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The Russell Equation 

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We live within an infinity of which we are a component. 

This means every imaginable permutation is real somewhere. 

This means every unimaginable permutation is real somewhere. 

Our studies have revealed the reality manifests our preconceptions eventually if they are concordant with the motion-flows enabled by the main currents at that time. 

Our studies have showed therefore imagination is a component in the evolution of reality. 

We live within a multiverse of increasingly fast tiered harmonic vibrations enabling increasing complexity which we describe as dimensions. 

Our biological form and its senses is adapted to a limited yet functional perception externally to experience our unique anomalous environment which is not congruent to the majority of measurable reality, while internally we are limited only by imagination. 

Time is not a dimension but rather a consequence created by the existence of particle based electronmagnetic mass. 

The philosophy

A simple math to resolve allegations of absolutism. 

Either reality is or it is not an infinity. 

We have scant evidence either way, other than recognition;

“no form of energy ceases, it transmutes” 

which is necessarily to accept infinity exists as opposed to the limitation of a finite state. 

It is also possible that one state can be created from another, whether or not we know how to at this time. 

The concept that reality is indeterminate is  to choose not to choose, thus projecting a manifestation in which no answer will present and a belief through which any evidence which does present is filtered to refute the evidence for what it is. 

This approach is deemed delusional and non-scientific compared with the approach of objectively assessing the evidence we have. 

The following points are observations used for orienting following the logical conclusion drawn from assessing the state of reality based on scientifically validate evidence.  

Reality is benevolent and offers proof of our preconceptions. 

There are higher orders of consciousness beyond our perception. 

No form of energy ceases; it transmutes. 

Is the self-aware observer a form of consciousness?

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