Tuesday, 2 March 2021


Paul McCarthy’s “Christmas Tree” butt plug

A fifty year history of social development in context of LGBT emergence as Corporate Control.


“Not enough gays” gays

“Gays are dirty” most people

“Gays are okay” heterosexual bohemians


“Gays have AIDS” everyone


“Let’s take over everything and brainwash everyone into being gay” gays 

“Let’s allow that because gays are funny” most people 

“Gays are pricks” gays and people who have been abused by gays


“It’s cool to be alternative” agenda based zombies trying to be cool by making being gay cool 

“Gays are pricks” most people

“I think I might be gay” victims of the 1990s gay agenda


“LGBT are untouchable” everyone

“I’m sick of LGBT” everyone

“It’s cool to be LGBT” people stuck in the 1990s

“Nobody cares anymore” LGBT community 


“Bisexual is normal” everyone



Because Corporations = 20th Century Economic Standards


20th Century Economic Standards have not adapted and evolved to the 21st Century because if they did, corporations would lose Power, as those standards cannot sustain such a large population as we now have, so instead the corporations say we are overpopulated. 

We are not overpopulated, that is a delusion, we are trapped into 20th century economic slavery instead of adapting to reality. 

How can we adapt? 

Grow our own food and stop using plastic, it’s that simple. 


Corporations do not want to let go of their power so instead they must depopulate. 

How to depopulate? 

Stop babies. 

How to stop babies? 

Make everyone gay and punish breeders, by segregating families to persuade everyone families are inherently disfunctional. 

Social reform from two directions specifically targeting heterosexual family units. 


It’s all interconnected. 

We are being manipulated under the guise of heavily promoted freedom and rights issues, instead of heavy promotion of self-sufficiency for food production. 

(As of the mid 2020s U.K. Schools teach LGBT to six year olds but they teach sustainable home food gardening to nobody.) 

This manipulation simply so corporations can maintain absolute social control under outmoded 20th century economic standards. 

Can you see the problems, Human? 

The LGBT community paradox: 

“When bisexuality becomes normality, nobody cares anymore because it is normal now. Making an issue of it makes it abnormal.” 

That’s what they want though. 

Drama = Attention = Energy. 

Drama = narcissistic Control. 

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