Monday, 18 January 2021

A Human Test

“They all hate him/her.” 


Does the person on the list of names (haters) who hate the person (target) know that person from having shared time and experiences with them? 

They might claim to have done so. 

This is not evidence of truth. 

They might say they “know” that person because they would recognise them by sight. This is not to “know” a person, it is to recognise a person by sight. To know a person requires shared time and experiences. 

If No, they do not know the person, it defaults to a situation where the person they hate is a fiction in their imagination projected at a recognisable target. This is a form of abuse. A collection of people abusing the same target is an abuse network. These typically have ringleaders. 

The person who they claim to hate simply does not exist. It is a delusion, ergo they are delusional, ergo they are zombies. 


1 have no brain 

(do not think for themselves) 

2 have no compassion 

(no humanity, no empathy for strangers) 

3 angry haters 

(require a target to dump hate on)

If a person allows the opinion of a zombie to be superior to theirself, that person is also a zombie. 

It’s a Human Test. 

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