Wednesday, 8 June 2022

Integrity - AHvJD

A lot of discussion recently about the outcome of the culturally significant Amber Herd v Jonny Depp court case (in which Amber Herd was fined 12 million dollars for lying about being abused), causing women to worry about how they will not be believed about being abused.  

The problem with that is not men at all: it is from women lying and all women being branded as liars. 

The problem is lack of accountability. 

In mens culture, respectability is based on responsibility: accountability is credibility. 

What the AHvJD case has highlighted at this time in tandem with astrology placements: 

Women are having a lesson in why men function that way. Because it helps communities to function while lies destroy lives. 

This is why “making an honest partner of my partner” is mentioned in marriage ceremonies - the couples are expected to hold each other accountable so the community functions better. 

Partner = pardoner, it’s the same word. The person who holds you accountable and who you hold accountable. 

It’s the Human blueprint.

That is the foundation of “the patriarchy” - the person most responsible is most respectable. 

It’s built on accumulation of merit, on people living up to their accountability and gaining credibility and the prestige which comes with it. 

This creates a stable community. 

That’s why men consider feminists who say ‘smash the patriarchy’ to be abusers who are destabilising communities.

The AGvJD case has come after decades of a culture (my whole lifetime at least) when men complain about being abused by women, not only are men not believed but they are discriminated against and ridiculed for it. 

It has been near-impossible for men to uphold the merits of integrity and accountability in those cultural circumstances. 

Women having empathy with mens predicament is one positive outcome of the AHvJD case.  

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