Monday 18 March 2024



To retain humane credibility we have to put it in context. It is not an isolated incident.

We have had the death penalty where the authorities will murder the citizens for a variety of reasons for centuries and more, right up until the late 1990s in Britain. That is within living memory at time of writing. 

To isolate the drowning and burning of witches (which is a horrific way to murder people, generating fear tactics as a deterrent to prevent others from following such behaviour), from the state sanctified murder for piracy, robbery, arson, treason, spying and a wide variety of other offences, is to take a component out of context. 

By the same rationale, the association of the murder of women for being witches with the sensibilities of post-modern feminism must also be taken into context for what it is. 

It is directly comparable with the motion in post-modern feminism how atrocious it was that women did not initially get a right to vote until 1928 in Britain.

It was only 10 years previous to that where men were given a right to vote in 1918 after centuries when nobody in Britain had a right to vote other than the Barons. In 1965 black people were given a right to vote in USA. 

The reason these rights were given in a staggered order, and yet all within the span of one lifetime, was to avoid offending the sensibilities of the older generation whose mindset was significantly different from the younger generation, which was because of accelerated cultural development.

It is for the same reason we do not currently have water-powered car engines, free electricity and an AI in your internet wrist-watch providing free counseling-therapy. These technologies already exist. 

The mindset of the current infrastructure is not yet ready to let go of its power over the taxed masses, to give everybody the power we will all have when we all have those things. The introduction of them into our communities is being staggered in stages because of what Alfred Toffler describes in his book ‘Future Shock.’

It is not the fault of living men that something happened generations ago, which has been manipulated to such extent that today’s understanding of it is not the same as it was in its original context. 

It is not the fault of unborn future generations that we the living have not provided water-engines, free electricity, and AI in their internet wristwatches providing free counseling-therapy, despite those technologies already existing now.

What is revealed is the amount of man-hate in our community at this time, from a cult of domestic terrorism which is drawing its inspiration and justification from manipulated versions of history. 

Why would contemporary women do that to contemporary men?

Several generations ago women were drowned and burned at the stake for behaving in such ways because it was recognised as problematic to the community.

The context by which the ancestors understood their methods was different to how we understand it today, coming as they did from a religious background rather than a scientific background as we now have.

The impact it has on the community however is directly comparable. 

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