Friday, 10 September 2021

Truth Denial

Conspiracy theory versus Truth denial

As usual, the application of logic to confusing situations is necessary for the purpose of accuracy upon which humanitarian behaviour can be founded. 

If it is proven as truth it is not a theory. 

If it is proven as truth it is not a conspiracy. 

If it is proven as truth it is not a conspiracy theory.

To label something as theory when it is proven as truth is delusional. 

To label something as conspiracy when it is proven as truth, in the context of conspiracy theories, is delusional. 

If there is a conspiracy built on something proven as truth, that’s a whole other the matter. 

When the truth is labelled as a conspiracy theory, in attempt to discredit the truth, we have delusional people actively on an agenda. It is called truth denial.

Truth deniers occupying a managerial position and actively enacting a covert (hidden) or overt (publicly stated) agenda are corrupt. In either case it is abusive behaviour. To derail away from truth into delusion is abusive behaviour. It is against humanitarianism. It is against a harmonious and progressive community.

Any system or society which enables the enforcement of delusion and restores soon of truth, is corrupt. Any person who knowingly empowers such a system, is corrupt. 

This is the common sense principal upon which humanitarianism is founded. 

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