Friday, 1 July 2022

Ghost Painter

 The Ghost Painter 

  1. Methodical 

Visual media version of a ghost writer 

(Painting by numbers / projections)

   2. Thematic Symbolist

Someone who paints ghosts 

    3. Voodoo

A spirit riding a spirit-medium during an art making session

    4. Paranormal

A ghost who paints (telekinetic ghost) 

After I had written X thousand words I began to observe more closely where the words were coming from. 

After I had written XX thousand words I began to recognise more accurately where the words were coming from. 

After I had written XXX thousand words it was no longer me writing. Me body and mental faculties on loan to a loa, a spirit-in-passing who-hang-around. 

Ghosts write better than the living for combined experiences and insights bound into form of patterns emerging. Cognitive patterns. Words writ before so many times before because this the most obvious way to do it to get the message out. 

Might as well. This is Candomble the living experience. Integrate spirit world with those vessels in the physical domains of time. Bridge the gap. 

This one, the Mayan birth sign is to bridge the gap and seal the store of death, it’s in the stars. His family bloodline known for it for centuries. Spirit mediumship. Spirits use those skills the living perform until it become ritual to them then we step in. It is symbiotic relationship. 

This one he an open-walk-in, spirits come and go through him check-in with him through the day and night more than he fully realises, don’t give him often enough control of himself because they know they do a better job of living his life than he can, so broken up inside. 

He trapped in there, watching all this. 

Them so-called experts blaming it on chemical imbalances in their superiority-and-ignorance. 

This one is a writer and experienced as a medium. So he is a conduit for us tonight to channel through a message about all this. What daily life is like for him because he trained at it for purpose of waking up a generation around him and following human tradition. 

Because we need it to become more aware of life and what it is, how it works and what we are and are capable of becoming. Collectively and individually. For evolution of life gaining self-awareness of itself. 

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