Tuesday, 26 April 2022


A Tension value experiment in Attention 

Water pressure controls the flow. When we adapt the hose to split into two streams, with a junction, each stream has half the water pressure. 

Multitasking does not work for this reason. Our attention has tension. Which seems obvious when you regard phonetically it is the same word, the same concept applied to a different context. 

“Where attention goes, energy flows.” Eckhart Tolle

“The observer affects the observed.” Albert Einstein 

Attention is energy (simplified). Attention is conduit through which energy affects energy. 

The Attention-Energy is measurable by its impact. This is verifiable in physics at particle level. 

Methods for development of Second-Attention is instructed by Yaqui shaman Don Matus in the Carlos Casteneda analogy. 

Widening of the mind to encompass multiple focus of awareness simultaneously. While with effort it is possible to somewhat increase the ‘water-pressure’ of split Attention. 

Study of electric reveals Amplitude and Volume to be the two relevant factors of measurement of energy-flow. 

How fast it is moving (Amplitude). 

How much there is (volume). 

We can liken Amplitude (how fast it is moving) with Frequency (the speed of its vibration). 

This Second-Attention is within the remit of Volume (how much we can be aware of) rather than the remit of Amplitude (how fast / high the Attention energy is capable of; 1 emitting, 2 being aware of). 

NB: This should have been posited as a question for contemplation, not an assertion. 

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