Saturday, 14 August 2021


We return to our resource books. Our generation are post-post-modern. We realise that it was all done with freshness in the modern era and then it was all done again with reinvention in the post-modern era. Now we’ve all got portable computers so we don’t need to do it all again. We’re doing something different this time.

Raising a child who technically is post-post-post-modern, P3M, from the first generation who grew up after portable computers have already become a thing, observing his generations culture is to learn about meme wars which are when post-modern reinventive art becomes digital video postcards, one-liner gags which are only one liners because we’ve already assimilated all the required concepts involved. A culture which feeds on itself for inspiration endlessly.

Yet we continue the quest for newness. By definition this has to be a breakaway culture from portable computer culture.

The cycle of seasons each in its own place. This is the renewal. As such, we can identify portable computer technology to be not springtime, but autumn and winter.

What happens next is biotech. The future is biotech. This is inclusive of growing potatoes in a sack in your garden as much as lab-grown designer life-forms custom ordered to fill an ecological niche or a fashionable consumer whim. 

In the winter of mass extinction, we return to our books to look at how the world used to be, how the culture used to be, how the world that was is presented for posterity by those with foresight and finance to imprint it into hardcopy that it may survive even after the electric stops.

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