Tuesday, 10 August 2021


History of Britain


Archeological evidence shows Neanderthals arrived in Britain approximately 400,000 years ago and were still there 50,000 years ago.

Archaeological evidence shows the Britons arrived in Britain some time around 10,000 years ago after the Ice Age. 

5000 - 4000 years ago the Yamnaya culture descended from Ukraine and Russian steppes region into Europe and into Indo-Asia, bringing the foundation for modern European languages. 

The beaker people settled Britain 2500 years ago from the European Yamnaya culture. 

2000 years ago Rome invaded Britain. 

1600 years ago Rome left Britain.

1500 years ago the Angles invaded Britain. 

A Germanic tribe. 

1400 years ago the Saxons invaded Britain. 

A Germanic tribe. 

1200 years ago the Vikings invaded Britain. 

A Scandinavian tribe. 

1200 years ago the Vikings invaded Northern France, creating Normandy region by integrating with the French.

1000 years ago the Normans invaded Britain. 

At the moment the 200 year old British colony which became corporate USA is culturally invading Britain.


Saxon word “wealas” means “foreign slave”. It was applied to the native Britons, whose descendants Picts, Cornish and Welsh retain the descriptive name even now. 

It is shockingly disappointing and upsettingly racist when white/Caucasian people are all bundled together into the same category on state forms, when very clearly, white/Caucasian British people are mixtures of many different bloodlines. 

It is also frightening how a vast majority of British people do not identify their own ancestry and indeed are unaware of how this heritage has been replaced in modern times by a corporate mono-concept. 

How can a people be proud when they do not even know who they are and what they have to be proud of?

For further information following my research into the history of Britain, follow this blog: PYR 

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