Friday 9 February 2024

SnakeAppleTree as Musician

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(from 15 years ago)

Fair Question: “Why did you stop making music?”

Me: “I don’t have time for that any more.” 

Fair Question: “Why don’t you release your old music?” 

Me: “Some of the master copies were stolen. I don’t have time, energy or focus, nor incentive to upload what remains.” 

Assholes: “You dedicate so much time making music, let’s hear some of it.”

Me: “Give me some money.” 

Assholes: “Put it on the Internet so we can all hear what you’re doing.”

Me: “The shit stuff goes on the internet to distract assholes to get them off my back.”

Assholes: “But I thought you wanted to be famous?”

Me: “Why-ever would you think that? Why-ever would I want to be famous?” 

Assholes: “Nobody will hear your music if you don’t give it away for free.” 

Me: “You have to deserve to hear my music.” 

Assholes: “You’re arrogant. I bet your music is shit anyway.”

Me: “I have nothing to prove to you. I do not need validation from people who disrespect me. Stop wasting my time and fuck off.” 

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