Monday 22 April 2024

Energy Kaleidoscope


The destructive impact of negative psychic and emotional energy.

Envy anger, resentment, hatred entitlement domination  


anxiety insecurity, depression, fear, fawn- flight-fight response, 

All of these are reptilian cortex, limbic region of the brain.

which results in 

procrastination, lethargy, fatigue, 

which results in 

Muscular pain, general deterioration


Stagnation of living conditions

The easy route out from this debased-basic level of motor functioning from the limbic part of the brain, is typically escapism through addiction in one form or another. 

Cheap dopamine hit for short-term gain rather than the discipline of long-term healing. 

People who are described as spiritually aware, by which we actually mean energy aware, and quantum mechanics both the same story.

We project energy with our attention. The specific vibrational frequency of any energy conform to a measurable grid shape, and a measurable mathematical pitch or tone on the Hertz scale. 

In ancient times this was referred to as a shadow cast upon whatever and wherever we place our attention in real time at any given moment. Our attention alters the vibration and therefore the energetic electromagnetic quantum particles, realigning grid shape, anything we think about or look at.

The observer affects the observed. ‘looking’ is a Yang action. 

This is why Shamen of the mess-American lineages of are taught techniques to observe without affecting the observed. 

Only this way can we purely see and know the world without it being a reflection of our own projected preconceptions. 

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