Monday 25 March 2024

Universal Truth

In Lak'ech Ala K'in
"I am another yourself"

Search for Universal Truth

When she lied, she made an Assertion, a Yang, that the world is a certain shape, which is a false shape because the real world is not that shape. She made a brick in a Tower of Babel (babble, the world built of lies). 

She expects others to unquestioningly believe that falsehood so their belief empowers it until it becomes a fact. Problematic for the community is people do unquestioningly believe her lies because the weight of Yang she has in her deception from believing her own lies.  

"(The biggest shock I ever had is the revelation that)

Half of all people are less than average intelligence."  snakeappletree *

A fact is not a truth

A fact is a deity, a false idol. 

It is what is originally meant by idolatry in the old-language of the Bible. 

Now, we call it Delusion.

When a person holds an honest balance within their mind, they can see the shape of the Yin and Yang as a Harmony, where ‘all things are in their right place’. This is called Dharma. It is a lifestyle, a tradition. It is a Sanskrit word the component of which is from King Damuz, Damascus, consort of Ishtar, Easter. Dharmic Principle is hand-in-hand with Karmic Principle, that all energy seeks to balance. It is associated with the seasonal cycles. 

Somebody who has this mind can automatically detect falsehood because the shape of it, the vibration of it, the spectrum of it, does not conform to the pattern of Truth.

I must imperatively highlight that the State is not universal Dharma. This is why States and Empires fall as history has showed us repeatedly. This is not a criticism of the State but an awareness that it is not the same as Dharma, ‘everything in its right place’. It is when things go out of balance, out of harmony, that they fall. 

A lie is an assertion, a Yang, which is untrue. 

It is a Tower of Babel. 

It will fall. 


*falsely accredited to Neil deGrass Tyson, 
who in fairness might also have said the exact same words twenty years later.  

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