Wednesday, 27 October 2021


A standard psychology model underlaying the Human Value System. 

We gain self-esteem by achieving challenges. Others recognise this. 

We evaluate based on recognition of this and we apply value to those who achieve challenges. Living up to our responsibilities being the biggest of these criteria. 

1 Undermining other peoples ability to achieve their responsibilities and challenges, and 

2 Not recognising where they do are the two major approaches of socially dysfunctional, sociopathic saboteurs (for example the umbrella of narcissism and its related branches of personality disorders) to undermine others well-being. Usually by people serving social control agendas (agents) and very often that agenda is simply selfishness vs community awareness (empathy). 

The training to identify hallmark characteristics of these behavioural patterns is largely through experience of dealing with them. The textbook can only offer patterns of projections which result in misleading diagnosis because of inexperience with the subtle nuances involved. 

For example, specific symptoms of narcissistic abuse syndrome (NAS)  are textbook identical to broad-based symptoms of narcissism. Both cases gain Attention=Energy by creating stress in others either by harbouring or manufacturing stress. 

This is why it’s such a problem dealing with the pandemic of narcissism affecting our communities. 

After a lot of review and with mind to remain positive and progressive it was determined the only way out of the paradigm is CBT to completely replace the paradigm with a simpler more wholesome one, than to become entangled with case specific minutia and negativity. 

The new paradigm is characterised by empowerment slogans. 

Conscious evolution. 

Power of positive thinking. 

Do not feed the Black Hole. 

Every moment we have the power to redirect the flow of energy flowing though us, away from a negative manifestation and instead empowering toward a positive and stable manifestation. By letting go and emptying the mind and whole being. 

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