Friday 9 February 2024

Gratitude is Life Force

Transcript of Empath Tarot 8.2.2024 

“That initial idea, that initial inspiration, that’s always the one that is the truth. As we start a journey we keep saying yes to more things because we are on a journey and its exciting and its new and were uncertain so we keep saying yes and so that initial inspiration gets lost. Then we feel like, what did I even want to do? So when we start to again energetically feel how something feels you’re going to start to be able to wash away all the residual energy and feel back to your self. The confident charming shining inspiration to all, Self. 

Any time when you are feeling heavy, dense, burned it just means you have been saying yes to things which really aren’t your truth and hoping for the best. ‘If I say yes to more then more is better, right?’ Less is actually more here on planet Earth. You’re better off.

For instance with your diet. Your diet is your fuel. Our avatar needs fuel but you doesn’t need much fuel. You need a certain amount of things then your body lets you know. You need a foundation of fuel. So when you chose five foods that you love that feel good for you that are nutrient dense, start there. Eat those for a while you’re going to realise your body calls for this. You’re going to be able to hear and listen to what is meant for you because you don’t have so much going on. When you’re constantly making new recipes and having different foods and there is so much, you don’t really know what you want because there is so much going on. 

It is the same with our lives. When we have so much going on we can’t actually hear what we are being called into or what feels best for us. Thats the method of grounding yourself. You’re better off simplifying. 

Worrying is like paying a debt which you don’t owe. Simplify, release those burdens, let go. Thats when we are going to be able to receive the guidance, the clarity and the proper knowing. It does feel you’re being guided into. If you have someone around you who is feeling like its a burden, there is a person sun your life where the energy no longer clicks, if you’ve been thinking about someone from your past like an ex relationship or something, this disconnection this unharmonious relationship, you’re going to let it go and you’re going to have a new focus. 

If you have someone in your awareness who is taking up all your energy because you’re thinking about them, the lack of connection, how did this go wrong, whatever it may be, letting that go will give you so much energy for you to put toward the things in your life that matter. At the end of the day this is your life, this is your movie. A lot of the times we put a lot of emphasis on things going a certain way with a certain somebody but the universe has got you covered. Everything thats going to show up is going to show up for you. Be mindful. You don’t need to worry about fixing things, worrying about things. Take care of yourself. 

This is your affirmation for the day: 

Gratitude is the life force of everything.

Being grateful immediately raises your frequency. Look forward to where you want to be. Spend no time complaining and focussing about where you are.  Where you are currently is what you have already thought about. Where you are now you can’t change it. You can only change how you feel to affect what shows up for yo in the upcoming hours, days, months years and so forth. 

What you think you become. What you feel you attract. What you imagine you create.

Get used to prioritising with going within and connecting with your higher self, the higher power within you. This is your guiding force.

It is really dense here on planet earth. We feel very uncomfortable as empaths. Higher Self always guides us toward exercise, being outside, nature, dogs, calm, grounded, Love; these are the kind of things we want to surround our awareness with because when we are aware of these things, when we feel these things, we attract these things. That’s why if you’re ever trying to figure something out, don’t look at the surface of it. Feel how it feels. If it’s something you want to include into your life. 

Maybe there was somebody in your life that didn’t feel very good but you were thinking ‘this is going to be it!’ Maybe you’re holding onto this person. But if you feel out energetically what was actually happening there it probably wasn’t the right fit. There were probably a lot of red flags. ‘I did see that but I thought it was like this’, we brush it off. Feel into it because it will release any discomfort or resentment around the situation not going the way you thought it was, or you thought you did something wrong or whatever. If we actually feel the situation it wasn’t the best case scenario, then we can get a little bit more real with ourselves.

The universal method is do something new, do something different. It’s always about understanding we don’t want to stay caught up in old patterns off thought and behaviours.




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