Friday, 5 November 2021

Keeping Real

Keeping Real

All those people can never get it to work. 

I got it to work. 

They made me feel like an outcast. 

So there I was, an outcast who could do something other people could not do, feeling bad about that. I felt bad about it for years until one day I realised; 

“My positivity is more important than their negativity.”

On that day my life changed because my attitude changed. Attitude towards myself changed. My self-talk changed. I recognised it’s irrelevant what other people think or say. They might be right, they might be wrong, but they are not who I should be listening to in either case. 

The immediate criticism was that I’d become more selfish. I closed my door to a whole bunch of people and became more of a loner than ever. I decided it was better to be a productive loner hiding in my cave than to be a miserable loner constantly distracted by trying to live up to other peoples dogmatic expectations. 

I absorbed the same attitude they were generating, I adapted to survive the social conditions. I’m not here to feed their egos. If anything they’re here to feed mine and if they can’t do that, there’s no point in them existing in my life. This is not the same thing as I had become selfish and egotistical. It was the establishing of a boundary. 

I’d finally had enough of suffering, of putting up with other people grinding me down and discouraging me from achieving anything or even believing good about myself. It applies to everybody, people of all walks of life from the beggar in the street who looks down on me because I had more wealth that day, to the teacher in school, the policeman who stop and search me because they were bored, a job interviewer who decided I was not the right person for the job because I questioned employee rights for example no plants or open windows in the office space, no fresh air there. 

I was walking the trail of most everybody I encountered was out to put me down for one reason or another and very often for reasons contradictory to those of the last person who had put me down. 

After being ground down for so long I recognise that the grindstone simply sharpens the axe. 

The purpose of all these external influences was to get me to recognise that. Almost as soon as I recognised that and got all the losers off my back, my own energy levels improved. My own sense of well-being and self-worth improved. 

The change was internal, a decision I made within myself about myself. It was a critical judgement but an important one and it undermined the programming I received from the general background culture for years. 

I accelerated. My art got better, my music improved, I was more productive than ever. I shifted up through the spheres. 

Got into a relationship, we became pregnant I’m now a dad with dad skills, a parent raising the next generation to be more successful than the previous generations. 

The main focus of which is: empowering self-belief of the individual to feel not only they deserve to be here and belong on the planet at this time, but thank God they are here because it would be worse if they weren’t. 

The individual has the power to turn the tide of the masses on that one to one basis. Otherwise without that individual, the zombie masses are herded over a cliff to their doom. The individual alone can change their own direction only by leaving the masses behind and doing their own thing. And that is how it is supposed to be. 

The criticisms which I had put up with for so long which had undermined my sense of self-worth, that looking after myself properly was selfishness and I should be ashamed for doing it, that taking pride of my accomplishments was egotistical and I should actually feel guilty about doing something other people could not do. 

I emerged from a fertile cultural compost of vitamin enriched shit which has made me stronger and more powerful, a crushing process has distilled and purified my attitude in the value and worth of the individual, pitted against the misery of a repressive collective. A vastly accepted delusion which is the operating system in the minds of the majority of regurgitative zombies we encounter. 

As was proved and widely endorsed throughout the region of Europe during the Nuremberg trials, it is the individuals duty to question authority of others, to avoid inhumane and tragic outcomes. 

My message is quite simple. You can recognise it by now for what it is. You do it your way if you want to achieve. If you don’t know what is your way, study by following your intuition instead of bad advice from derogatory and controlling narcissists who outnumber us 10 to 1. 

There is however, that rare individual or two who will authentically support you and give you good advice. Analyse, use your intuition, figure out who is the good, who is the bad. Who is the fake and who is a real person.

This is not my story. 

This is the conclusion to my story. 

This is my life wisdom distilled down into a single, simple message. The important insight to which the purpose of my life. The import, the thing I wish to convey to everybody of all generations is also simultaneously a statement about the civilisation and culture, the social environment of the world I have lived in. 

The quest for relevance.

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