Sunday 5 May 2024

Decision Centres

If/As/When you are torn between your Head and your Heart, remember this:

Your Heart is your soul. It is the centre of being. It beats to many rhythms. The breathe controls this by stabilising and harmonising it. 

Your mind is a combination of at best a calculator but more often an ego carrying a bag of a dysfunctional operating system which has maladapted to conform-reject to a corrupt society and all the trauma you experienced from other people in the same situation. 

Whatever your head is telling you; if it will not shut up and go silent when you ask it to, it is not working in your favour so ignore it. 

More importantly than either your heart or your head as a decision-maker is your intuition. Intuition is a real thing, intuition is a super-power, intuition is your direct connection to the divine, you are probably disconnected from your intuition because the same reason as you cannot trust the mind. Intuition connects us with the cosmic harmony. The flex of the intuition is the solar-plexus, our radiance. 

There is also the base chakra, the seat of passion. The ‘anger and sexuality toggle-switch’, or the oggle-itch or soggle-twitch or the nanny-ogg-witch, as my mentor often described it.

These are the four motivation centres of humanity, in most basic terms. 

When they are aligned, great! 

When they are not aligned, we are often encouraged to work top-down from the mind by people controlling our operating systems. Don’t do that. 

Go instead from Harmony, the centre of balance which is the Intuition and the Heart; the Divine and the Soul. 

If its that you are distracted by the need for healing of the bodies needs, that is why we are from the bottom-up made of a genitals on a pair of legs. It’s the intuition and Heart naturally show us which direction to walk toward to satisfy that. The problem of exploitation happens when we start using the Mind to do the decision-making or worse, other peoples Minds. 

Priests and Priestesses of the Life Culture have been teaching this for many thousands of generations all over the globe. 

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