to feel overmuch, derided as egotistic, with all the envy and oppression that brings to people by the large majority who resent their natural power.

It is possible to improve our personal power much more easily than it is possible to achieve social standing. The higher up the pyramid the position, the less of such positions are available. Whereas, with personal empowerment it focuses entirely on your own relationship with yourself.

Stripping the mind of negative functions and delusional self-belief is the priority. It is a discipline because a person must do it consistently until the brain has been rewired, their mind re-routed toward more successful functions. More successful self-beliefs result in more successful behavioural strategies which results in more successful attainment, whether that involves positions of social responsibility or not. 

There is no reason at all why a person requires to attain a position of social responsibility. There is every reason why a person should strive to attain a position of personal empowerment. 

It is also imperative that we understand the difference between society and the community. 

The community is flexible and includes everybody. 

The society is a static pyramid structure where position of social responsibility is often mistaken for personal credibility. 

Everybody is a member of the community while members of the society exclude other members of the community from partaking in the society. 

In realistic terms, this society is a minority group, it is not the mainstream majority. 

Tuesday 9 March 2021


This is “the Law” referred to on the census letter: 

Census Act 1920 Subsection F4: 

“no person liable to a penalty with respect of religion.” 

Nobody in the world has to fill this form in because people respect of religion existing. Do not have to say what religion, because that’s a particular. 

So, when it says on census paperwork “£1000 fine” that is intimidation which is a criminal offence. It is also a lie which is fraud which is a criminal offence. 

If Lockheed Martin are the data processors for the 2021 census as they were for the 2011 it means that under British terrorist legislation anyone giving information (particulars) to them is aiding and abetting terrorism - Lockheed Martin build land mines which disable children, they are weapons manufacturers.

Clarification: There is an implied emphasis. Removal of the word “any” results in a listing specific to the topic of religion. The addition of the word “any” expands the concept to include “any” particular. This is a critical difference. 

The listing does not refer to specific particulars relating exclusively to ‘religion’. The listing refers to ‘any’ particulars as a result of (with respect of) religion existing. 

On this basis nobody has to give any information whatsoever simply because religion exists in the world, an awareness which people respect to be true. 

Any information given is entirely voluntary despite threats and lies - coercive control - in the contemporary approach to persuading people to enter into contract. 

Further observations


In 2011 there was no F3 “sexual orientation or gender identity” mentioned whatsoever in the 1920 Act. This has been added after 2011 although no mention of the addition has been made in the Notes regarding additions and edits to the original document. It is a concession toward the LGBT+ minority group. 


‘The modern interpretation’ of a century old well written manuscript is to criticise it for having bad grammar and reinvent it to a different meaning than was original intended, as excuse to create further restrictions and remove human and civil rights, rather than to accept ‘dumbing down’ which serves the agenda of removing human and civil rights. This census is a case in point for that debate (debacle). 


Here is the clincher: 

“Religion” is about belief. It is my belief the interpretation is correct and valid, that the evidence presented to verify the interpretation as correct (use of word ‘any’ particular) is logical and sensible. Ergo the approach to comprehending this entire document falls under the remit of “religion”. This is not manipulation, although expecting to interpret the meaning of Article 8 F2 as if the word ‘any’ is insignificant, to change the intended meaning as written. would be manipulation. 


Date U.K. went into Lockdown due to coronavirus: 


(3322 - see Skull And Bones Society logo)

Date of U.K. census deadline: 








Ever heard of Agenda21 ? 


This is what Billy Connolly has to say about the subject of Terrorism:


Tuesday 2 March 2021


Paul McCarthy’s “Christmas Tree” butt plug

A fifty year history of social development in context of LGBT emergence as Corporate Control.


“Not enough gays” gays

“Gays are dirty” most people

“Gays are okay” heterosexual bohemians


“Gays have AIDS” everyone


“Let’s take over everything and brainwash everyone into being gay” gays 

“Let’s allow that because gays are funny” most people 

“Gays are pricks” gays and people who have been abused by gays


“It’s cool to be alternative” agenda based zombies trying to be cool by making being gay cool 

“Gays are pricks” most people

“I think I might be gay” victims of the 1990s gay agenda


“LGBT are untouchable” everyone

“I’m sick of LGBT” everyone

“It’s cool to be LGBT” people stuck in the 1990s

“Nobody cares anymore” LGBT community 


“Bisexual is normal” everyone



Because Corporations = 20th Century Economic Standards


20th Century Economic Standards have not adapted and evolved to the 21st Century because if they did, corporations would lose Power, as those standards cannot sustain such a large population as we now have, so instead the corporations say we are overpopulated. 

We are not overpopulated, that is a delusion, we are trapped into 19th/20th century economic slavery instead of adapting to reality. 

How can we adapt? 

Grow our own food and stop using plastic, it’s that simple. 


Corporations do not want to let go of their power so instead they must depopulate. 

How to depopulate? 

Stop babies. 

How to stop babies? 

Make everyone gay and punish breeders, by segregating families to persuade everyone families are inherently disfunctional. 

Social reform from two directions specifically targeting heterosexual family units. 


It’s all interconnected. 

We are being manipulated under the guise of heavily promoted freedom and rights issues, instead of heavy promotion of self-sufficiency for food production. 

(As of the mid 2010s U.K. Schools teach LGBT to six year olds but they teach sustainable home food gardening to nobody.) 

This manipulation simply so corporations can maintain absolute social control under outmoded 20th century economic standards. 

Can you see the problems, Human? 

The LGBT community paradox: 

“When bisexuality becomes normality, nobody cares anymore because it is normal now. Making an issue of it makes it abnormal.” 

That’s what they want though. 

Drama = Attention = Energy. 

Drama = narcissistic Control. 

The Third Hand

Third Hand Strategy

The third hand is often employed first. 

Everybody is aware of the covert operative strategy, “cloak and dagger”, to flamboyantly wave one had around so as to conceal or manipulate with the other hand, unseen. It is a basic conjurer trick, perhaps the oldest of them all. 

When we have the awareness revealed to us that what we thought was happening is not what was happening, we are astonished and do not look any further. It is a sufficiently complicated situation already. 

Those who utilise third hand strategy are very well aware of the limited observational scrutiny of almost all people, and the impossibility of exposing the third hand tactics to others who are unaware of that level of game manipulation. 

The basic strategy of third hand devices is to use both the flamboyant and concealed hands to conceal the actual intended manoeuvre. 

Effectively the obvious is a front for the hidden while the hidden is a front for the even more well hidden which nobody suspects because they are too busy engaged in the first hidden. 

A classic famous example of third hand strategy can be seen in the 1981 movie Diva; regarding the Citroen Traction Avant. 

Thanks to KBL who as a master of it has been my observational case study of The Third Hand Strategy for over a decade.