Monday 1 April 2024



I’m getting older. 


I have less hours before me than behind me. 

I am no closer to achieving my goals. 

This is because of distractions,

Expectations from other people,

Demanding my 

time, money and attention = energy. 

I have to survive.

I have divided people into three categories.




I shall henceforth ignore all irrelevant people, untangle myself from all the vampires and concentrate my attentions only on the supportive people. 

I was asked (by one of the vampires),

“Won’t that be lonely?”

No. No not at all. 

You see, without the vampires and other distractions I shall have more time and energy to pursue my own goals.

Top of my own goals is:  Health and Productivity 

“As one door closes, so another opens.”

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