Friday, 17 September 2021


“The truth is not discovered in seeking new horizons but in seeing with new eyes.” 

Ancient Proverb 

Evolving beyond the id. 

(Self-identity with external delusions).

Letting go of the super-ego. 

(Experiences and Conditioning). 

When we are truly Alive we are in the moment Now. 

Not held back by decisions of the past based on past events. 

Not owned by distractions. 

There is stillness. 

There is intuition. 

There is wholesome knowing. 

This is our completion. 

We flow purely without complexity. 

Enjoyment of simply Being.  

Enjoyment of being a part of the All, 

in our right place at the right time, 

doing the right thing. 

Belief dissolves away 

is replaced by Relief 

of harmony with the Harmony. 

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