Saturday 10 February 2024


It saddens me there appears to be a need to spell these simple, obvious things out to some of the people who I know read this blog. 

If somebody is going out of their own way to support you, you should respect that person.

If somebody has purposefully fucked you up and told you they intended it, you should go out of your own way to avoid that person. You certainly do not give them more opportunities to fuck you up more. 

If somebody bothers to explain to you the above pieces of advice but you choose ignore it, that is your decision therefore it is your fault if/as/when it goes wrong. 

If a person who has attempted to help you stops helping you as a result of you ignoring their help, that is your fault. 

If a person decides to stop having anything to do with you, for whatever reason, they have a right to do that.

If you judge a person based on capitalism you are a capitalist which is founded on usury a crime against God. God does not need your consent to exist. If you judge a person based on Humanitarianism you are a Humanitarian. It is a qualifier for the descriptor ‘Human Being’ which is a doing word. To insult a person for having less money than another person is not the act of a human being. 


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