Tuesday 30 January 2024

The Zombies

The Zombies characteristically behave as follows: 

1 Demand everything immediately at the click of their fingers. 

2 Provide and supply nothing to help, not even being nice. 

3 Argue. Everything is a power-game. 

4. Anger & Aggressive tendencies as controlling behaviour. Often covert in form of Vengeance & Vendetta. 

All this comes from their feeling of entitlement far outweighing their ability to provide for the harmony and stability of the group. 

They are absolutely reliant on the very same people they pressure into subservience. 

They do not function from empathic awareness. The closest they get to that is self-centred pity. 

I for one am physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually exhausted from dealing with them. 

Are they bad people? 

In their own self-image they are the misunderstood, mistreated hero of a depressive tragedy. They do not recognise how their own mental beliefs, actions and lack of actions continuously create that tragedy and involve other people into it. 

Other people experience them as an energy drain. They acquire their energy from depressing other people down to their level. 

This is well documented (The Games People Play by Dr Eric Berne). 

The healing path is;

Feeling safe

Warm and dry

Sufficient sleep 

Healthy food (salad)

Connected to nature 

Supportive Community 

Avoiding delusional people 

Productive activities (gym, art, etc)

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