Tuesday, 23 November 2021


Sometimes, you’ve got to love them.

This transcript is an insight into systematic abuse, narcissism and one method to deal with it (by exposure). 

Permission granted to copy-paste and adapt this blog-post only, for your own personal necessity. 


Your behaviour of leading men on only to push him away is typified characteristic of Emotional Manipulation for the purpose of your Self Validation. 

You will next play the Poor Me angle and attempt to justify how you are not responsible for your own actions because of your traumatic past experience has resulted in your emotional insecurity. 

This stands in stark contrast to the ‘strong, confident, independent, force to be reckoned with’ you initially present yourself as. 

I expect you would leverage that to allege I have destroyed your confidence by undermining your egotism and disabling your game face. 

You are aware of the affect your behaviour has on other people because you literally apologised for “doing my head in”. 

That’s your assumption I responded a particular way to your behaviour. 

Possibly you can’t imagine anyone would respond any other way to your behaviour because that is outside your comprehension. 

I have pulled you up on all this because I will not put up with being Emotionally Manipulated, ‘strung-along’ or any other narcissistic abuse. 

Instead you will next have a go at me for analysing your confusing behaviour and pulling you up on it. 

Which I am naturally going to do simply by virtue of having my own mind and which is necessary for any further interactions, in the name of integrity, and for your own CBT. 

Would I do that if I had no interest in it at all? You won’t openly recognise this as a valid factor. 

Then you will back off entirely for a year before forgetting about this incident or hoping I have forgotten it (which I won’t). Then you will repeat exactly the same thing again. I know this because it is what you always do. That’s our cycle. 

How are you going to break it? 

I do not enjoy any of that. I am bothering to go through this with you for four good reasons. 

1 In part because I have Self Value outside of whatever your opinion. I am establishing a boundary by standing up to your ongoing behaviour toward me. 

2 In part because of ‘old times sake’ although that’s growing old now especially as you won’t ever put your money where your mouth is and act on your hollow promises to visit me while in the same breath showing off about how much money you’re wasting. 

3 In part because your having metaphorically knocked my door, you will be metaphorically fed the food I choose to give you (Truth) and not whatever food you assumed you’d be getting from my table (‘disposable attention on tap’). 

Around here we don’t chew people up and spit them out unless that’s how they’ve previously disrespected us. We do not have time for time-wasters, controlling behaviour and any other general bullshit. 

4 There is also, always the possibility you might have knocked my door because you need my help in putting you straight. 

That’s what you’re getting a heavy dose of here. That’s a favour to the wider community as much as to you personally. 

Consider yourself having Been Told. 

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